“Casual Time Travel” by Photographer Sinziana Velicescu


Photo casual time travel los angeles photographer photography Sinziana Velicescu

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Tender photographs of traveller communities in Britain by Sandra Mickiewicz

Creative Boom

Photographer Sandra Mickiewicz has released a new body of work to celebrate and capture the spirit of traveller communities living in Britain today. I hope it will contribute to changing the dominant point of view and our thinking about traveller communities," she adds.

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Travel Photography in Morroco with Jacob Howard


His travel photographic work, (here in Morocco) creates narratives based on the lay of the land. Words TL Team. Jacob Howard is a New Zealand art director and photographer, currently ‘confined’ in Amman, Jordan.

Whereabouts: Alice Pasquini's line drawings on the back of postcards document her travels

Creative Boom

Over the last three years, Italian artist Alice Pasquini has travelled the world, sketching street scenes or landscapes on the back of postcards which she then posts to herself back home.

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Travel business flyer

Afikur Design

It’s a travel business flyer design. All type travel business use this flyer. Hello everyone, Today I am share a new travel business flyer design. It’s a print ready travel business flyer design. Anyone can use this travel business flyer for personal purpose.

Top 10 Best Travel Laptops of 2020

Just Creative

Thankfully, there are options out there if you are in the market for a good laptop to travel with, it is very easy to find a perfect choice, Because we hate carrying around a heavy laptop just like you, we built our list of the Best Travel Laptops in 2020 to help you find a great laptop.

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Travel and Emotions with Pia Riverola [Interview]


Travel photographer Pia Riverola was born and raised in Barcelona and is currently based between Los Angeles and Mexico City. PHOTOGRAPHY TRAVEL photography Pia Riverola Travel

Traveling With Photo Equipment: How To Keep It Safe

Richard Bernabe

Traveling with photo equipment can be difficult and tricky. The post Traveling With Photo Equipment: How To Keep It Safe appeared first on Richard Bernabe. Travel camera bags gear travel

Growing Up Travelling: Photographs that reveal the inside world of Irish traveller children

Creative Boom

When American photographer Jamie Johnson visited Ireland for the first time in 2014; she immediately felt connected to the Irish travellers living there. Growing Up Travelling by Jamie Johnson will soon be available via kehrerverlag.com.

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Inquisitive Creatures: Photographs that tell the story of four friends on a quest to invent time travel

Creative Boom

Photographer William Castellana and character designer Linda Montanez have created a stunning photo book that tells the story of four furry friends living in an abandoned workshop on a quest to invent time travel.

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Photographer Photoshops Her Dogs All Around The World So They Can ‘Travel’ During This Quarantine

Design You Trust

Since we can’t travel. Animals dogs quarantine travelAccording to Melissa Mariner: “My name is Melissa and I am the owner of Bella-Reed Photography. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been out of work with photography sessions.

Artist Me Kyeoung Lee travels all over South Korea to paint different convenience stores

Creative Boom

Although the country was on lockdown for most of 2020 so far, she was able to work from drawings she'd already made during her travels prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Photographer Joseph Philippe Bevillard Captured The Secret Lives Of Irish Travellers Revealed In Intimate Portraits

Design You Trust

These fascinating pictures captured over a decade show the secret lives of Irish travellers. Photographer Joseph Philippe Bevillard shares work from his ongoing series documenting these travellers’ lives through intimate portraits.

Solo travelling to the Peak District

Marloes De Vries

In June of last year I travelled to the Peak District in the UK for three weeks, by myself. I enjoy travelling alone as I tend to worry too much about others needs when going on vacation with family or friends. She’s the reason I first travelled to this city. .

Pocket-Sized Notebooks Hold Miniature Paintings of Angela Mckay’s Travels


Paging through a photo album detailing every moment of a friend’s poolside vacation might not be a riveting activity, but flipping through Angela Mckay’s sketchbooks filled with tiny paintings of her travels certainly is. Illustration landscapes miniature painting travel water

In Search Of Adventure: Wonderful Travel-Inspired Photo Works Of Ryan Resatka

Design You Trust

Ryan Resatka is an adventure photographer based out of Los Angelas, California who has a passion for the outdoors and traveling. I’m an adventure travel photographer. Photography adventures travel

Japanese Photographer Captures Stunning Images Of “Time-Traveling Samurai”

Design You Trust

Photography japan kosplay manga samurai travelA series of stunning images recently posted by architect and photographer Atsushi Kobayashi have been trending lately, and understandably so. Representing a collaboration with traditional Japanese armor enthusiast Naga x Masa, these photos shot in Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture, seem to depict a formidable warrior from the Sengoku Era (1467-1600) suddenly transported into present-day Japan. Source.

Stamps, Scientific Charts, and Hand-Drawn Maps Occupy Every Inch of Travel Notebooks by José Naranja


Author and artist José Naranja ensures he won’t forget any detail of his year-round travels across the globe through a meticulous and unique documentation process. Art Illustration journal stamps travelAll images © José Naranja, shared with permission.

Cihuatan Obsidiana Traveler's Exclusive Edition Features A Dragon Mosaic

The Die Line

Through the rebranding of the core range and this new Traveler edition, Appartement 103 created a unique intertwined illustration style that has become a powerful identity asset for Cihuatan rums

This Travel Account Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Design You Trust

The internet is choke-full of travelers. Photography travel wallyThere are bloggers, YouTubers, Instagram influencers, and they all focus on tourism, adventure, lifestyle, and photography, so standing out is pretty difficult.

Travelling With My Sketchbook: Illustration In The Wild!

Emmeline Illustration

Mostly, I like to use my sketchbook as a way to record my travels and hone my memories of lovely places and moments I have experienced. One day I'd love to go on a pure travel sketching adventure! Happy travels! illustration journalism journalist location drawing national trust news northern Ireland reportage sketchbook travel travel illustration urbansketchersYou'll pretty much always find me with a sketchbook in my bag.

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10 Vintage Travel Posters for Access All Areas Members

Spoon Graphics

Access All Areas members have a collection of beautifully illustrated travel poster designs to download this week, courtesy of Freepik. Based on traditional Art Deco inspired travel posters, these modern designs provide a ready-made template for you to create posters or advertisements.

BrandOpus inspired by “the road less travelled” in Aspall rebrand

Design Week

“Aspall embodies the idea of ‘choosing the road less travelled’, with its founder Clement Chevallier choosing Suffolk (located in the east of England) over the west country to settle and grow apples in,” he tells Design Week.

How to Launch Your Blog or Portfolio in 2020 (3,500+ Word Start to Finish Guide)

Inspiration Feed

The graphic design industry is tough. No matter where you go, you’ll see amazing talent through the work of other designers in the field.

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Rekindle your love of travelling with Delilah Cui’s immersive illustrations

Its Nice That

The London-based illustrator effortlessly preserves fleeting moments in time. Here, she talks us through her observational practice.

How Travel Chatbots are Helping City Tourism


Now travel, and tourism is becoming one of the mainstays of the world economy. Technological advancements, like big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, are offering great opportunities for the travel and tourism industry to grow and sustain.

Time Travel With Cirilo Brewery

The Die Line

Small batch beer for small batch people.Small batch beer for small batch people

A Woman and A Fish Time Travel Through A Heartfelt Short Film Directed by Ben Brand


“Does everything you throw in the ocean eventually come back to you?” ” asks Amsterdam-based director Ben Brand.

Travel Through the Lens of Music


Amid the global pandemic, specific auditory technologies are making comebacks, transporting you into new dimensions of being.

Virtual Traveller Used Google Street View To Explore Poland During Quarantine, Here’s What She Found

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Travel online! Travel google poland street travelAccording to Monika Stpiczy?ska: ska: “What should we all do during quarantine? For example, to Poland. Discover these amazing images found on Google Street View!” More: Instagram h/t: Source.

Announced: 2020 Brand New Conference: Travel Advisory

Under Consideration / Brand

“Book travel and hotel soon!”. If you are considering attending this year's Brand New Conference in Austin, TX, on October 22 - 23 , there are two things: 1) That's awesome! We have a fantastic line-up of speakers prepared.

Top 15 Brochure Designs for your Business Inspiration

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When starting a business, meeting clients is an important part of the job. The impression we create on their minds about our business is crucial in gaining their trust. Once trust is built a relationship is formed.

Unromantic Gypsies: Captivating Black And White Photos Show The Lives Of The Corke’s Meadow Travellers Who Set Up Home In 1950s Kent

Design You Trust

Fascinating photos encapsulate what life was like for a traveller community living in Kent in the 1950s. London-born photojournalist Bert Hardy captured the black and white snaps that were published in a collection entitled The Unromantic Gypsies.

Traveller’s Joy – The Key To The Countryside – Beautiful Shell Adverts From The Mid-1950s

Design You Trust

From the 1920s and into the 1950s the Shell Oil Company produced some wonderful advertising posters and some said, the most beautiful the country has ever seen. 1954: Arranged and painted by Edith and Rowland Hilder Looking at these examples from the mid-fifties it’s difficult to argue.

What will air travel look like after coronavirus?

Design Week

Following coronavirus – and its halting of the aviation industry – the studio has worked to find solutions for safer travel. On both sides, there is clear demand for a resumption of travel, with safety precautions. The post What will air travel look like after coronavirus?

The Alpaca River Photographed by Paolo Pettigiani


FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY travel photographyWords TL Team. On the road to Patapampa in Peru, Italian photographer Paolo Pettigiani photographed his latest project: “Alpaca River”.

Russian Blogger Went On A Trip Around The Apartment During The quarantine – Repeating Photos From Real Travels

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Photographer, blogger and entrepreneur Elnar Mansurov from Perm, who became famous at Instagram as a “bear-headed traveler”, suggested how his photos could look if he hadn’t left his apartment. For a small project, he reproduced some footage of his travels.

Time Traveler?

Fonts by Hoefler&Co.

Except in the most conservative of settings, there’s nothing unusual about freely mixing serifs and sans serifs in text. This technique might still be unexpected in a novel, or in the main text of a newspaper, but otherwise it’s a familiar device that designers have employed for decades.

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Travel Journaling – Learn From My Mistakes

Diana Toledano Illustration & Education

As I always do before going on a trip, I looked through my (many) travel sketchbooks to choose one that was just right… And I found it. So with all of these new and old learnings (I’ve been keeping travel journals for the last ten years!), Click here to see old travel sketchbooks.

Unwritten Rules of Travel: Don’t Mix Business and Pleasure


Every travel fanatic fantasizes about having a job that they love that also allows them to travel. The thing is when traveling for business the necessity to be on your A-game is imperative. On the contrary, when you consider traveling for pleasure, the benefits abound.