The story behind Studio PI, the agency founded by Sachini Imbuldeniya that champions the underrepresented

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Last October, Sachini (with the backing support of News UK) launched Studio PI , a photography and illustration agency that champions the underrepresented. I've spent the past 15 years working as a designer, art director and creative director across various publications and agencies.

Agency 243

Best Printer for Design Agency? OKI LED Printers Review

Just Creative

Are you looking for the best printer for your graphic design agency? How does all that cool tech benefit me and my design agency? Based in London, England, The Think Tank marketing agency is one of the United Kingdom’s leading marketing and PR agencies.

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Why design agencies should be 'skating ahead of the puck'

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Jim Misener. 50,000feet is an independent creative consultancy with offices in Chicago and New York, working across brand identity systems, strategy, interactive touchpoints, marketing communications, advertising and more.

Agency 246

Silk Pearce's fresh identity welcomes a new chapter for the Colchester agency

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Design and branding agency Silk Pearce has just undergone a brand relaunch, marking an exciting new chapter for the business where Rob Steer, Ian Coote and Anthony Blease have all become creative partners.

Agency 253

Emoji-packed designs for content agency Feed borrow from the language of social media

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London-based creative agency DutchScot has created the visual identity for recently launched social media and content creation agency, Feed.

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Shanghai agency Related Department brands a Chinese foodservice born of Covid-19

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Nice Day is described as a "crisis-born restaurant brand", launched by US-based Chinese food brand junzi kitchen. The brand's identity and packaging designs were created by Related Department , an independent graphic design practise founded in Shanghai in 2017.

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Mother Design managing director Kathryn Jubrail on post-pandemic design trends, 'kitchen table' agency culture and more

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London-based branding and design studio Mother Design has a well-deserved name for itself as not just a big-name agency working with big-name clients, but as somewhere that takes its maternal moniker seriously. Kathryn Jubrail.

Agency 227

The UK's first 'data rights agency' has branding inspired by a poem set in a utopian cybernetic future

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Creative studio Accept & Proceed has collaborated with poet and creative director Tom Sharp to create the brand identity for the UK's first data rights agency, AWO.?.

Agency 284

New York agency Mythology creates stereotype-busting identity for a new cat care brand

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The New York creative agency came up with the brand name, Cat Person, as well as the language and visual identity, packaging and photography. Hands up if you're a "cat person"? Mythology has created a new cat care brand for Harry's Labs that reclaims what it means to love cats, offering everything from food to toys and furniture.

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How to help young blood feel welcome in your agency at a time of WFH, uncertainty and looming local lockdowns

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It's those fresh, bright-eyed graduates who bring a new lease of life, energy, and creative spark to agencies. We spoke with some creative agencies and new-starters about what it's been like for them. Why does our agency exist, and what do we stand for?

Agency 263

Alysha Smith on running a design agency, forming a women's collective, and competing as a bodybuilder

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Founder of agency, modern8 , she is the former Salt Lake City Design Week Director, has led projects for a range of startups, universities and DTC brands. While running a design agency and a women's collective, Alysha is also a competing bodybuilder/fitness expert and spends countless hours in the gym preparing for upcoming competitions. It's a personal journey with a lot of paths and diversions, which ultimately led me back to my original plan of running a creative agency.

Agency 234

[New Work] Logo Design & Branding for Primitive Marketing Agency

Just Creative

For this reason, Primitive (formally Primitive Social), a large digital solutions agency based in Texas, commissioned me for the rebranding of their agency. As designers, it’s always difficult to design for one’s self. You can’t read the label from inside the bottle”. The brief in short, was to create an identity that conveyed “old school character, dependability, durability, grit and endurance but with a modern mid-west vibe”.

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The Best 15 Places to Find Web Design Agencies

Graphic Mama

Web Design and Web Development Agencies often get confused and regularly are lumped together. Understandably given the fact that many Design Agencies also are Development Agencies and occasionally throw web marketing into the mix. A web design agency will most probably have a group of professional designers specializing in various areas such as color schemes, logos, typography, etc. Where to find high and middle range website design agencies?

San Francisco agency fights to save democracy and the US postal service with giant mural covered in stamps

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Designers at San Francisco's John McNeil Studio have created an enormous interactive mural to save democracy and the US postal service (USPS) ahead of what is considered one of the most important US elections in a generation.

Agency 291

Creative agency Nice and Serious' new branding emphasises 'only creating work the world needs'

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Billing itself as "a creative agency making people demand better", London's Nice and Serious has long worked on design projects with a purpose – indeed, only those that pass what it dubs its 'Moral Compass'. Oversized icons, coloured blocks and an abstract 'world' shape that always features in the frame are used across the visual system to remind people of "what drives the agency forward", says Nice and Serious.

Agency 209

Travel agency flyer design

Afikur Design

It’s a travel agency business flyer design. Hello everyone, Today I am share a new travel agency business flyer design. It’s a print ready travel agency business flyer design. Anyone can use this travel agency business flyer for personal purpose. If anyone buy this travel agency business flyer from me, then use this for personal purpose also can sell anywhere. This travel agency business flyer design using adobe photoshop CS6, ?

A-Plus Agency: Junior Graphic Designer


The post A-Plus Agency: Junior Graphic Designer appeared first on Shillington Design Blog.

Mexican creative agency Mantra uses repetition to represent the importance of teamwork

Creative Boom

Mexican creative agency Mantra has just announced its rebrand; working with itself as the client, rather than its usual work for the likes of jewellery brand Bruna or residential development Matera. The rebrand was launched to reflect the growth of the agency, and the experience it gained over the years and "the strategy behind the method that distinguishes us," says Mantra.

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Should you Hire a Design Agency or a Freelancer?

Inkbot Design

Should you hire a design agency or a freelancer? Thanks to the expansion of the freelancing market, today you have options of not only hiring a freelance graphic designer or a design agency but even someone to do your homework. On the other hand, hiring a design agency can be expensive.

From three to 70 people: Five things Uniform's Nick Howe has learnt in two decades of running an agency

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Importantly, I wanted to work with two mates I'd met on the product design course, (with whom I would soon be joint agency founders). If you're thinking about starting an agency, here's a handful of those principles to help. This article was written by Nick Howe of Uniform , a creative agency based in Liverpool and London with clients including Fever Tree, Encona, Primark, Urban Splash, Bleacher Report, and Ideal Standard.

Agency 239

European Union Space Programme Agency Branding Proposal


European Union Space Programme Agency Branding Proposal. aw Dziubek shared a branding and identity proposal for European Union Space Programme Agency (EUSPA). abduzeedo 01.26.21 Jaros?aw

Tips For Working With A Digital Marketing Agency

Graphic Design USA

Here are some tips for cultivating an effective relationship with a digital marketing agency to get the results you expect. Blog agency deadlines design digital feedback graphic designer hook agency marketing SEO strategy transparency

Ekow Eshun curates an exhibition inspired by activism and agency

Creative Review

The post Ekow Eshun curates an exhibition inspired by activism and agency appeared first on Creative Review

Agency 102

For women-owned agency Snyder, it's all about nurturing creatives and valuing relationships

Its Nice That

Operating from a place of generosity, not cynicism, the US and UK-based agency drives to like the people it works with while representing the illustrators it loves.

D&AD to launch creative agency formed of night-school students

Design Week

D&AD has announced it will soon launch Shift Agency, a creative studio comprised completely of participants and alumni of its Shift night school programme. Each stint for the agency will see “Shifters” past and present working on a single client brief, while being supported.

Hanji by Studio fnt


Text by Richard Baird. Hanji is a new brand of traditional Korean papers from KCDF created to, not just inspire interest in both professionals and the general public nationally and internationally, but to also serve as a symbol of the craft inherent to the paper making workshops.

San Francisco agency Noise 13 calls people to 'show your heart' in Covid-19 hospital campaign

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San Francisco-based agency Noise 13 has created what it terms a "message of gratitude" for SF's Public Hospital. The campaign, dubbed It Takes Heart, centred on the team working on the front lines at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital.

Agency 276

Crane by Collins


Text by Richard Baird Time. This is central premise of Collin’s work for American stationery brand Crane, and more specifically, the bookmarking of the past and the present, and further, a meditation on the “concrete” as a time machine to the future.

Thisaway gives an award-winning casting agency the leading role with fresh identity

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An award-winning casting agency based in London and Glasgow, it has independent, humble roots but has since become one of the best in the business – working with a number of acclaimed directors and gaining a reputation for finding the stars of tomorrow.

Agency 241

4 Reasons Why Graphic Design Is So Important In Business

Graphic Design USA

Blog Colour Graphics definition of graphic design flyers GD USA GDUSA GDUSA Blog Graphic Design USA Guerilla advertising Guerrilla Advertising Guerrilla Agency printing flyers The Guerrilla Agency why is graphic design importantWhy is graphic design important to businesses? Here are four reasons.

Black Creativity Matters: How agencies can push for real change in the creative industries

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This is not to fault or vilify agencies that have given people of colour the opportunity of employment, but it is to say that there is much more that can be done to truly create a diverse and inclusive workplace where all ethnicities feel welcome, represented and valued. Just taking a look at the number of creative agencies that made a statement of solidarity across social media was cause for hope. That's my name. It's Nigerian, and as you may have surmised - I'm black.

Agency 283

Design agency Handsome rebrands itself in the face of an industry that's 'lost sight of art, emotion, and feeling'

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Austin, Texas-based branding and experience design agency Handsome has unveiled a new visual identity which it describes as a "fresh, future-facing approach to human-centred design".

Agency 219

Ekta: 160 Faces by Lundgren+Lindqvist


Text by Richard Baird 160 Faces is a new publication from Swedish artist Daniel Götesson working under the name Ekta, designed by Lundgren+Lindqvist and distributed under the studio’s publishing arm ll’Editions.

Agency 143

Inside the design boom at ad agencies

Creative Review

We talk to Wieden + Kennedy Portland, Droga5 London and Mother Design about bringing together design and advertising work under one roof, and the perception of design work produced at ad agencies. The post Inside the design boom at ad agencies appeared first on Creative Review

UK Agency Echo Designs A New Kleenex Line For A COVID world

The Die Line

The significant change in the role of hygienic goods inspired the new line of Kleenex products, positioning them as preventative items that protect while providing a sense of control and confidence

Thisaway’s rebrand of a casting agency is inspired by rolling credits

Design Week

The casting agency is based in London and Glasgow and has worked on casting a number of hit productions, including both seasons of His Dark Materials and Billie Piper-fronted show I Hate Suzie. The casting agency has access to “amazing imagery” from films and television shows.

Ad agency AMV BBDO commissions T-shirts designed to 'make people stay TF away'

Creative Boom

The range is the result of a collaboration between creative agency AMV BBDO and a group of artists, briefed to create a collection of tongue-in-cheek t-shirts designed "to make people stay TF away from you.". Participating artists including Katy Edelsten, Animationseries2000, Daniel Fishel and Leyla Reynolds; ad a raft of artists represented by agency Pocko including Simon Landrein, Michaela Pichi, Marco Oggian, Dave Anderson and Paul Bower.

Agency 225

The Curious Agency Elevates Evolution Beer Co.'s Branding

The Die Line

These packaging designs were all individually inspired by Evolutions company values, ethos and creative spirit giving us the freedom to develop a unique feel to each beer

“Circle Of Life”: Estonian Agency Creates Stunning Advertising for The National Geographic TV Show

Design You Trust

The Nat Geo Wild concept for Africa’s Deadliest TV show is to exemplify the face-to-face aspect of predator versus prey in a creative manner through the circle of life. Visually, they have personified the tension that exists between the two animals through dramatic art.

The Australian National Academy of Music 2020 Season by Studio Brave


Text by Richard Baird. The Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) is dedicated to the artistic and professional development of young exceptional classical musicians.

Brand 117

This “darkly poetic” identity for a data rights agency is inspired by Orwell

Design Week

Data rights agency AWO has been given an identity from Accept & Proceed, in collaboration with poet and creative director Tom Sharp, which explores the potential power and abuse of technology. “Utopia of freedom or a dystopia of oppression” The identity aims to convey the complexity of the agency’s work, which often deals with less palpable subjects like data and the misuse of technology.

Oji by Seachange


Text by Richard Baird. Oji is a sushi brand of firsts. It is the first in New Zealand to use fully recyclable and biodegradable packaging and the first to use all free-range products. This is a significant move forward and marks the brand out from well-established competitors.

Brand 124

Smaller Agency

Communication Arts

With its roots in Toronto, this nimble agency brings a diverse set of experiences to its packaging and branding work. Article