15 Marketing Tips To Grow Your New Business

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There’s no doubt that marketing can be expensive, but it is necessary and vital for every business. If you want your business to grow, you need to invest in effective marketing strategies in one way or another. Email Marketing. Social Media Marketing. Video Marketing.

Digital Marketing in 2020: Ultimate Guide

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In the sphere of digital marketing, there are plenty of tactics that are already working well this year. In simpler terms, they use machine learning to craft better copy, and paradoxically, make marketing campaigns more human. Video Marketing. Visual Marketing.

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30 Bulletproof Marketing Strategies for a Thriving Business

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Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting out, an essential way to grow your business is to be consistent with your marketing efforts. Learn how to drive affiliate marketing conversions with content. Try Co-Marketing. Marketing is not a short-term game.

Best Remote Working Tools for Marketing Teams

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This feat is even harder for marketing teams, who need constant communication and work primarily on feedback. Setting deadlines and milestones works well for keeping your remote marketing team on track. What Is the Best Communication Software For Your Marketing Team?

How to Create Affiliate Marketing Content that Converts

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Did you know that affiliate marketing accounts for 15% of revenue made from all digital marketing efforts? For affiliate marketers or those wondering how affiliate marketing works , this is huge news. Take for example, affiliate marketer Jason Stone.

7-Step Influencer Marketing Strategy to Drive Sales

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Anyone who has worked on their social media strategy has heard of influencer marketing. It’s one of the most pervasive digital marketing techniques today, and for good reason. Why You Should Consider Influencer Marketing. Influencer Marketing Drives Sales.

Design Bridge Singapore creates 'hyper-local' craft beer brand for the Hong Kong market

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Set against a new colour palette of piercing magenta, ultramarine and cerulean blue to further re-energise the brand and ensure it stands out in what is a competitive market.

25 Game-Changing Email Marketing Tools

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With 87% of marketers using email marketing to distribute their content, it surely has emerged as a popular distribution channel. Here’s a look at 25 email marketing tools that can help email developers carry out their campaign seamlessly. Drip email marketing tools.

How to Do Market Research


Market research can be the holy grail of customer insights, revealing motivations behind purchase decisions, behavioral patterns, likes, and dislikes. Information like this can help you make informed decisions about creating new products or services, entering new markets, and more.

Content User Experience 101 – A Marketer’s Guide For Long Term Benefits

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The truth is that anyone can write copy or make videos, but it can be challenging to create purposeful content that aligns with your overarching marketing goals. 35% of marketers say that creating visual content that engages the audience is one of their biggest struggles ( Venngage ).

[Brand Mapping Strategy Tool] How to Position Your Company in a Competitive Market

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In this article, we’ll look at how to use brand mapping to position your company in a competitive market successfully. This is achieved through things like analysing the market you are in and determining where you position yourself in the market.

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6 Proven Ways to Increase Your Content Marketing ROI


Want to learn how to increase your content marketing ROI? Are you looking for content marketing tips that will boost your return on investments? Content marketing is a profitable business undertaking. It all depends on your content marketing objectives.

How to Set Marketing Objectives for Your Brand and Website


Marketing objectives are goals set by a business when promoting its products/services to its customers/clients. Marketing objectives come from a marketing strategy, the strategy is used as a guide in order to achieve these marketing objectives. The Marketing Strategy.

[New Work] Logo Design & Branding for Primitive Marketing Agency

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As designers, it’s always difficult to design for one’s self. You can’t read the label from inside the bottle”. For this reason, Primitive (formally Primitive Social), a large digital solutions agency based in Texas, commissioned me for the rebranding of their agency. The brief in short, was to create an identity that conveyed “old school character, dependability, durability, grit and endurance but with a modern mid-west vibe”.

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13 Scarily Good Brand Marketing Campaigns To Remember


Brand marketing campaigns are all the rage. Traditional sales marketing is dying. Brand marketing is growing and will continue to grow. But, let’s dive into the best brand marketing campaigns that we’ve ever seen. Dumb Ways to Die is a marketing effort that went global.

10 Powerful Marketing Strategies for Designers

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Creating a successful marketing strategy for your design business does not have to be complicated. There are simple ways to make an effective marketing strategy to help you grow your brand. It is more like a marketing campaign because you still put your watermark in your designs.

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Guide for Small Business

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Creating a digital marketing strategy is a crucial step for any small business. Digital marketing, however, can be a perfect way to advertise your services, get a loyal following and grow your small business’s brand beyond the borders of your location. Use Content Marketing.

Best WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing in 2020


Affiliate marketing might be a quick way to generate revenue but the idea isn’t everything. In this article, we will discuss the best custom made WordPress Affiliate Marketing themes that you can use to create a website and start your business within no time.

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Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing: The Definitive Guide (2018)

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This is a comprehensive guide to Facebook Messenger Marketing using chatbots. But the truth is that chatbots can improve marketing and make marketers’ lives easier. If you want to supercharge your marketing and accelerate growth and revenue, you’ll love this guide.

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Reviewed: New Identity for Design Market Barcelona by Naranjo-Etxeberria

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Organized by Foment de les Arts i del Disseny (FAD), a not-for-profit association of design professionals and companies, and hosted at the immense Disseny Hub, Design Market Barcelona welcomes over 10,000 people each day in its short three-day run. “Mix to the Max”.

10 Best Online Marketing Tools for Business Growth

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We are here to make your start super smooth and successful with the top 10 marketing tools that have transformed businesses. From streamlining your marketing and sales efforts to boosting your website engagement with interactive content , these tools are everything you are hunting for.

Boost Your Sales & Leads with Interactive Marketing from Outgrow

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Outgrow is a marketing toolkit specializing in designing interactive content pieces for your online presence. Being a marketer, you understand how difficult it is today generating and engaging leads, let alone converting and retaining them.

Remote Design at Creative Market: How We Do It

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To do so, we sat down with David Panarelli — Creative Market's Director of Product Design. He led design work at a clean energy financing startup you have never heard of before joining Creative Market. Save Work in progress on Creative Market's design library, Spangle.

Vault49 Refreshes Cerveza Sol For International Markets

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Vault49 dove deep into Sol’s Mexican roots, inspired by the vibrancy and color found throughout the nation’s artisanry, to lend an authenticity to the packaging refresh

Introducing Kristen: Our New Marketing Operations Specialist

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The Creative Market team is growing! This week, we would like all of you to meet Kristen Vitale , our new Marketing Operations Specialist. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do for Creative Market. An ebook by Creative Market and Bonsai.

Envato Elements: A Treasure Trove of Digital Assets for E-commerce Website Owners and Creatives

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How high up a website ranks on search engines comes down to two primary elements – the content and graphics.

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Keep calm and blog: How to market yourself in lockdown

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With 50% of brands reducing marketing spend according to a Marketing Week survey , many creatives are about to push the panic button. But just because your clients are cutting back on marketing, why should you? And the best place to start for your marketing?

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Fairway Market logos

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Fairway Market is a chain of grocery stores in the New York metropolitan area. Contributed by Florian Hardwig Source: [link] Christopher Sadowski. License: All Rights Reserved. Dom Bold and Agenda.

A Brutal Look at Animal Markets Like Those At the Center of the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Luang Prabang night market. Dead dog hanging from hook, cooked and sold for meat at the Hanoi Market in Vietnam. Wet market in Anhui. In 2016, the photographer and filmmaker Kelly Guerin, part of the team at We Animals Media, traveled to a wet market in Anhui province, China.

Brochure design ideas: 25 tips to create marketing materials that sell


While many marketers place most of their efforts on social media marketing, you could argue that in a world that’s saturated by hashtags and paid advertising, print mediums like brochures are perfect for grabbing the attention of potential customers.

Introducing Drew: Creative Market's New Community Manager

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The Creative Market team is growing! Drew is focused on supporting shop owner needs and making sure shops have a voice within Creative Market. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do for Creative Market.

Toronto Waterfront Artisan Market

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I worked with The Toronto Market Company again for another foodie based event. Artwork was needed for promotional material and banners for an artisan market that would be held along Toronto's waterfront. I really need to ask a really big favour for folks who are in Toronto area.

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Tips For Working With A Digital Marketing Agency

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Here are some tips for cultivating an effective relationship with a digital marketing agency to get the results you expect. Blog agency deadlines design digital feedback graphic designer hook agency marketing SEO strategy transparency

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Friday Market Trips

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Some of the Fridays on my way to work I go through Portobello Market. Maybe next time you are at a second hand market, pick up some photos and have a stash so when you feel like drawing or painting you can go through them and find inspiration! :) ??.

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How to Grow Your Sales and Leads During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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But your business doesn’t have to be among them – as long as you change your approach to marketing right now. Second rule of the pandemic: rethink your marketing. But marketing isn’t just about paid promotion. There are lots of cheap offers on the market right now.

How to Approach Branding as an Affiliate Marketer

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We call them old school sales and marketing strategies – though they can still work when approached correctly. In the digital age, the explosion of inbound marketing has changed everything. Related: How To Make Passive Income Using Affiliate Marketing.

Mobile App Marketing: How To Make Your New App Visible To Potential Customers


It’s when your customers do the marketing for you by creating content that shows off the practical benefits of your app. If a website wants to be visible on Google, it needs a good SEO strategy.

Marketing Psychology: 5 Powerful Principles of Human Behavior

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Successful marketers know that the key difference between strong and weak marketing lies in understanding how people behave and why they behave in certain ways. Great marketing doesn’t happen by chance. Marketing…. Marketing Marketing Psychology

8 Ways To Promote Your Business Without A Marketing Budget


If you want to run a successful business, you need to invest time and resources in marketing. A good marketing strategy would help you get your products or services in front of your target audience, increase sales, and reach your business goals. Create Marketing Videos.

5 Proven Ways Good Design Can Improve Your Small Business Content Marketing Strategy

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If your small business is trying to leverage social media for marketing, you’re probably struggling to build a large, engaged audience. Businesses need to leverage every strategy and tactic they can to effectively market on social media.

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