Climate Change Through an Architectural Lens

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Rather than work with existing structures, Casebere imagines a new type of architectural language that he painstakingly builds in his studio, then creates a majestic realm where the ocean and the land mingle and merge in a sumptuous water world.

The 10 Projects that Defined a Decade of Canadian Architecture

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Noteworthy buildings emerged from a landscape of blue-glass condominiums – think Saucier + Perrotte’s River City – but the country’s most prolific architecture was seldom also its best. It’s affordable housing with a sense of community – and architectural flair.

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The 10 Most Influential Architecture Projects of the Decade

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The past decade’s top architecture in terms of innovation and effect was as wide-ranging (and far-flung) as it was boundary-busting. The CCTV headquarters may be the greatest work of architecture built in this century.” Architecture Cultural Institutional Urbanism

Mobile Architecture Twists and Morphs in Futuristic Cityscapes by AUJIK


In “ Spatial Bodies: Hong Kong & Shenzhen ,” the self-described “mysterious nature/tech cult” AUJIK imagines a Hong Kong and Shenzhen with architecture that shifts and moves seemingly on its own just like live organisms. Animation Art Design architecture futuristic

The Architectural World Through Alan Karchmer’s Lens

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announced that American architectural photographer Alan Karchmer had donated his professional archives to the institution. The museum’s curators state, “Any prominent work of architecture is likely to be seen more widely through photographs than in person.

10 Striking Projects That Will Shape Architecture in 2020

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From South America to northern Norway, a modest cancer care centre to spectacular museums, the noteworthy architecture slated for completion this year varies widely in scale, function and locale. ArchitectureNew York. Hong Kong. Paris. Winnipeg.

Site-Specific Installations Accentuate the Geometric Architecture of Mies Van Der Rohe


Chicago-based duo Luftwerk ( previously ) partnered with architect Iker Gil and sound designer Oriol Tarragó for “Geometries of Light,” two coordinated installations celebrating the architectural forms of Mies van der Rohe. Art architecture geometric installation lasers light

Dramatic Views of Worldwide Architecture Captured by Gareth Pon (with a Hidden Twist)


His architectural photography relies on depth, pattern, and symmetry, often framing a small piece of the city he’s visiting, like the water-covered street below Chicago’s “L” or a multi-colored building complex replete with balconies and air conditioners in Hong Kong.

Photographer Captures Socialist Architecture Of North Korea In Pastel Aesthetic

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Monument to Party Founding, Axis 1 Cristiano Bianchi In ‘Model City Pyongyang’, published by Thames & Hudson, Cristiano Bianchi and Kristina Drapic offer the reader an immersion in the heart of the capital of North Korea, to discover its “socialist architecture” and its “grand visions”. Through its buildings, the two Italian architects based in Beijing reveal a city with a strange. Source. Photography North Korea pyongyang

Swiveling Mirror Installation Skews Perspectives of Historic Venetian Architecture


Lapierre described the project as “a loss of balance, of recomposing landscape and a patchwork observation,” of the surrounding architecture and historic city. Art Design architecture installation mirrors public art street art Venice

A Contemporary Architectural Phenomenon: Container Atlas [Book]


Being one of the biggest environmentally-friendly architecture trends of the last decade, shipping containers as always been on of Trendland’s favorite! This book presents a wide range of projects in container architecture – a […].

Beijing Architecture through the lens of Ekaterina Busygina


Beijing Architecture through the lens of Ekaterina Busygina. Architecture Photography. Ekaterina is an architecture photographer based in Moscow, Russian Federation, make sure to follow her splendid work on Instagram.

Abandoned Plumbing Factory Converted into Architecture Studio


For their new office, Italian architecture studio AMAA converted an abandoned plumbing factory into this industrial, two story dream workplace in Arzignano, a town in the west of Italy’s Veneto region.

Shanghai’s New Architectural-Model Museum is Also a Sci-fi Geek’s Nirvana

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not only to showcase that country’s finest contemporary architectural models, but to imagine what “the future city” might look like in the process. Only the Stacks (derived from the movie Ready Player One ) stands alone on one side, and the architectures on it are reticent.”.

Filux Lab: Mexican Traditional Architecture Remixed


The architects used the pre-existing architecture, serving as a blank canvas, defined only by white and neutral colors. The post Filux Lab: Mexican Traditional Architecture Remixed appeared first on Trendland Online Magazine Curating the Web since 2006.

Michael Sorkin 1948-2020: Remembering Architecture’s Sharp-Tongued Provocateur

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As well as running his eponymous New York-based practice Michael Sorkin Studio, a leader in sustainable urban design, Sorkin was a celebrated author, thinker and architecture critic for The Nation. Many of these works continue to be foundational texts for architecture students the world over.

A New Book Compiles an Expansive Collection of Gaudí’s Unorthodox Architectural Works


Known for transforming Barcelona’s architectural landscape, Antoni Gaudí famously combined nature, materiality, religion, and influences of Orientalism into a widely recognized aesthetic that’s captured in a new book from Taschen. Art Design History architecture Barcelona books

A New Decade for Women in Architecture

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30 (More) Essential Women in Architecture and Design. And an argument for why we need more women in architecture: The Glass Tower: Why We Need More Women Architects. The post A New Decade for Women in Architecture appeared first on Azure Magazine. Architecture

Abstract Architectural Works by Daniel Mullen


Just like James, Daniel creates abstract architectural works that confuse the viewer with all sorts of optical illusions. PAINTING abstract Architectural art Daniel Mullen Hyper-Realistic painting

This landscape architecture firm’s rebrand looks to “reconnect people and nature”

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The post This landscape architecture firm’s rebrand looks to “reconnect people and nature” appeared first on Design Week

Photographer Shows The Atmosphere Of Utopian Hong Kong Of The 80s, Its Landscapes And Surreal Architectural Forms, Frozen In Timelessness Ander The Diffused Sunlight

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The style of architecture may be seen as old in the new modern world, but at the time. Alexey Kozhenkov tries to capture the era of change which saw an incomprehensible amount of development as it relates to the business world.

Concrete: art design architecture exhibition


Concrete: art design architecture is a major exhibition exploring innovative ways that concrete is being used by artists, designers and architects in Australia in the 21st century. Join the Australian Design Centre team for the opening of CONCRETE: art design architecture.

Toward A Concrete Utopia: The Monumental Beauty Of Yugoslavia Brutalist Architecture

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Brutalism, an architectural style popular in the 1950s and 1960s, based on crude, block-like forms cast from concrete was popular throughout the eastern bloc. Architecture architecture brutalist soviet yugoslavia

1967 to Now: New Anthology Tackles Half a Century of Canadian Architecture

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What’s Canadian about Canadian architecture? A trip from coast to coast to coast traverses huge swathes of cultures and climates – and equally varied architectural landscapes. Still, Canadian Modern Architecture mostly gets it right. Architecture Curiosity Books

Skopje. City, Architecture and Art of Solidarity

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City, Architecture and Art of SolidaritySkopje.

Photographer Mirko Nahmijas Reveals The ‘Star Wars’ Architecture Of Soviet Belgrade

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With his series, Minimal Belgrade, Serbian photographer Mirko Nahmijas brings an original perspective to his city. Built in the mid-twentieth century before the dissolution of Yugoslavia and the rise of the USSR, the buildings in these photographs bear witness to another time. But far from being an ode to the past, Minimal Belgrade highlights the futurist esthetic of these old constructions. More: Source. Photography belgrade brutalism minimalism Star Wars

Daniel Stuhlpfarrer melds phonetics, architecture, and iconography in his variable typefaces

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“The projects I love the most are those where I can combine my enthusiasm for type design, graphic design and the accompanying technical components,” Daniel says. The Berlin-based designer, therefore, finds a home in the possibilities of variable fonts. Read more

Beautified China series, the Architectural Revolution


Beautified China series, the Architectural Revolution. While living and working across China, I was able to appreciate first-hand what a strong influence architecture can have. This is where the iconic architecture represented in this book falls into place.

The Whale: A New Touristic Attraction In Norway, That Will Tell The Stories Of The Majestic Sea Creature Through Art, Science, And Architecture

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The Danish architecture firm Dorte Mandrup A/S won the international competition to design “The Whale”, a new touristic attraction for northern Norway, that will tell the stories of the majestic sea creature through art, science, and architecture. Architecture norway travel whale

Architectural Miniatures by Mohamad Hafez Promote Meaningful Dialogue About Conflict in Syria


Connecticut-based Syrian-born artist Mohamad Hafez ( previously ) uses found objects, paint, and scrap metal to create architectural dioramas of Middle Eastern urban environments. Art architectural model dioramas miniatureFramed Nostalgia (2019), 31 x 37 x 10 inches.

Sebastian Weiss’ Impeccable Angles


Sebastian Weiss is a Hamburg-based architecture photographer with a flair for exquisite, impeccable angles. PHOTOGRAPHY Architecture Architecture Photography Hamburg minimalism photography sebastian weiss Wallpaper

Two 17th Century Canal Houses Reunited to Create The Institute of Advanced Studies [Amsterdam]


Dutch architectural studio HOH Architecten was commissioned by the University of Amsterdam to convert two adjoining 17th century canal houses in central Amsterdam into the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS). ARCHITECTURE Amsterdam Architecture conversion converted HOH Architecten University

Step into the Future at ‘This is Molly’ Club [China]


Architecture, the new highly cinematographic restaurant, bar and club is full of colorful lights, geometric shapes and a festive and subdued atmosphere unfold through the club for some fun entertainment.

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Archisuits: Artist Creates Wearable Workarounds For “Defensive Architecture”

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Artist and researcher Sarah Ross’s Archisuits are a hilarious and pointed look at soft bodies in hard spaces—all the ways the built environment is a mismatch for human needs. More: Sarah Ross h/t: ablersite At times, the ill fits seem matter-of-fact: just a look at the negative volumes of space that indicate various built surfaces that are more or less amenable to human support. Source. Design suits urban

Freadman White by Studio Hi Ho


Opinion by Richard Baird Freadman White is a Melbourne-based architectural practice, led by Ilana Freadman and Michael White, that seeks to embed a curiosity-driven and experientially charged tension into their architectural work, reveal beauty in simple and overlooked settings, and design contextually informed structures with a disciplined whimsy. Further, rather than responding literally to physical surroundings, […]. The post Freadman White by Studio Hi Ho appeared first on BP&O - Branding, Packaging and Opinion. Architecture and The Built Environment Graphic Design Reviews Logo Reviews Architecture Logos Brand Identity Brand Identity Reviews Branding Branding Blog Branding Reviews Custom Typefaces & Logotypes Custom Typography Design Blog Design For Print Design News Design Opinion Design Reviews Designed by Studio Hi Ho From Australia Graphic Design Graphic Design Blog Logo Design & Branding Blog Logo Design Inspiration Logo Design Resource Logo Designs Logo Opinion Logotypes Stationery Design Typography Wordmark Design

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How Does Microservice Architecture Work?


The microservice architecture becomes a more and more popular approach to building new applications. If you are not familiar with this architecture, then this article is definitely for you. What Is Microservice Architecture? Main Characteristics of Microservice Architecture.

Varv Varv on its multi-layered design for Forensic Architecture’s latest exhibition

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Studio founder Anders Stockman talks us through its work for a new exhibition by Forensic Architecture, tasked with representing the group’s humanitarian work, while respecting the exceedingly delicate topics.

A Ceramic Haven Offers Respite in a Sprawling Spanish Hospital

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Architecture landscape architectureThe Virgen del Rocío University Hospital is one of the largest healthcare facilities in Spain.

Holistic Aqua Health Clinic [Beijing]


ARCHITECTURE TRAVEL aqua health clinic Architecture Beijing chinese medicine clinic DESIGN interior design underwater Waterfrom DesignTraditional Chinese medicine with a twist inspired the interior of Aqua Health Clinic in Beijing.

2006 74

A Natural-Stone Mosaic Facade Punctuated by Dramatic Opal Windows in a New Building by OMA


Its work on nhow Amsterdam RAI Hotel even garnered a recent nomination for Golden Amsterdam Architectural Prize 2020, which is bestowed annually by the Amsterdam Centre for Architecture. Design architecture glass stoneAll images © OMA. In the developing city of Gwanggyo located about 25 kilometers south of Seoul, a high-end Korean department store stands out amongst gray office buildings and other concrete structures.

The Marvelous Staircase House in Tokyo

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The design studio pushed the architectural volume to the northern edge of its footprint to maximize daylight and ventilation; on the south side of the house, an all-glass facade brings the greenery of the yard into the living environment. Architecture Residential

Dazzle Camouflage Announces Giovanni Vaccarini’s Waste-to-Energy Plant

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Punctuated by a 50-metre-tall chimney, Vaccarini’s crystalline architectural spectacle unfolds with a drama that hints at the equally inventive waste-to-energy transformations happening inside. Architecture Curiosity Infrastructure landscape architecture

Bianca Wilson’s City Landscapes


Bianca Wilson is an Australian painter inspired by architectural forms of her hometown – Sydney – and other cities she visited such as Osaka and Tokyo. The artist creates an impression as if every bit of architecture she paints was captured at pink sunset.

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