Craig Black creates typographic boxes for sports shoe charity

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Shoes To Share was founded by a boy named Ellis Short V around the belief that "sport is a global community, one that everybody should have the opportunity to join, and the choice to take part in".

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Spectacular Winning Photos From The World Sports Photography Awards 2020

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Nothing captures the emotion of sports like photography! World Sport Photography Awards is created by a unique partnership between Twelfthman, the leading sports creative and design agency and Iconify, the awards agency behind innovative awards campaigns.

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The Big Flip: LA cool, sports-themed animations by Barry Chapman that play around with our expectations

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We love this sports-themed series of "reverse dynamic experiments" by motion designer Barry Chapman , full of neon colours and LA-style palm trees set against satisfying blue skies. So all in all, I thought it would be fun to have sports stuff flying about the place, going the wrong way around.". Once I locked in the idea of adding a different sports theme to each scene, I knew I had a hook and just needed to take it from there.".

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Breathtaking Winning Action Sports Images Of The Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2019

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Red Bull Illume is the world’s greatest adventure and action sports imagery contest. Photography action contest red bull sport winners

New Nike spot parallels sports resilience and hope with our challenging times

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In its voiceover, it makes a direct connection between the challenges the world is facing with coronavirus and the hope that can be inspired by sport. But if we’ve learned anything from sports, It’s that no matter how far down we may be.

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Fifi Lapin

Feeling inspired today after watching The London Marathon. I Might even break into a light jog on the way to the juice bar. The carrot juice is on me! Bunny Kisses Fifi Lapin xxx. fifi lapin

Michael C. Hsiung’s Characters Sport Bushy Mustaches

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His characters, mostly fantastical – mermen, centaurs, wizards and the likes – tend to sport impressive mustaches, a feature which Hsiung himself has come to be recognized with. Michael C. Hsiung is known for his quirky illustrations, drawn using Micron pens and Higgins black ink. More: Instagram h/t: playjunkie Sometimes prized for his mustache, othertimes prized for his art. Source. Inspirations beards doodles mustaches

Trendy Octogenarian Couple Sports Stylish, Eclectic Garments Left Behind at Their Laundromat in Taiwan


All images © Chang Wan-ji and Hsu Sho-er, shared with permission. Many of us fret over the loss of a beloved sweater or discovering a lone sock, but we can at least find some solace in knowing that the garments abandoned at Wansho Laundry in central Taiwan are being worn to their full potential. The laundromat’s owners, 83-year-old Chang Wan-ji and 84-year-old Hsu Sho-er, have been fashioning the skirts, blouses, and trousers left behind into adorable, eclectic styles.

Nairobi’s Motor Taxi Drivers Sport Extravagant Costumes in ‘Boda Boda Madness’


“Machete Rider.” ” All images © Jan Hoek, shared with permission.

Spotted: New Logo for Women's Sports Foundation

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Visit Link. About Spotted posts. No further images are included. No opinion is given. Not even a punny title. These are just… spotted. Best available link to learn more about the change (or the company) provided in the link above. Poll and comments are open

Building a brand for an Olympic athlete

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We talk to JKR and Tulloch about the project and how branding can help athletes grow their following and build a career beyond competitive sport . Sport sportsJKR has created a playful identity for gymnast Courtney Tulloch, inspired by his signature moves. The post Building a brand for an Olympic athlete appeared first on Creative Review.

Close Up Pictures Of Tennis Players Just Look Like People Trying Really Hard To Control Their Telekinetic Power

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Photography humor sport tennisScroll down for stunning examples of tennis players trying really hard to control ball with their telekinetic powers. Source.

Anna Noguera’s Sports Complex Blends Into its Verdant Barcelona Neighbourhood

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When a 2014 design competition laid out a brief for a new mid-block urban sports complex, the contextually attuned design by Barcelona’s own Arquitectura Anna Noguera that integrates landscape and greenery into the complex was a deserving winner.

Iceland’s national football team gets a new identity

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Masks, Toilet Paper, and Thermometers Transform into Miniature, Outdoor Adventures by Artist Tatsuya Tanaka


Art Photography COVID-19 masks miniature paper sports swimmingAll images © Tatsuya Tanaka, shared with permission. In the time of COVID-19, disposable face masks, toilet paper, and other essentials are synonymous with safety, precaution, and staying indoors. But in Tatsuya Tanaka ’s ongoing Miniature Calendar series, the everyday items are subverted to create the tiny sets of outdoor adventures.

Tokyo 2020 unveils first ever animated pictograms used in Olympics’ history

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The 73 kinetic icons designed by Masaaki Hiromura and animated by Kota Iguchi each show their sport in motion, representing 22 Paralympic sports and 33 Olympic sports.

Opulent Kintsugi Installation by Artist Victor Solomon Gilds Dilapidated Basketball Court in Los Angeles


Celebrating the restorative qualities of sports and basketball’s return this past week, Victor Solomon has repaired a deteriorated court in South Los Angeles through the ancient art of Kintsugi —the Japanese method of repairing broken pottery by using metallic substances to mend the fractures. “Sport can entertain, inspire, and distract, but more apropos than all, the platform of sport can help us heal.”

Cait Oppermann documents the difficult and dynamic sport of takraw

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Travelling back to Bangkok after seeing locals practice the game a few years back, Cait's latest series shines a light on the superhuman quality of its players.

The visual identity for a disability sports group aims to “shatter stereotypes”

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Superunion has created the branding for Move United, a movement which promotes sports among people with disabilities in America. Move United will launch across 43 states and offers 100,000 people with disabilities opportunities to participate in more than 50 different adaptive sports. It is part of a long-term goal: to make these sports available to 90% of the population by 2028, when the Olympics and Paralympics take place in the US.

A Collage of Overlapping Videos Creates a Wild Rube Goldberg-esque Motion Sequence


Ranging from nature to sports to destructive events, each seconds-long bit appears to lead right into the next in “ Concatenation “—seemingly, a rocket launches straight into a pool ball that then causes a diver to jump into the water. Photography balls fire rockets sports video

Studio Dumbar rebrands Brugge’s women’s soccer team

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It’s been a long time coming, but after years of being overshadowed by male-only leagues, women’s football has finally become a major sporting success in its own right. In the UK, the success of England’s Lionesses has prompted a massive rise in players at a grassroots level, inspiring 850,000 women to take up the sport, while brands from the BBC to Nike and Adidas have launched campaigns in support of the team. Sport

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Karan Singh creates vibrant visuals for the Southeast Asian Games

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Ogilvy Hong Kong commissioned Singh to create a suite of visuals for the Games, which would reflect key sporting events and the tournament’s ethos of ‘togetherness’ Inspired by the competition’s slogan, ‘We Win As One’, Singh created 19 visuals which depict a range of individual and team sports including dance, tennis, boxing and wheelchair archery. Sport

Dive Into a Never-Ending Sequence of Jumps and Tucks in an Olympic-Games Compilation


Photography olympics sports video?. Although devotees of the Olympic games will have to wait until 2021 for the next round of competitions, Donato Sansone channels the same excitement, energy, and displays of strength into an extravagant new mashup. A second iteration of his previous video by the same name, Sansone’s latest motion sequence is comprised of short clips of athletes completing tucks, dives, and pikes.

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How Joe Wicks became the nation’s PE teacher

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Health SportJoe Wicks has inspired millions of people to keep active during lockdowns with his live workout videos. We talk to Nikki Wicks, Head of Content at The Body Coach, and Studio Koto, which is behind its branding, about creating PE With Joe. The post How Joe Wicks became the nation’s PE teacher appeared first on Creative Review.

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Revisiting DogTown and the Legend of the Z-Boys

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With the introduction of the eurothane wheel, skateboards quickly became an underground phenomenon among the daring, innovative youth who made use of drainage ditches and empty backyard pools to create the ultimate DIY sport — which will finally debut at the 2020 Olympics. © Glen E.

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Stunning Photographs From ISU Grand Prix Of Figure Skating 2019

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Photography dance ice sportNatalia Kaliszek and Maksym Spodyriev of Poland compete in the Ice Dance – Free Dance during the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Rostelecom Cup at Megasport Arena on November 16, 2019 in Moscow, Russia. Photo by Maxim Shemetov/Reuters) Alexandra Trusova of Russia competes in the Ladies Free Skating during day 2 of the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Rostelecom Cup at Megasport Arena on November. Source.

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Paris 2024 logo presents “a homage to female athletes”

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The organising committee says in a statement that the use of Marianne is both a nod to the sport’s heritage – namely the fact that women athletes were first allowed to compete at the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris – and a homage to female athletes. SportThe organising committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games has revealed the logo and visual identity for Paris 2024.

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Designers on Sports Direct rebrand: “You can’t simply gift-wrap gaffes”

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With demands on brands to behave more responsibly, Sports Direct already faces an uphill struggle, while the ailing House of Fraser has become a home for some of the less desirable brands in SDI’s portfolio, diluting the premium department store feel. “It’s no secret that Sports Direct is the worst experience on the High Street. The post Designers on Sports Direct rebrand: “You can’t simply gift-wrap gaffes” appeared first on Design Week

How Covid-19 has changed the future of esports

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As physical sports across the globe were grounded by the pandemic, esports continued to thrive, and captured the attention of traditional sports fans along the way. Sport Covid-19

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Photography series by Peter Bartlett captures the chaotic energy of a race meet

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With spectator sports set to continue behind closed doors for the foreseeable future, we wonder when we'll witness such carefree dynamics again? If ever there was a group that justified the phrase 'mixed bunch', it would be horse race crowds.

Beautiful Photos Of The 1971 DeTomaso Pantera

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The De Tomaso Pantera is a mid-engine sports car produced by Italian automobile manufacturer De Tomaso from 1971 to 1993. Technology 1970s cars DeTomaso italy pantera retro sportItalian for “Panther”, the Pantera was the automaker’s most popular model, with over 7,000 manufactured over its twenty-year production run. h/t: The first 1971 Pantera models were powered by a 5.8 L (351 cu in) Ford Cleveland V8 engine having a power output of 335 PS. Source.

Points of Rupture: Welsh artist Phoebe Davies explores the training and recovery of teenage female wrestlers in Oslo

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For her latest series, Points of Rupture, Welsh artist Phoebe Davies takes inspiration from her recent sports injury to explore the tactility, training and rehabilitation of teenage female wrestlers in Oslo, Norway.

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3 Sports Teams That Rebranded With a Logo Change in 2017

Graphic Springs

No one knows the branding power of a great logo better than a sports team. Here are three teams that switched up their logos this year – for better or for worse.

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Nike’s split screen ad is an epic ode to togetherness

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It cleverly combines disparate moments from different times in history, in an attempt to emphasise the many ways sport brings us together and, in some cases, helps prompt change. SportWieden+Kennedy Portland created the campaign, which is made using only archive footage. It also touches on recent events, showing how people around the world have managed to keep playing in spite of stadiums and pitches being closed for lockdown.

Camden Town Brewery launches 'the world's first TV ad you can (sort of) drink'

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The ad makes its TV debut on 18 August, and will also be shown on BT Sport during the Champion's League Semi-Final on 23 August, and on Channel 4 during the weekends of 21-23 August and 28–30 August.

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Classic match day posters designed by From 12 Yards to celebrate the beautiful game

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If you're missing your regular fixture and fancy a little football nostalgia, then these special posters by From 12 Yards will remind you of some of your favourite moments from sporting history. They include "those memories that you cherish as a fan, your favourite sporting moment that you always pull out the bag in conversation or that never fails to make you smile like a Cheshire Cat," so says co-founder, Mark Gee.

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Animal Crossing: Oil paintings by Mayuka Yamamoto of enigmatic children dressed as animals

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Regarded as one of Japan's leading second-generation contemporary artists, whose works depict children sporting animal features and enigmatic expressions, Yamamoto's latest oil paintings appear reticent and introspective.

This Girl Can celebrates its fifth year with an inspirational campaign to break down more barriers

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This Girl Can is back for 2020, as Sport England continues its mission to encourage more women to exercise and get fit. It's 2020, and women can be active however they want to be," says Sport England.

Warmaster Edition Is A Smoked Bourbon Inspired By Vintage Prizefighting Posters

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Warmaster Edition Mesquite Smoked Bourbon Sports a label seemingly inspired by vintage fighting promotional posters

Photographs by Jan Enkelmann of 'glamorous' Brits making their way to the races

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Horse racing is the second-most popular spectator sport after football in England. But, of course, it's much more than a sporting event. It's a chance to dress up, show off and be "seen". Photographer Jan Enkelmann wanted to capture a more honest version of events.

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