Artist Spotlight: Giorgiko


Art artist Duo Giorgiko illustration los angeles paintingGiorgiko (pronounced jee-OR-jee-koh) is the product of a collaborative experiment between Darren and Trisha Inouye melding minimal, expressive character illustration with large-scale classical painting. Giorgiko.

Artist 169

Artist Spotlight: Clément Thoby


Drawing artist Clément Thoby drawings illustrator paris pastelA selection of pastel drawings by Paris-based illustrator and background designer Clément Thoby. Clément Thoby’s Website. Clément Thoby on Instagram.

Artist 166

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“Lockdown Collages” by Artist Nico Krijno


Collage artist cape town collage Nico Krijno photography

Artist 169

Artist Spotlight: Eleanor Taylor


Bio: Eleanor Taylor is an artist and illustrator who lives and works in Hastings, UK. In 2019 she was accepted onto the Varda Artists Residency and spent two months in California living on a boat and making work. Eleanor Taylor.

Artist 145

Artist Spotlight: Charlotte Trounce


Painting artist Charlotte Trounce illustrator london paintingLondon-based illustrator Charlotte Trounce. Charlotte Trounce’s Website. Charlotte Trounce on Instagram.

Artist 139

Artist Spotlight: Vicki Ling


Art artist chicago editor pick illustrator member submission vicki lingVicki Ling. Vicki Ling’s Website. Vicki Ling on Instagram.

Artist 114

“Pandemic Life” by Artist Andy Busc


by artist Andy Busc (previously featured here ). Drawing Andy Busc artist drawing illustration los angelesAndy Busc’s Website. Andy Busc on Instagram.

Artist 137

New film shares life in lockdown for artists with Down's syndrome

Creative Boom

Heart & Sold is a global arts organisation that represents, promotes and supports visual artists with Down's syndrome. Artists in Lockdown has been created by filmmaker Chris Kenward (whose brother David is featured in the film) and produced by Heart & Sold.

Artist 402

Artist Spotlight: Andrés Lozano


Art Andrés Lozano artist drawing illustration london paintingAndrés Lozano. Andrés Lozano’s Website. Andrés Lozano on Instagram.

Artist 106

“M M IV” by Artist Marina Mika


Illustration artist berlin editor pick illustration illustrator Marina Mika member submissionMarina Mika. Marina Mika’s Website. Marina Mika on Instagram.

Artist 133

The Best Huion Tablets for Designers & Artists in 2020

Just Creative

When you’re a graphic designer or artist, choosing the right tablet for your artwork is important because the wrong tablet can hold your work back and keep you from getting those desired clients. . Here are the Best Huion Tablets for Graphic Designers & Artists in 2020!

2020 217

Prints by 80 artists and photographers to raise funds to support Black Lives Matter

Creative Boom

Over 80 artists, illustrators and photographers have donated a piece of their own work within the last 24 hours – available to purchase for £100 each online with 100% of profits going towards Bail Funds: George Floyd and the 4Front Project.

Print 418

Artist Spotlight: Alice Oehr


Drawing Alice Oehr artist designer drawing illustrator melbourne still lifeAlice Oehr. Alice Oehr’s Website. Alice Oehr on Instagram.

“Back Into Your Mind” by Artist Clare Lyons


Photo artist back into your mind clare lyons dulbin photographer photography

Artist 118

Artist Spotlight: Sainte Maria


Illustration Painting art artist illustration painting russia sainte maria

Artist Spotlight: Patrick Quarm


Art artist patrick quarm

Artist 155

Eight-year-old boy creates charity exhibition in style of famous artists but with Covid-19 twist

Creative Boom

Eight-year-old Rollo Jensen has created a Coronavirus-themed charity exhibition, featuring artworks in the style of famous artists he likes but with a pandemic twist.

Your Space or Mine: Artists and designers spread messages of positivity across the UK

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Following on from its popular Community is Kindness project, the Build Hollywood family of Jack , Jack Arts and Diabolical have collaborated with artists and designers from across the UK to bring even more positivity to our streets.

Artist 353

Illustrations by artist and cyclist Jen Lewis for the UCI that celebrate World Bicycle Day

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It was probably the best decision of her career when Jen Lewis decided to combine her two greatest passions: cycling and illustration.

Artists and designers unite globally to create 'colouring posters' and help UNICEF fight Covid-19

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A group of creatives from the Very Polite Agency in Vancouver, Canada have embarked on a worldwide mission with a simple goal – to unite global artists and designers to support UNICEF in the fight against Covid-19.

Artist 387

Street artist Andy Leek to spread messages of positivity at King's Cross as London 'reawakens'

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To celebrate the "reawakening" of London, and the reopening of retail, dining and culture, King's Cross has partnered with the renowned street artist Andy Leek to deliver a summer of public art that will bring positivity and fun to the 67-acre estate.

Artist 298

“Salish Sea” by Artist Klee Larsen


Klee Larsen is a Vancouver based visual artist, inspired by horizon lines in nature. Mixed Media artist editor pick Klee Larsen member mixed media painting photography submission vancouverKlee loves to combine old and new technologies by using film and then digitalizing the image.

Artist 124

Artist Spotlight: Tiffany Alfonseca


Drawing artist drawing new york Tiffany AlfonsecaTiffany Alfonseca. Tiffany Alfonseca’s Website. Tiffany Alfonseca on Instagram.

Artist 144

Artist Spotlight: Old City [Interview]


Artist Spotlight: Old City. MUSIC Artist spotlight burning man dj Interview music Old CityInterview with Amer and Hassan, two best friends behind Old City , the DJ duo that was founded at Burning Man, nourished in New York City and inspired by the Middle East.

Artist transforms recycled cardboard into incredible Pop Art sculptures of vintage TVs and computers

Creative Boom

Picking his way through the alleyways and back streets of Los Angeles, artist David Connelly collects discarded cardboard and other reclaimed materials, transforming them into detailed painted sculptures of everyday things, mainly vintage technology of decades past.

The 2019 Christmas gift guide for artists, designers, makers and anyone who loves creativity

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Lisa Bennett makes these gorgeous work aprons for artists and makers, available in different materials and styles. Have a super creative person in your life and need some gift ideas for Christmas? Or need to throw some hints at family and friends?

2019 408

Artist Spotlight: Simone Elizabeth Saunders


Art artist simone elizabeth textile

Artist 147

Artist Spotlight: Edmond Praybe


Painting artist Edmond Praybe paintingEdmond Praybe. Edmond Praybe’s Website. Edmond Praybe on Instagram.

Artist 170

Artist Spotlight: Clara Rubin


Art artist clara rubin

Artist 107

Artist Spotlight: Jordan Cooper


Art artist jordan cooper vancouver

Artist 116

Artist Spotlight: Jamaal Peterman


Painting artist brooklyn Jamaal Peterman paintingJamaal Peterman. Jamaal Peterman’s Website. Jamaal Peterman on Instagram.

Artist 122

Artist Spotlight: Alfred Conteh


Art alfred conteh artist painter

Artist 118

Artist Spotlight: Qimeng Sun


Art artist qimeng sun

Artist 104

Artist Spotlight: Em Jiang


Drawing artist em jiangEm Jiang. Em Jiang’s Website. Em Jiang on Instagram.

Artist 135

Artist Wangari Mathenge's latest oil paintings question the dehumanising meaning behind the term 'expats'

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Originally from Kenya, Chicago-based artist Wangari Mathenge turns to history as inspiration for her oil paintings which reinterpret traditional African patriarchal society alongside her own. cm) Courtesy of the artist and Roberts Projects, Los Angeles, CA.

Artist 315

Artist Spotlight: ONEQ


Art artist japan ONEQ paintings

Artist 133

World exclusive: meet the artist behind Elton John's new emoji

Creative Boom

what technical and artistic challenges were involved, and what it all meant on an emotional level. One of the biggest stars in rock history, it might have seemed like Elton John couldn't get more famous – but 2019 seems to be proving us wrong.

2019 311

Artist Spotlight: Bakpak Durden


Painting artist bakpak durden painter paintings

Artist 110

Lisa Congdon: The 7 Stages to Becoming an Artist When No One Knows Your Name

Creative Live

Fine artist, illustrator, and author Lisa Congdon was named among 200 Women Who Will Change the Way You See The World — but starting out, Lisa Congdon was just a name. In fact, if you asked Lisa in her early 20s, she would tell you that she wasn’t a very good artist at all.

Paintings of 'dreamy' Big Cats by Yorkshire artist Kelsey Emblow created from thousands of tiny dots

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Created using thousands of tiny dots, the warming tributes to tigers, lions and panthers combine the Yorkshire artist's love of stippling with abstract art – something her father specialised in when he was at college.

Artist 289