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Laura Bee on overcoming adversity, fighting to survive in New York, and realising illustration is her passion

Creative Boom

Laura Bee , aka Bohill, is an illustrator and commercial artist originally from Durham who started her career in graphic design before realising where her true passion lies. Since graduation, she's only ever worked for herself as a freelance illustrator.

Video Tutorial: Vintage Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Spoon Graphics

I’ve been admiring the lettering work on vintage insurance maps lately. These old documents were originally drawn up by hand by master penmen, who illustrated the title page with ornate lettering and detailed embellishments.

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How To Run A Brand Strategy Workshop

Just Creative

This article has been contributed by Ivio Agency. Any successful business starts with an effective branding strategy. A brand strategy is a long-term plan that affects all facets of your business. This can be overwhelming to put together when you are new to the game.

Fun with Fonts

I Love Typography

Today I launched two short multiple choice quizzes. The first starts at the beginning with Gutenberg, with questions about his life and his famous Bible. Some of the questions are pretty easy; others you might find rather difficult.

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“Illuminating the Sky of One Mind” by Photographer Tom Shea


Photo illuminating the sky of one mind photographer photography tom shea utah

2020 164

Aerial photographs of grounded aeroplanes at German airports during lockdown

Creative Boom

One of our favourite aerial photographers, Tom Hegen , has taken to the skies once more, this time documenting grounded aeroplanes at German airports during the country's lockdown to fight Covid-19.

2020 354

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10 SVG Fonts for Designers (Free & Premium)

Just Creative

The days of fonts being created by hand are long gone.

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Inside Lottozero by Studio Mut


Text by Richard Baird. Inside Lottozero was an exhibition of international artists that covered a wide-range of artistic disciplines. It was conceived by Arianna and Tessa Moroder and curated by Alessandra Tempesti.

2016 121

“In and out of Control” by Illustrator Peter Gehrman


Illustration illustrations illustrator peter gehrman

Pentagram partner Paula Scher creates 'square peg in a round hole' identity for the Mental Health Coalition

Creative Boom

Pentagram partner Paula Scher and her team have collaborated with social activist and fashion designer Kenneth Cole to create an identity for the Mental Health Coalition. Based on the saying "square peg in a round hole", it represents how there is no "normal" when it comes to our mental health.

2020 309

The Best Vintage Fonts Every Designer Needs in Their Toolkit

Spoon Graphics

There are many vintage fonts out there, but not many have been expertly crafted by a talented lettering artist who lives and breathes the vintage aesthetic. The Vintage Font Bundle from Heritage Type Co.

Fonts 156

12 Ways to Increase Your Website Conversions using Design Principles

Just Creative

This article has been contributed by Vincent Sevilla. Web design is a key contributor to online conversion rates.

2020 196

Noted: New Logo and Packaging for Bowl & Basket by Pearlfisher

Under Consideration / Brand

“Put all your Eggs in this one Basket”. 2019) Bowl & Basket is a new private label food and beverage brand from ShopRite , a retailers' cooperative of supermarkets with stores in six states: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Design by.

“A Breach of Margins” by Photographer David Barreiro


Photo a breach of margins david barreiro london photographer photography

2020 155

Artist transforms recycled cardboard into incredible Pop Art sculptures of vintage TVs and computers

Creative Boom

Picking his way through the alleyways and back streets of Los Angeles, artist David Connelly collects discarded cardboard and other reclaimed materials, transforming them into detailed painted sculptures of everyday things, mainly vintage technology of decades past.

19 Graphic Design Principles We All Should Obey

Design Roast

No matter when your training or education was, it’s easy to forget basic graphic design principles over time. However, there are some rules we should all obey. They make for better-finished products and higher usability. According to the U.S.

15 Procreate Watercolor Brushes (Free & Premium)

Just Creative

Procreate is an amazing program that helps you create amazing works of art, regardless of whether you’re a professional or an amateur. Watercolor for Procreate is an addon for the program that lets you paint using watercolor just as if you had an easel and paint in the room.

Italian Graphic Designer Emanuele Abrate Perfectly Fixes The ‘World’s Worst Logos’

Design You Trust

A brand logo can make it or break it in the big game. Just look at the most iconic ones—from Apple to Nike, there’s something genius, yet so simple about them. But that’s an exception rather than a rule. The Italian graphic designer Emanuele Abrate knows very well how bad some logos can be.

Terrence Caviar & Kristin Texeira


New color in the times of slow coffee. Terrence Caviar & Kristin Texeira. We’re crazy about the paintings of our friend Kristin Texeira, so we had the idea to make photos inspired by the elemental shapes and soothing color palettes that make up Kristin’s beautiful abstract compositions.

Color 127

Stay Sane, Stay Safe attracts over 1,800 uplifting coronavirus posters from designers around the world

Creative Boom

It's been over a month since we first wrote about Stay Sane, Stay Safe , the poster platform founded by Hague-based graphic designers Max Lennarts, Menno de Bruijn, and writer Ronald de Leeuw.

2020 266

Noted: New Logo and Identity for Kanga by Chris Ganz Designs

Under Consideration / Brand

“Cool It”. 2017) " Kanga , Kooler Than A Cooler, keeps drinks cold up to 7 hours without the ice! We created the Kase Mate to be the perfect solution to keeping beverages cold without the inconveniences of a bulky cooler.

2017 90

Is Animal Crossing: New Horizons the answer to renewing our creative energy?

Its Nice That

From independent fashion design to solo show openings, the charming game reimagines creative ventures in its wholesome, carefree image. Features

Weekly News for Designers ? 541

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Mini Interactive Keyboard with Pure CSS – Learn the process behind creating this cool little keyboard. Show Me Emoji: Iconic Code Snippets – A collection of interesting and fun examples, starring your favorite (and some new) emoji.

“American Interiors” by Photographer M L Casteel


Photo american interiors m l casteel photographer photography virginia

2020 108

Flowers For Her: Iancu Barb?ras? draws a bouquet of flowers every day to make his partner smile

Creative Boom

Instead of being able to pop to the shops to buy flowers for his partner, Iancu Barb?ras? has been drawing a bouquet every day to help her smile and get them both through these challenging times.

2020 243

Reviewed: Friday Likes 329: From Where’s Gut Studio, Welcome Stranger, and Re

Under Consideration / Brand

“From Where’s Gut Studio, Welcome Stranger, and Re”. A whole day's worth of sustenance this week -- soy milk for breakfast, poke for lunch, and tequila for dinner -- with work from Kuala Lumpur, Honolulu, and Sydney. Tono by Where's Gut Studio.

Tips for the Shillington Community: Staying Motivated and Inspired


This is an incredibly challenging period around the world and with restrictions in place, this is a time to pause, reflect and look inward while trying to maintain a sense of normalcy.

The Futuristic Illustrations of Borja Bonaque


Spanish designer and illustrator Borja Bonaque graduated from the Polytechnic University of Valencia with a degree in Fine Arts. ILLUSTRATION Borja Bonaque futuristic graphic design illustrations

Photographer Spotlight: Max Searl


Photo england max searl photographer photography

2020 108

Hey Studio creates series of illustrations of famous American landmarks for BlackBird

Creative Boom

Barcelona's Hey Studio recently created a series of illustrations for BlackBird , a private plane charter in America that has "defy gravity" as its strapline.

Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for Girls Who Code by Hyperakt

Under Consideration / Brand

“The Code Less Travelled”. Established in 2012, Girls Who Code is an international non-profit organization with the mission to "close the gender gap in technology and change the image of what a programmer looks like and does".

5 Things a Modern CMS Shouldn’t Do

Speckyboy Design Magazine

All content management systems (CMS) have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some are meant for very niche offerings such as eCommerce or membership sites, while others are a jack-of-all-trades. In addition, these systems range from open source to proprietary.

Rio: Colorful ice cream branding concept


RIO is an ice cream concept inspired by one of the most colorful cities in the world – Rio de Janeiro. Imagined by Kazakhstani graphic designer Berik Yergaliyev , the branding chosen for the project reflects the main associations of this city – bright, yummy and sunny.

Color 76

“The In-Between” by Jacob Howard


Jacob Howard. Jacob Howard’s Website. Jacob Howard on Instagram. Photo editor pick Jacob Howard member photographer photography submission

2020 83