Alexandra Francis creates bright and observational digital illustrations inspired by her fine art charcoal drawings

Creative Boom

While studying Fine Art at Lancaster University, her specialism was hyper-realistic charcoal drawing, so she tries to feed that skill through her digital work wherever possible, "whether that be through tone, texture or just drawing what I can see".

May Parlar’ Large Scale Fine Art Photography


Berlin-based photographer and video artist May Parlar often uses outdoor open spaces for her impressive fine art photographs. The post May Parlar’ Large Scale Fine Art Photography appeared first on Trendland Online Magazine Curating the Web since 2006.


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Spectacular Winning Images of the 7th Fine Art Photography Awards

Design You Trust

The winners of the 7th Fine Art Photography Awards present a surreal assortment of shots from sci-fi styled snaps of subways to spectacularly sublime landscapes. Founded in 2014, the Fine Art Photography Awards is an exceptionally broad photo contest.

Permission to Fear: How Brooke Shaden Became a Fine Art Photographer

Creative Live

Fear is often seen as a weakness to be overcome — but for fine art photographer Brooke Shaden, fear became a launching point to a creative career. Confronting what scares you and doing it anyways is how you find art that means something, that has a connection to other people”- Brooke Shaden Click To Tweet. Along with creating art on her own terms, she went on to write a book and to teach online and in-person workshops.

The Simpsons Meets Fine Art in Amazing Mash-Ups

Design You Trust

Instagram account Fine Art Simpsons brings together the world of fine art with that of the The Simpsons. Inspirations art classic humor mashups paintings photomanipulations simpsons

Minimalist And Colorful Fine Art Photography By Valentina Loffredo

Design You Trust

Valentina specializes in fine art and geometry photography. Creative photographic creations by Valentina Loffredo, a talented photographer, and contemporary artist who was born in 1978 in Napoli, Italy and currently lives and works in Hong Kong.

“Bestiary 5+”: Virtual Museum Of Children’s Fine Arts

Design You Trust

It’s dedicated to children’s work of art. An art teacher’s virtual museum consists of photos of ceramics, drawings, mysterious animals and surreal portraits. An art teacher, Andrei Petrov, created the page. Design art fine kids

An Instagram Account Of Fine Art Portraits Of Black People Throughout The Centuries

Design You Trust

Acoording to a creator of @centuriesofblackpeopleinart Instagram account: “In response to requests on here I have created an instagram page of Fine Art portraits and depictions of Black people throughout the centuries. Inspirations art black blm fine paintings portraits

Bunch Auctions Offers 20th- and 21st-Century Fine Art From the Stephen Heighton Collection


On June 30, Bunch Auctions ’ 20th- and 21st-Century Fine Art Auction draws together a remarkable selection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, and media art by influential contemporary artists. Nina Chanel Abney’s “Untitled” (2007), acrylic on canvas.

‘Anonymous Women’ series by Patty Carrol


FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY Faceless Fine Art fine art photography installations Patty Carroll photography set set design womenPhotographer Patty Carroll has been known for her use of highly intense, saturated color photographs since the 1970’s.

In Conversation with Photographer Jill Burrow


From picnics at golden hour to underwater dinner parties and dishes set in jelly, the work of this American photographer and art director reveals the creative potential in playing with our food. FINE ART STILL LIFE Fine Art fine art photography Interview PHOTOGRAPHY Still Life PhotographyWords Emily Sandiford. Jill Burrow is an expert in al fresco dining.

Barnett Freedman “saw no difference between commercial work and fine art”

Design Week

What made him stand out, Mason says, is that he was a “supreme master of lithography” Freedman’s cover for Memoirs of an Infantry Officer It meant he could “cross boundaries between art and design”, she adds.

Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts by Barozzi Veiga

This is Paper

14.11.2019Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts by BAROZZI VEIGAResearch, Architecture, Interiors. Photography: Simon Menges The goal of the project is to transform an area of Lausanne into a new arts district centred around the city’s three main museums: Fine Arts, Photography and the Museum of Design and Contemporary Applied Arts. Barcelona-based firm Barozzi Veiga has completed a major new museum in Switzerland, which will open to the public in October 2019.

Pieter Henket Explores Cultural Mythologies in his ‘Congo Tales’ Series


FINE ART Fine Art fine art photography photographer PHOTOGRAPHYWords TL Team. Pieter Henket ’s Congo Tales series explores cultural mythologies of the local inhabitants of the Congo Basin, containing some of the largest tropical rainforests in the world.

Steven Holl Architects Unveils Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Azure Magazine

Slowly but surely, Texas is becoming a new locus of cultural centres designed by some of the leading figures in architecture, art and design today. The post Steven Holl Architects Unveils Museum of Fine Arts Houston appeared first on Azure Magazine.

Cristina Coral Conceptual Photography


FEATURED FINE ART conceptual photography Cristina Coral Fine Art photographer photography

Vincent Fournier: Brasília, Modernist Utopias at Atelier Jespers


FEATURED FINE ART Atelier Jespers brasilia Fine Art fine art photography french photographer Modernist Utopias Photo Brussels Festival photographer photography Spazio Nobile Gallery Vincent Fournier

The Cinematic Photography World of Paolo Barretta


FINE ART cinematic Fine Art I am Winter moody Paolo Barretta photographer photography PORTRAITSItalian photographer Paolo Barretta knows as ‘I am winter’ on Instagram, has done some stunning moody and cinematic portraits images.

Prince Gyasi’s Soulful and Vibrant iPhone Photography


Color, color, color is an essential element for Ghanaian artist Prince Gyasi’s fine art photography work, looking at his photo prints, you’re immediately struck by the soulful and vibrant colors, his vivid hues are more than aesthetically appealing because for Gyasi, “color can serve as a therapy, it can treat depression and transform emotions.”

Colorful Surf Photography by Fotomas


FEATURED FINE ART Colorful Fotomas long exposure photography surf surf photography Thomas FotomasFrench 'Oceanscape' photographer Fotomas has been shooting some pretty delightful surf photographs.

Color 91

A Moveable Beast by Helge Skodvin


FEATURED FINE ART "animal" Fine Art fine art photography Helge Skodvin photography stuffed taxidermy Taxidermy photography

Xuebing Du’s Surrealist Floral Fantasy


Born in China and raised in Cupertino, California, Du graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a Master’s degree in Web Design and New Media. FINE ART fine art photography Floral floral art Flower Art Flowers Mother of Pearl photography Xuebing Du

Fine art developed from hours of cartoon watching? Yes please

Its Nice That

Although developing his style from a young age, it took artist Jason Murphy a little while to find his “visual key”.

The Alpaca River Photographed by Paolo Pettigiani


FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY travel photographyWords TL Team. On the road to Patapampa in Peru, Italian photographer Paolo Pettigiani photographed his latest project: “Alpaca River”.

The Beauty of the Absent


FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY body color dance dancers expressionism Fine Art fine art photography improvisation Mexico Mexico City photographer photography rodrigo chapaRodrigo Chapa is a Mexican artist who has been working with photography for the past 12 years. His background in design is revealed in his work because of his impeccable use of an undeniable grid.

One-Shot “MOVEMENT” Photography Competition Winners


FEATURED PHOTOGRAPHY fine art photographyThey always have such a great selection photography collection at the International Photography Award. Today, the IPA announced the winners for its special themed photography competition One-Shot “MOVEMENT”.

Pools From Above


FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY poolWords TL Team. Aerial photographer Brad Walls , also known as Bradscanvas , has just released his latest series Pools From Above - an ode to the beauty found in the shapes, colors and textures of swimming pools.

Arch McLeish’s Dreamlike Photographs Transport Us To The In-between


New York-based photographer and art director Arch McLeish likes the solace of empty places. FEATURED PHOTOGRAPHY fine art photographyWords Emily Sandiford. His photography embraces traces of people, freeing up the space they leave behind for a myriad of interpretations.

A Solitude Feeling with this Tribute to Edward Hopper


FEATURED FINE ART Edward Hopper miniature photography set set design TributeA series from 2000, but some reasons feels very relevant right now. French photographer couple Clark et Pougnaud shot this stunning tribute to Edward Hopper.

Tyler Mitchell Shows Us A Vision Of Black Utopia


BOOK & MAG PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORIAL fine art photography Tyler MitchellWords Emily Sandiford. Brooklyn-based Tyler Mitchell emerged into the limelight as the first black photographer to shoot an American Vogue cover.

Rescued Chickens at Home with Their People

Feature Shoot

Documentary Features Fine Art Portraits animal photography animal rescue catskill animal santuary documentary photography farmed animals fine art photography Janet Holmes nest portrait photography rescued chickensValencia Jayne. Alexa and Maddie.

Overlooked Black Rescue Dogs Shine in Emotional Portraits

Feature Shoot

Features Fine Art adopt don't shop animal photography animal rescue black dogs dog adoption Emma O'Brein fine art photography portrait photographyOllie. Ex stock broker. Made his millions in the Dotcom boom and now spends 6 months of the year on his yacht in Monaco. Henry.

Radiant Girls of the African Diaspora, Adorned in Crowns, Lace, and Pearls

Feature Shoot

“African American children have primarily been ignored as the center within the canon of the art world,” she says. Features Fine Art Interviews Portraits fine art photography portrait photography Tokie Rome-TaylorCrowned. My People Could Fly.

Inspiring Incarcerated Individuals to Visualize Their Dreams in Photos

Feature Shoot

A visual storyteller, arts educator, and journalist, Maxon employs an interdisciplinary approach that acknowledges the socio-historical context to his work in order to create a space for multiple voices to address the issues at stake.

Donaldo Barros transforms the streets into abstract images


In the Streetnetic project, Donaldo Barros uses photography to turn city streets into art. FINE ART abstract art abstract images abstract photography artist Donaldo Barros kinetic art kinetic photografy photografy Streetnetic

Announcing the Winner of the Global Billboard Project in Sydney

Feature Shoot

As part of the latest edition of our worldwide initiative, two of her pictures will be shown front-and-center on a billboard in trendy Chippendale, a neighborhood known for its vibrant art scene, reaching thousands of passersby over the course of a four-week run.

Mysterious Celebration “La Diablada” Captured by Gaby Herbstein


FINE ART TRAVEL argentina Aymara celebration costume fine art photography Gaby Herbstein La Diablada photographer travel photographyArgentinian photographer Gaby Herbstein captured the essence of “La Diablada” (Dance of the Demons) in her recent series that documents the wonderful and popular celebration that takes place every year in the Northern Jujuy province, Argentina.

Tom Blachford New Series: Midnight Modern V


FINE ART photography plam spring Tom Blachford villa vintage carAustralian photographer Tom Blachford is back again with his stunning vintage cars and Palm Springs Villas taken with long exposure solely under the full moon light.

The Artist Who Escaped New York’s COVID-19 Pandemic Without Leaving Home

Feature Shoot

Fine Art Interviews fine art photography Karine Laval The Great EscapeQuarantine 11. Qu ar antine 16. When the COVID-19 crisis first hit the United States, New York City became the epicenter for the pandemic.

Exploring Black Masculinity Through the Lens of Black Women and Non-Binary Artists

Feature Shoot

We thought about Thelma Golden’s stellar exhibition Black Male: Representations of Masculinity in Contemporary American Art at the Whitney Museum in 1994. Bre’Ann White (Detroit, MI, USA). Deity I, 2015. Jana Williams (Philadelphia, PA, USA).

Announcing the Winners of the Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards

Feature Shoot

In her series Shadows of My Mind , the Dutch fine art photographer Renata Dutrée captures moments of mystery, apprehension, and escape against the backdrop of our uncertain times. LJ and his Fort © Rashod Taylor.

Submit to The Print Swap Exhibition in Athens, Greece

Feature Shoot

Fine Art Online Exhibitions Opportunities Print Swaps animal photography Athens fine art photography Greece landscape photography portrait photography street photography The Print Swap

Poolside Symmetrical Series by Soo Burnell


FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY Edinburgh photography pool soo burnell swimming Pool symmetry Wes AndersonSoo Burnell is a Edinburgh-based photographer passionate for architecture.