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Artist Shirien Damra's moving mural marks America's first 'Immigrant Day of Resilience'

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Photography by Carla Carrasco Ocampo. Artist Shirien Damra has created a bright and hopeful mural to commemorate 'Immigrant Day of Resilience', a new annual date in the calendar that honours the strength of immigrant communities amid a long history of marginalisation in the United States.

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Architype fuses typography and architecture to forge expressive new alphabet

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Typography and architecture are two disciplines often covered on Creative Boom, but it's rare that we include them in one article. Here's an intriguing exception, though, in the form of the Architype Alphabet , created by Johann Lucchini, an artistic director and illustrator based in Paris.


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Inspirational graphic ephemera courtesy of Tat, a new book by Andy Altmann

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As any graphic designer will know, creative inspiration is everywhere. From storefronts, books and interiors to packaging, fashion.even 'tat'. Yes, that glorious noun that describes junk, rubbish, debris or crap, essentially.

Bespoke typography provides the branding backbone for microbrewery Diagonale

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Launched in 2019, Diagonale is an independent micro-brewery in Broussy-le-Grand, Marne, in northeastern France. At the end of last year, they asked Brand Brothers to craft a visual identity for the project.

Design Thinking Strategies for Facilitating Growth and Performance

Speaker: Carrie Cousins, Founder and Freelancer Writer & Designer at Carrie Cousins LLC

Design thinking is at the root of creative success. Seriously! But do you know how to shift your mindset and creative process – as well as that of your team – to create and ideate in ways that are truly innovative? The most inspired and innovative teams and individual designers need to be a part of a culture that enables forward-thinking, acceleration, and efficiency. It’s a combination of creative, analytical, and collaborative approaches that produce results.

Mask Appeal: Anton Burmistrov's designs give a Mexican twist to tequila brand

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Anton Burmistrov is a multidisciplinary graphic designer born in Estonia, who has lived in Mexico, Colombia, Bangladesh and China, and now resides in London.

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The Future of Design: Meet the playful and unforgettably punchy work of Gydient

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Move The System, Gydient, 2021. Hamburg-based multidisciplinary creative Tra Giang Nguyen is known by her digital pseudonym Gydient that came into play following the founding of Fustic.Studio.

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Get a blast of visual inspiration from these award-winning design projects

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Want to win an award for your designs or just craft better work in general? Then check out our selection of winners from the third Indigo Design Award , which are all fresh and original, and sure to inspire you creatively.

30 awesome illustrators to follow for inspiration in 2021

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Olivia Waller. Whether you're looking for an illustrator to team up with or want a dose of visuals to inspire you, where's the best place to look? The Directory of Illustration of course.

Posters by Formist that champion 'inventive' typography

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Letters are kind of a big deal for Formist – the renowned publisher, type foundry and design studio based in Sydney, Australia. And now it's bringing a whole load of new letters to your walls with the launch of some fresh type posters this month.

Moving animated short shows how caregivers are helping to make history

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One of the silver linings of the Pandemic has been the way it's shone a light on the great and inspiring work done by the care profession. And yet, it's still all too easy to view the residents of care homes as generic and faceless "old people".

Now More Than Ever: Why Communication is Essential For Your Business

Speaker: Danielle Hughes, Chief Personality Officer, More Than Words Marketing

In this presentation, you'll hear from Danielle Hughes, a copywriting and branding expert, on how you can use your personality to connect with your clients and stand out from the clutter. On how being vulnerable and real will create stronger connections and affinity, and how knowing your brand and your audience makes messaging easier for you and more relatable for them.

30 emerging illustrators to support and follow for inspiration in 2021

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Tess Smith-Roberts. Looking to commission an illustrator, or simply want to be creatively inspired by the latest talent? Then you need to check out the Directory of Illustration.

By gum, it's not plastic! Mother Design's branding for disruptive startup Nuud

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Remember the mass campaign to phase out plastic straws that blew up a few years ago? Well, Nuud wants to do the same for plastic chewing gum. And Mother Design has crafted a playful brand identity for this disruptive startup.

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The groundbreaking colour tool that united art with creatures, and artists with zoologists

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What can 21st-century creatives learn from the mid-1800s? Quite a lot, it turns out, when you consider the findings that were made then around chromatic pairs and colour theory, and taking a very designer-ish approach to viewing the world around us.

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Be inspired by these award-winning branding projects by leading designers

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Critical Mass. Ever wondered what it takes to be an "award-winning" designer? Well, check out these branding projects, and you'll soon have a good idea.

Double Bill Posters that show a shared passion for graphic design and movies

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Director, Sofia Coppola © Double Bill Posters, 2021.

Recession Proof Your Business

Speaker: Ean

Facts fight fear. This presentation will outline specific actions you can take to protect your cash manage debt to increase your chances of success in an economic downturn. Suitable for all size businesses (side hustle to C-Corp) with any bookkeeping system.

A typography tribute to Darwin's On the Origin of Species shows the book's own evolution

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It must have been some feat for British graphic designer Simon Phillipson to create a new edition of Charles Darwin's classic On the Origin of Species , highlighting all the linguistic changes the famous naturalist made between the book's first and last publication.

Illustrator Yichin Chen's take on 1950s American shopping catalogues

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Are You Tired of Swiping? Yichin Chen. Using the visual language of the 1950s shopping catalogues that widely spread all over America seven decades ago, this illustration series by Yichin Chen is a visual experiment in probing the so-called beauty and social norms of modern-day society.

Want to know the difference between graphic design and visual design?

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Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels. As a graphic designer, have you ever thought about getting into visual design? Maybe you've heard the term and wondered how it's different from graphic design, or whether it has anything to do with creating for the web.

Blurred paintings inspired by the Old Masters, created with layers of aerosol paint

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From the series, The Past, Present & Imperceptible © Miaz Brothers. With a radical new approach to portraiture and a signature style characterised by layers of aerosol paint, the Miaz Brothers have always pushed perception and interpretation to their very limits.

Practical Financial Advice for Creatives in Crisis

Speaker: Jason Blumer, CPA

This webinar provides practical and honest financial advice for those running creative businesses in crisis. The economic disruption brought about by the spread of the coronavirus has caught us all by surprise. Come learn how you need to act now in areas of cash, finances, tax, and the financial side of your business. There will be a time for Q&A as well

Be inspired by 10 graphic designers and illustrators who scooped an A' Design Award

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Celebrating and recognising some of the world's best artists, designers and other creative professionals, the A' Design Awards is an opportunity to get noticed in front of millions.

Wistful, soft portraits by Bao Pham full of colour and eastern influences

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Xuan © Bao Pham. All images courtesy of Corey Helford Gallery and the artists. Iowa-based Vietnamese painter and illustrator Bao Pham is renowned for his soft and precise portraits of wistful and melancholic figures bursting with colour and set in lush natural settings.

Susan Kandel's photography explores the world of America's East Coast Catholics

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When the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church comes to town, you might expect a photographer to grab their long lens and try to get a shot of the pontiff. But when Pope John Paul II visited the Boston Common in October 1979, American photographer Susan Kandel took a different approach.

Klaus Kremmerz animates quarantine boredom with a Hitchcockian spin

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Too much lockdown can make you forget to mind your own business as a neighbour. Some of us have become curtain twitchers keeping tabs on who's not sticking to the rules, who's flytipping, and who's playing about with the refuse bins.

Web Design for All: Accessibility, Inclusivity and Beyond

Speaker: Eden Spivak, Design Expert and Editor at Wix & Nir Horesh, Accessibility Lead and Senior Product Manager at Wix

When we design products or websites for people like ourselves, there are many others who are, as a result, left out. In this webinar, we’ll delve into why accessibility matters. Yet however well-intended, website accessibility is too often seen as a checklist to be marked off at the end of the design process. Our goal is to shift the discussion around accessible design from accommodating the needs of a small minority group to creating better, more inclusive interfaces for us all - no matter our identity, background, knowledge, or ability.

Uncommon's B&Q ads put a Spring into everybody's step

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It's been a rare case of nature imitating human events. Just as Britain lifts out of lockdown, winter is turning to spring, with blue skies, warmer temperatures and flowers blossoming everywhere.

Whimsical themes, everyday scenes: the art of Loe Lee

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Loe Lee is a Chinese-American illustrator, designer, and muralist whose whimsical images tell short stories with a bit of splash of magic.

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Avoiding the unnecessary: Brodie Kaman's tactile, typographically-led practice

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Berlin-based art director and graphic designer Brodie Kaman is a force to be reckoned with, boasting a captivating practice that combines a dynamic starkness with a relaxed, somewhat free-hand candidness across the work he does. "I

King Owusu creates loving portraits in tribute to the 'strong women' in his life

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King Owusu is celebrating his West African heritage this month by representing the inspiring matriarchal figures in his Ghanaian-London community in a new series of portraits on display on billboards across London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Sheffield, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

What in the World is a Force Majeure?

Speaker: Michele Berdinis

This session will answer business law questions that people are asking most during the pandemic.

Boats and Other Phallic Symbols: The Extraordinary Life of Yayoi Kusama

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Image credit: Itsuo Inouye/AP/Shutterstock. A new book in publisher Laurence King's Lives of Artists series is published later this month, detailing the incredible life of Yayoi Kusama.

Acclaimed director Brent Harris says a fond farewell to Daft Punk in new film

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Award-winning commercials and film director Brent Harris has just released La Légende, a short film that pays homage to Daft Punk. Harris says his three-minute tribute is a "love letter" to the electronic music duo who disbanded in February.

Juergen Teller and Wolfgang Tillmans respond to 'digital addiction' in new project PRSNT

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Zhong Lin - #172 #ringbuoy and posted on 16th Oct 2020 based on Instagram © Zhonglin.

How to be creative on demand

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Image licensed via Adobe Stock. Remember this time last year, when lockdown hit: how many of us said we were going to use the extra time to start a side hustle, write a novel, launch a podcast? And yet for most of us, just having the spare time to do so wasn't enough.

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The utterly joyous world of Hollie Fuller and the importance of silliness

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Packed to the rafters with character, charm and cheer, Lincolnshire-based illustrator Hollie Fuller beguiles us with her utterly joyful and wholesome practice that toes the line between feeling geometric and feeling candid.

Last call to enter the world's largest design competition

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Lifewtr Series 7: Art Through Technology by PepsiCo Design and Innovation, A' Design Award winner in Packaging Design, 2019 - 2020.

Dawn Yang on how 2020 changed her perspective and her illustrations

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It's the posters and illustrations of the golden age of Art Deco that inspire much of Dawn Yang 's art. The New York-based illustrator is also crazy about the "curious details" and the use of lines and colours found in Erté and Kay Nielsen's work.

Pop art-inspired designs by Thirst Craft in a juicy new identity for Brooklyn Brewery's Hazy IPA

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Glasgow studio Thirst Craft has just launched a new identity and packaging design for the world-famous Brooklyn Brewery 's new Hazy IPA, combining two of New York's icons: pop art and beer.

Genie Espinosa on her love of Disney and horror, but her hate for bananas

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Interviewing Genie Espinosa is exactly as you'd imagine from the illustrator's personal, playful art style. The Spanish creative's emails are sprinkled with capital letters, heaps of ha-has and exclamations, and a lot of honesty amidst her freewheeling words.

Tomesha Faxio's photographs celebrate the beauty of black hair in its most natural state

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© Tomesha Faxio. In photographer and mixed-media artist Tomesha Faxio 's powerful new series, we see a celebration of pride, authenticity and blackness.