Free Pack of Wood Grain Textures with PNG Transparency

Spoon Graphics

Download my new pack of textures to add detailed wood grain effects to your designs. After processing each photograph of wooden paneling to straighten and equalize the texture, the wood grain pattern was then extracted and exported as PNG files with transparent backgrounds.

Top 15 Premium & Free Textures for Photoshop

Just Creative

The difference between traditional and digital artwork usually comes down to the texture that either image has. Your digital artwork will stand out without a canvas behind it but by adding texture to the image in Photoshop, you can help give your artwork a little bit more realism.

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22 Seamless Vector Textures Sets (Vintage and Halftone)

Graphic Design Junction

A beautiful sets of 500+ vector vintage textures, halftone textures , high-quality and natural style grunge, noise, grain and retro textures to add a more realistic, handmade look to your work. 50 Seamless High Quality Wood Textures. Vintage Grit Textures.

20 Free Old Paper Textures with Creases, Folds and Stains

Spoon Graphics

Old paper textures are one of my most commonly used design resources, as you may have noticed from my tutorials! This free pack contains 20 old paper textures with various amounts of creases, folds and stains, providing a variety of vintage paper effects to suit all kinds of design scenarios.

Illustrator Silvia Stecher's textured artworks reveal a journey of creative self-discovery

Creative Boom

There's a pleasing textural feel to illustrator Silvia Stecher 's editorial work. The Swiss-Italian creative loves to build her artworks on textured paper, using watercolours or crayons, creating backgrounds with collage that she then prints onto her subjects.

33 Textured Finish Procreate Brushes for Premium Members

Spoon Graphics

This set of brushes is perfect for sketching, inking, and adding powerful textures to your art. Easily create grainy shading and gradients with 33 brush options, each with a unique textured appearance. Textured Procreate Brushes for Members.

Download My New Set of 10 Free Halftone Lines Textures

Spoon Graphics

I have created plenty of brushes and textures based on halftone dots previously on Spoon Graphics, but halftone lines are a fantastic alternative pattern that can add detailed retro effects to your artwork. Download my FREE Halftone Lines Textures.

Free Ink Stamp Texturizer Smart PSD for Adobe Photoshop

Spoon Graphics

Easily add ink stamp texture effects to your logos, lettering and illustrations with the help of my new FREE Ink Stamp Texturizer. You can then choose from 10 ink stamp textures to customise the amount of distressed texturing that is applied to the design.

650+ Light Leaks That Will Add a Retro Feel To Your Images

Inspiration Feed

What Is A Light Leak? A light leak refers to a gap or hole in the bodywork of an optical instrument, such as a camera, which allows light to penetrate (leak through) the usually light-tight chamber.

Behind the Shop: The Story of True Grit Texture Supply

Creative Market

This time around, we sat down with Andrew Fairclough, the talented shop owner behind True Grit Texture Supply. by True Grit Texture Supply in Add-Ons. by True Grit Texture Supply in Add-Ons. by True Grit Texture Supply in Add-Ons. by True Grit Texture Supply in Add-Ons.

Vibrant, Highly Textured Hoop Art Is a Welcome Feast for the Eyes

Brown Paper Bag

Artist Daniela Cermenati creates hoop art that is brimming with vibrant colors and exciting textures. The fusion of these elements creates highly tactile pieces that highlight how texture can be an important element that becomes its own character.

The Best Free Photoshop Brushes, Textures and Patterns on the Web in 2019

Graphic Mama

Photoshop brushes and textures offer infinite opportunities for users, as they allow even not very experienced artists to create stunning digital artwork. In this collection, we’ve gathered the best free Photoshop brushes, textures and patterns on the web right now.

2019 78

How to Create a Rough Paper Look with Deckle Edges & Handmade Textures

Creative Market

Throughout this blog post, I’ll share details about the technique I use in the creation of Old Paper Textures. Old Paper Textures. And not just paper, but original, textured and antique-looking paper. 94 Vintage Leather & Paper Textures. 220 Unique Paper Textures.

Mossy Mazes and Dense Forests Embroidered into Textured Landscapes by Litli Ulfur


The textured works are inspired by natural sources, like jungly forests and the human nervous system, that are reflected through French knots, tufts, and flat patches. I feel the texture, experience the sound and taste,” she says. “The Inside,” 10 inches.

Textured Paper Sculptures by Zai Divecha Emphasize Shadow and Light


” The artist also has woven data into her textured pieces, creating four artworks that represent HIV and AIDS diagnoses in San Francisco from 1992 to 2018. “The all-white palette allows me to create pattern and texture with just light and shadow alone, which feels soothing to me.

Trey Abdella’s cartoonish paintings are a textural joy

Creative Review

” DMV With Friends As well as quick drying times, Abdella leans towards this textural blend to create variety within his artworks. “I add these textures and materials almost as Easter eggs for the viewer to find when seeing the works in person.”

Blue Rusted Metal Textures for Access All Areas Members

Spoon Graphics

Access All Areas members have a huge collection of textures to download this week courtesy of Simon from The Shop. This pack of Blue Rusted Metal Textures are sourced from a dumpster on a demolition site and edited for lens distortion, lighting, orientation, and color correction.

Subtle, textured and revealing, Lawrence Agyei sees photography as a mechanism to tell the truth

Its Nice That

The Ghanian photographer, based in Chicago, feels most alive when making photographs. Here, he tells us about the ethos behind his practice.

Exploring Timber Textures with Ward Wijnant


The Dutch designerfocuses on textures and patterns that can be achieved through the right treatment of wood. FEATURED INDUSTRIAL DESIGN blend collection furniture design pattern texture timber ward wijnant wood

Geometric Patterns And Typography Lend Texture To Boutique Chocolatier Choc&co’s Packaging

The Die Line

Found Photographs and Book Pages Weave into Textured Collages by Hollie Chastain


“What I adore about collage as a medium is the complete versatility and the allowances that it gives first time creators to play around with color and texture and composition without any ‘but I can’t draw’ and ‘I’m not an artist’ hang-ups,” she says.

Ellis van der Does’ textural illustrations feature a cast of oddball characters

Creative Review

With a diverse client list including Vice, Disney, BBC, Medium, Royal Academy of Dance London and Cambridge University, van der Does describes her style as graphic, colourful and full of texture. “Then I move to Photoshop to add textures.”

“Letter, Lotus and Legend” by Superdesigners [Video]


The Moscow-based creative design studio Superdesigners just released their latest passion project, a four-month odyssey into the creative process that weaves “ the martial grace of the samurai with the textures and fabrics of a hi-tech clothing brand. ”.

Stretched and Stacked Textures Become Elongated Female Figures in New Work by Johanna Goodman


Towering female figures fill the frame in large-scale collages by Johanna Goodman ( previously ).

30 Free High-Resolution Photoshop Brush Sets

Speckyboy Design Magazine

It contains 35 watercolor brushes for Photoshop as well as dozens of other watercolor elements such as textures, strokes, backgrounds, and more. The kit contains Photoshop brushes as well as layer styles, patterns, and textures. 20 Free Subtle & Soft Textured Photoshop Brush Packs.

Mesh Volume Objects by Moisés Hernández


Inspired by textures and traditional crafts, Hernández redefines the idea of materiality with semi-transient designs made of perforated metal sheet. INDUSTRIAL DESIGN craft DESIGN Materiality mesh volumes Moisés Hernández objects texture

Color 76

Devan Shimoyama’s textural paintings are bursting with sequins and small moments from the everyday

Its Nice That

The Philadelphia-based artist talks us through his intricately composed paintings, in which he intends to solely depict a “positive image of Black people”.

Concept Tidy Products Uses Texture To Highlight Antiseptic’s Qualities

The Die Line

Most Popular Metal Business Cards design Of 2020

Graphic Design Junction

Resources business cards design metal business card metal texture metallic gold business cardsMetal business cards come in many unique designs and all are very useful and attractive.

Types of Hardwood Flooring Repair You Might Need To Opt For

Inspiration Feed

Hardwood flooring looks stupendous and even the most expensive marble cannot bring in the feeling that hardwood flooring can in the house. Hardwood flooring is known to create a different ambience altogether.

Color 52

Adobe Substance Wants To Be Your Go-To Source For 3D Materials And Textures

The Die Line

Adobe wants to level up when it comes to 3D, and Substance is part of an organizational push to revolutionize the tools creatives have at their disposal, democratizing these processes so that users with zero knowledge can create materials and textures from the ground-up

A Set of Six Uniquely Textured Toys Engage Children in Processing Their Emotions


The unique textures and colors of fuschia spikes, turquoise shards, and pink petals prompt children to engage with the dolls in different ways. A set of six figurines made from wood and silicone are designed to help children process difficult memories and emotions.

Video Tutorial: How to Create a Gold Foil Effect in Photoshop

Spoon Graphics

We’ll first create a shiny gold texture, then apply it to some text with the help of a mask. To simulate the appearance of real foil stamping, we’ll finish it off with subtle effects like a paper texture and minor edge distortions. ?

Design Deals for the Week

Designer Daily

With a variety of brush types, you can create illustrations in any chosen style: spray, stroke, pencil, sketch and texture brushes. An extra set of 10 grunge textures will help you polish your work. Wide range of styles – spray, hatch, pencil, sketch and texture.

Fonts 226

Affinity Airbrush Shading Brushes for Premium Members

Spoon Graphics

Add organic texture shading to designs and illustrations with ease! This versatile shading brush pack contains a wide variety of textures – from dense to light and thick to thin – all designed to add scattered texture to your designs and illustrations.

Zombie creates devastating animation for Moby’s My Only Love

Its Nice That

The Brazilian studio wrote and directed the CG film about deforestation in their home country, using character textures to visually divide the natural world and its enemies.

How to Create a Fantasy Map of Your Own Fictional World

Spoon Graphics

We’ll use Photoshop’s built-in tools to establish the landmass and sea, then construct hills, mountains and deserts with some simple filter combinations, before finishing off the artwork with a vintage paper texture and place names to simulate an old world map.

Pools From Above


Aerial photographer Brad Walls , also known as Bradscanvas , has just released his latest series Pools From Above - an ode to the beauty found in the shapes, colors and textures of swimming pools. Words TL Team.

Download My FREE ‘Bad Print Effects’ Photoshop Action

Spoon Graphics

The finishing touch to any retro or vintage themed design is to apply a series of adjustments that replicate the aesthetics of the low-cost printing methods that were used for old magazine, comic and matchbook prints.

Eleni Debo

Communication Arts

This conceptual illustrator creates thought-provoking visuals by employing contrasting shapes and textures in her work. Article