This Artist Gives Animals A Rainbow Makeover

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Inspirations animals makeover rainbowRamzy Masri is a talented Brooklyn-based graphic designer who uses rainbow colors as a major inspiration for his artwork.

This Artist Blends Human Bodies And Animal Faces Together

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Ahmad Habash is a visual storyteller, director, and animator with extensive experience in different areas such as animation, illustration, videography, and paper-craft. Photography animals humans photomanipulations

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Turner Classic Movies animations

Communication Arts

The charming, tactile animations for TCM’s interstitial program on Julie Andrews calls us to explore this screen legend’s Hollywood years.

Photographer Captured The Expressions Of Animals In The Holiday Spirit

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Animals animals christmas holidaysAccording to Belinda Richards: “I got the idea for the Classically Classy Christmas theme while wandering around Spotlight (a craft and fabrics store here in Australia) one weekend.

Adobe Character Animator Introduces Keyframes

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The Adobe team is working on keyframes for Adobe Character Animator! The huge update which Adobe prepares now, promises more precise and fluid animations in Adobe Character Animator. Currently, animators have to do this by exporting their work to After Effects.

Adobe 82

Creative Photo Manipulations Of Animals By Indonesian Digital Artist Aditya Aryanto

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23-year-old Indonesian digital artist Aditya Aryanto (previously) photoshop animals in a creative way. Every animal has different characteristics and patterns and emotions, Aditya likes to show those in his creations. Inspirations animals creative photomanip

Canadian Artist Turns Popular Brands Into Stylish Anime Characters

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Canadian artist Sillvi (previously) of Sillvi studios has built quite the artistic reputation for turning popular brands–whether they be fast food, social media, or soda–into impressive anime character illustrations. Inspirations anime brands characters

Aardman creates a new animated film for Greenpeace to highlight the world's ocean crisis

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Aardman and Greenpeace have launched a powerful new animated film to highlight the plight of the world's oceans. To communicate Greenpeace's urgent message, Aardman used a mix of CGI and stop-frame animation, along with its usual gift for storytelling, humour and creativity.

Six-Year-Old Tulip Navigates a Wooly Garden in a New Animation by Andrea Love


Andrea Love ( previously ) is back with a new heart-felt animation detailing the journey of a six-year-old girl named Tulip. Animation Craft felt fiber art short film video wool

The Complicated Role of Animals in the History of Photography

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Peter NISSEN (German), Circus animals from Carl Hagenbeck’s Zoological Circus, circa 1891. The perspectives are wholly Western, wherein the animal is other, existing as object upon which we act, whether are voracious observers or relentless consumers of food or entertainment.

‘Tulip,’ a Needle-Felted Animated Short is “Fresh and Woolly Take” on ‘Thumbelina’

Brown Paper Bag

Animator Andrea Love and illustrator Phoebe Wahl are working on an animated short film called “Tulip,” which is a “fresh and woolly take” on the Hans Christian Anderson tale Thumbelina. The stop-motion animation features felt and needle-felted wool sets that are as magical as the story.

Digital Artist Turns Nature’s Images Into Animals

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Inspirations animals nature photomanipulations surrealDigital artist Martijn Schrijver likes playing with Photoshop and he seeks his inspiration in the beauty of Mother Nature.

Papier-Mâché Masks Crafted by Liz Sexton Bring Animals to Human Scale


Rejecting anthropocentrism, Liz Sexton wants to break down the boundary between human and animal life. The artist tells Colossal that her “hope is that the viewer gains not only awareness of the animal but a sense of kinship and empathy.” Craft animals masks paper

Matthew Grabelsky’s New Animal Hybrids Painting Series


Back in 2016, we covered the fun ‘Animal Subway‘ paintings of Los-Angeles-based artist Matthew Grabelsky – And for the last 4 years, Matthew kept on painting his animal-human hybrids series and recently released his latest work.

Great Free Animal Clipart for Your Next Cartoon Design

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A collection of free animal clipart that will make your audience fall in love with your designs. You will find adorable free dog clipart, cat clipart, fish clipart, birds clipart, farm animal clipart, and wild animal clipart that will simply captivate your heart.

10 Coded Animated Scenes for Halloween Design Inspiration

Speckyboy Design Magazine

If you have been hunting around for some Halloween design ideas and inspiration, we have created a collection of animated scenes to help you out. There are so many tiny elements that it is difficult to take your eyes off this animated Halloween scene.

French Artist Creates Miniature Papercut Anime Characters

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Design anime characters papercutPaper cutouts of cartoon characters have evolved into a meme known as Paper Child with a community on deviantART by the name of #paperchildREVOLUTION dedicated to the craft.

This Guy Can’t Stop Photoshopping Animals Into The Most Random Things

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I love animals so much I literally see them everywhere.” Inspirations animals humor photomanipulationsThat’s the description one will find when one stumbles across @animalsinthings on Instagram. I first came across the photoshop wiz’s work on reddit last week and now here we are.

A Dad Recreates His Kids Animal Doodles: ‘Things I Have Drawn’


You probably have seen this pass by on your feed recently, my kids are crazy about them, and we spent a large amount of time, laughing at these spectacularly funny and slightly disturbing imaginary animals (lol) – And a huge congrats to the dad, Tom, who […].

Passengers: Paintings by Matthew Grabelsky of half-human, half-animal creatures on New York's subway

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Los Angeles-based artist Matthew Grabelsky creates hyperrealistic paintings with a surreal twist: his subjects are half-human, half-animal, often nonchalantly reading newspapers or magazines on public transport.

A New Exhibition Looks at Our Complex Relationship with Animals

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He was brought to the Wake County Animal Center in Raleigh, NC on 4/20/13. With support from the Culture and Animals Foundation , Johnstone, Lee Deigaard , Jo-Anne McArthur , Traer Scott , and L.A. The Last Rabbit in the Crate (Jo-Anne McArthur, Animal Equality ).

150,000 Botanical and Animal Illustrations Available for Free Download from Biodiversity Heritage Library


Among the collections is a digital copy of Joseph Wolf’s The Zoological Sketches , two volumes containing about 100 lithographs depicting wild animals housed in London’s Regent’s Park. From Selected articulate animals. From Selected articulate animals.

How to Start an Animal Rescue


So you want to start an animal rescue. There are lots of animals in need and a limited number of ready and willing rescuers, which means your efforts will be much appreciated. Animal care requires too much time, effort, and sacrifice if it isn’t your passion. Animal trainer.

A Verdant Botanical Animation Takes a Macro View of Nature’s Cycles


The instructional project—which was illustrated by Katie Scott , animated by James Paulley , and directed by Azuma Makoto —depicts the interconnected systems within an ecosystem, like the organisms underground fertilizing the soil or a bumblebee landing atop and pollinating a pistil.

‘The Bird & the Whale’ Tells a Short and Sweet Tale Using Paint-on-Glass Animation


An animated short film written and directed by Carol Freeman uses an old-fashioned technique called paint-on-glass to form each luminescent frame. The animated film tells the story of a young whale, struggling to find its voice, who finds a caged bird that is the sole survivor of a shipwreck.

The Secret Lives of Animals book

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While a seemingly cute book about animals, The Secret Lives of Animals reveals the truth about animal cruelty in an eye-opening way. Article

A New Film in Pastel Animates the Viral Tragicomedy Tune ‘Dinosaurs in Love’


The trio created the surprisingly tragic film using 2D frame-by-frame animation. For more animated projects from Jacobs , Wang , and Ginsburg , head to Instagram. Animation Music dinosaurs love video

Marcos Sánchez Animates The Breeders Video


Found footage is given new context and intrigue as animated by Sánchez, which follows the horror-themed aspect of the song’s lyrics. Main The Blog animation Hi-Fructose Hi-Fructose Magazine Marcos Sánchez The Breeders

Animals: Sage Sohier's photographs of people and their pets in the late 1970s and '80s

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Animals have always been important in her life; so, when she started photographing people in the late 1970s, she often included their companion animals. Sohier said: "There is more spontaneity, less self-consciousness, and more chaos when humans and other animals coexist.

Biodiversity Heritage Library Makes 150,000 Animal And Botanical Illustrations Available To Download For Free

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The Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) is a veritable storehouse of natural history documentation that provides open access to its digital library, which includes over 150,000 animal and botanical illustrations that can be downloaded for free.

Emma Witter on why she turns discarded animal bones into intricate botanical sculptures

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She collects and breathes new life into animal bones to create intricate sculptures of flowers, leaves and other natural objects. British artist Emma Witter uses a very different kind of medium.

Bear In The Back Seat: Majestic Portraits Of Wild Animals By Simone Heinrich

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Amazing shots of wild animals in the Canadian Rockies by Simone Heinrich, a gifted self-taught photographer, adventurer, and nature lover who was born in Germany and came to Canada in 2003. She focuses mainly on wildlife, nature, and animal photography.

2003 81

Animal-Human Hybrids Spotted on New York Subway in Surreal Paintings by Matthew Grabelsky


Los Angeles-based artist Matthew Grabelsky ( previously ) is back with a new collection of oil paintings of people with animal heads casually navigating the New York City subway system. Art animals new york city painting portraits trains

Beautiful Liquify Logo Animation in After Effects


Beautiful Liquify Logo Animation in After Effects. The cool thing is that you can animate these values too. What you can do now is try to animate the in and out of the composition.

15 Examples of SVG Animations for Web Designers

One Extra Pixel

The post 15 Examples of SVG Animations for Web Designers appeared first on Onextrapixel. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) has a number of advantages compared to other image formats used on the web. First and foremost, SVGs are scalable therefore can adapt to any.

Flow unveils its festive animation for Manchester, celebrating Christmas in the Northern city

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Each year, Manchester releases an uplifting festive campaign to celebrate and promote the city at Christmas. If you're local, it's become something of an annual treat.

Six Kinetic Characters: Light-Hearted Interpretations of Universal Emotions by Animator Lucas Zanotto


“ Six Kinetic Characters ” illustrates relatable emotional gestures through animated characters in a new short by Lucas Zanotto ( previously ). ” Animation emotions humor

Found Wood Pieces Morph into Twisted Animal Portraits by Jonatan Maldonado


In Creatures of the Ancient Forest , Maldonado’s black and white photographs frame found branches and chunks of wood at just the right angle, allowing viewers to catch a glimpse of a squawking bird or a horned animal poking its head out of a tree.

Russian Artist’s Cute Felted Wool Animals Might Hypnotize You With Their Googly Eyes

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Somewhere in Khabarovsk, Russia, there lives a passionate felted wool artist that makes the cutest woodland animals that seem like they came out of a Disney movie. Design animals miniature russia wool

2015 82

Amazing Pixel Art Animations by Kirokaze pixel


Amazing Pixel Art Animations by Kirokaze pixel. abduzeedo Feb 07, 2020 Gerardo Quiroz is a pixel artist, that's pretty much it as he describes himself on his Behance profile, however that it’s pretty much it is quite amazing.

This Photographer Made Funny Noises At Animals And Captured Their Funny Expressions

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18 years experience working with animals including working as a groomer, animal welfare and emergency services. Animals dogs expressions funny pets reactionsBelinda Richards is a founder of Frog Dog Studios, photographer and master piddle cleaner.

A Monochrome Dystopian World Holds an Eerie Beauty in New Animated Music Video for Thom Yorke


Saad Moosajee ( previously ) shows the richness and emotional power that can be found in grey-scale animation with his new music video for Thom Yorke. Moosajee tells Colossal that the animation is comprised of more than 3,000 individual frames.

Meticulously Painted Portraits by Miho Hirano Fuse Introspective Women with Plants and Animals


” Hirano draws inspiration from her upbringing, noting that her mother cared for plants and animals, and those motifs have continued in her work even though she does not currently reside in a nature-filled place. Art Illustration animals oil painting painting portraits