Roslyn Fok on What Inspires Her Design Work (Interview)

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With a style that is undeniably cutting-edge, Fok’s designs have morphed throughout her career… The post Roslyn Fok on What Inspires Her Design Work (Interview) appeared first on Inspirationfeed.

30 awesome illustrators to follow for inspiration in 2021

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Whether you're looking for an illustrator to team up with or want a dose of visuals to inspire you, where's the best place to look? Read on for a burst of inspiration from some seriously impressive artists. Olivia Waller.


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40 Inspiring Lettering Quote Designs with Quirky Messages

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” is certainly true for the inspiring designs in today’s showcase. The post 40 Inspiring Lettering Quote Designs with Quirky Messages appeared first on Spoon Graphics. Articles design design inspiration inspiration lettering quotes type typography

50 Logo Design Inspiration, Tips & Resources

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Moreover, to seek inspiration for your logo design, you can use the ideas and information discussed below. Think of a logo that inspires you – any bet it has been around for a while, maybe even decades. Logo Design Resources To Inspire You. Color Tools for Logo Inspiration.

Design Thinking Strategies for Facilitating Growth and Performance

Speaker: Carrie Cousins, Founder and Freelancer Writer & Designer at Carrie Cousins LLC

Design thinking is at the root of creative success. Seriously! But do you know how to shift your mindset and creative process – as well as that of your team – to create and ideate in ways that are truly innovative? The most inspired and innovative teams and individual designers need to be a part of a culture that enables forward-thinking, acceleration, and efficiency. It’s a combination of creative, analytical, and collaborative approaches that produce results.

Beyond the Pane is a poetic keepsake inspired by lockdown

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The experience inspired Harry Meakin, a designer at Clout Branding to design a book of poetry which captures people's views during the lockdown, literally and metaphorically. One of the main inspirations for the book was my dad. 2020 made us change how we interact with our world.

Inspirational graphic ephemera courtesy of Tat, a new book by Andy Altmann

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As any graphic designer will know, creative inspiration is everywhere. Some tat can also be very inspirational. I’m hoping that people will find that kind of inspiration in this book of complete and utter tat.".

Get a blast of visual inspiration from these award-winning design projects

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Then check out our selection of winners from the third Indigo Design Award , which are all fresh and original, and sure to inspire you creatively. In the meantime, check out some of the best work from last year's winners to inspire you.

30 emerging illustrators to support and follow for inspiration in 2021

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Looking to commission an illustrator, or simply want to be creatively inspired by the latest talent? Follow him on Instagram for more inspiration. are the main inspirations for her work. Her works are inspired by arts, feminism, science, places and their intersections.

Be inspired by these award-winning branding projects by leading designers

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Meanwhile, to inspire your own entries, we've selected our pick of this year's winners. Read on for a serious dose of visual design inspiration. The creative inspiration comes from the area were Hillside was born," says Design Director Francisco Arrieta. "It Critical Mass.

Blurred paintings inspired by the Old Masters, created with layers of aerosol paint

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What they're doing here is forcing us to draw our own conclusions from the hazy paintings – to perhaps rely on memory and see if we can recognise any of the classics, or certainly see inspiration from them. From the series, The Past, Present & Imperceptible © Miaz Brothers.

Be inspired by 10 graphic designers and illustrators who scooped an A' Design Award

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For some inspiration, we've shared some of the winners from last year below, focusing specifically on the winners of the A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award.

Metamorphism and chess-inspired illustrative packaging designs for Salad & Jam

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Each image, however, has a twist, inspired by the idea of metamorphosis. The agency adds, "Once played only by kings, the game of chess inspired this project with its elegance and mathematical precision.

AI 'artist' creates new work inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat

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And to prove the point, they've launched ten new images by their 'AI artist' STiCH, inspired by iconic artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. We're focusing on Basquiat as his work continues to inspire others, and his message continues to be relevant. Can computers paint?

Podcasts to get you through lockdown: Cheerful, inspiring and heartwarming

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If you're an artist, designer, illustrator or photographer, whether you freelance, have a side project or work for someone else, The Creative Boom Podcast is full of fun and honest conversations with creative people that will inspire.

Help save the planet in this inspiring design contest

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There are lots of design competitions out there, but Art for Planet Earth , the first of a series of bi-annual contests, has really caught our imagination, for three big reasons. Firstly, because there's a great cause behind it.

50 of the best graphic design blogs for inspiration in 2020

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Still, it is about understanding common points of reference and the broader culture we all swim in, not to mention getting a blast of inspiration and new ideas along the way. They curate the most inspirational works out there and share them through this collection of projects.

Vault49 creates the first ASMR-inspired logo

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New York and London brand design agency Vault49 has created what it claims to be the first ASMR inspired logo for media brand So Satisfying , which hosts and curates video content aiming to ignite autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) in viewers.

Ari Liloan's spellbinding work for TIME magazine was inspired by Mariah Carey

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A glorious mix of surrealism and vector art, Ari Liloan says she's inspired by something Tom Waits once said about "beautiful melodies telling me terrible things". I had such a blast working on this and listened to a '90s playlist in the background to inspire," she tells Creative Boom. "My

Ad agency Liquid+Arcade's new branding was inspired by retro gaming arcades

Creative Boom

The new look is inspired by early 1990s video games and arcades and accompanies the recently changed name, which became Liquid+Arcade in order to better reflect its full-service offering, which includes strategic development, creative work, fan-based integrated experiences and media valuations.

Agency 332

Retro-inspired digital collages by Joe Simpson that imagine a more cheerful future

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Joe created these collages inspired by pulp science fiction and romanticism. When many artists or writers imagine what life will be like decades from now, it's often a gloomy outlook.

Tender, debut portraits by artist Paul Gervais are inspired by Lucian Freud

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The intimate, smaller scale of these paintings was inspired by Freud's smaller works, especially Freud's petite portrait of Queen Elizabeth. "To In other abstracts, he projects tones inspired by 18th-century neo-classical colours.

Kandinsky Inspired Typography


Kandinsky Inspired Typography. Jong min shared an incredible typography and illustration project inspired by Vassily Kandinsky 's style of painting. abduzeedo 04.19.21 Jong reconstructed each letter based on the work of taro veron.

Toma Vagner's imaginary world inspired by classic toys, synthesisers and Japanese comics

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Since graduating from the School of Visual Arts in New York, Toma Vagner has made quite the name for herself, winning awards, inspiring many and working with a whole heap of big names including The New York Times, The Atlantic, Bloomberg, Bandcamp, and Red Bull.

A' Design Awards: 20 winning projects to inspire you in 2020

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Below, we've picked 20 of our favourite winners from the 2019-2020 A’ Design Awards to inspire you further. Feel like your work deserves more recognition? Well, it probably does, but it still might never happen unless you do something proactive about it.

New Dishoom meal kits and gift boxes inspired by Bombay's old art deco buildings

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I was very inspired by the wall details and window shapes.". We all love a little Dishoom in our lives. The okra fries are to die for.)

Daydreaming in Japan: a colouring book inspired by the streets of Nippon

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If you've been lucky enough to visit Japan, you'll no doubt yearn to one day return to this most unique and visually inspiring of countries.

Sthuthi Ramesh's Jhaveri Contemporary gallery identity is inspired by a 1966 milk kiosk

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The identity's colour palette was inspired again by the architecture of the building: blue echoes the galleries rafters, red replicates the red-oxide floors and earth tones look to reflect the raw walls and reclaimed teak windows.

A movie-type identity for a Barcelona production firm is inspired by a love of cinema

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Barcelona studio Full Circle Karma has taken inspiration from the world of cinema to craft the new identity for BLUA , a local production company.

Happy F&B's new identity for a literary award is inspired by Astrid Lindgren and her shorthand

Creative Boom

Astrid Lindgren's own shorthand, which she used to write her manuscripts, inspired a graphic pattern.

PosterLad: Award-winning project boasts posters inspired by '90s graphics, VHS packaging, and Bauhaus

Creative Boom

Taking inspiration from old VHS packaging, '90s graphics and retro culture, together with a strong influence of Bauhaus, this growing series of poster designs by Czech designer Vratislav Pecka is proving ever-popular with the creative community.

50 Inspiring Iranian Women, a book beautifully illustrated by Roshi Rouzbehani

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50 Inspiring Iranian Women by Roshi Rouzbehani will be published in the coming months. Within just 12 hours of launching her Kickstarter campaign to bring her book to life celebrating 50 remarkable Iranian women, London-based illustrator Roshi Rouzbehani more than reached her target.

Atmospheric photographs of Manchester and Salford at night, inspired by a 'ruined waterway'

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Inspired by a journey along a ruined waterway, Dark Days, Luminous Nights includes a 30-minute film featuring the work of Simon and Lancashire artist Blackhaine , alongside a dramatic score by Edmund Finnis, Béla Bartók, and Wojciech Kilar. © Simon Buckley.

Amelia Flower's humorous 'stay at home' postcards inspired by life under lockdown

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The 'Stay at Home' designs are also inspired by the funny postcards we see in souvenir shops in seaside cities and towns, but with a twist – they adapt those typical holiday scenes to depict life stuck at home.

Books for March: Five inspiring reads for creatives this spring

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An excellent read for any would-be artist who's looking for a blast of uplifting and inspirational advice, but which is nonetheless grounded in the real world. Spring is on its way, and after the storm-battered, virus-addled winter we've experienced this year, not a moment too soon.

Inspired by Hello Kitty and Gudetama the depressed egg, artist Ben Elliot interrogates 'cute'

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Sometimes the role of art is to educate; at others, it's to engender political and social change (or at least awareness). Sometimes, it's largely about being really blummin' cute, and we're wholeheartedly behind that.

Pop art-inspired designs by Thirst Craft in a juicy new identity for Brooklyn Brewery's Hazy IPA

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Glasgow studio Thirst Craft has just launched a new identity and packaging design for the world-famous Brooklyn Brewery 's new Hazy IPA, combining two of New York's icons: pop art and beer.

OMSE's identity for China's first gin brand inspired by a legacy of secret societies

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For London studio OMSE , it proved to be a three-year project inspired by a legacy of secret societies that thrived in the world's largest trading port during the early 20th century.

Hellie Cartledge's paper-cut illustrations inspired by the 'little gems of life'

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Whether her inspiration comes from William Morris prints, droopy flowers or even the evening light, the moment it hits, her sketchbook is ready and waiting.

Maltese-inspired, minimalist art prints of 'usually busy places' during lockdown

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To help us through these challenging times, illustrator and designer Scott Schembri has created a series of Maltese-inspired art posters depicting usually busy places as deserted during the lockdown.

Print 402

The 'protestor on a horse', Brianna Noble, rides out to inspire Americans to vote this November

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She was the iconic image that went viral as she rode her horse through the streets of Oakland during the recent Black Lives Matter demonstrations; now activist Brianna Noble stars in a new film that hopes to inspire Americans to vote in the upcoming US election.

Alice Tye's latest Street View-inspired paintings take us on a virtual road trip through America

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To ease the sting of travel restrictions, illustrator Alice Tye has launched a new series taking us on a virtual road trip through America.

Paintings by Jérôme Lagarrigue inspired by an impassioned plea to 'end the racial nightmare'

Creative Boom

Inspired by the 2005 riots in Clichy-sous-Bois, a suburb of Paris, and the media coverage of those events, as well as televised images, Jerome uses off-centred subjects and blurred effects suggesting still images, with some of his compositions strongly evoking movie-making sequences.