Animal Crossing: Oil paintings by Mayuka Yamamoto of enigmatic children dressed as animals

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It was the cute, welcoming game of mundane fruit picking and creative crafting that got us through the first lockdown, now Animal Crossing has inspired a new series of paintings by Japanese artist Mayuka Yamamoto.

Robertino Zambrano reveals smokers' struggles in gorgeously animated PSAs

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Directed by Robertino Zambrano, the series of animated films is based on authentic, first-hand accounts of quitting smoking, artfully capturing each individual's emotional journey through three distinct design languages. It wasn't a simple animation piece; there was a documentary layer to it.


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Polly Nor's affecting lockdown animation will get you through a new one

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Case in point: Polly Nor's first short story animated film, as created completely during quarantine with animator Andy Baker. Polly and Andy had previously worked on an animated music video for Chelou, since which they'd talked about wanting to collaborate on a short film in the future.

An anime-inspired campaign for Wagamama by Danish anime director Mads Broni and Passion Animation Studios

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MullenLowe has collaborated with Danish anime director Mads Broni and Passion Animation Studios to create an anime-inspired campaign for one of the UK's favourite restaurant chains, Wagamama. Created through a combination of hand-drawn and computer illustrated artwork, the film brings together a broad range of modern, diverse references and characters, with each frame existing as a unique illustration inspired by anime art.

Studio Desk animate hopeful visions of the future

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Studio Desk is a multi-award winning, craft-driven animation studio led by dynamic duo Emily Downe and Kathrin Steinbacher. The twosome has recently signed to Jelly, one of the UK/US's leading animation production companies and illustration agencies.

Paper artist Sam Pierpoint's charming animation calls for sustainable fashion

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Paper artist Sam Pierpoint was recently commissioned by Greenhouse PR to create a short paper-cut animation for PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), which calls for more sustainable clothing.

Top 9 Best Animation Courses Online (Free & Paid)

Just Creative

Animation has come a long way from the first animated cartoon in 1908, but thankfully as the technology of animation has moved forward, so have the opportunities that amateur animators have to not only learn their craft but to improve upon it as well.

Loulou João talks alluring avatars and animating for Adult Swim

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Animator and The Weeknd video producer Jeron Braxton has the mascot Jiggle Wolf, a kind of Tex Avery toon for the trap generation. Afro-Belgian illustrator and animator Loulou João meanwhile has an avatar called Polly Focket, and she's out there playing with brands in the real world.

The positive power of a Duke of Edinburgh Award is hit home by ARC's animated stories

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London animation and illustration studio ARC is behind this series of short films featuring real and honest stories from young people about their experiences of mental health issues.

Graphic Artist and Animation Director Daniel Savage


Animation animation daniel savage drawings illustration

Aerial shots of basketball courts transformed into a surreal and satisfying animation

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Earlier this year, the London-based Irish motion designer shared his series, The Big Flip , featuring animated "reverse dynamic experiments" that are all sports-related. Now he's back with a mixed media animation made in collaboration with Auckland-based aerial photographer Petra Leary.

Plastic Horse's animation about Ramo, a toucan-headed man in search of water in Paris

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Directed, illustrated and animated by Plastic Horse – who was commissioned by Pentagon MGMT – La Saison Des Pluies translates as 'The Rainy Season' and follows the journey of this desperate character looking to save Paris from turning into a desert wilderness.

Isle of Chair: short animation explores mental illness through falling furniture

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Originally from Taiwan, Ivyy Chen is an animation director and illustrator based in London. Her recently completed passion project, Isle of Chair , is a six-minute animation inspired by Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood and her own, and others', experience of mental illness.

Eva Münnich's super sassy animation featuring 'The Flower Ladies' and '90s dance moves

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If you're wondering whether this shoe advertisement by Eva Münnich is real, think again; it's purely a cathartic exploration of sassiness and '90s dance moves by the London-based illustrator and animator.

Bobby Redmond's furlough animation is a psychedelic summer fantasy

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Furloughed from his usual work, he set about creating A Fever Dream of Summer Lost, an animation that takes the form of a "psychedelic fantasy of all things summer," as the designer puts it. Yet the beauty of animation lies in its capacity to create entirely new worlds that are full of the joy that's been wrung out of the one we have to inhabit physically. Originally from Bunclody in southeast Ireland, Redmond works across graphic design, illustration, animation and painting.

Annual festive animation reflects on a challenging year for Manchester people

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And this year, the team has once again collaborated with Kilogramme to create an animated film that reflects on how the city has come together during a global pandemic. I think viewers will identify with some of the funny and touching moments they'll see in the animation

Womb Stories: Nisha Ganatra directs 'boundary-smashing' animated campaign for Libresse & Bodyform

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Golden Globe winner and Emmy nominated Nisha Ganatra has directed Womb Stories , a unique and beautiful animated film for Libresse & Bodyform that hopes to dispel myths, encourage a positive conversation and address the life-changing moments in a woman's life, from miscarriages and the menopause to endometriosis. There are six animated sequences, each featuring a different style of animation to show the "inner-worlds that act as reflections to the realities of the uterus".

'What happened when we all stopped', a beautiful animated poem narrated by Jane Goodall

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And it's now been turned into an animated poem, narrated by celebrated anthropologist and UN Messenger of Peace, Dr Jane Goodall. Dr Jane Goodall was so inspired by Tom's poem that she agreed to provide the voiceover for the video inspired by the book, created by TED-Ed’s renowned animators. Best-selling author Tom Rivett-Carnac has written a children's book to share a positive message of hope as we emerge from the lockdown.

Mother and Cartoon Saloon's new animated film for Greenpeace shows impact of meat production on forests

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The animated film is supported by Meat Free Monday, the campaign launched by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney which aims to raise awareness of the detrimental environmental impact of animal agriculture.

Classic book and album covers brought to life in gorgeous, hypnotic animations

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Lederer has animated some absolute classic graphics for your viewing pleasure. Henning has animated more than 200 book covers, so far. You can see more of his animated covers via his Vimeo channel Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could see what some of our favourite vintage book and album covers look like in motion? Well, wonder no more, as Henning M. Called Books & Sleeves , the project is something the German freelance designer and motion graphics artist began in 2015. "As

25 Fantastic Logo Templates Featuring Animals & Pets

Speckyboy Design Magazine

We bet you love your animal friends! So the next time you’re designing a logo or brainstorming branding possibilities, it might be time to get some inspiration from the animal world. Let’s dive into these stunning logo templates featuring animals and pets!

Poetry Unbound animation

Communication Arts

Pádraig Ó Tuama’s “How to Belong Be Alone” animation kicks off Poetry Unbound ’s collection of beautiful films that bring new depth to poetry.

Don't feel safe on the Internet? Google launches new animation series to address your fears

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Ahead of Anti-Bullying Week, Google has released The Legends Family Adventure – a charming animation series about internet safety for the whole family to enjoy.

36 Days of Type gloriously illustrated and animated by Manchester designer Robert Lomas

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I've been moving into animation for some time and had just gone freelance, so I felt it was a great opportunity to get my name out there as well as try new things," says Robert. "It The bright and fun series of animated letters explores a journey through colour and continually evolves during the process. "I Based in Manchester, Robert Lomas is an independent graphic designer, specialising in animation, illustration and branding.

Rising animator Neeraja Raj explores cats and the meaning of life in Meow or Never

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Recently signed to Nexus Studios is Neeraja Raj , an animator and director who already has a BAFTA shortlist to their credits for Meow or Never, a stop-motion musical all about the meaning of life. High-concept stuff, but the animated short is a personal undertaking for the creator.

Interview with Dave Coleman, 2D Animator, Illustrator and Type Designer


Your love and talent for animation and illustration shine through in your portfolio, from your playful character studies to your amazing client work. So I had a relationship with animation fairly early on. However, it would be many years later that I pursued animation more seriously.

Quarantine Loops: Funny looping animations by Clim of life under quarantine

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From cooking naked in the kitchen and getting busy between the sheets to little moments of madness, the hope is that the looping animated clips will cheer us all up during this difficult time. Creative direction and animation is by Clim, compilation sound by Olga Wojciechowska. Barcelona studio Clim has been keeping itself entertained during lockdown by creating a series of 'Quarantine Loops', inspired by our current way of life.

Happiness is Easy: Rainbow-coloured oil paintings of woven animals by Ewa Pro?czuk-Kuziak

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With intensely saturated colours and a whole dose of contrast, her works in Happiness is Easy feature vibrant animals that are made of materials as if woven out of thread and decorative fabrics. Contemporary artist Ewa Pro?czuk-Kuziak czuk-Kuziak is telling us that happiness is an achievable state in her latest rainbow-coloured series of oil paintings that combine still life, nature and fantasy.

Maryka & Quentin at Passion help us celebrate Halloween at home with spooky prehistoric animation

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It's part of a new series of animated short films for 20th Digital Studio and Bite Size Halloween Jr. This is the first year that family-friendly animated shorts are included

Whoopi Goldberg calls for 'The Gigantic Change' in a beautiful new animation

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For World Environment Day, Passion Pictures in London has collaborated with Extinction Rebellion to create a beautiful animation starring Whoopi Goldberg and Livia Nelson. Directed by George Lewis and Nicola Jane Francis, The Gigantic Change looks back from 2050 to show people came together to save the world from the climate crisis. "As As we start to plan how to rebuild our world post-Covid, the film shows that a brighter future really is possible," says Extinction Rebellion.

The Secret Lives of Animals might look like a children's book but the story is for adults

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The pictures in this new children's book may have pleasing pastels, with cute animals, nursery rhymes, and playful sounds, but PETA invites you to take a closer look. The Secret Lives of Animals is part of a provocative campaign by Miami advertising agency The Community to show us the real story behind how we get our meat and goods. What might look like your average book for bedtime reveals the horrors animals go through on farms, circuses and in labs. "In

The Animal Issue: Vogue Italia Presents an Issue Dedicated to The Beauty of The Animal World

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“This time we wanted to let animals take over our physical and digital space. Animals do not exist for our purpose, nor as a function of what we would like them to be. ” Animals animals fashion italy magazine style vogue

Iris van den Akker on pushing diversity in animation, coping with a crisis and living with an ADHD brain

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Illustrator and animator Iris van den Akker is known for her graphic style, bold shapes and soft colours, and her work often features larger than life animals and strong female characters. Based in Amsterdam, Iris graduated in 2015 with a degree in illustration at AKV St Joost in Breda and later gained a masters in animation from the same university. She worked as a design and animation artist at Ambassadors in Amsterdam until 2019 when she decided to go freelance.

This Instagram Account Cleverly Photoshops Animals Into Everyday Things

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Instagram account ‘Animals In Things’ is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a glorious page full of photos of animals seamlessly combined with food and everyday items. Inspirations animals instagram photomanipulations things

Aardman creates a new animated film for Greenpeace to highlight the world's ocean crisis

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Aardman and Greenpeace have launched a powerful new animated film to highlight the plight of the world's oceans. To communicate Greenpeace's urgent message, Aardman used a mix of CGI and stop-frame animation, along with its usual gift for storytelling, humour and creativity. It was an absolute dream to work with such a talented crew of animators, artists and creators here at Aardman, manipulating clay and pixels to make such a nuanced and delicate piece of animation.

6 Free Animated Icon Packs for Adobe After Effects

Speckyboy Design Magazine

There are a plethora of animated icon packs available online that you can download and use in your projects or use them as an inspiration when creating your own. Browse our collection of the best free animated icon packs for Adobe After Effects. 390 Animated Icons (Envato Elements).

Adobe 72

Japanese Artist Colors Anime-Inspired Paper Cutouts With Real-World Environments

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Japanese artist Kotetsu blends illustration photography and kirie (Japanese traditional paper cutting) to create beautiful works of art that bring anime heroines into the real world. Design anime cutouts japan

Passengers: Paintings by Matthew Grabelsky of half-human, half-animal creatures on New York's subway

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Los Angeles-based artist Matthew Grabelsky creates hyperrealistic paintings with a surreal twist: his subjects are half-human, half-animal, often nonchalantly reading newspapers or magazines on public transport. Equally powerful is Grabelsky's reference to the state of captivity imposed on wild animals such as tigers, crocodiles and lions.

Cecilia Reeve's hand-drawn animated music video for Nijuu's latest song Blue is an underwater dream

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It took over 700 individual drawings for London artist Cecilia Reeve to make this incredible animated music video for Nijuu's latest song, Blue – one that conjures those dreamy feelings of freedom and solitude we experience when going for a swim. I loved this dreamlike fantasy and wanted to explore it in my animation," she adds.

Abstract Shapes Flow Like Water in Ho Tsz Wing’s Psychedelic Animation


Created by Ho Tsz Wing using Photoshop, the two-dimensional drawings mimic the look of a hand-painted animation. To watch more of Ho Tsz Wing’s mesmerizing animations, check out Behance , Instagram , and Vimeo. Animation Music drawing music video video water