What is Environmental Graphic Design?

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What is Environmental Graphic Design? Environmental graphic design, or experiential graphic design as it is called more often these days, despite that being a misnomer, has absolutely nothing to do with Mother Nature – even though the name would have you believe that.

Environmental graphics designed by Buro Creative for UK Mexican dining concept DF / Mexico. Featured on bpando.org #tiles


Environmental graphics designed by Buro Creative for UK Mexican dining concept DF / Mexico. Featured on bpando.org #tiles


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30 Gorgeous Examples of Korean Graphic Design

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There’s something absolutely fascinating about the Korean culture. It has taken over the entire world, with Korean pop stars, Korean makeup, Korean fashion, and everything else Korean dominating the scene everywhere you look.

Nature in Danger & Humanity Under Fire: This Week’s Featured Protest Posters 2 Entries


From a showcase of beauty to a plea of change, a call to protection to a message of hope, this week’s featured designs in Graphis’ Protest Posters 2 competition are all about nature — both earthly and human.



FUNDES wanted to introduce some color and graphics to their office’s interior design. Design Etiquette designed a series of graphics with their different brand colors and phrases to motivate their team and create a wayfinding system for their office.

Strong Statements to Save the World: This Week’s Featured Protest Posters


First up is “Stay Home” (above, left), designed by Sanja Planinic. Design Latest Entries Poster Bosnia and Herzegovina Canada competition Covid 19 Douglas May Environmental Graphic Design Graphis Graphis Inc.

Across the Dotted Line


Joel Derksen combines atonal music, turkish tiles, collage, patterns and lots of color, in this design created for the unique space in the old Truman Brewery in London. Exhibitions Featured Interiors Restaurants art installation bar brewery collage egd environmental graphic design environmental graphics experiential graphics Joel Derksen london murals patterns restaurant

Color 41

Tommy Ruff Fish Bar


The design re-invents the Fish & Chips stereotype to a contemporary experiential brand, offering quirky, colourful interiors with a sprinkle of cool, tattoo styled graphics inspired by old sailor stories and styled nautical features. as we have designed 3 for them so far: Elsternwick, Windsor & Mordialloc). Tommy Ruff is a celebration of family, passion and love of seafood.

The Goods Line


Deuce designed bold and integrated interpretive signage elements embracing and celebrating the history of the site. Copyright of Deuce Design. Exteriors Wayfinding australia deuce design egd environmental graphic design environmental graphics exterior design signage wayfindingThe Goods Line urban renewal project opens up a new pedestrian and cycle network from Railway Square and Ultimo to Darling Harbour.

AMRC Multicultural Centre


Large-scale painted graphics transform working spaces, stairwells and lift areas and reflect the diverse cultures occupying the building. Exteriors Interiors Workplace Adelaide AMRC australia Australian Migrant Resource Centre bathroom sign end environmental graphic design. experiential graphics geometric office placemaking we're open



Frost Collective designed the new experiential graphics for NUBO, a brand that has developed a new concept in children’s play centers, enabling self-learning through connection and play. Collaborating with NUBO and architects Joey Ho and Patrick Leung from PAL Design Architects, Frost Collective created a brand to express an engaging play experience that helps children and families explore, connect, and learn.

Brand 28

Tribute to Michael Bryce by Jack Bryce


SEGD pays tribute to Michael Bryce – Australian architect, environmental graphic designer and longstanding member of SEGD – who died on January 15, 2021, after a long illness. Read Time: 3 minutes.

Bayer Office


Bosque is a Costa Rica-based brand design consultancy. They recently developed the environmental graphic design program for one of the world’s leading life science companies, Bayer. Lighting, interior, and environmental graphic design come together to share a unified vision. Interior Design: 3g Office Costa Rica. Inspired by chemistry and later reinterpreted into a visual signifier, the space becomes an integral experience for the user.

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She moved to the city, enrolled in our full-time course and was a graphic designer three short months later! I have a little bit of a crazy life, but I love the changes and variety that being a designer allows! Want to study graphic design at Shillington?

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Looking to becoming a graphic designer ? If you’re interested in studying graphic design, there’s lot of great places to do so, in person and online, in Pennsylvania, one of America’s oldest states. To be accepted on to Penn State’s Graphic Design B.Des.,