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5 Soft Skills Every Designer Needs

Loryn Chen


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Janet Balis

You can still serve and grow your customer base in the face of an uncertain future

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Sonia Gregory

How to Develop a Unique (& Memorable) Brand Identity in 2020

Kathryn Wheeler

Having a strong brand is crucial when differentiating yourself from the competition. Learn what brand identity is and how to build one for your business

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Together at Home: Managing Kids and Your Web Design Business

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Make the Letter Bigger

I Love Typography

Decorated or illuminated initials were an important part of medieval manuscripts for a thousand years. From luxurious gold and silver letters to plain drop capitals, they functioned to illustrate, commentate, and adorn the text.

The Colorful Geometric Illustrations of Cheng Peng

Designer Daily

Cheng Peng is a creative designer who works for Heizi, a branding agency that belongs to Tencent. She recently created a series of posters that hope to help autistic children to feel more welcome in the city of Shenzen, where the designer is based.

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Nightmare Photoshop Actions for Access All Areas Members

Spoon Graphics

This week Access All Areas members have a new collection of high quality Photoshop Actions to download courtesy of Shutter Pulse. This set allows you to apply nightmare-inspired effects to your photos, with eerie colour casts and dark contrast, just like the colour grading of horror movies!

How to create a moodboard and get your creative juices flowing


If you’re interested in design, chances are you’re always looking for inspiration. Which makes you the perfect candidate for building a mood board to get your creative juices flowing. You notice well-designed food packaging while wandering grocery store aisles.

Illustrator Spotlight: Ana Miminoshvili


Ana Miminoshvili. Ana Miminoshvili’s Website. Ana Miminoshvili on Instagram. Illustration Ana Miminoshvili editor pick georgia illustration illustrator

4 Reasons Why Graphic Design Is So Important In Business

Graphic Design USA

Why is graphic design important to businesses? Here are four reasons.

Vessel Floats by Order


Words by Richard Baird In the Brooklyn neighbourhood of Greenpoint sits Vessel Floats, a new flotation and deprivation therapy spa that draws on the continuing interest in concepts such as mindful living and wellness.

50 Graphic Design Terms You Should Know

Design Wizard

Introduction. You may think graphic design is a whole new world but in reality, it’s been around for years. It even has developed a language of its own. If you’re not in the industry don’t worry, I know these terms may be confusing.

The Do's and Dont's of Branding in 2020

Gary Stevens

50 Logo Design Inspiration, Tips & Resources

Just Creative

This article has been contributed by Jack Leo. A logo is an important mark that represents the story and meaning of your business. Although designing an attractive and effective logo sounds easy, in actuality, it isn’t. Whether you are a designer or not, you can still design your logo.

What Graphic Design Trends Are Going Out Of Style?


A graphic designer is a highly-demanding profession that requires not only a wide array of skills and vast expertise but also thinking ahead and breaking the rules. Even veterans must continuously upgrade their skills and expand their knowledge to stay on top of the game.

Black Print

I Love Typography

An introduction to early African American print culture; its authors, editors, journalists, printers and publishers in America. From protest pamphlets to the first Black newspapers and books. The post Black Print appeared first on I Love Typography. typography america typographic firsts

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Volta Pasta Makes Creative Use of Typography

Designer Daily

It’s not so often that you find some truly well designed packaging, so I was delighted to stumble upon this wonderful work done for Volta by Stamp.

How to Create a Fantasy Map of Your Own Fictional World

Spoon Graphics

Follow along with today’s Photoshop tutorial to create your own fantasy world, just like the fictional story settings of Neverland, Middle-Earth or Westeros.

20 modern logo ideas and tips


You want your logo to feel fresh, modern, and on-trend. Which is why, when you’re designing your logo, it’s so important to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in design—and embrace those trends and ideas to create a modern logo. But what’s modern is always changing.

Illustrator Spotlight: Lydia Ortiz


Illustration illustrations illustrator lydia ortiz

10 Graphic Design Trends for 2020

Creative Market

No designer is an island. Regardless of how much you like or dislike to follow trends, the world of graphic design is continuously influenced by advertising, marketing, architecture, popular culture, and technology patterns.

Hanji by Studio fnt


Text by Richard Baird. Hanji is a new brand of traditional Korean papers from KCDF created to, not just inspire interest in both professionals and the general public nationally and internationally, but to also serve as a symbol of the craft inherent to the paper making workshops.

Stock vs Custom: When Does It Make Sense To Pay For Photography?

Graphic Design USA

Custom imagery or stock imagery? It’s an age-old question. This post will help you determine which makes better sense for your business needs. Blog assignment photography C&I C&I Studios GDUSA Graphic Design USA stock photography stock photography versus custom photography

What Is Personal Branding?

Gary Henderson

I'm going to ask you one question and I want you to really think about it. What do you want to be known for? Personal branding isn't just for someone who owns a business. Personal branding is also important for any influencer thought leader or person who wants to share their story with the world.

Top 8 Gaomon Tablets for Graphic Design

Just Creative

While not a household name like some of their competitors, Gaomon continuously crafts incredible tablets for graphic designers and we felt that it was beyond time that we share with you, our loyal readers, what the best Gaomon tablets for graphic designers are.

Japanese Minimalism in UI Design for Digital Products


In this article, I’m considering the concept of Japanese minimalism, its implications in the user interface design of digital products, and its key principles. Are you ready to immerse in Japanese art trends leveraged in the context of the modern digital world?

Point, don’t point

I Love Typography

The pointed finger must surely be one of the oldest human gestures. In deep prehistory, long before the evolution of spoken language, and when we were considerably hairier, it is not difficult to imagine one of our primitive human ancestors pointing to a lion, a landmark, or a lemon.

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