50+ Sets of Free Social Media Icons

Vandelay Design

Social media icons are some of the most commonly used icons, especially in blog design. Fortunately, there are a number of free sets of quality social media icons. In this post we'll feature over 50 social media icon sets from various designers. Designers love free icon sets.

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Ultimate Guide to Social Media Advertising in 2021

Just Creative

Social media marketing has revolutionized the way we reach potential customers. Be it persuasive copywriting or telling your story through images, social media platforms are the ideal base for getting it out there. Why Use Social Media Advertising?


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How to Increase Your Brand’s Social Media Engagement

Just Creative

Social media engagement is the new currency for business success. Brands that are looking to perform well on social media measure their performance on the amount of engagement they receive on their social media accounts. What Is Social Media Engagement?

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How to Create Cinematic Photos For Social Media

Just Creative

Making your brand’s photos stand out on social media is a constant challenge, as is creating attractive imagery for your blog and website. Creating a cinematic look for the photographs on your social media and websites can be easy to achieve with just a few simple tricks.

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Belden Carlson’s Mixed-Media Self-Portraits


Staging herself in the middle of nature and atypic location from around the world, Brooklyn-based photographer and multi-media artist Belden Carlson interacts with her environment and then adds another touch with mixed-media collages for her final compositions.

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Ultimate Guide to Social Media Advertising in 2021

Just Creative

Social media marketing has revolutionized the way we reach potential customers. Be it persuasive copywriting or telling your story through images, social media platforms are the ideal base for getting it out there. Why Use Social Media Advertising?

How to Write Social Media Captions That Engage & Grow Your Audience

Just Creative

Browsing social media posts has become a regular part of our everyday routine. As a result, a caption for a social media post that’s been quickly thrown together is not enough to attract the attention of a wider audience. Most people scroll through social media posts at a rapid pace.

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How Social Media Automation Can Save Your Business Resources

Just Creative

If you have ever been involved in social media marketing, you know that one of its biggest challenges is the amount of time that it takes. If this sounds familiar, it’s time for you to look at social media automation. But what exactly is social media automation? This article aims to provide you with what you need to know about social media automation for your business. What is Social Media Automation? Social Media Automation Gets You Where Your Audience Is.

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18 Best Social Media Tools to Succeed in 2020

Just Creative

The most perplexing question that bothers every marketing professional in the competitive digital marketplace is how to create an effective social media strategy and use the right tool that would skyrocket conversions and facilitate business growth. Best Social Media Tools.

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Joy Yamusangie on DIY story-telling, mixed-media, and keeping it simple

Creative Boom

© Joy Yamusangie. Joy Yamusangie is a London-based artist whose work truly knows no bounds.

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Nadia Flower’ Decorative & Layered Mixed-Media Illustrations


Random, instinctive and playful, her mixed-media illustrations has a contemporary look and feel with the hand of the artist always present. MIXED MEDIA flower illustrations illustrator mixed media mixed media illustrations Nadia Flower Scribble

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How to Create Engaging Images for Social Media – 5 Proven Methods

Just Creative

While the way we consume imagery has evolved dramatically over the past two hundred years, that phrase still rings true — especially in social media and marketing. Strong visuals are often the driving force behind audience engagement on social media.

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Deceptive landscape paintings that feature dark social media posts about modern love

Creative Boom

Huckins' oil paintings follow this deceptive theme, as what appears at first glance to be simply breathtaking landscapes soon reveal a darker twist with overlaid statements plucked from social media on the subject of modern love. Sierra Nevada: Control Alt Delete Me, 2021 © Shawn Huckins.

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6 Winning Social Media Marketing Campaigns & How To Make Them Work For You

Just Creative

A great social media campaign has the power to raise awareness of your brand, strengthen connections between you and your audience and increase sales. In the US alone, there are some 233 million social media users, which is about 75% of the population.

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The most talked-about moments on social media over lockdown, illustrated

Creative Boom

Commissioned by network provider, Three UK, the 25m tapestry art installation – one of the first public displays since easing of lockdown – shows various online moments according to the number of mentions they had on social media over the past few months.

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Anxiety Empire is the free, no-adverts mag exploring the dangerous impact of the media

Creative Boom

The magazine is planned for quarterly publication, with each issue exploring a different "macro system of society" such as work, language and media; and how these impact individuals' mental health.

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An illustrated book by Gemma Nics inspired by social media conversations about Covid-19

Creative Boom

British graphic artist Gemma Nics has created an illustrated handbound book containing a series of captions and comments from Instagram that document what it has been like to live through this year's Covid-19 pandemic.

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How to delete yourself from social media in 2021

Creative Boom

For many years, social media has been a valuable tool for creative freelancers. But leaving social media is hard. Steve Kuncewicz specialises in Intellectual Property, Media, Marketing & Privacy Law. Image licensed via Adobe Stock.

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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Social Media Banner

Design Roast

Branded images on social media pages, used to establish an identity for your company, matter more than you might think. For many people, your presence on social media is the first exposure to your brand that they have. Graphic Design social media

Emoji-packed designs for content agency Feed borrow from the language of social media

Creative Boom

London-based creative agency DutchScot has created the visual identity for recently launched social media and content creation agency, Feed. Much of the design work is informed by the aesthetics and behaviour of social media.

Media 214

The Mixed-Media Work of Jay Torres


Main The Blog Hi-Fructose Hi-Fructose Magazine illustration Jay Torres mixed-mediaThe illustrations and personal work of artist Jay Torres have a dark surrealist edge. The El Paso-raised artist, now based in Pasadena, moves between analogue and digital tools to craft his creations.

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Filthy Media looks to iconic quotes from Hamlet for its latest side venture project

Creative Boom

Brighton studio Filthy Media has designed a new fly-poster campaign, advertising a fictional production of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

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Relationship marketing and social media


The post Relationship marketing and social media appeared first on Freelance Graphic Designer, Marketing Manager, Writer & Wordpress Techie. Uncategorized blog support relationship marketing social media help social media management

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Clubhouse : a new social media experience (to design)

UX Collective

Clubhouse is the first social media app only based on audio chat ( available on iOS and Android now ). So it won’t be so easy for the “old generation” social media to include a new audio feature among all the others without spoiling their overall user experience. Hello, Clubhouse?—?a

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How Photographers Can Monetize Their Unique Skills Through Social Media


Social media has created a whole new economy and opportunity to build a business. Whether you’re using social media as a marketing tool to promote an offline business or using it as the portal to your services, you cannot understate the value of these opportunities.

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How to Create Your Brand’s Social Media Aesthetic

Creative Market

Social media is a phenomenon that you might love or hate. Regardless, you have to admit that social media brings numerous improvements to our personal and work lives. billion active social media users across the planet. Social media is literally all around us!

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Minimalistic Instagram & Social Media Post Templates with Black Accent

We And The Color

Download these minimalist social media post templates to stand out on Instagram and other platforms. The post Minimalistic Instagram & Social Media Post Templates with Black Accent appeared first on WE AND THE COLOR.

Fluorescent Mixed Media Animals by Louise McNaught #red #flight #bird


Fluorescent Mixed Media Animals by Louise McNaught #red #flight #bird

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A New Generation of Designers Grapples With Social Media

Eye on Design

Social media has changed the way creators and visual artists think about representing their work. With Covid-19 bringing most of the world into the online space as a powerful mode of communication and interaction, what does it mean to be on social media from a business perspective? Let’s start broad: What role does social media play in your career? . So social media helped you define your style to the world? Do you recommend social media?

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8 Unique Ways to Implement Social Media Icons with CSS & JavaScript

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Social media icons are a necessity for every website. That’s why we went on a search for unique social media icon implementations. Then check out our collection that takes social media icons to another level. Social media minimal icons by Anton Petrov.

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7 tips for social media branding


However, the digital era has meant that social media branding has become a core focus for marketers when it comes to amplifying a brand’s identity, voice, and personality within the digital space. But before we go into easy social media branding tips you can try, first some interesting statistics: According to Marketing Sherpa , 95% of online adults aged 18-34 are most likely to follow a brand via social networking sites. Canva makes creating social media templates easy.

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Leroy Johnson's vibrant mixed media artworks inspired by his love of jazz and Philly

Creative Boom

Artist Leroy Johnson, an 82-year-old Philadelphia native, has an unwavering love and deep respect for the architecture, character, and residents of the place he's always called home.

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Hoxo Media: Graphic Designer


The post Hoxo Media: Graphic Designer appeared first on Shillington Design Blog.

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Your ultimate guide to creating a social media campaign


billion people using the internet worldwide, there’s no better place to run a marketing campaign than on social media. In this article, we’ll dig into 10 examples of successful social media campaigns from globally renowned brands, and why they worked. What is a social media campaign?

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Flora and Fauna Intertwine in Delicate Mixed-Media Artworks by Teagan White


The artist describes their recent series, Things As They Are & As They Could Be , which includes many of the mixed-media pieces shown here, as “meditations on peril and possibility; what has been lost and what remains; dystopian presents and improbable futures.”

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All sizes | 3D Media | Flickr - Photo Sharing! #glasses #illustration


All sizes | 3D Media | Flickr - Photo Sharing! glasses #illustration

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Fake? Media on Behance #swirl #design #illustration #art #rainbow #tv


Media on Behance #swirl #design #illustration #art #rainbow #tv

Media 52

About the author #sculpture #pop #culture #illustration #mixed #media


About the author #sculpture #pop #culture #illustration #mixed #media

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The Top 10 Types of Social Media & How to Leverage Them For Your Business

Design Wizard

Social Media Types. You can likely recognise all of the biggest social media platforms. But when it comes to business, there is a lot more to the big social media platforms. Social Media Business Uses. The good news is that most types of social media are quite versatile.

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5 Ways Your Social Media Efforts Are Failing

Creative Live

Watching that social media follower count is like fast-forwarding your favorite Netflix series just to watch the credits — ineffective, and a complete waste of time. Most businesses get the importance of being active on social media, but few know what’s really important when it come to social media marketing, or even how to actually create meaningful interaction. RSVP for Jasmine's Social Media Bootcamp Do you need a social media facelift?

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Claire Prouvost on the joy of social media, turning a hobby into a career and going freelance

Creative Boom

But it wasn't until she discovered an interesting challenge on social media that she realised she wanted to become an illustrator. So social media played a part in your career? I love looking on social media for beautiful photography accounts, and vintage fashion pictures.

Mixed Media xe2x80x93 Graphic Art Print by Michael Schmid #magazine #design #graphic #poster


Mixed Media xe2x80x93 Graphic Art Print by Michael Schmid #magazine #design #graphic #poster

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7 Social media trends to try in 2020


Across the enormous spectrum of five billion mobile users globally, there’s a similarly staggering size of social media users; an estimated 3.2 Social media hasn’t just changed the way we interact with friends, however—it’s created an entirely new way to consume content of all types, including news, photography, fashion and even poetry. If you want to tap into some new trends and build stronger, more engaged audiences, here are seven social media trends to try in 2020.

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