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The beauty of swimming pools captured from above by aerial photographer Brad Walls

Creative Boom

Award-winning aerial photographer Brad Walls , also known as Bradscanvas, has just released a new series, Pools From Above, which is an ode to the beauty found in the shapes, colours and textures of swimming pools.

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Best Left-Handed Mouse for Graphic Designers

Just Creative

If you go online or even in a local electronics store and walk down the computer peripheral aisle, you’re bound to come across a selection of computer mice you can choose from. However, one type of mouse might not be on display.

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Stuart Semple's physical Artistic License means everyone can now officially be an artist

Creative Boom

In recent years, Stuart Semple has perhaps been best known for his hilarious spat with Anish Kapoor in response to the latter's purchase of exclusive artistic rights to the "world's blackest material", Vantablack, in 2016. Semple's response?

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Showcase of Brush Lettering with Fast, Aggressive Strokes

Spoon Graphics

The style of a pen stroke can completely change the perception of a lettering piece. Smooth, flowing calligraphy comes across as elegant and ceremonial, whereas faster and more direct strokes generate more of a raw and energetic mood.

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Oji by Seachange


Text by Richard Baird. Oji is a sushi brand of firsts. It is the first in New Zealand to use fully recyclable and biodegradable packaging and the first to use all free-range products. This is a significant move forward and marks the brand out from well-established competitors.

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Advice for Beginners That Are Starting Out in Web Design

Speckyboy Design Magazine

The web design community is great at sharing knowledge. But quite often what we share has some prerequisites attached. You’d likely need to already be a web designer or developer to get something out of it. But what about beginners?

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Fabulous Fades Lightroom Presets for Premium Members

Spoon Graphics

Access All Areas members have a fab collection of Lightroom Presets to download this week, courtesy of The Fabulous Fades set contains 20 Lightroom presets for creating beautiful and stylish faded effects for your photos.

Illustrator Spotlight: Yadi Liu


Yadi Liu. Yadi Liu’s Website. Yadi Liu on Instagram. Illustration editor pick illustration illustrator member new york city submission Yadi Liu

Should a Web Designer Ever Provide Discounts?

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Among the first things you learn as a freelance web designer is that everybody wants a deal. Whether it’s a new client or an existing one, you’ll receive plenty of requests for discounted pricing. It’s almost as if they mistake a web design firm for a used car lot.

Feminine power, sexuality and Indian mythology feature in Osheen Siva's vibrant illustrations

Creative Boom

Osheen Siva is an illustrator and muralist based in Goa, India who loves to explore themes of femininity, sexuality and the "representation of the marginalised in the Indian context".

Best Script Fonts for Branding and Logo Design

Just Creative

Sometimes known as cursive fonts, a script font can add something unique to logo design or branding project. Maybe your project needs a casual touch to lighten the mood or mimic formal handwriting to give a more professional appearance.

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The Type Designer’s Luxury Font Library Can Be Yours for $29

Spoon Graphics

Every designer needs a variety of typeface styles that they can rely upon for every project.

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Photographer Spotlight: Asia Denise Shelton


Photo asia denise shelton los angeles photographer photography

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Diversifying and decolonising the field of graphic design, Sold Out Publishing celebrates underrepresented references

Its Nice That

Founded by Bakhtawer Haide and Betty Brunfaut, Sold Out is a platform facilitating multiple perspectives based on plurality.

Kaia Charles on celebrating black British culture, and tackling the lack of representation in the arts

Creative Boom

Kaia Charles is cultural projects manager at Greenwich Penisula and a curator for NOW Gallery in London.

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12 Tools To Track and Increase Website Conversions

Just Creative

This article has been contributed by Georgie Peru. So you have a stunningly designed website that’s generating a lot of traffic, now what? Time to generate conversions!

Living off-grid, Wild at Heart in The Mountain Refuge


Words Francois Correia. A refuge in the wild seems to be the destination of choice these days for any inspired adventurer to enjoy a slow paced life.

Artist Spotlight: Kseniya Galper


A selection of work by Boston-based painter and illustrator Kseniya Galper. Kseniya Galper on Instagram. Painting artist boston editor pick illustrator Kseniya Galper member painter painting submission

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Cbabi Bayoc on going from a caricaturist to painting Prince’s The Rainbow Children album cover

Its Nice That

The artist’s work spans charismatic portraits depicting Black fatherhood, and Cubist-inspired energetic scenes capturing the atmosphere of live music.

Uki tells the story of a lonely Inuit struggling to survive after an oil tanker spill

Creative Boom

In Uki, a short stop motion film by designers Ieuan Lewis and George Warren , we follow the story about a lonely Inuit who struggles to survive after an oil tanker leaks oil off the coast of Alaska, killing all local wildlife.

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Influencer Marketing Ultimate Guide [+ Campaign Brief Template]

Just Creative

This article has been contributed by Anna Medina. Everyone’s talking about influencer marketing these days. But only a few really know how to benefit from it. The strategy seems like such a simple idea. I mean you partner with someone, sign an agreement, and have them promote your products.

A Furry Utopia is Overrun with Delicately Rendered Cats in Kamwei Fong’s New Illustration


“Wonderfurryland” (2020), 25 x 37 inches. All images © Kamwei Fong, shared with permission. According to long-held superstitions, a horde of black cats certainly indicates impending misfortune, but for Kamwei Fong , a mass of the furry creatures is actually a fluffy utopia.

“Healing” by Artist Evan M. Cohen


Another lovely comic from New York-based artist and illustrator Evan M. Cohen (previously featured here ). I can see the forest. In the distance, I can hear my name. From above, I am alive, I am magnetic, The Earth pulls at my love. She wakes me. With her electric skies, She shows me. How to live.

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French illustrator Chloé Bertron updates us on her “kinky, playful, unsafe and cryptic” books and illustrations

Its Nice That

Making a comeback after two years, the illustrator tell us what she’s been up to since then – which includes her first children’s book and a zine about sexuality.

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Friday Film Club celebrates black British culture, and you can join for free

Creative Boom

Has anyone missed going to the pictures over the last few months? Us too! Scrolling aimlessly through Netflix is all very well, but it's no substitute for the buzz and atmosphere of a collective viewing experience.

[Podcast] Working With Leaders – JUST Branding Podcast EP 11 with Motto

Just Creative

Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger of Motto , a strategic branding agency in NYC, reveal what it takes to work with “rare breeds” – the leaders, rebels & entrepreneurs who do things differently.

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Pools From Above


Words TL Team. Aerial photographer Brad Walls , also known as Bradscanvas , has just released his latest series Pools From Above - an ode to the beauty found in the shapes, colors and textures of swimming pools. FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY pool

“La Kaz” by Fabien Vilrus & Nicolas Guichard


Photo fabien vilurs fashion design nicolas guichard paris photography reunion

Logo Process: RosyBee Plants for Bees Logo & Identity Designed by The Logo Smith

The Logo Smith

The post Logo Process: RosyBee Plants for Bees Logo & Identity Designed by The Logo Smith appeared first on The Logo Smith All Content © 2020 The Logo Smith.™ |.

How to negotiate a better freelance rate, without negotiating

Creative Boom

If you're a freelancer, the chances are that the prospect of negotiation fills you with dread. When we hear that word, a pretty clear and consistent picture is conjured, and it goes something like this.

Weekly News for Designers № 552

Speckyboy Design Magazine

A Lightweight Masonry Solution A nice lightweight solution from Ana Tudor. The minified JavaScript is under 800 bytes, while the strictly masonry-related styles are under 300 bytes. What is the difference between this & that? Learn the the differences between and in front-end development.


Identity Designed

Justin Devillier is one of New Orleans’ most celebrated young chefs, recently winning the James Beard award. Justine is the highly-anticipated new restaurant from he and partner Mia Freiberger-Devillier (the husband-wife team behind La Petite Grocery and Balise).

“Champion” by Photographer Prarthna Singh


Photo Bombay champion photographer photography prarthna singh

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Freigeist Live! Lecture & Zine Launch


Join Richard Baird (BP&O & LogoArchive) on the 11th of August at 7pm BST for a lecture over Zoom on writing as a catalyst for creativity in graphic design and other related (and unrelated) ideas. The format will be a lecture with slides, with time for questions, statements and conversation.