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Exploring Typography in Graphic Design

Designer Daily

Typography has a huge part to play when it comes to graphic design. Contrast is such an important factor when it comes to graphic design, and this is especially the case where typography is concerned. You can also create contrast with typography, by pairing different typefaces with different font weights.

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Bold new book from Counter Print celebrates the joys of 3D typography

Creative Boom

Three-dimensional typography has held a special allure in the design world for many years now. And as AI and realistic effects continue to gain momentum, it is no surprise that 3D typography is becoming increasingly important to design today. In doing so, it expands our perceptions of what typography can be.


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Typography Matters

I Love Typography

Many typographic principles are inextricably connected to the human form — the length of our arms, the acuity of our eyes — these determine fundamental aspects of typography like type size, leading, and line […] The post Typography Matters appeared first on I Love Typography.

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Illustrator Typography: How to Create Custom Script Type

Spoon Graphics

Usually custom typography pieces would be drawn by hand, but today I’ll share the secret of how you can still create trendy lettering by customising ready-made fonts in Adobe Illustrator.

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How to Create Stunning Typography With the Corel Type Tool Kit

Download this free eBook to learn how you can create stunning typography, using the basics, such as placing text, to advanced controls like ligatures, variable fonts, effects, tracking, range kerning, and everything in between. Learn how to: Use Character Control to add variety to your font styles.

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Remarkable Hand Lettering Typography Quotes For Inspiration

Graphic Design Junction

In a digital world dominated by impersonal fonts and robotic typing, hand lettering typography quotes are making a comeback – and it’s cooler than ever. Modern hand lettering typography is the ultimate fusion of tradition and innovation. Hand lettering is an ancient art form, a cornerstone of visual communication for centuries.

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Beautiful Ramadan Kareem Typography – Free Download

Graphic Design Junction

Today, we had the pleasure of unveiling Ismail Ahmed’s latest masterpiece: “ Ramadan Kareem Typography | 1445 – 2024 ,” a stunning collection that celebrates the spirit and significance of Ramadan throughout the years. We hope you like it.