How to Create Repeating Patterns in Adobe Photoshop

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It can be difficult to get your head around how seamlessly repeating patterns work. Any objects that ‘fall off’ one side must reappear on the opposite side of the pattern tile, much like the retro arcade game Asteroids. Arrange the items to form the basis of your pattern.

Video: How To Create Custom Camouflage Patterns in Photoshop

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In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial I’ll show you some clever techniques for creating military style camo patterns, using nothing but Photoshop filters. The result is completely randomised, which is perfect for producing abstract shapes and disruptive patterns.

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150+ Free Pattern Designs: Seamless & Fully Editable

Graphic Mama

Looking for attractive free pattern designs to complement your next visual project? In today’s post, we will show you over 150 impressive free pattern designs – seamless, tileable, and fully editable in graphic editing software. Colorful Free Pattern Designs.

21 Fall-Inspired Embroidery Patterns and Kits to Get You into the Autumnal Spirit

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This makes it the perfect time to hunker down with some fall-themed embroidery patterns and kits. One of my absolute favorites of this bunch is the Gothic Rose embroidery pattern by Florals and Floss. Try these autumnal and Halloween-inspired embroidery patterns and kits!

Modular Kaleidoscopic Patterns and Illustration


Modular Kaleidoscopic Patterns and Illustration. He describes the project as an Experimental Digital Design involving modular kaleidoscopic patterns. abduzeedo Feb 13, 2020 Flavio Melchiorre shared a colorful illustration project titled ”Tropicália” - 2020.

Journalist Rachel Lopez Documents the Delightfully Diverse Patterns on the Ceilings of Mumbai Taxis


Lopez documents the vast array of eccentric plastic patterns covering the ceilings of her hailed rides, many of them taken in her frequent trips around the city as a journalist with the Hindustan Times. Design Photography cars fabric India patterns

Striking Photographs Capture Ornate Patterns of Historic Iranian Mosques and Palaces


Iran-based artist Fatemah Hosein Aghaei takes mesmerizing photographs that showcase the intricate patterns inside the country’s ancient buildings. History Photography architecture pattern religionAll images © Fatemah Hosein Aghaei, shared with permission.

50 stunningly beautiful geometric patterns in graphic design


Have you made the most out of geometric patterns? Sounds like a bit of an odd question, I know, but geometric patterns are an incredibly useful tool that you can really tap into. Get the look with this template in Canva: Bright Blue Funky Pattern Party Instagram Post.

40 Free Color Scheme and Palette Apps (Massive Guide)

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Color selection is a stage in a design process that requires both smart thinking and gut feeling. In today’s digital era, you can have as many colors and color combinations as you like.

Aerial Embroidery Showcases the Hidden Patterns of Cultivated Farmland


The artist uses a combination of tight, straight lines and lush French knots to emulate the rural patterning of closely-cropped fields divided by hedges and woods. Humble fields become abstracted artworks in thread paintings by Victoria Rose Richards.

40 of the Coolest Web Designs with Pattern Backgrounds + Freebies

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Today, we’ve prepared for you a collection of amazing website designs with pattern backgrounds that are very creative and trendy in 2019. Pattern backgrounds are very popular in website design, usually used as a supportive element or the last designer touch.

How to Create Line Patterns in Adobe Illustrator

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What You'll Be Creating In today’s tutorial, we’re going to take a quick look at the process of creating a set of vector line patterns in Adobe Illustrator, using nothing more than some basic shapes that we’re going to adjust here and there. 40+ Best New Line Patterns (Vector & PSD).

The Best Free Photoshop Brushes, Textures and Patterns on the Web in 2019

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In this collection, we’ve gathered the best free Photoshop brushes, textures and patterns on the web right now. Free Photoshop Patterns and Textures. Patterns and textures in Photoshop can come extremely handy to any Photoshop user – from beginner to expert.

Artist Makes Stunning Aerial Embroidery That Showcases The Hidden Patterns Of Cultivated Farmland

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The artist uses a combination of tight, straight lines and lush French knots to emulate the rural patterning of closely-cropped fields divided by hedges and woods. Humble fields become abstracted artworks in thread paintings by Victoria Rose Richards.

10 Abstract Spots Seamless Patterns for Premium Members

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Access All Areas members have a collection of colourful block print patterns to download this week, courtesy of EGrayPrints. These Abstract Spots patterns began as hand-drawn ink-pen doodles and have been converted into seamless block print pattern with 10 colour options.

Super Fresh and Colorful Patterns by Atelier Irradié


Super Fresh and Colorful Patterns by Atelier Irradié. Pattern Design

Framing Pattern and Symmetry, Unintended Beauty Explores Intricacies of Industrial Spaces


All images © Alastair Philip Wiper. It’s well understood that producing a single book is an arduous task, making it even more impressive that British photographer Alastair Philip Wiper is offering three distinct versions of his newly released work, Unintended Beauty.

Animator Milo Targett takes us on a wonderfully weird journey of repulsive patterns

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In his latest short for Adult Swim, Milo bends viewers' perspectives into a warped reality where patterns take centre stage.

Trend Report 2020: Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

The Die Line

Amidst chaos, we desire order, and our chaoses are many. After a year that saw a kitchen sink mentality for designers, we craved structure, perfectly symmetrical structure with a side of bold colors

18 Downloadable Embroidery Patterns to Gift to Your Favorite Ladies on Galentine’s Day (Right Now!)

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If you’re on the lookout for Galentine’s Day gifts, spark your favorite ladies’ creativity with modern embroidery patterns. The post 18 Downloadable Embroidery Patterns to Gift to Your Favorite Ladies on Galentine’s Day (Right Now!) This post contains some affiliate links.

Geometric Patterns And Typography Lend Texture To Boutique Chocolatier Choc&co’s Packaging

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Artist Arranges Stones In Stunning Patterns On The Beach, Finds It Very Therapeutic

Design You Trust

Design beach patterns sculptures sonesJon Foreman discovered land art while in college and immediately fell in love with it. He felt that the natural world had more in it to be explored, particularly where he lives, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Check Out This Fun Patterned Coffee Packaging

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We're digging this colorful patterned take on coffee packaging design.

Designer Claire Hartley Uses Luxurious Colors And Handmade Patterns For Love Lock's Packaging

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With an opulent palette of rich purples, reds and pinks the aesthetic is luxurious and effervescent. Hand-made abstract shapes adorn the packaging, taking inspiration from real hair and all its beautiful imperfections

60 Examples of Japanese Graphic Design

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Style in various forms is evident in Japan. From shockingly vibrant posters to carefully landscaped gardens, Japan is without shortage of design elements.

30 Eye Catching Color Combinations

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A visually-appealing color combination goes a long way in creating a seamless, inviting, and fun output.

Graphic Design Trends 2020: Breaking the Rules

Graphic Mama

Patterns and textures. The trend of outline typography and elements which have been quite mass during 2018 and 2019 is now evolving into fully illustrated and animated line art patterns and designs. Patterns and textures.

2020 114

Across the Dotted Line


Joel Derksen combines atonal music, turkish tiles, collage, patterns and lots of color, in this design created for the unique space in the old Truman Brewery in London.

Locating and anticipating trend patterns in type is key to Pangram Pangram’s creative process

Its Nice That

The Montreal-based type foundry talks us through its latest type designs. First off, Hatton, a collaboration with Two Times Elliot was created in homage to London’s famous jewellery district, Hatton Garden. Second, Editorial New arose out of today’s technological wants. Read more

70 Ways To Create Amazing Geometric Designs

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Circles, triangles, squares, rectangles and many other shapes often combine to form beautifully intricate patterns. Simple, clear cut patterns in geometric designs can work well in black and white. Take care of business by adding some geometric patterns to your business card.

Ingrid Picanyol Studio Uses Bold Patterns For Chocolate Maker Bahen&Co's Brand Refresh

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The region’s natural beauty and strong community spirit can be felt across their range of chocolate goods, from delectable drinking chocolate and beautiful enrobed and coated products to their signature chocolate bars

Exploring Timber Textures with Ward Wijnant


The Dutch designerfocuses on textures and patterns that can be achieved through the right treatment of wood. FEATURED INDUSTRIAL DESIGN blend collection furniture design pattern texture timber ward wijnant wood

Fallen Flowers homeware

Emmeline Illustration

It's a 'Fallen flowers' surface pattern that I finished yesterday, and has now hit the digital shelves of Ohh Deer as a gorgeous cushion (and soon hopefully notebooks/other nice things). homeware house illustration interior news pillow print print and pattern surface pattern

2012 52

Illustrated Life - Busy B Sticker Set

Emmeline Illustration

I'm a little bit addicted to cute tins.and illustrated stickers.and floral patterns, so this was perfect for me. The colours and patterns are really, really lovely and once I've used them all up I'll still have the tin for my trinkets or smaller art supplies!

2015 52

Zööba identity

Communication Arts

Geometric patterned tapes and hand-painted typography mix together in the identity for this Egyptian street food restaurant. Article

&Walsh's identity for Zooba is inspired by the colourful streets of Cairo

Creative Boom

Walsh told us that they went to Cairo to meet Zooba's team: "We were inspired by the "beauty of the layered visuals we saw on the streets: the hand-painted typography on foul carts, geometric patterned tapes, mix and matched coloured tiles, posters, and painted illustrations on walls.".

Creative Photo Manipulations Of Animals By Indonesian Digital Artist Aditya Aryanto

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Every animal has different characteristics and patterns and emotions, Aditya likes to show those in his creations. 23-year-old Indonesian digital artist Aditya Aryanto (previously) photoshop animals in a creative way.

2019 Southeast Asian Games illustrations

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Dynamic patterns and a bright palette of rainbow colors come together in the illustrations for the 2019 Southeast Asian Games. Article

2019 67

Futura's Agua Bendita Mezacal designs celebrate rule-breaking and defiance of norms

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The Agua Bendita designs have a playful feel, with one variation using vibrant purple, blue and orange in outer packaging through abstracted shapes formed into patterns that have multiple possibilities for variation.

2020 200

Video Tutorial: Distressed Halftone & Engraved Photo Effect

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The main effect is made of halftone dots, but I’ll also show you some additional tweaks you can apply to produce other pattern effects too, like the kind of engraved illustration style you find on bank notes.

Types of Hardwood Flooring Repair You Might Need To Opt For

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Hardwood flooring looks stupendous and even the most expensive marble cannot bring in the feeling that hardwood flooring can in the house. Hardwood flooring is known to create a different ambience altogether.

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Camille Walala's House of Dots is a giant interactive building made of colourful LEGO in her signature style

Creative Boom

Called LEGO Dots, Walala was invited to bring them to life in a free public art installation that celebrates their shared values of creativity, self-expression and accessibility, expressed through the vibrant colours and bold geometric patterns of both the new product and her own signature work.

2020 151

Yehrin Tong and Bekki Guyatt on creating an intricate cover for The Tenth Muse

Spine Magazine

Yehrin Tong is a London based illustrator whose work is a detailed and hypnotic exploration into mathematical and abstract pattern, typographic illusions, encompassed ad campaigns, editorial illustrations as well as graphics for fashion prints and embroideries.