Witty ‘Coronavirus Tourism’ Posters Advertise the Thrilling Adventures of Staying Home


Global travel may have stopped almost entirely, but the “Coronavirus Tourism Bureau” is ramping up its latest campaign. Illustration advertising COVID-19 posters and prints tourismAll images © Jennifer Baer. The creator of this fictional entity, California-based graphic designer Jennifer Baer , illustrated a set of coronavirus-themed posters promoting the most luxurious of staycation activities in an effort to support social distancing practices.

Wyoming Office of Tourism spot

Communication Arts

“WY Responsibly” encourages people to use the silence and empty spaces to re-evaluate how they will approach life when it gets back to normal. Article

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How Travel Chatbots are Helping City Tourism


Worldwide tourism has immense potential for growth, and this sector has evolved drastically in the last few decades. Now travel, and tourism is becoming one of the mainstays of the world economy. According to The United Nations World Tourism Organization report, International tourist arrivals worldwide have grown from 25 million in 1950 to 1.4 Similarly, international tourism revenues worldwide have grown from 2 billion US dollars in 1950 to 1.3

Nara’s Famous Deer Wander Streets, Station In Search Of Food After Coronavirus Tourism Drop

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nanamiw Nara, Japan boasts the world’s largest bronze Buddha statue and the UNESCO World Heritage Site it is enshrined at, Todaiji Temple, but tourists may be equally enamored by the famous free-roaming deer that reside in the nearby Nara Park. At least 1,500 deer roam around the park, and have become the symbolic animal of the surrounding area (sometimes even regarded as messengers of Shinto. Source. Animals coronavirus japan nara

Spotted: New Logo for Northern Ireland Tourism

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Visit Link. About Spotted posts. No further images are included. No opinion is given. Not even a punny title. These are just… spotted. Best available link to learn more about the change (or the company) provided in the link above. Poll and comments are open

Milton Glaser's art school celebrates the iconic 'I Heart NY' designer's career

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Glaser co-founded New York Magazine in 1968, and so we also see one of his many covers for the publication; that Bob Dylan album poster design; promo posters for the likes of Dick Gregory; as well as a personal highlight piece he designed to promote tourism to the Catskills mountains.

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Dutch Artist Dre Wapenaar Creates Unique Tear-Drop Tent Stays In Borgloon, Belgium

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Travel belgium tents tourism treeReuters Rather than take a summer holiday abroad during the coronavirus pandemic, some Belgians are trying a novel camping experience at home, spending a night in a tear drop-shaped tent hanging from a tree. More: Dre Wapenaar, Instagram h/t: traveller Reuters The idea of Dutch artist Dre Wapenaar, the tree tents double as an art installation and are considered sculpture. Source.

Photographer Arnhel de Serra turns the lens back on today’s selfie-stick culture

Its Nice That

His absurd photography captures everything from the tackiness of tourism to the welly-wanging nature of home counties Britain. What do people do in their leisure time? For some, the simple act of people watching is a hobby, but for Arnhel de Serra, it’s an art. Read more

Photographer Travels Across Russia and Captures Forgotten Artefacts Of The Post-Soviet Era

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Her Instagram dedicated to industrial tourism and Soviet architecture have already attracted an impressive audience. Photographer Lana Sator travels across Russia in search of abandoned places.

MasterCard - Believe in Experiences


They use moments, in different situations like gastronomy, tourism, soccer competitions to illustrate that with super smart photos recreating the MasterCard logo. . MasterCard - Believe in Experiences. abduzeedo 09.17.20

Italian Artist Pietro Cataudella Combines Drawings and Real Objects Into Amazing and Funny Sketches

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Pietro actually works with many digital agencies, international brands, tourism agencies or museums. Pietro Cataudella is 29 year old graphic designer, illustrator and content creator who lives in Pisa, Italy. He never studied art, illustration or architecture. He has a degree in geology, he learned those skills by himself! Besides that, he manages his own project called CityLiveSketch that he. Source. Inspirations art classic drawings sketchbook sketches travel

Photographs from the last 100 years show different perspectives on everyday life and its banality

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Beijing World Park , a new project from artist and collector Thomas Sauvin , is dedicated to tourism and our relationship to monuments. If you want to get a sense of how we live today compared to previous generations, then a series of exhibitions at Institut pour la Photographie in Lille will give you a fascinating insight.

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Tales of Ceylon

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Antyra Solutions’s site introduces the rich history and culture of Sri Lanka to encourage tourism. Article

Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for CETT by Mucho

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Established in 1969, CETT (which originally stood for Centro de Enseñzas Turísticas, Center for Tourism Teachings ) is a leading higher education school for Tourism, Hospitality, and Gastronomy, affiliated with the University of Barcelona. The aesthetic experiences that all three --Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy-- provoke is what binds these areas together. “A Learning Experience”.

Paintings by Nancy Cadogan that celebrate the 'deep sense of connection' artists have with Italy

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In her latest series, Gusto, Nancy Cadogan reflects on her close ties with Italy and hopes to support the recovery of the Italian art scene and tourism following the devastating impact of coronavirus. The British artist has pledged to donate proceeds from the sale of her works to the Italian Red Cross, an organisation offering frontline support in hospitals to victims of the crisis.

A Jaw-Dropping Bridge Goes Up in Norway

Azure Magazine

With a selection of routes from Varanger in the north to Jæren in the south, the initiative by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration shows that, when done correctly, communal infrastructure can propel tourism.

In Search Of Adventure: Wonderful Travel-Inspired Photo Works Of Ryan Resatka

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His passion for adventure has allowed him to work with a variety of world-class brands, companies, and tourism boards. Ryan Resatka is an adventure photographer based out of Los Angelas, California who has a passion for the outdoors and traveling. More: Ryan Resatka, Instagram “I’m Ryan Resatka. I’m an adventure travel photographer. I’m originally form Boston, Massachusets. Source. Photography adventures travel

Two Curious Gerbils Visit (and Chew on) a Miniature Art Museum Made by Their Quarantined Owners


Stay-home orders around the world have inspired people to fill their time creatively—think the recreations of well-known artworks and “Coronavirus Tourism Bureau” posters we mentioned last week. All images © Filippo and Marianna. But rather than fashion a mock art exhibition for themselves, this London couple thought a little bit smaller. Filippo and Marianna created The Gerbil Museum , a miniature gallery space for their two 9-month-old gerbils, Pandoro and Tiramisù.

Noted: New Logo and Campaign for All in NYC by Aruliden

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Launched 2020) " The Coalition for NYC Hospitality & Tourism Recovery , an initiative of NYC & Company, the official destination marketing organization and convention and visitors bureau for the five boroughs of New York City, today unveiled its roadmap for tourism reimagining and recovery, a Stay Well NYC Pledge and new revitalization campaign, All In NYC (PDF). “One for all, all for One”.

This Travel Account Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

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There are bloggers, YouTubers, Instagram influencers, and they all focus on tourism, adventure, lifestyle, and photography, so standing out is pretty difficult. The internet is choke-full of travelers. But this one Instagram account has found an ingenious way to do just that, with creativity, humor and a hefty amount of nostalgia. More: Instagram h/t: playjunkie View this post on Instagram. Source. Photography travel wally

Noted: New Logo and Identity for Vancouver's North Shore by LOKI

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Vancouver's North Shore Tourism Association is a destination marketing organization comprised of three municipalities: The District of West Vancouver, The District of North Vancouver, and the City of North Vancouver that promotes the North Shore as a unique, multifaceted, four-season tourist destination.". “More Bang for Shore Buck”.

Q&A with Jacob Cass on Designing the Logo for San Francisco

Just Creative

I had previously worked with this agency developing brands for other tourism destinations such as Puerto Rico. Discover what it takes to brand a city as diverse as San Francisco. Plus learn how to land such clients and the extensive process that goes on behind the scenes. Read the interview below, originally published on Logo Inspirations. View the full Case Study. Watch Video of the Design Process (1hr). Overview.

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Introducing the D&AD Awards 2020 winners

Creative Review

In what has been an all-round difficult year for awards in the wake of the pandemic, D&AD announced the winners of the 58th edition of its annual awards scheme in a virtual ceremony last night.

2020 88

30 Creative Logo Templates for Inspiration # 60

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Travel and Tourism logo with Love. This is the 60th round up of Business Logo Design. This is the best hand-picked collection of modern vector Logo Templates that you can use for branding projects, labels, apparel design, typography and any business. Logo is the most important and key element of an effective branding identity system. In this collection all logo templates are fully editable with well organized Photoshop PSD layers, EPS and Illustrated, groups and folders.

D&AD Awards 2020 reveals winners including four Black Pencil awards

Design Week

D&AD has revealed the winners of its 2020 awards, with four projects claiming the coveted top prize of Black Pencil. The Design and Art Direction (D&AD) awards have been running for almost 50 years and award different levels of prizes to recognise design work from the past year.

Descend into the Elaborately Decorated Tomb of Pharaoh Ramesses VI Through This 3D Virtual Tour


A stunning 3D virtual tour from the Egyptian Tourism Authority takes viewers deep into the heavily detailed tomb of Pharaoh Ramesses VI. Named Tomb KV9 , the underground structure has a long corridor leading down to the now-broken sarcophagus, and both walls and the ceiling are inscribed with writings from ancient Egyptian texts and astronomical renderings. The fifth ruler of the Twentieth Dynasty of Egypt , Ramesses VI’s reign lasted for about eight years in the 12th century BC.

Limerick reveals new logo as part of “global” branding bid

Design Week

Limerick has been given a new brand identity, including logo and print and digital campaign, by M&C Saatchi, in a bid to improve the city’s business and tourism prospects. It is also an attempt to “position itself as the destination of the future for travel and tourism, business and study”, according to M&C Saatchi. Last year, Limerick’s council published a Tourism Development Strategy in an attempt to “revitalise” the sector.

Plan your next trip … inside the world of the Xbox

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The book offers a detailed guide to these tourist hotspots, with in-game photography and a list of unmissable destinations, as well as things to watch out for at each one – for example, the Fortress of Dawn in Anthem, which Rough Guides describes as “forested and gorgeous” We may not, yet, be on the cusp of the digital tourism revolution that the book promises, but it does make a good point about the levels that game design has progressed to.

'Never Normal' is the resounding campaign message to boost Brighton during uncertain times

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"We don't do standard," is the message behind a new tourism campaign by creative agency Designate for VisitBrighton , which turns the annoying phrase "the new normal" on its head. Moving away from the gloomy pandemic chatter we've all come to despise, the ad points to what makes Brighton so special and why the city couldn't do "normal" even if it tried. The idea is to encourage locals and visitors to escape the mundanity of this year with a trip to Brighton (obviously, when allowed to).

Coqui Coqui Valladolid Residence & Spa


Fast forward to 2019 and Tulum is dead (way too much tourism with new hotels and construction everywhere, no more exclusive and quiet) – Coqui Coqui kept all their other stunning Mexican residence & spa, like Valladolid featured here, all while opening […]. We were lucky to try out the great Coqui Coqui Tulum boutique hotel in 2013 before their beach front property got taken back by the Mexican government who wanted to cash in on the growing popularity of Tulum.

How to Use the Psychology of Color When Creating a Website

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It’s one of the most soothing colors in the spectrum, and it has strong associations with nature, which makes it ideal for products that are related to alternative health, beauty and even tourism. This article has been contributed by Dave Schneider.

Color 171

The Future of Ontario Place: Towards an Inclusive Preservation Dialogue

Azure Magazine

Its success story has demonstrated the potential of heritage sites to promote an equitable approach to sustainable tourism, provide a place for public memory and a much-needed outdoor recreational space.

Nick Brandt’s Devastating Portrait of Africa on the Brink of a Perilous New World

Feature Shoot

“For example, in the area in Kenya – poor, but teeming with natural wonders – in which Big Life Foundation, the non-profit I co-founded, operates, nature tourism and conservation are the only real source of long-term economic benefit. million to the local tourism economy. Nick Brandt, Wasteland with Elephant, 2015. Nick Brandt, Alleyway with Chimpanzee, 2014.

Meet Lauren Danger Koste, Shillington Graduate and Studio Manager at The Design Kids


Okay, so probably the campaign brand I did for Baja Norte, which was a fictional event held in San Diego, aiming to increase tourism to Mexico’s Baja Peninsula (only a 20 minute drive away). Sometimes, the best thing to do if you want to change careers is to take the leap.

Unflinching Photojournalism from Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2020

Feature Shoot

” The image was part of a National Geographic story on wildlife tourism and the unseen suffering animals endure as part of attractions around the world. “A young pig-tailed macaque is put on show chained to a wooden cage in Bali’s bird market, Indonesia.

2020 62

Studio Dumbar designs the new international logo for the Netherlands

Creative Review

But we wanted to steer clear of an obvious literal tulip as the symbol is too much connected to tourism and souvenirs.” Studio Dumbar’s new logo design for the Netherlands. Dutch graphic design agency Studio Dumbar has created a new logo for the Netherlands as part of the country’s new wider branding. As well as the agency’s logomark, the move sees the Netherlands dropping ‘Holland’ completely from all future communications and products.

Noted: New Logo for the State of Oklahoma

Under Consideration / Brand

Anyway, that was not the state’s official logo and was not used to promote tourism or business but it did serve as the logo for the state’s website, so worth including and acknowledging. “Aim for the Star”. Oklahoma is a state in the South Central region of the United States. It is the 20th-most extensive and the 28th-most populous of the 50 United States. Its residents are known as Oklahomans (or colloquially, "Okies"), and its capital and largest city is Oklahoma City.

User Goals and How They Influence Information Design Decisions

Interaction Design Foundation

Whether they’re trying to make sense of national election sentiments or get a grip on tourism activities in a region, people need to understand the meaning and implications of facts and figures. As an information designer, your main aim is to help people understand the world better. These collections of words and numbers are raw data. Your duty as a designer is to translate this data into relevant information for users. When you get it right, you will add value to people’s lives.

How do you rebrand somewhere after disaster strikes?

Design Week

Another European country that relies on tourism is Spain – the sector makes up around 10% of its GDP – which now has a death toll that exceeds 8,000. The strategy aims to blend Salisbury’s heritage appeal with a forward-thinking aspect – and also boost its tourism ( footfall was down around 14% following the poisonings ). The world is in lockdown at the moment.

How to make money on Instagram

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When using images to make money: travel and tourism. Social media that works for you. With over a billion users and counting, Instagram is definitely a force to be reckoned with. In fact, as the popularity of this particular platform has grown exponentially within the past 5 years especially, an increasing number of people are using Instagram for more than just social interactions. Companies and individuals are intent on discovering how to make money on Instagram. .