Digital Marketing in 2020: Ultimate Guide

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In the sphere of digital marketing, there are plenty of tactics that are already working well this year. When it comes to digital marketing , artificial intelligence can be deployed in a number of ways: customer service, product recommendations, personalized communication, even content creation. Chatbots are nothing new in the world of digital marketing, yet they still work amazingly well. This article has been contributed by Tim Backes.

Digital drum kit takes you underground to experience northern mining history with '80s acid beats

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From a 'pickaxe hi-hat' to a 'dynamite kick drum', evocative sounds of a lost industry in East Durham have been used to create a digital drum kit where anyone can create their own track with a 16 bar sequencer, first by laying down a drum beat.

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Amazing Digital Illustrations by Rich Davies

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Today we are featuring professional Graphic Designer and Illustrator artist Richard Davies , with his amazing digital illustration artwork. In this posts, we will showcase his best digital illustrations work for inspiration. Inspiration Showcase digital art digital artist drawing Freelance Visual Artist Graphic Designer illustrator artist Rich Davies

Alexandra Francis creates bright and observational digital illustrations inspired by her fine art charcoal drawings

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While studying Fine Art at Lancaster University, her specialism was hyper-realistic charcoal drawing, so she tries to feed that skill through her digital work wherever possible, "whether that be through tone, texture or just drawing what I can see". Manchester-based graphic designer and illustrator Alexandra Francis creates bright, observational artworks mixed with bold hand-lettering.

23 Drawing Software Options to Become Digital Picasso

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Drawing software is an essential tool for an artist or illustrator, professional to novice wishing to create digital art. One thing they all have in common is they are top, top quality and will allow you to pull off some quite amazing digital art. If you are looking for a drawing software package to digitalize your sketches then Autodesk’s specialist software might just be the place to look. Adobe Photoshop – The Most Popular Digital Drawing Software.

A new generation of digital artists is finding fresh ways to self-promote and survive through Huawei Themes

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But once heavily reliant on galleries to promote your work, the digital age has opened many doors, allowing you to make a name for yourself like never before. It's no wonder so many digital artists around the globe are seeking success through other channels.

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Amazing Digital Illustrations by Guilherme Asthma

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Collection of Digital Visual Arts. Design Inspiration Showcase design digital art digital artist drawing Freelance Visual Artist Guilherme Asthma illustration art james white visual designToday we are featuring professional freelance visual artist Guilherme Asthma , with his amazing illustration artwork. He is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He started in the field of Graphics since 2009 till now.

The Digital Illustrations of Krisztian Tejfel


Best known for his portraits of beautiful women with a melancholic and surreal touch, the Hungarian digital illustrator Krisztian Tejfel is focusing on traditional-digital hybrids leaving his work always a bit unfinished. FEATURED ILLUSTRATION digital digital illustrations digital illustrator illustrations Krisztian Tejfel portrait PORTRAITS

Whispers: A digital art show that takes inspiration from a favourite childhood game

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Working with designer and developer Ben West , Barbara has launched Whispers , a digital chain of fifty interlinked original artworks, each inspired by the previous. This summer, Amsterdam art director Barbara Ryan was supposed to hold an exhibition in the Dutch capital featuring artworks by 50 creatives, until Covid-19 had other plans. But all was not lost, as she's since transformed the show into a sequential art game, made in quarantine.

Japanese Minimalism in UI Design for Digital Products


In this article, I’m considering the concept of Japanese minimalism, its implications in the user interface design of digital products, and its key principles. Are you ready to immerse in Japanese art trends leveraged in the context of the modern digital world?

Amazing Digital Portrait Illustrations by Ahmed Karam

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I’m very big fan of Ahmed Karam’s work specially his digital portrait illustrations and digital drawing work. You can also check his previous best work of digital illustrations and digital portrait painting. Ahmed Karam Digital Portrait Paintings and Illustrators. Here is the list of his amazing work of digital portrait Illustrations. Inspiration Showcase ahmed karam design digital art digital artist drawing illustration art

The Past, Future, and Playful Collide in Digital Collages by Anonymous Duo Frank Moth


The anonymous pair behind Frank Moth ( previously ) characterize their layered digital collages as “nostalgic postcards from the future.” Pick up one of Frank Moth’s prints from Society6 , and follow the latest digital assemblages on Instagram and Tumblr.

10 Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

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For this article, we’re rounding out the best digital marketing courses from the best online learning platforms you can access regardless of where you are in the world. Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Courses Online. The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 Courses in 1.

Universal Everything digital artists explore human behaviour through VR

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The collective of digital artists at design studio Universal Everything has created VR experience, Emergence , and open-world crowd experience exploring human behaviour.

How To Prepare for Digital Marketing in 2021

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2021 is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about new digital marketing trends. In 2020 we saw drastic changes in digital marketing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it appears that 2021 will bring many changes as well.

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Where analog meets digital by Tjitske Oosterholt


Her beautiful mystical artworks mixing analog and digital techniques caught my eyes for a while now. Words Claire Granlund. The Amsterdam based visual designer Tjitske Oosterholt has been working for a wide range of clients in the electronic underground music industry. GRAPHIC DESIGN MIXED MEDIA Interview MUSIC

Digital Sculptures Visualize Chirps of Amazonian Birds in a Responsive Artwork by Andy Thomas


?. Based on an audio recording from a 2016 trip to the Amazon, Australian artist Andy Thomas interprets birds’ trills, squawks, and coos through an animated series of digital sculptures. Animation Art Amazon birds digital sound video

Pop & Surreal Digital Art by Kota Yamaji


Pop & Surreal Digital Art by Kota Yamaji. Kota Yamaji is a digital artist based in Tokyo, Japan, he just shared his art contribution for the 2020 Adobe MAX Conference. AoiroStudio 10.18.20

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Everyday Digital Art by Kurt Chang


Everyday Digital Art by Kurt Chang. With this never-ending pandemic, I have noticed an increase in 'digital art' projects being shared. AoiroStudio 10.15.20 Kurt Chang is an artist based in Los Angeles, CA, USA, he has been sharing pretty illustrations via his Behance.

Exquisite Digital Illustrations by Maxim Shkret Render Tousled Manes and Ruffled Feathers of Fantastical Creatures


Each digital illustration has a strict color palette, and although some creatures maintain realistic shades of browns and black, others take on a whimsical quality with blush and magenta features. To explore more of the illustrator’s digital projects, head to Behance and Instagram.

The Zen Digital Illustrations of Jin Tea Shop


A set of harmonious digital illustrations for a Pasadena-based tea shop. 3D / CGI BRANDING 3D Alvaro Navarro branding cgi digital illustration digital illustrations illustration jin tea shop minimalism packaging set design teaJin Tea new branding features all the elements associated with a tea ceremony. Wooden boards, ceramics and flora create a sense of serenity and zen.

Bagri Foundation offers five £1,000 digital commissions to Asian artists in response to COVID-19

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The London-based Bagri Foundation, founded in 1990 to help realise "unique, unexpected ideas that weave traditional Asian culture with contemporary thinking", has announced that it's offering five £1,000 digital commissions to Asian artists in response to COVID-19. "We At Home in the World is one way in which we hope to offer assistance and to release a wellspring of creativity that can be experienced digitally.". The work must be able to be shared digitally.

Amazing Portraits Using Traditional Oil Style with Digital Painting By Ahmed Karam

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I’m big fan of Ahmed Karam’s work specially his digital portrait illustrations , canvas painting and digital drawing work. In this collection I gathered his series of portraits using traditional oil style with digital painting work called “ We Got Guns “ All portraits are just awesome! You can also check his previous best work of digital illustrations and digital portrait painting. . Ahmed Karam Digital Portrait Paintings and Illustrators.

How to Improve Visual Feedback of Digital Products [Guest Post]

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In this article, we will talk about making digital products more user-friendly. The post How to Improve Visual Feedback of Digital Products [Guest Post] appeared first on Design Roast. Reviewing your interface and adjusting visual feedback can not only influence user’s comfort positively while interacting with your product but in some cases, it can also increase the sales or help you to win a new customer. Illustration from Ouch What is [.].

RA Summer Exhibition and Bloomberg New Contemporaries go digital

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The hope is that the digital version will allow the show to reach a larger audience than ever before. We are delighted to have WeTransfer as our digital partner this year. The post RA Summer Exhibition and Bloomberg New Contemporaries go digital appeared first on Creative Review

Don’t Mess With the Strong Women in Daiana Ruiz’s Stylish Digital Illustrations

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Dissatisfied with the lack of representation of real women in the media, Daiana has digitally drawn the world she wants to see. The post Don’t Mess With the Strong Women in Daiana Ruiz’s Stylish Digital Illustrations appeared first on Brown Paper Bag. Illustration daiana ruiz digital illustration illustrated figures illustrated women illustration lifestyle illustration

Digital Marketing Trends 2020: 10 Things You Need to Know to Stay Relevant this Year

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We’ve gathered together 10 growing digital marketing trends for 2020 that might inspire you to rethink your marketing strategy. This means that you can’t overlook this format and data proves that it’s worth your time to add video content to your digital marketing efforts.

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Superb Whimsical Digital Creations By Jean-Charles Debroize

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French art director and retoucher Jean-Charles Debroize combines photographs and digital art to creates fantastic imaginary scenarios. Inspirations 3d advertising art creative digital retouchMore: Behance. Source.

Oil paintings by Japanese artist Teiji Hayama that consider what it means to be famous in the digital era

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Central Saint Martin alumni, Teiji Hayama has unveiled a new body of oil paintings that examine what it means to be famous in the age of digital celebrity. Hayama depicts some of Hollywood's most historic and glamorous faces but presents them in a way that emphasises their imprisonment within the digital world, subjected to an exhausting existence of maintaining appearances under the spotlight.

Vibrant Digital Portraits by Artist Alexis Franklin Emphasize the Nuances of Emotions


Dallas-based artist Alexis Franklin considers her digital renderings a reinvention of the expected. Art Illustration Black Lives Matter digital portraitsAll images © Alexis Franklin, shared with permission.

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The post Drive Digital appeared first on Shillington Design Blog.

Cursed Cute: The Superb Digital Concept Artworks Of Izzy Medrano

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Inspirations 3d concept digital monstersFormerly lead concept artist at Sony Santa Monica, where he was a major contributor to God of War: Ascension and God of War III, Izzy Medrano creates concept designs for game development and IP creation. A freelance illustrator for clients including Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast, his work has frequently been featured in ImagineFX and Concept Art World. More: Izzy Medrano, Instagram, Facebook. Source.

Masashi Murakami applies digital effects to physical objects

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The Tokyo-based graphic designer’s affects series uses analogue methods to create digital-style changes to physical posters. Read more

Look Out For The Top 6 Digital Trends in 2020


Digital creative and tech trends are on the rise and have been for some time already. If you believe yourself to be one of the creative digital trendsetters, or perhaps some kind of tech trend guru, then you need to be aware of the top trends coming up in 2020. Mobile has been huge in digital creative design and tech trends for some time already and with the advent of 5G, mobile power will continue to expand.

Picasso-Inspired Portrait Sculptures Rendered by Digital Artist Omar Aqil


Using digital software including Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Octane, and Adobe Illustrator, Aqil creates Picasso-esque faces and places them into random, casual scenes. Art collage cubism digital portraits sculptureAll images © Omar Aqil. Pakistan-based art director and illustrator Omar Aqil ( previously ) continues his Character Illustrations series with more collaged portraits made from stacks of 3D objects.

The Superb Provocative Digital Art By Doping-Pong

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Based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Doping-Pong is a digital art-project started in 1997 by Dima Mishenin, Lova and Anna Maugli. Doping Pong are the pioneers of digital art in Russia. The digital art world of Doping Pong is incredibly diverse. In the 90ties, te first digital works of Doping Pong were featured in popular youth. It is closely linked to contemporary visual culture and pop aesthetics.

15 Tips To Skyrocket Your Digital Marketing Success During COVID-19

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We live in a digital world where businesses that aren’t able to keep pace will eventually get kicked to the curb. Read on to learn our 15 tips that will skyrocket your digital branding strategy beyond COVID-19! Your spending and digital marketing should be done in a strategic way.

Your Digital Avatar With LEELA


In this digital project by The Fabricant , you’re free to be whoever you choose, create your avatar and dress up your multiple selves in the non-physical world of digital fashion. 3D / CGI 3D avatar digital avatar digital couture Leela The FabricantWelcome to the future with LEELA , your new self-expression playground.

Considering Complexity and Ritual, an Imaginary Universe Emerges from Psychedelic Digital Illustrations


The Madrid-based artist, who works under the moniker Laprisamata , digitally illustrates otherworldly scenes and composite characters formed from vibrant blocks of color, patterns, and mundane objects, like pineapples and leaves. Illustration digital patternAll images © Luis Toledo, shared with permission. Luis Toledo has a knack for building ethereal universes.

The Creative Assistant: Graphic Designer/Digital Marketing Assistant


The post The Creative Assistant: Graphic Designer/Digital Marketing Assistant appeared first on Shillington Design Blog.

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