Artist Spotlight: Charlotte Trounce


Painting artist Charlotte Trounce illustrator london paintingLondon-based illustrator Charlotte Trounce. Charlotte Trounce’s Website. Charlotte Trounce on Instagram.

Artist Spotlight: Clément Thoby


Drawing artist Clément Thoby drawings illustrator paris pastelA selection of pastel drawings by Paris-based illustrator and background designer Clément Thoby. Clément Thoby’s Website. Clément Thoby on Instagram.

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Artist Spotlight: Andrés Lozano


Art Andrés Lozano artist drawing illustration london paintingAndrés Lozano. Andrés Lozano’s Website. Andrés Lozano on Instagram.

Artist Spotlight: Alice Oehr


Drawing Alice Oehr artist designer drawing illustrator melbourne still lifeAlice Oehr. Alice Oehr’s Website. Alice Oehr on Instagram.

Artist Spotlight: Sainte Maria


Illustration Painting art artist illustration painting russia sainte maria

Lisa Congdon: The 7 Stages to Becoming an Artist When No One Knows Your Name

Creative Live

Fine artist, illustrator, and author Lisa Congdon was named among 200 Women Who Will Change the Way You See The World — but starting out, Lisa Congdon was just a name. In fact, if you asked Lisa in her early 20s, she would tell you that she wasn’t a very good artist at all.

“Salish Sea” by Artist Klee Larsen


Klee Larsen is a Vancouver based visual artist, inspired by horizon lines in nature. Mixed Media artist editor pick Klee Larsen member mixed media painting photography submission vancouverKlee loves to combine old and new technologies by using film and then digitalizing the image.

World exclusive: meet the artist behind Elton John's new emoji

Creative Boom

what technical and artistic challenges were involved, and what it all meant on an emotional level. One of the biggest stars in rock history, it might have seemed like Elton John couldn't get more famous – but 2019 seems to be proving us wrong.

Artist 207

Photobooth portraits of Surrealist artists from the 1920s recreated in Play-Doh by Eleanor Macnair

Creative Boom

When the first photo booth, or 'Photomaton', opened for business at Luna Park in Paris in the late 1920s, André Breton, the "father of the Surrealism", and his circle of artistic friends were among its most enraptured users.

Artist 256

Artist Spotlight: Vera Iliatova


Painting artist artist profile painting Vera IliatovaVera Iliatova. See more images below, courtesy of Monya Rowe Gallery, New York. Vera Iliatova’s Website.

Oil paintings of brightly coloured Irises by celebrated artist Alex Katz

Creative Boom

On show at the Richard Gray Gallery , the mixture of small and large scale artworks of flowers are tightly cropped compositions, distilled down to their fundamental components – giving us the bare minimum detail, something we've come to expect and love from the American artist.

Artist Creates Animal Sculptures From Flower Arrangements

Design You Trust

Inspired by the ancient and traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement—Ikebana—Montreal-based artist and photographer Raku Inoue creates colorful portraits of insects and other animals using flowers, twigs, leaves, and stems from his garden.

“The Magician and The Thief” by Artist Kenichi Hoshine


On January 9, Hollis Taggart will open Kenichi Hoshine: The Magician and The Thief, a solo exhibition of the New York-based artist’s work. Painting artist Hollis Taggart kenichi hoshine new york painting

New Art School Rules: Leading artists and designers create a new manifesto for creatives

Creative Boom

at Bury Art Museum rips up the traditional rule book and urges us to consider the advice and wisdom of some of the best artists and designers in the industry today. Forget what you learnt at art school.

Art 207

Artist Embroiders on the Ubiquitous Plastic Bag to Transform It into an Abstract Work of Art

Brown Paper Bag

Artist Josh Blackwell reconstitutes the plastic bag—a symbol of the affront to fighting climate change—into a work of art. The post Artist Embroiders on the Ubiquitous Plastic Bag to Transform It into an Abstract Work of Art appeared first on Brown Paper Bag.

Artist Spotlight: Guglielmo Castelli


Art artist Guglielmo Castelli italy paintings

Feature Shoot launches The Print Swap, a chance to swap prints with artists and photographers globally

Creative Boom

Our friends at Feature Shoot have launched their global initiative, The Print Swap , giving you the chance to literally swap prints with artists and photographers from all over the world. And photographers, you'll now be able to swap prints with artists as well as other photographers.

Print 176

This Artist Gives Animals A Rainbow Makeover

Design You Trust

Ramzy Masri is a talented Brooklyn-based graphic designer who uses rainbow colors as a major inspiration for his artwork.

“In Search of Rainbows” by Artist Anna Carey


Art anna carey artist in search of rainbows model photography

This Artist Blends Human Bodies And Animal Faces Together

Design You Trust

More: Ahmad Habash, Instagram h/t: boredpanda The artist characterized this. Ahmad Habash is a visual storyteller, director, and animator with extensive experience in different areas such as animation, illustration, videography, and paper-craft.

Artist Spotlight: Sheryo & Yok


Painting artists sheryo yok

Lush and luminous oil paintings of black men and women by Ghanian artist Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe

Creative Boom

Taking inspiration from strangers he meets on the street, encounters on social media or from friends and colleagues, Ghanian artist Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe paints bright and luminous portraits of black men and women. Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe The Artist II.

2020 204

Sculptures by American Pop artist Jann Haworth reveal a childhood spent on film sets in Hollywood

Creative Boom

If you're a fan of American Pop artist Jann Haworth, then an upcoming exhibition at the Pallant House Gallery in Chichester will be your first chance in the UK to see Liberty Blake’s mural, Work in Progress.

This Artist Makes Silly Portraits Of Food

Design You Trust

Paul Schmid is an award-winning artist, illustrator, and designer who recently started an interesting art project of honoring food by creating its portraits. More: Paul Schmid, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda The artist came up with the idea for this project when he randomly put a pair.

Artist Spotlight: Lola Gil


Painting artist Lola Gil painter paintingLola Gil (previously featured here). Lola Gil’s Website. Lola Gil on Instagram.

A celebration of the collaborative work of photographer Rankin and make-up artist Marco Antonio

Creative Boom

A new book is set to hit the shelves this month, celebrating the creative partnership of photographer Rankin and make-up artist Marco Antonio. Born in Brazil, Marco Antonio is a self-taught, London-based make-up artist.

2018 182

Warm and tender oil paintings of family and friends by American artist Jerrell Gibbs

Creative Boom

American artist Jerrell Gibbs retraces happy memories from his life and childhood for his paintings, often depicting people he's especially close to.

Artist 146

Artist Shows How Classical Paintings Would Look During Quarantine

Design You Trust

Spanish artist José Manuel Ballester has created an exploration of the role that people play in classical paintings – by removing them.

Fanny Rush on favourite portraits, intensive processes, and how young artists can find success

Creative Boom

London portrait artist Fanny Rush has been painting portraits for over 20 years, gaining commissions from high profile political figures and glitterati across the globe. Rush was born into a family of artists.

How a radical Christian sect inspired two very different contemporary artists

Creative Boom

Useless Flowers is a new show at Fisher Parrish Gallery in Brooklyn of work by Caitlin MacBride and Sam Stewart; whose work is very different in form, but united by their shared use of the form of a bonnet.

Skeletal Figures Conjure the Uncanny in Anatomical Paintings by Artist Jason Limon


In an effort to make his otherworldy works more accessible, San Antonio-based artist Jason Limon began creating a substantial collection of small paintings in 2008. Do stories and artists like this matter to you? “90 ML” (2020), acrylic on panel, 6 x 8 inches.

2008 105

Modern Artist Jean Shin

Design Soak

Modern Artist Jean Shin transforms everyday objects into "visually alluring conceptual explorations". She has won many awards and has exhibited her art works throughout the United States in various exhibitions: Sculpture inspiration Modern Artist vinyl art

2017 83

Digital Artist Turns Nature’s Images Into Animals

Design You Trust

Digital artist Martijn Schrijver likes playing with Photoshop and he seeks his inspiration in the beauty of Mother Nature.

Canadian Artist Turns Popular Brands Into Stylish Anime Characters

Design You Trust

Canadian artist Sillvi (previously) of Sillvi studios has built quite the artistic reputation for turning popular brands–whether they be fast food, social media, or soda–into impressive anime character illustrations.

See the diverse work of four shortlisted artists for this year's Photography Foundation Prize

Creative Boom

The artists are all in the running for the 2020 Deutsche Bo?rse It also considers the shared artistic, social and political issues influencing contemporary photography more widely.

On The Front Line: Chinese Artists Pay Tribute To Medics In The Fight With Coronavirus Outbrake

Design You Trust

Chinese artists created a sort of amazing illustrations to pay tribute to medical staff fighting the coronavirus. A lot of them are dedicated to Dr. Li Wenliang, the Wuhan ophthalmologist who warned of the coronavirus outbreak and who died from its effects in early February. More: Source.

Meguru: Japanese Artist Ozabu @ Hashimoto Contemporary SF

Juxapoz Magazine

"Changing of the Seasons" comes to Hashimoto Contemporary SF as an acclaimed Japanese artist Ozabu visits for a solo show entitled Meguru, which reflects the cyclical shift.

Artist Spotlight: Anna Weyant


Painting anna weyant artist new york city paintingAnna Weyant. Anna Weyant’s Website. Anna Weyant on Instagram.

Artist Fuses Animals With Everyday Objects To Make Adorable Logos

Design You Trust

Alfrey Davilla describes himself as an artist who specializes in logo and simple illustrations. The Indonesian illustrator fuses photographs of animals, people, and everyday tools to create his adorable illustrations. Thanks to his creativity, some of these creations became company logos.

This Artist Makes Bizarre Denture-Inspired Jewelry

Design You Trust

Feeling as though our posts lately haven’t quite been odd enough to live up to our name, we present to you the denture-inspired items and jewelry by artist who calls himself Mr. Basic.

Artist Spotlight: Chloe West


Painting artist Chloe West painting St. Chloe West. Chloe West’s Website. Chloe West on Instagram. Louis

Paintings by Melbourne artist Prudence Flint of strong female characters deep in thought

Creative Boom

Melbourne artist Prudence Flint paints interesting women in what she describes as "psychologically charged environments", wrapped up in flat pastel hues and soft light.

2016 153

Feature Shoot announces The Print Swap is now open to photographers and artists

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The Print Swap , an initiative by our friends at Feature Shoot , gives you the chance to literally swap prints with artists and photographers from all over the world. And photographers, you'll now be able to swap prints with artists as well as other photographers.

Print 130