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Top 6 Digital Signage Design Tips

Designer Daily

In this digital age, visual communication is key, and it’s no wonder that digital signage has become a staple in businesses and public spaces alike. With countless potential uses, from advertisements to directional guides, digital signage is both functional and appealing.

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OHMY positions amra as the 'north star' of the digital royalties industry

Creative Boom

Leamington Spa-based digital design studio OHMY has created a new identity for digital licensing and collection platform amra, positioning it as "a beacon of light" that can help guide users through the complex landscape of royalties. However, the studio opted to revitalise it with what Grant calls "vitality and a digital aura".

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Beyond Imagination: Exploring Samji’s Stunning Digital Illustrations

Graphic Design Junction

In the realm of contemporary digital illustrations art, one name shines brightly: Samji Illustrator. Through their captivating artwork, Samji seamlessly combines traditional techniques with digital illustrations medium, creating visually stunning pieces that captivate audiences worldwide. You can catch Samji’s on Behance.

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How to Edit Digital Photos to Look Like FILM

Spoon Graphics

While modern digital cameras produce vastly superior images with crisp colourful pixels, photographers still love the nostalgia of old film based cameras and the character of the photographs they produce, especially the beautiful mood and tones of black and white film stock. Digital Film Effects Supply. Retro Film: Lightroom Presets.

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The Democratization of Design: Giving Creators & Marketers the Tools to Succeed

Learn how to publish and market digital content with the same professionalism as organizations with million-dollar budgets. Brands must create and share impactful content to thrive, but they have less people, tighter budgets, and fewer resources to do so.

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Amazing Digital Canvas Illustrations By Denis Gonchar

Graphic Design Junction

Denis Gonchar stands as a luminary in the world of digital canvas illustrations art, hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Ukraine. With a keen eye for detail and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Denis has carved a niche for himself in the ever-evolving realm of digital creativity.

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20+ Best Free Halftone Photoshop Brush Sets for Digital Artists


They are useful for adding a vintage or comic book appearance to digital artwork, making them a popular choice for artists looking to add depth and texture to their work. They are perfect for digital designers at all skill levels and provide a range of options to suit various styles and requirements. Why should I use halftone brushes?