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A Guide To Social Media Banner Sizes In 2021

Designer Daily

When setting up social media accounts, one of the first things you will need to design will be the banners that serve as your identity on the platforms. In this article, we are covering the banner sizes for the following social media platforms: Youtube, Twitter, Google Ads, and LinkedIn. The Best YouTube Banner Sizes.

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Designing persuasive banners that don’t ruin your UX

UX Collective

Managing banner expectations and their struggle for recognition. Banners get their roots from advertising. They are inspired by real-life banners and are translated into the world of UX to land users to desired end goals. Banners are extroverts! that is happening from the perspective of the banner doesn’t help.

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22 Banner Design Ideas For Your Next Marketing Campaign

Creative Market

Banners have been a mainstay of message delivery since their original use by the knights of old up to today’s modern advertising. Banners vary from traditional vinyl and fabrics to the digital headers we see on various web platforms. Whichever you’re designing for, here’s a quick guide on developing your own banners ads.

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All sizes | first-things | Flickr - Photo Sharing! #offset #banner #red #tan #blue #typography


Discover more of the best Typography, Banners, Poster Inspiration, Branding Identity, and Graphic Design inspiration on Designspiration Saved by Amanda Macedo (@amlight).

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10 Creative Banner Ideas for Inspiration


A banner is the first thing your audience sees when they open your website or visit your social media profiles. That’s exactly why creating a kick-ass banner is a must-have and a great way to build a winning first impression, grab your audience’s attention, and deliver your brand image and message. Don’t complicate things. Brandingmag.

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Facebook Event Banner Size Guide 2021 | Templates & Design Ideas

Design Wizard

Check out the current Facebook event banner size and get inspired by our editable design templates. What is a Facebook Event Banner? Similar to the cover image on your Facebook profile, a Facebook event banner is a cover photo for your event page. Facebook Event Banner Size Guide. Design Ideas for Your Facebook Event.

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30 YouTube Banner Ideas For Your Channel

Design Wizard

Create an engaging YouTube banner. Your YouTube banner plays a crucial role in how your channel is perceived. Every channel will have different requirements for their YouTube banner. Whichever type of YouTube banner you want to create, we’ve curated a list of templates that can be personalised to create an engaging design.

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