50 of the best graphic design blogs for inspiration in 2020

Creative Boom

No creative can exist in a vacuum. We all need to keep in touch with the latest trends and check out the work our fellow professionals are producing. It's not about copying others, of course.

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The Best Courses on Skillshare in 2020

Just Creative

What I love about Skillshare is their short format classes, teaching you valuable skills in a short amount of time! They have thousands of classes in many different categories, as shown below.

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How to Apply Cyberpunk Style Color Grading & Neon Effects to Your Photos

Spoon Graphics

The cyberpunk aesthetic is commonly associated with densely populated, futuristic cities illuminated by bright neon signs and advertisements.

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Printed Pandemic: Plague Books

I Love Typography

The Black Death of the fourteenth century, a disease named after the symptomatic boils and darkened skin caused by internal bleeding, claimed as many as 200 million lives.

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Print Peppermint: the Online Printer that Goes for Quality over Quantity

Designer Daily

If you are a graphic designer who regularly needs to print his work, you know how frustrating it can be to work with some online printers. Most just have the price as their top-selling point. Print Peppermint made other choices.

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The Best Design Examples for 2020 Part I: Infinite Inspiration

Graphic Mama

Looking for some great design examples in 2020? Read on. Towards the end of any year, predictions abound about the next 12 months, what will be in? What will be out? What will suddenly come from nowhere to be the next big thing? Even more so when it’s the start of a new decade.

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50 Best Design Blogs You Have To Read (2020 Update)


No creative can exist in a vacuum. We all need to keep in touch with the latest trends, and check out the work our fellow professionals are producing.

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Going Coastal: Awesome Seascape Photography Tips

Richard Bernabe

8 proven tips for better coastal and seaside photography from acclaimed travel, wildlife, and nature photographer, Richard Bernabe. The post Going Coastal: Awesome Seascape Photography Tips appeared first on Richard Bernabe. General How-To Landscape photography

Vibrant New Scottish Currency Illustrated with Influential Women and Abundant Wildlife


During the last four years, the Royal Bank of Scotland launched a democratic project to capture what one collaborator termed “the more ordinary aspects of Scottish identity including otters, midges, mackerel and tweed.”

Big and Bold Typography: A New Trend in Web Design

One Extra Pixel

Big and bold typography is an absolute classic of website design. It is a timeless, old-school stylistic option that works like a Swiss watch, regardless of the environment that. The post Big and Bold Typography: A New Trend in Web Design appeared first on Onextrapixel.

Nearly Published: Two graphic design students start a platform that celebrates processes, mistakes and failures

Creative Boom

Do you ever feel anxious when you see people's amazing work on social media? Or read about their latest successful projects in leading magazines? Yes, we do, too. Which is why we try and share work from both emerging and established creatives.

25 Top Tools Used by Jacob Cass

Just Creative

Peek behind the curtain of Jacob Cass’s set up and see the tools and other items he uses daily when working with clients all over the world. If you’re a beginner or watching your spending, you may want to consider our post on the top gear for all career levels & budgets.

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The Knockout Method is my New Favourite Photoshop Technique

Spoon Graphics

No matter how long you have been a Photoshop user, there are always new tips and tricks to learn! I recently came across a new technique that has transformed the way I work.

From Farting to Fornication: Early print censorship

I Love Typography

During the first half-century of printing in Europe (c. 1450–1500), there were few restrictions on the printing trade, either on who could start a print-shop or on what they chose to print.

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10 Useful Paper Cut-Out Fonts

Designer Daily

Digital design is great, it opens a range of possibilities that were unheard of previously. However, sometimes you just want to give a more human, non-digital look-and-feel to your designs.

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10+1 Web Design Secrets That No One Ever Tells You

Graphic Mama

As a web designer you’ve got plenty to think about, it’s a competitive international market and you want to succeed. You’ve got the skills, creative flair, and imagination but it might not be enough.

Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for Fisher-Price by Pentagram

Under Consideration / Brand

“The Price is Right”. Established in 1930 by Herman Fisher, Irving Price, Margaret Evans Price, and Helen Schelle, Fisher-Price is a brand of educational toys for children and infants.

Looking Outside of Web Design for Inspiration

Speckyboy Design Magazine

It makes perfect sense: If you want to design a compelling website, find other sites out there that inspire you. And, while this works, it’s not necessarily the best way to create something original. Increasingly, the web is becoming homogeneous.

Anatomy of a Logo: The Star Wars Logo Evolution by Alex Jay

The Logo Smith

The post Anatomy of a Logo: The Star Wars Logo Evolution by Alex Jay appeared first on The Logo Smith.

An Almost Comically Diverse Parade of Wildlife Crosses a Log Bridge in Pennsylvania


log in Pennsylvania has gotten a lot of foot—and talon and paw—traffic during the last year. In trail camera footage captured by photographer Robert Bush Sr. local wildlife is shown crossing the downed tree throughout 2018 and 2019.

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Dice visualises sound, and fandom, in energetic rebrand

Its Nice That

Creative director Patrick Duffy explains how and why they made the glitchy graphics (with a Chladni plate), the punk-inspired typography and fan-focused photography.

An anime-inspired campaign for Wagamama by Danish anime director Mads Broni and Passion Animation Studios

Creative Boom

MullenLowe has collaborated with Danish anime director Mads Broni and Passion Animation Studios to create an anime-inspired campaign for one of the UK's favourite restaurant chains, Wagamama.

Self-Isolating? How To Start A Business While Quarantined

Just Creative

This article has been contributed by Evan Fraser. This is a stressful and uncertain time for all of us.

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Video Tutorial: Easily Create Fake Window Reflections in Photoshop

Spoon Graphics

For today’s video tutorial I have a really quick and easy Photoshop process to add realistic glass reflections to an image, to make it appear as if a portrait photograph has been taken through a window.

The Oldest Book in America

I Love Typography

Printing was introduced into the Americas by the Italian Giovanni Paoli, better known as Juan Pablos.

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Benefits of Approval Studio Proofing Tool for Designers and Creative Teams

Designer Daily

Among all of the design agencies’ headaches, artwork proofing is probably one of the most acute ones.

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Announcing the Winners of The Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards!

Feature Shoot

‘Fading Flamingos’ © Maximilian Mann. We’re thrilled to announce the winners of the 2019 Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards.

Noted: New Logo for DK by Pentagram

Under Consideration / Brand

“One for the Books”. 1974) " DK Publishing is world renowned for its distinctive, highly visual books that inform, inspire, and entertain readers of all ages.

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20 Free Admin Dashboard UI Templates for Photoshop & Sketch App

Speckyboy Design Magazine

In recent years, much has changed in the way web users interact with dashboard data and complete simple backend tasks.

Inspired By Nature, National Parks Photography Competition 2020

Design You Trust

The UK National Parks and Campaign for National Parks are delighted to announce the winner, runner up and shortlisted entrants for our joint photography competition underscoring the importance of nature in our national parks.

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Human Subjects Distorted by Nature in Double-Exposure Photographs by Christoffer Relander


“Miss Autumn.” ” All images © Christoffer Relander, shared with permission. During the first frost in the southern region of Finland, Christoffer Relander ( previously ) shot dense patches of branches, ferns, and blades of grass as part of a new set of double-exposure photographs.

Stunningly Decorative US Vintage Motor Oil Cans, Gas and Grease Cans by TNT Petronliana

The Logo Smith

The post Stunningly Decorative US Vintage Motor Oil Cans, Gas and Grease Cans by TNT Petronliana appeared first on The Logo Smith All Content © 2020 TheLogoSmith.co |. Stunningly Decorative US Vintage Motor Oil Cans, Gas and Grease Cans by TNT Petronliana.

Women Supporting Women: cards that celebrate women in design

Creative Boom

International Women's Day is rapidly upon us, taking place this Sunday (8 March) – and we for one are rather excited at the prospect of Richard Herring's annual trolling of misogynist tweeters (he responds to every tweet asking things along the lines of "But when is International Men's Day?",

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Top 10 Futur Courses to Learn Design & Business

Just Creative

If you run own graphic design firm, improving your skills can not only make you a better graphic designer but also more attractive to potential clients. The business side of your firm may not be your strong suit and that’s ok.

2020 226

Video: Realistic Shallow Depth of Field Effect Using Depth Maps

Spoon Graphics

In today’s Photoshop video tutorial I’m going to show you a useful technique for adding a realistic shallow depth of field effect to your photos. We’ll use a Depth Map to indicate which areas need to be blurred and by how much.

Point, don’t point

I Love Typography

The pointed finger must surely be one of the oldest human gestures. In deep prehistory, long before the evolution of spoken language, and when we were considerably hairier, it is not difficult to imagine one of our primitive human ancestors pointing to a lion, a landmark, or a lemon.

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Hilarious Versions of Popular Movie Posters

Designer Daily

Due to the expensive licensing and printing costs, some African movie theaters commission artists to pain custom movie posters. The problem for the artists? Some of them have not even seen the movie they were doing a poster for, so the results are sometimes quite hilarious.

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