30 Eye Catching Color Combinations

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A visually-appealing color combination goes a long way in creating a seamless, inviting, and fun output.

40 Free Color Scheme and Palette Apps (Massive Guide)

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Color selection is a stage in a design process that requires both smart thinking and gut feeling. In today’s digital era, you can have as many colors and color combinations as you like. color combinations web 2.0

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The Best Color Combinations to Try in 2020

Graphic Mama

Are you looking for cool color combinations to try in your upcoming design projects? In this article, we’ve gathered and reviewed some of the trendiest color combinations in 2020 for web design, graphic design, and digital illustrations. Amazing color combinations, right?

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Natalie Foss Colorful Pencil Illustrations


Norwegian, London-based freelance illustrator Natalie Foss primarily works with colored pencils, focusing on strong colors, portraits and emotions. “I I work mostly with color pencils and colored paper, with focus on feelings and expressions.

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Pilar Torcal Colorful Illustrations


The post Pilar Torcal Colorful Illustrations appeared first on Trendland Online Magazine Curating the Web since 2006. ILLUSTRATION Colorful illustrations illustrator Pilar Torcal vector

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Photography Tips from A Color Story

A Beautiful Mess

Did you know that A Color Story has a huge section of photography tips and tutorials on its website? Plus tips for creating clean designs and choosing a color palette. A Color Story Photography Tips Tips

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A Touch of Neon in Web Design: Using Color to Draw a User’s Attention

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Color is one of the most powerful tools in website design, especially when it comes to manipulating reading flow. Another proven way to force people to change their normal behavior is to use color that stands in sharp contrast to other units of the design. A More Colorful Existence.

Minimalist And Colorful Fine Art Photography By Valentina Loffredo

Design You Trust

She is known for her fascination with bright colors and minimalism. Photography colorful minimalistCreative photographic creations by Valentina Loffredo, a talented photographer, and contemporary artist who was born in 1978 in Napoli, Italy and currently lives and works in Hong Kong.

20 unique and memorable brand color palettes to inspire you


Color plays a huge role in how your audience perceives you. Whether you’re running a small business as a solopreneur, or working in a big corporate, your business has a brand—and so, you want to choose a unique and memorable brand color palette in order to build a lasting brand identity.

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10 trending color combinations for 2020


When it comes to crafting a visual identity for a brand, the color scheme is often the first decision a designer makes. But making that first decision on color helps build the momentum needed to avoid designer’s block and just get started! Peachy keen on this color combo?

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30 examples of pastel colors


When you think pastel colors, the first things that probably come to mind are: Easter. But there’s so much more to these soft, muted colors. But how, exactly, do you use pastel colors in your designs in a modern, sophisticated way? What are pastel colors?

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Garry Winogrand: Color


This is the first exhibition dedicated to the color photographs of Garry Winogrand (1928–1984). Although his work has been primarily in black and white, he also produced 45,000 color slides between the early 1950s and late 1960s.

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“Color Blocking” by Photographer Adam Frint


Adam Frint. Adam Frint’s Website. Adam Frint on Instagram. Photo Adam Frint chicago editor pick member photographer photography

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Logo Design Trends 2020: A Blast of Colors and Shapes

Graphic Mama

In most cases, designers create color and a black-and-white version of the same logo. But sometimes, the black-and-white version speaks so loudly that a color version isn’t even necessary. When one color isn’t enough.

2020 97

14 Immortal Black And White Film Scenes Tastefully Colored By Austrian Artist

Design You Trust

At the same time, it would be extremely curious and fun to see what some of the most iconic movie scenes in film history would look like in color, wouldn’t it? Photography black&white classic colorized movies retro

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Color trends to try in 2020


But when it comes to color, what are those trends going to look like? When it comes to design, there’s no single element more impactful than color. And that includes choosing colors that feel on-trend. So, when it comes to color, what is “on-trend” going to mean in 2020?

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No One Knows Who Took These Superb Hand-Colored Albumen Prints Of Japan In The 1890s

Design You Trust

Photography 1890s colorized japan retroIn the 1850s Japan permitted Western barbarians to trade in its ports for the first time in an age. The weird foreigners were corralled in zones of tolerance, unable to roam freely and kept apart from the Japanese.

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11 Stunning Colorized Photos Showing The Street Life Of Victorian London From Over 140 Years Ago

Design You Trust

Photography colorized daily life london retro victorian

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Picking a nice color combination can be a challenge for any kind of artist. If you are a fashion designer, finding the best color combos is crucial. Not long ago, you had to sharpen your eyes with years of practice to build nice color schemes. Next, you can pick more colors.

An In-Depth Look At The Brand Colors Of 100 Top Companies

Design Wizard

A guide to picking the right brand colors. Brand colors are an essential part of any company’s image. A company’s logo is often a customer’s first point of contact and this logo will be designed using brand colors. Why brands choose their brand colors. Color Branding Fact.

Color 63

Marmalade Type: Colorfully Illuminated Letters Created with Photographic Interference


Graphic designer, artist, and photographer Rus Khasanov ( previously ) plays with color and perception in a new alphabetical series called Marmalade Type. “This is a bright and colorful typography captured with camera,” Khasanov clarifies in a brief statement on the project.

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The Colorful Still Life Photography of Tabea Mathern


Always with a keen eye and open mind, she is collecting and capturing colors, shapes, thoughts and things to often put them into a new context to build something new.

‘Sea-Thru’ Allows Scientists to Accurately Recalibrate the True Colors of Sea Life


Two researchers at the University of Haifa have developed Sea-Thru, an algorithmic method for color-correcting underwater images. The tool allows scientists—and laypeople—to understand and contextualize the “true” colors of aquatic phenomena like fish, coral, and anemones.

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What is Color Theory? — A Comprehensive Guide For Designers

One Extra Pixel

Some consider the color theory to be a science in itself while others consider it to be also a standard in all forms of design. The post What is Color Theory? —

Color Theory In Graphic Design?Brief Guide for Non-designers


There are few things in the design that are more important than color. Color can evoke reactions, emotions or even action all without using words. So how do we know which colors look good together? The answer is color theory in graphic design!

Coloring For Grown-Ups: The Adult Activity Book

Design You Trust

Two veterans of offbeat Internet humor hilariously combine the mindless fun of children’s coloring books with the mind-numbing realities of modern adult life.

Book 87

The history and psychology of colors


In this article, we deep dive into the history of colors and the color psychology behind them. In today’s society, color is perhaps something we take for granted. With one simple click, we have thousands of colors at our disposal.

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Inspiring “Rules” for Students and Teachers are Visualized in Colorful Illustrations by Caitlin Keegan

Brown Paper Bag

They are warm—utilizing a color palette of pinks, oranges, purples, and blues—which gives them a retro-inspired vibe that recalls the time period they were written, 1967 to 1968. Corita Kent was an artist and educator as well as an advocate for social justice during the 20th century.

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Christmas Color Palettes: 8 Designers Share their Go-to Hues

Creative Market

Looking for color inspiration to spruce up your holiday-themed designs? Save Color palette by Yulia, Yuliya Derbisheva. Save Color palette by Kate Macate. Save Color palette by Valeria, from LeriaArt watercolor. Save Color palette by Sabina from Tabita's Shop.

A Figma Plugin that Allows you to Search Colors by Name

Designer Daily

The color search plugin programmed by Joel Califa is one of these nifty additions that make the experience awesome. It allows you to search for colors more intuitively by entering any name and suggesting five colors. Blog Resources Color Graphic design Software Tools

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Amazing Black-and-White Illustrations that Don’t Need Color to Impress

Graphic Mama

Less is more and when it comes to such amazingly creative black-and-white artwork, the lack of color only means a bigger field for creativity and imagination. When they are limited to a black-and-white color scheme, they are even more impressive!

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2019 Color Trends: Discover the World’s Most Popular Colors

A Graphic Design Blog

That aside, I’d like to share this article from Shutterstock (we all know Shutterstock right), it’s about the 2019 colour trends and incidentally the brand colour for my craft business ( Crafted by Neneh ) is one of the most popular colors and I kinda like the colours.

2018 52

Unique and Colorful Illustration Work of Enisaurus


Unique and Colorful Illustration Work of Enisaurus. I personally love the color and depth added to the forms. abduzeedo Nov 09, 2019 There are so many different illustration styles and despite that, it's interesting to see how much trends affect the usage of different styles.

Color 69

Colorful Mix of Graphic Design and Motion Design for JCDecaux


Colorful Mix of Graphic Design and Motion Design for JCDecaux. Kimi Issakainen and Oscar Böckerman from the 358 Agency in Finland shared a beautiful collection of motion graphics mixing colorful illustration and graphic design for the JCDecaux.

Pantone’s Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue


According to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, this color “encourages us to look beyond the obvious to expand our thinking; challenging us to think more deeply, increase […]. TRENDS 2020 blue color color of the year colors pantone

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15 Color Scheme Ideas for Your Next Project

Design Roast

Choosing the perfect colors for your project isn’t easy. Certain color scheme ideas will work better for one [.]. The post 15 Color Scheme Ideas for Your Next Project appeared first on Design Roast.

How to Make an Effective Business Signage in 6 Steps

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Does your business even exist if you don’t have signage? For the vast majority of people and potential clients probably not. Having signage that embodies the philosophy and ideas behind your business is nowadays a must.

21 Days In Japan: Artist Recreates Scenes Of Japan Through Pleasing Pastel-Colored Illustrations

Design You Trust

From the bright crimson of toriis and temples, to the rainbow of neon lights in Shinjuku and all the way to the distant blue of Mount Fuji—Japan is full of colors that stay with you no matter where you go.

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What You Need to Know Before Using Trademarked Colors

Design Roast

It might seem shocking that someone could trademark a color, but big companies often do so for specific combinations. The post What You Need to Know Before Using Trademarked Colors appeared first on Design Roast.

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Muted Color Palettes Makes Everyday Illustrated Scenes Feel Like Treasured Memories

Brown Paper Bag

Thanks to her muted color palette and gestural brushstrokes, her style evokes the feeling that these images are memories, distant or otherwise. The post Muted Color Palettes Makes Everyday Illustrated Scenes Feel Like Treasured Memories appeared first on Brown Paper Bag.

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Colorful Collisions in the Nature-Inspired Collages of Maggie Ramirez Burns

Brown Paper Bag

Her paper pieces—inspired by nature, fashion, design, and geometry—document the colorful fusion of ethereal washes and delicate fine lines and shapes sliced with an X?Acto The post Colorful Collisions in the Nature-Inspired Collages of Maggie Ramirez Burns appeared first on Brown Paper Bag.

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Artist Yuko Shimizu Utilizes Repetition and Primary Colors in Her Idiosyncratic Illustrations


” Her work, which is often centered on but not limited to Japanese culture, frequently employs primary colors and repetitive elements. All images © Yuko Shimizu, shared with permission.

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100 color combinations and how to apply them to your designs


When it comes to design, finding the perfect color combination can be your winning secret to having an eye-catching creation. The truth is, color makes a design come alive. Types of color combinations . Below are some of the most popular types of color combinations used.