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Art Made of Code: monopo london on the design of Matt DesLauriers' debut book

Creative Boom

Who says writing code can't be creative? Meridian is a collection of 1,000 artworks originally released on the digital art platform Art Blocks , each created with code written by Matt. A JavaScript program which runs the code constructs stratified landforms using thousands of small strokes of colour.

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How&How elevates Sauce Labs with an elegant, code-inspired brand identity

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From dinner delivery to banking, maps to movies, we constantly rely on working code. The logo is inspired by based on code brackets, which are crafted to form new frictionless shapes, suggesting a simple and seamless development process. The resulting artwork is gently playful, highlighting the creativity of coding. SauceBot 2.0

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Australian health and performance brand merges ancient codes of strength with futuristic visions

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Gothic history, ancient codes of strength and futuristic visions are very different subject areas, yet the tension between them is "the core of Compound", according to Duru.

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Kubikino: Carolina Melis's generative art uses code to create geometric portraits

Creative Boom

Additionally, I sought to incorporate playful faces, envisioning a code that could generate an infinite community of characters, each possessing distinctive yet akin features." The most fascinating aspect of generative art is the potential to create an immense number of variations using the same underlying code."

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25 Earth Tone Color Palettes (with Hex Codes)

Vandelay Design

Use the provided hex codes to save time choosing colors. The post 25 Earth Tone Color Palettes (with Hex Codes) appeared first on Vandelay Design. These earth tone color palettes are perfect for a wide variety of nature-inspired designs.

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17 Best Online Coding Courses (Free & Paid)

Just Creative

Coding is an invaluable skill that forms the bedrock of many leading companies. In this article, you will discover some of the best online resources that are currently available for learning to code, so you can expedite the learning process without having to waste any more time than is necessary. What Is the Best Online Coding Course?

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Which open-source monospaced font is best for coding?

UX Collective

An analysis of 5 monospaced fonts with coding ligatures Which font do you use for coding? That’s when I wrote the original blog post about 5 monospaced fonts with coding ligatures. Many more monospaced fonts with coding ligatures have sprung up since that blog post so it’s time to revisit and examine five more.

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