Artist Spotlight: Jiayue Li


Art Illustration art artist illustration istanbul jiayue li new york

Artist 164

Realistic 3D Drawings by This Japanese Artist Look Like Optical Illusions

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As of recently, people on the internet have laid their eyes on yet another artist. This time we’d like for you to see the works of an 18-year-old Japanese artist named Keito (??). The Japanese artist is quite fond of using colored graphite pencils and sometimes even Copic markers.


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Artist Spotlight: Gizem Vural


Drawing artist drawing gizem vural illustrator new yorkGizem Vural (previously featured here ). Gizem Vural’s Website. Gizem Vural on Instagram.

Artist 124

How artist Alanna Flowers creates bold and beautiful lettering

Creative Boom

Alanna Flowers is a freelance lettering artist and designer based in Brooklyn, New York, who runs her own studio, AGF Design Studio. Back in May, Alanna had the opportunity to be a featured artist on Adobe Live for two days.

Artist 338

Artist Spotlight: Steph Lau


A selection of personal and commissioned work by artist Steph Lau. Art artist new york Steph Lau

Artist 156

Artist Spotlight: Giorgiko


Art artist Duo Giorgiko illustration los angeles paintingGiorgiko (pronounced jee-OR-jee-koh) is the product of a collaborative experiment between Darren and Trisha Inouye melding minimal, expressive character illustration with large-scale classical painting. Giorgiko.

Artist 170

Artist Spotlight: Clément Thoby


Drawing artist Clément Thoby drawings illustrator paris pastelA selection of pastel drawings by Paris-based illustrator and background designer Clément Thoby. Clément Thoby’s Website. Clément Thoby on Instagram.

Artist 166

The many faces of line artist Tzu-Han Huang

Creative Boom

Tzu-Han Huang, or Mai to use her artist name , isn't an agent of chaos. But you could say she's an artist of chaos. As the Taiwanese and UK-based artist tells us, her most recent pieces are random line portraits depicting faces and stories, as inspired by global chaos.

Artist 406

Artist Masako Miki draws on ancient Japanese mythology to explore non-binary identities

Creative Boom

Courtesy of the artist and CULT Aimee Friberg Exhibitions. Interdisciplinary artist Masako Miki refers back to the Shinto concept of shapeshifters that take the form of everyday objects and unidentifiable forms to provide resolutions to our modern-day conflicts. Photo by Andrew Payter.

Artist 401

Artist Rhox combines old with new in nostalgic series of motion covers for music playlists

Creative Boom

For those of you nostalgic for actual physical music – whether vinyl, cassette or CD – then you'll enjoy WAVES, an ongoing project by the artist Rhox. Rhox works with various other artists and designers to bring the project to life.

Artist 410

Artist Spotlight: Kseniya Galper


Painting artist boston editor pick illustrator Kseniya Galper member painter painting submissionA selection of work by Boston-based painter and illustrator Kseniya Galper. Kseniya Galper on Instagram.

Artist 138

Artist who explores the impact of technology wins this year's Photography Foundation prize

Creative Boom

Nova, 2019 © Cao Fei Courtesy of artist, Vitamin Creative Space and Spru?th The Chinese artist was announced the winner of the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation prize 2021 at the Photographer's Gallery in London last night, scooping £30,000.

Artist 350

“Lockdown Collages” by Artist Nico Krijno


Collage artist cape town collage Nico Krijno photography

Artist 169

Artist Wangari Mathenge invites you to step inside a life-sized 1970s living room

Creative Boom

Courtesy the artist and Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London. Courtesy the artist and Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London. Courtesy the artist and Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London. Courtesy the artist and Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London.

Artist 412

Stuart Semple's physical Artistic License means everyone can now officially be an artist

Creative Boom

In recent years, Stuart Semple has perhaps been best known for his hilarious spat with Anish Kapoor in response to the latter's purchase of exclusive artistic rights to the "world's blackest material", Vantablack, in 2016. I'm an artist, but no one gave me permission to do it.

Artist 428

Artist Spotlight: Charlotte Trounce


Painting artist Charlotte Trounce illustrator london paintingLondon-based illustrator Charlotte Trounce. Charlotte Trounce’s Website. Charlotte Trounce on Instagram.

Artist 143

A thousand beads create a picture: Introducing textile artist Nereida Patricia

Creative Boom

Courtesy of the artist and Monique Meloche Gallery. Nereida Patricia is a multidisciplinary artist and writer based in Chicago whose practice spans sculpture, text, and performance, exploring themes of history, trans poetics, and identity. Courtesy of the artist

Artist 412

Artist Spotlight: Eleanor Taylor


Bio: Eleanor Taylor is an artist and illustrator who lives and works in Hastings, UK. In 2019 she was accepted onto the Varda Artists Residency and spent two months in California living on a boat and making work. Eleanor Taylor.

Artist 148

Artist Spotlight: Lena Gustafson


Paintings by San Francisco-born, Oakland-based artist Lena Gustafson. Painting Art Institute of Boston artist california Lena Gustafson paintingGustafson graduated from the Art Institute of Boston with a BA in Illustration and Art Therapy in 2011.

Artist 133

Olympic athletes showcase their artistic endeavours at the Tokyo 2020 games

Creative Boom

With Tokyo 2020 Olympics in full swing, our attention has been solely on sport (and perhaps on logos too), but who knew that many athletes have also become artists for this year's games? He also (obviously) works as an artist and acts as an advocate for Olympic arts and culture.

Artist 418

Queer Colombian artist Angelica Liv celebrates an intersex story in her debut solo show

Creative Boom

© Angelica Liv. Credit: Philip Nu?rnberger. rnberger. Inspired by emails from 'Leo', a stranger and follower of her work who is intersex, Angelica Liv 's latest paintings explore her own gender identity and what it means to see life "free of the chains of gender binary".

Artist 426

Penguin celebrates 85 years with gorgeous prints by leading artists

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In celebration of 85 years publishing some of the world's greatest books, Penguin is releasing five commemorative prints by some of its leading artists, with all profits going to the National Literacy Trust.

Artist 418

Artist Spotlight: Mevlana Lipp


Art Painting art artist germany leverkusen mevlana lipp painter

Artist 144

Artist Spotlight: Vicki Ling


Art artist chicago editor pick illustrator member submission vicki lingVicki Ling. Vicki Ling’s Website. Vicki Ling on Instagram.

Artist 122

Meet Yogisya, the artist who became a hedgehog

Creative Boom

With over 100k Instagram followers, Yogisya may be one of the biggest artists Western audiences haven't heard of yet. The web series was published on the PIE platform after one of its editors approached the artist with an idea for a comic. "I

Artist 382

AI 'artist' creates new work inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat

Creative Boom

And to prove the point, they've launched ten new images by their 'AI artist' STiCH, inspired by iconic artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. All images courtesy of the artist. Can computers paint?

Artist 345

How is the Rule of Thirds Used in Design | Tips & Templates

Design Wizard

Graphic designers, artists, and photographers rely on this principle that offers direction on structure, hierarchy, and balance of design elements. Understand how the rule of thirds is used in design to create designs that are naturally pleasing to the eye.

Ananya Rao-Middleton on making the industry more accessible to disabled artists

Creative Boom

But gradually, as we see representation from such communities grow within the creative sector, artists are breaking through who can share their thoughts, feelings and experience, being the voices we don't listen to often enough. What about other artists?

Artist 408

Artist Spotlight: Andrés Lozano


Art Andrés Lozano artist drawing illustration london paintingAndrés Lozano. Andrés Lozano’s Website. Andrés Lozano on Instagram.

Artist 114

Artist Spotlight: Jon Sours


Art artist Jon Sours

Artist 155

19 artists come together to Stop Asian Hate in a print collaboration with Paperboy

Creative Boom

A portion of each sale of a print will also support the artists involved, many of whom are of East and South East Asian heritage. Matt Nguyen is one of the artists and the co-founder of Paperboy, which he launched last summer after he experienced racism during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Artist 429

Paper artist Sam Pierpoint's charming animation calls for sustainable fashion

Creative Boom

Paper artist Sam Pierpoint was recently commissioned by Greenhouse PR to create a short paper-cut animation for PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), which calls for more sustainable clothing.

Frida Kahlo: The Complete Paintings reveals the artist's work like never before

Creative Boom

It is being hailed as the most extensive study of the artist's life and death. According to Lozano, the first part of the book consists of an essay divided into four chapters that "roughly correspond to the four decades and four phases of Kahlo's artistic career".

Artist 416

Yanique DaCosta, Graphic Artists Guild Treasurer 2021

Guild News Blog

The post Yanique DaCosta, Graphic Artists Guild Treasurer 2021 appeared first on The Graphic Artist Guild. Member Spotlight Communication Design designer fine artist Guild Officers 2021 illustrator leadership National Board web design

The ultimate 2020 Christmas gift guide for artists and designers

Creative Boom

Each year, we at Creative Boom thoroughly enjoy pulling together lots of creative gift ideas for the festive season, with a particular focus on the artists and designers in your life. This cute stocking filler will appeal to artists and aspiring painters alike.

Artist 347

“Pandemic Life” by Artist Andy Busc


by artist Andy Busc (previously featured here ). Drawing Andy Busc artist drawing illustration los angelesAndy Busc’s Website. Andy Busc on Instagram.

Artist 139

“M M IV” by Artist Marina Mika


Illustration artist berlin editor pick illustration illustrator Marina Mika member submissionMarina Mika. Marina Mika’s Website. Marina Mika on Instagram.

Artist 152

Pop stars team up with artists to create unique and captivating screenprints

Creative Boom

RYCA & Fatboy Slim – Session Smile © 2021 Courtesy of the artist. Mark Mattock and Stormzy – Stormzy © 2021 Courtesy of the artist. Smith & Lyall and The Chemical Brothers – Keep On © 2021 Courtesy of the artist. Nick Cave – Mermaid © 2021 Courtesy of the artist.

Artist 320

Artist Spotlight: Jiab Prachakul


Art artist jiab prachakul

Artist 169

Artist Spotlight: Sophie Treppendahl


Art Painting art artist Louisiana New Orleans painting sophie treppendahl

Artist 135