May Parlar’ Large Scale Fine Art Photography


Berlin-based photographer and video artist May Parlar often uses outdoor open spaces for her impressive fine art photographs. The post May Parlar’ Large Scale Fine Art Photography appeared first on Trendland Online Magazine Curating the Web since 2006.

Minimalist And Colorful Fine Art Photography By Valentina Loffredo

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Valentina specializes in fine art and geometry photography. Creative photographic creations by Valentina Loffredo, a talented photographer, and contemporary artist who was born in 1978 in Napoli, Italy and currently lives and works in Hong Kong.

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Permission to Fear: How Brooke Shaden Became a Fine Art Photographer

Creative Live

Fear is often seen as a weakness to be overcome — but for fine art photographer Brooke Shaden, fear became a launching point to a creative career. Along with creating art on her own terms, she went on to write a book and to teach online and in-person workshops.

Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts by Barozzi Veiga

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14.11.2019Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts by BAROZZI VEIGAResearch, Architecture, Interiors. Barcelona-based firm Barozzi Veiga has completed a major new museum in Switzerland, which will open to the public in October 2019.

Barnett Freedman “saw no difference between commercial work and fine art”

Design Week

What made him stand out, Mason says, is that he was a “supreme master of lithography” Freedman’s cover for Memoirs of an Infantry Officer It meant he could “cross boundaries between art and design”, she adds.

Prince Gyasi’s Soulful and Vibrant iPhone Photography


FEATURED FINE ART black skin colorful Photography colors Fine Art fine art photography Ghana Iphone Photography photography Prince Gyasi

A Moveable Beast by Helge Skodvin


FEATURED FINE ART "animal" Fine Art fine art photography Helge Skodvin photography stuffed taxidermy Taxidermy photography

Vincent Fournier: Brasília, Modernist Utopias at Atelier Jespers


FEATURED FINE ART Atelier Jespers brasilia Fine Art fine art photography french photographer Modernist Utopias Photo Brussels Festival photographer photography Spazio Nobile Gallery Vincent Fournier

The Beauty of the Absent


FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY body color dance dancers expressionism Fine Art fine art photography improvisation Mexico Mexico City photographer photography rodrigo chapaRodrigo Chapa is a Mexican artist who has been working with photography for the past 12 years.

Xuebing Du’s Surrealist Floral Fantasy


Born in China and raised in Cupertino, California, Du graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a Master’s degree in Web Design and New Media. FINE ART fine art photography Floral floral art Flower Art Flowers Mother of Pearl photography Xuebing Du

Overlooked Black Rescue Dogs Shine in Emotional Portraits

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Features Fine Art adopt don't shop animal photography animal rescue black dogs dog adoption Emma O'Brein fine art photography portrait photographyOllie. Ex stock broker. Made his millions in the Dotcom boom and now spends 6 months of the year on his yacht in Monaco. Henry.

The Cinematic Photography World of Paolo Barretta


FINE ART cinematic Fine Art I am Winter moody Paolo Barretta photographer photography PORTRAITSItalian photographer Paolo Barretta knows as ‘I am winter’ on Instagram, has done some stunning moody and cinematic portraits images.

Mysterious Celebration “La Diablada” Captured by Gaby Herbstein


FINE ART TRAVEL argentina Aymara celebration costume fine art photography Gaby Herbstein La Diablada photographer travel photography

2006 84

Giving Back During the COVID-19 Crisis: 11 Initiatives from Photographers, Galleries, and More

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As art fairs go dark and galleries go online, the future of individual jobs–and the industry itself–remains uncertain. Daniel Cooney Fine Art’s Emerging Photographers Auction. Art for Assistants by Tim Tadder.

A History of Photography as Seen Through the Eyes of Howard Greenberg

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In a world where the art market feeds a compulsion to buy and sell, to trade art like a commodity, the words of Oscar Wilde may spring to mind: “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”. Young girl in profile, 1948. Consuelo Kanaga (American, 1894–1978).

Exploring Black Masculinity Through the Lens of Black Women and Non-Binary Artists

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We thought about Thelma Golden’s stellar exhibition Black Male: Representations of Masculinity in Contemporary American Art at the Whitney Museum in 1994. Bre’Ann White (Detroit, MI, USA). Deity I, 2015. Jana Williams (Philadelphia, PA, USA).

Announcing The Winners of the Print Swap Exhibitions (Plus Some Big News)

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‘Unwinding’ © Anna-Lena Guske ( @momentznotthings ), Berlin, Germany, part of the showcase at Endorffeine Coffee Bar in Los Angeles. ‘Perpetual Landscape’ © Melissa Stewart ( @mellisstew ), Victoria, Australia, part of the showcase at Chapter One Cafe and Wine Bar in Sydney.

Print 83

Nostalgic Photos Make Us Long for the NYC of Yesteryear

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Fine Art Portraits fine art photography Justin Bettman portrait photographyThe photographer Justin Bettman moved to New York City from California at the age of twenty-one, filled with expectation about what he’d find once he arrived.

Feed: Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts / BAROZZI VEIGA

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14.11.2019 — Architecture, Interiors Barozzi Veiga clads monolithic Art Museum in Lausanne with vertical brick fins

5 Inspiring Photo Books That Spark Creativity

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Our favorite assignments include classic exercises from historic art movements as well as quirky routines you’ll never find anywhere else. Imaginarium: The Process Behind the Pictures by Claire Rosen.

Book 63

‘Alone in the Night’ by Axel Corjon


FEATURED FINE ART Axel Corjon french photographer long exposure night photography photographer photographyA very actual series by French photographer Axel Corjon with ongoing series, “Alone in the Night”.

The 6 Visual Trends That Will Define 2020

Inspiration Feed

Do trendy visuals of 2020 remind you of something you’ve seen before? Keep calm, you are not alone. Trends tend to evolve inevitably get built on with new references and movements in visual communication.

2020 62

John Drossos’s ‘Urban Mist’ Series


FINE ART John Drossos mist misty misty photography moody photographer photographyGreek photographer, John Drossos contacted us via our Submit page to introduce us to his misty and wonderful photographic world.

Poolside Symmetrical Series by Soo Burnell


FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY Edinburgh photography pool soo burnell swimming Pool symmetry Wes AndersonSoo Burnell is a Edinburgh-based photographer passionate for architecture.

50 Artists Donate to Support the Australian Bushfire Photo Appeal, Launching Today

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Features Fine Art alec soth Bushfire Photo Appeal Larry Towell Laurence Watts Martin Parr Peyton Fulford Susan MeiselasAlec Soth, “Pacific Coast Highway”, 2016. Katrin Koenning, “Untitled”, 2018.

2012 89

Illustrating African Folktales of the Congo Basin in Photographs

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“These stories are etiological myths that tell of the origin of creatures and things the conquest of fire, and the abandonment of tradition,” August Miabeto writes in “Nature as Mother of the Arts,” an essay included in the book.

Welcome to the Utopian-Dytopian Universe of Karen Khachaturov

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But Khachaturov’s photographs are strangely appealing, their soft pastel palettes suggesting: Everything is just fine. Theme Friday fine art photography Karen Khachaturov This Desperate Society of Ours

Neal Grundy Floating Fabrics in ‘Transient Sculptures’


FINE ART fabrics Freeze Motion Freeze Motion photography Neal Grundy photography Transient Sculptures

Enchanting Photos from a Cabin in the Woods

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Aint-Bad will be at Boston Art Book Fair from November 8th through 10th and the Chicago Art Book Fair from the 15th to 17th with The Arc. United States documentary photography fine art photography Jen Ervin portrait photography South Carolina the arcNight Swimming, 2017.

2012 99

A Portrait of Francesca Woodman Through the Photographs She Left Behind

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“She lived her art. She looked like her art. She had the vocabulary of art. ’ Francesca Woodman: Portrait of a Reputation is on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver through April 5, 2020. George Lange, Untitled photograph, circa 1975-1978.

Print 84

A New Exhibition Looks at Our Complex Relationship with Animals

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Join four of the artists 4:30 PM on October 24th for a panel discussion , moderated by Dr. Keri Cronin, author of Art for Animals. Watson animal photography documentary photography fine art photography Jo-Anne McArthur Lee Deigaard portrait photography Shannon Johnstone Traer Scott

Climate Change Through an Architectural Lens

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Though they are not documents of real things, they vividly convey possibilities, portending a future that reminds us just how often life follows art. They embodied many of the values of the Arts and Crafts Movement in that they promoted a close relationship with nature.

Arlene Gottfried’s Mesmerizing Photographs of New York in the 1980s

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All images: © Arlene Gottfried, courtesy of Daniel Cooney Fine Art. Theme Friday After Dark Arlene Gottfried black and white photography cityscape photography Daniel Cooney Fine Art documentary photography nightlife photography portrait photography

Tripping Through California During the 1970s, In Photos

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Theme Friday documentary photography fine art photography landscape photography portrait photography Roger Steffens The Family Acid: California

Announcing The Print Swap Exhibitions in Sydney and Los Angeles!

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‘Morning Swim’ © Carl Henry ( @wildlightphotographer ), Houston, TX, part of the showcase at Chapter One Cafe and Wine Bar in Sydney.

Print 91

An Intimate Look Inside Saul Leiter’s East Village Art Studio

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In 1952, American photographer Saul Leiter set up a studio on East 10th Street back when the East Village was just that – an obscure outpost for bohemian life that drew artists, jazz musicians, beatniks, and other bon vivants who sought affordable rents so that they could live and make art.

Art 83

Lisa Congdon: The 7 Stages to Becoming an Artist When No One Knows Your Name

Creative Live

Fine artist, illustrator, and author Lisa Congdon was named among 200 Women Who Will Change the Way You See The World — but starting out, Lisa Congdon was just a name. While she graduated with a liberal arts degree, fine art wasn’t even on her radar.

An Exploration of Africa’s LGBTQ Communities

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“Today, many African photographers have reclaimed this art form to fight these stereotypes and depict a more human, complete and accurate version of Africa and its people. Fine Art Interviews African photography Boy Wives & Female Husbands staged narrative Yannis Guilbinga

2001 64

Ancient Symbolism | Modern Consciousness


Beginning her career as an archaeologist, having received Bachelor of Arts degrees […]. DESIGNERS FINE ART egypt Fine Art gemstones goldsmiths Greece jewelry korea LookBook Loren Nicole luxury jewelry positive luxury

Ancient Symbolism | Modern Consciousness


Beginning her career as an archaeologist, having received Bachelor of Arts degrees […]. BRANDING DESIGNERS FINE ART egypt Fine Art gemstones goldsmiths Greece jewelry korea Loren Nicole luxury jewelry positive luxury

2006 69

Armands Freibergs’ experimental works recreate surrealist paintings as 3D environments

Its Nice That

The KABK grad combines his backgrounds in graffiti, classical fine arts and graphic design in his unique portfolio.

Lucid Pathways: Moody And Atmospheric Urban Landscapes By Pierre Putman

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Spectacular urban landscapes by Pierre Putman, a talented fine art photographer, and visual artist currently based in Ghent, Belgium. Pierre received his MA in Printmaking from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent.

This Artist Creates An Abstract Illusion Using Only Black And White Bodypainting

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Michal Zahornacky is professional fine art photographer from Slovakia. He mainly focuses on fine-art and conceptual portraits. He is a self-taught. The main role in his photography plays the human.