Five ways domain helps you win clients

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And it can be a great way to win more clients and boost your freelance practice or company. Image licensed via Adobe Stock. Getting a URL that ends is simple and easy. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

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Dealing With an Absentee Web Design Client


It also requires a healthy dose of communication between a designer and their client. Because, without client input, how can you possibly achieve a project’s goals? Of course, not all clients work this way. Prolonged silence from these types of clients is understandable.


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Helping Your Clients with Unexplained Website Phenomena


Working with clients is always an adventure. One thing you can count on, however, is that there will come a time when a client has trouble (real or perceived) with their website. For example, a client sees something that you can’t. For clients, JavaScript is downright stealthy.

30 Amusing Stories of Clients From Hell

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Everybody has at least one client horror story, especially if you’re a designer or developer. Dealing with imbecile clients who just don’t understand the hard work and time it takes to create a beautiful design takes guts.

What in the World is a Force Majeure?

Speaker: Michele Berdinis

This session will answer business law questions that people are asking most during the pandemic.

How to Help Your Clients Overcome Fear of Commitment


Because of that, a commitment-phobic client may become overwhelmed. When clients can’t make the necessary decisions regarding their website, there’s very little a designer can accomplish. The following are some ways to help even the most skittish of clients move forward. -->.

A Client’s Role in Website Accessibility

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It also requires our clients to buy in as well. With that, we’ve put together this guide that is filled with ways clients can help in the process. Both designers and their clients tend to like shiny things – not that there’s anything wrong with that.

How To Improve Your Photography Brand to Get More Clients

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And there are many reasons why many of them are losing a steady client base. Not only will the client look at their portfolio, but also require that photographers have some form of guarantee for their work. Attract new clients. A stable brand usually gets the most clients.

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Helping Your Clients Master eCommerce

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Among the biggest challenges is finding out exactly what a client wants and needs. First, it’s all about showing clients the lay of the land. Let’s take a look at some ways to help clients make sense of eCommerce. This is where client training plays a big role.

8 Ways Freelancers Can Stand Out & Win More Clients

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8 Ways New Freelancers Can Stand Out From The Competition To Get More Clients. But, is this really the kind of client you wish to have? Going cheap is not the solution, especially when you are trying to get your business off the ground and gain respect from high-paying clients.

How to Stop Getting Burned by Your Design Clients

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It seems like every designer has a horror story or two (or seventeen) about getting ripped off by a client who refuses to pay. ” But really, it’s often the only thing you can do if you find yourself in an unfortunate money situation with a client. Choose Your Clients Well.

Now More Than Ever: Why Communication is Essential For Your Business

Speaker: Danielle Hughes, Chief Personality Officer, More Than Words Marketing

In this presentation, you'll hear from Danielle Hughes, a copywriting and branding expert, on how you can use your personality to connect with your clients and stand out from the clutter. On how being vulnerable and real will create stronger connections and affinity, and how knowing your brand and your audience makes messaging easier for you and more relatable for them.

The Grumpy Designer Wonders: Why Are Clients So Cheap?

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Yet, that’s what so many clients have come to expect. With that in mind, let’s take some time to discuss cheap clients and how they limit what a designer can reasonably accomplish. This inevitably leads to clients who want that one extra feature.

Dealing With a Panicky Design Client

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Everyone has had the kind of clients that you wish you could punch – the scope creepers , the micromanagers, the non-payers. But there’s a certain kind of client in particular who is as much a danger to themselves as they are to you.

How to Help Your Clients with Website Content Strategy

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First, clients are generally not content creators. Here are a few ways you can help your clients with their website content strategy. Search out the key selling points and discuss them with your client. The goal is to help your client to narrow their focus.

Why Web Design Client Referrals Aren’t a Slam-Dunk

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Booking new clients this way can allow you to forgo at least some of the costs involved with traditional marketing. Plus, there’s something to be said when an existing client goes out of their way to tell a friend about you.

Dealing With Sudden Client Designer Syndrome

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We’ve all been there: a client really, really wants to make a change to your design that, as a designer, you can immediately tell will result in disaster. What are your clients’ true desires , you ask? If they can’t, it’s probably time to find a new client.).

Finding Your Comfort Zone with Clients

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It also requires communicating with both current and prospective clients. But client relations? While I’m far from perfect, I have learned some valuable lessons about gaining comfort and confidence with clients. Meet Clients Where They Are.

How to Present your Logo Designs to Clients – Top Tips & Tools

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It’s presenting your work to clients. So, they convey their reasoning and vision to clients – while beginners simply send an image. A good presentation allows you to: Sell your logo designs to prospective clients. The client hasn’t seen any of your logos yet.

4 Ways Clients Can Hurt Project Outcomes (and How You Can Save the Day)


Clients can be especially difficult to deal with in this area. With that, let’s explore some ways that a client could negatively impact the outcome of a project. It stands to reason that you can’t help a client achieve their goal if no one knows what it is.

The client is always right. // Poster Collection on Behance #agency #freelance #humour #print #color #vibrant #client #poster #art #clients #typography


The client is always right. // Poster Collection on Behance #agency #freelance #humour #print #color #vibrant #client #poster #art #clients #typography

The client is always right. // Poster Collection on Behance #agency #freelance #humour #print #color #vibrant #client #poster #art #clients #typography


The client is always right. // Poster Collection on Behance #agency #freelance #humour #print #color #vibrant #client #poster #art #clients #typography

What Your Clients Need to Know About a Website Redesign

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Clients may not fully realize how much work goes into building a great website. Redesigns are among the toughest concepts for clients to grasp. Both clients and designers have to buy in. As is often the case, a designer’s ability to educate clients is key.

Examining the Evolution of the Typical Web Design Client

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But, what about our clients? It’s fair to wonder how the typical web design client has evolved over the same time period. As someone who has been a freelancer since the late 1990s, I’ve witnessed a lot of change in client attitudes, knowledge and expectations.

Jumping Through Hoops for Prospective Web Design Clients

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Booking new clients for your web design business is challenging. Once in a while you’ll run into a prospective client who plays the part of the sly host. You’re trying to land a new client but have to endure the third-degree.

How to Improve Your Communication With Clients

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When you drown your clients in information they don’t need to know, they’ll usually have a similar reaction. When a potential client asks about what kind of design services you offer, do you tell them something to the effect of “oh, a little bit of everything?”

The client is always right. // Poster Collection on Behance #agency #freelance #humour #print #color #vibrant #client #poster #art #clients #typography


The client is always right. // Poster Collection on Behance #agency #freelance #humour #print #color #vibrant #client #poster #art #clients #typography

The Types of Freelance Design Clients You Should Avoid

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Maybe your teachers warned you to be as discerning as possible when taking on new clients (or maybe they told you the opposite, but you knew it was BS), but reality is often a rude awakening from what you expected when you first started working. A bad client is bad news , period.

What to Do When a Web Design Client Leaves

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Have you ever noticed that most freelance web design advice is related to gaining new clients? Instead of rehashing all the old strategies for increasing business, let’s talk about what happens when a client heads out the door.

My Client Made Me Do It: True Tales from the Grumpy Designer

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But let’s not dismiss the role clients play in this chaos. More often, a questionable decision comes down to an opinionated client. Today, we’re going to celebrate (or roast) the features that we implement in order to keep clients happy. The Price of Keeping Clients Happy.

How to Find Design Clients During a Lockdown

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One of the biggest concerns for designers is how to find clients during this time of worldwide lockdowns. Though this pandemic and lockdown are unprecedented challenges for graphic designers, it’s still possible to find good clients during this hardship. Client Welcome Packet Template.

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Your Web Design Business Has Grown: How Do You Manage Legacy Clients?

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One thing you may not expect with that growth is the continued pull of your legacy clients. These longtime clients may still expect things to work the way they always have, even if it doesn’t fit with your current business model. Determine a Client’s Place in Your Business.

Areas to Be Proactive with Your Web Design Clients

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Part of our relationship with clients also involves sharing knowledge and gently prodding them to move in the right direction. Because the web is constantly changing, designers are often an invaluable resource for clients. It’s something clients need to know about.

Helping Clients Rapidly Adopt New Business Models

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Clients are expecting to make big changes in a very short amount time. Advise Clients to Start Small. If a client approaches you with a big idea that will fundamentally change their business, it’s likely to have just as big of an impact on their website.

Dealing With Overly Opinionated Design Clients

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Of course, the equivalent of a shoemaker in the design world are the overly opinionated clients, that insists on bringing in a team of non-designers to muck up your smooth workflow. The solution involves bringing the client back to a familiar pain point: money.

TerDawn DeBoe: My Son, My Client

Graphic Design USA

Graphic designer TerDawn Boe executed a project for her son and re-learned some valuable lessons. Blog GDUSA GDUSA Blog GDUSA People Graphic Design News Graphic Design USA TerDawn Boe

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7 Ways Freelancers Can Separate Themselves From Their Competition And Win Clients

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Your website is the perfect place to display them for prospective clients. For brand strategists, a website is the perfect way to claim ownership of strategies you have developed to increase brand awareness for your clients. Set Up Weekly or Bi-Weekly Calls With Clients.

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Building Client-Proof WordPress Websites

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Handing off a new WordPress website to a client offers a great feeling of satisfaction. But, if your client is responsible for managing content themselves, those pixels may no longer be so perfect after a while. You may not be able to stop a determined client at every turn.

How to Get Your Clients to Write Their Own Quotes

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The above question is flawed because, to many clients, what we do is dark magic. I’ve seen tons of creatives who miss the simple fact that clients hire us to make more money than they spent on us. I’ve done this by having clients do the proposal writing for me.

Funny Graphic Designer Memes with Shitty Clients

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Have you experienced dealing with bad clients in your entire design career? Take a break and laugh it out with these hilarious graphic designer memes, shitty client version. Don’t get me wrong for those good clients reading this post.

Brief encounters: How to change your clients' briefing habits and nail their objectives

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Following on from his article on developing a fairer, more productive pitching process , Mark Davis, co-founder and creative director of property branding agency me&dave , offers insights and tips on the art of getting your clients to write better creative briefs.

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4 Design Business Mistakes Keeping you from Dream Clients & Consistent Income

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You might look back at your last few projects and see that the clients weren’t the type you want to be working with. Or you might not have any past clients to look back on and feel like you’ll never see consistent income. Marketing yourself and getting clients in the door is tough.

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A Guide To Attracting Clients To Your Agency

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A Guide To Attracting Clients To Your Agency. A Guide To Attracting Clients To Your Agency. It requires your clients to recommend you, and you can only do so much to encourage that. The second problem with word-of-mouth recommendation is that it tends to attract similar clients.