Kulsum Karolia's Positive Work Shows Why it Pays to be a Multidisciplinary Designer

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Manchester School of Art graphic design graduate and illustrator Kulsum Karolia has been blending mediums and disciplines to create work that leaves a positive impact. However, it was art director Luke Tonge who told Kulsum that being a multidisciplinary designer was a blessing, not a curse.

How to Find Your Next Creative Direction After Realising You and the World Have Changed Forever

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The art and design we were conjuring up before Covid-19 might have lost its meaning for some, while for others, work may have changed beyond recognition. By focusing on landscape art, Graham is feeling a lot happier. Image licensed via Adobe Stock.

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Photoshop Tutorial: ‘Pixel Sorting’ Stretched Pixel Glitch Art Effect

Spoon Graphics

Authentic pixel sorting is a type of glitch art that is usually generated by computer code, but we’ll be replicating the appearance with Photoshop’s built-in filters. The post Photoshop Tutorial: ‘Pixel Sorting’ Stretched Pixel Glitch Art Effect appeared first on Spoon Graphics.

Amazing Digital Art Illustrations By Samji

Graphic Design Junction

Today we are featuring an illustrator who illustrated digital art illustrations. He has extensive experience of creating a wide range of design art. In this post, we will showcase his best Digital Art illustrations work for your inspiration. Digital Art Illustrations.

60 Paper Cut Artworks to Enhance Your Creativity Muscle

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People have been turning paper into beautiful works of art for centuries. Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, is one such example. But that’s not the only way for you to create exceptional works of art using paper.

Patrick Nelson's breathtaking collages bring a graphic design sensibility to the world of art

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Patrick Nelson uses paper like a paintbrush to create incredible collage art. In 2020 he was featured in the De Young Open in San Francisco, a juried community art exhibition. In mid-2020, I took the leap of faith and began a full-time art career. © Patrick Nelson.

Pentagram shakes up the art marketplace with new Art Republic identity

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Leading online art retailer Art Republic has collaborated with Pentagram to create a new strategy and brand identity. Designed to build on Art Republic's success, the new approach also aims to challenge the status quo of the art sales marketplace.

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design graphic graphic design print layout typography

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Top 10 Best Art Blogs in 2022

We And The Color

Take a look at our selection of the top ten best art blogs for your daily inspiration in 2022. It seems as if the international art scene will wake up from a slumber in 2022. Founded in 2010, WE AND THE COLOR is an award-winning online magazine focusing not only on art-related topics.

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'Art saved my life': Sidney Teodoruk's Americana-inspired art makes its London solo debut

Creative Boom

Currently on display at D'Stassi Art , Pop Nightmare is the debut solo show of Australian-based artist and musician Sidney Teodoruk. Sometimes layering up finished paintings with fresh work, Sidney is a master at creating art that contains hidden meanings.

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The Art Gallery of New South Wales by Mucho


The Art Gallery of New South Wales, founded in 1872 as the New South Wales Academy of Art, suffered from a fragmented brand architecture. The post The Art Gallery of New South Wales by Mucho appeared first on BP&O - Branding, Packaging and Opinion.

Holly Stapleton mixes gouache with digital art to create works bathed in golden hour light

Creative Boom

The Toronto-based artist masterfully mixes hand-painted gouache with digital art to achieve this unique style. "I Completely self-taught, Holly didn't undertake any formal training or higher education in illustrator or visual arts. Say Goodnight, 2021 © Holly Stapleton.

Wild in Art brings classic Aardman characters to a town centre near you

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Well, now you can thanks to Wild in Art , as it brings sculptures of these iconic animated icons to towns and cities all over the country. Launched on 29 January, the partnership is already underway, with Morph popping up in North Tyneside as part of 'Morph's Epic Art Adventure'.

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Amazing Fine Art Graphics By Russ Mills

Graphic Design Junction

Today we are featuring Creative Artist “ Russ Mills ” with his amazing urban style fine art illustrations. In done BA Hons in Graphic Art and Design from Leeds Met University, specialising in Experimental Film and Animation. Fine Art Illustrations By Russ Mills.

Amazing Digital Concept Art By Pablo Olivera

Graphic Design Junction

Today we are featuring concept art, graphic designer and illustration artist Pablo Olivera , with his amazing concept art collection. 21 Best Photoshop Actions for Painting Art. Digital Concept Art and Illustrations.

Striking public art project '8X5' protests against the US criminal justice system

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Created by nonprofit arts organisation Art At A Time Like This in collaboration with SaveArtSpace , 8X5 is a billboard exhibition which aims to provoke a dialogue about America's criminal justice system.

Book Art

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Book Art. design graphic graphic design print packaging packaging design typography layout

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Amazing Concept Art Illustrations by Gada Jermy

Graphic Design Junction

Concept art, sketching, digital Paintings, and Digital Art is a form of illustration used to convey an idea of artist’s mind. Concept Art Illustrations by Gada Jermy. Here is the list of amazing, remarkable Concept Art Digital Illustrations by Gada Jermy.

Remarkable Digital Concept Art By Adam Spizak

Graphic Design Junction

Today we are featuring remarkable digital illustrator, Art Director and Concept art creater artist “ Adam Spizak ”, with his best concept art illustration work. His speciality is highly-detailed 3D art inspired by pop-culture, games and music.

Geoffroy Pithon's explosive mix of art and graphic design for Claptrap's latest music video

Creative Boom

A graduate of the Decorative Art School of Paris and part of the former collective Formes Vives, he is a graphic designer as much as he is a painter with two opposing practices that generate interesting outcomes for a range of clients.

Art Curation for PARKWAY



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Illustrator Her Afternoon on creating dreamlike art that transcends boundaries

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Soft, delicate, and populated by small characters inhabiting spacious worlds, the art of Hong Kong-based illustrator Her Afternoon is loaded with quiet poignancy. To me, art is a transcendence where boundaries don’t exist.

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27 Artists Reveal Who Inspires Their Work



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Grayson Perry to launch his Art Club exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery

Creative Boom

It was during the height of lockdown, just as many of us were climbing the walls, that one of Britain's best-loved artists came to our rescue and brought Grayson's Art Club to our television screens. From its inception, Art Club was about the benefits of making art that is open to all.

Amazing Illustations Art By Samy Halim

Graphic Design Junction

Today we are featuring remarkable graphic artist, art director and digital illustrator artist “ Samy Halim “ He was born in Algeria and trained at the Fine Arts School of Algiers. In this posts, we will showcase his best illustrations art work for inspiration.

The Latest Design Books to Look Out For


But as art and design teacher and ArtCenter College of Design president Lorne M. The Beauty of Time Travel, by Art Recherche Industrie. The Ultimate Art Museum, by Ferren Gipson. With Gipson’s writing, each piece becomes an exhibit at the Ultimate Art Museum.

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Scotty Gillespie on unusual requests, ghostly ceramics and the joy of using humour in art

Creative Boom

It was so exciting for me, and the profits from the exhibition, the money I accumulated from selling at art fairs and working at my part-time job enabled me to buy my own kiln and start making ceramic pieces in my home studio." Mural for Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre, 2021 © Scotty Gillespie.

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Photographer Brad Walls takes to the squash court for his next conceptual art series

Creative Boom

Renowned for his geometric compositions and conceptual art imagery, Australian photographer Brad Walls has turned his attention to the humble squash court, creating a dramatic series that plays on the symmetry and lines of the space. Future Passé, from the series Vacant © Brad Walls.

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Fine Art Self-Portrait Photography Online Course by Danny Bittencourt

We And The Color

In this highly recommended online course by Danny Bittencourt, you will learn how to create unique self-portraits in the field of Fine Art photography. This online course is perfect for anyone interested in photography and art.

Amazing Digital Art Illustrations By Zack Anderson

Graphic Design Junction

Today we are featuring Creative Art Director and Digital Illustration Designer Zack Anderson , with his amazing science fiction, video games, cartoons, illustration artwork. Digital Art Illustrations By Zack Anderson. Here is the list of Zack’s Digital Art Illustrations work.

Addressing topics of identity, Grant Gasser's new Riso art project is inspired by the topic of martyrdom

Creative Boom

Finished as a two-colour Risograph art book, plus a solo exhibition featuring seven screen-printed images, Grant sought to zoom out from a refined concept and explore a "common tone" throughout his work. © Grant Gasser.

Amazing Digital Illustrations Art By Denis Gonchar

Graphic Design Junction

Today we again featuring a digital illustration artist Denis Gonchar , with his amazing digital art collection. He have 15 years of experience in the digital art and entertainment industry. In this posts, we will showcase his best illustrations art work for inspiration.

Posters Celebrate Oscars And Pop Art

Graphic Design USA

Shutterstock has released 10 bespoke pop art movie posters that honor the Best Picture nominees at the 94th Academy Awards, marking its decade-long annual Oscar Pop! poster series pop art movie posters shutterstock The Power of the Dog West Side Story

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9 of the best new arts and photography books to inspire you creatively

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It's the perfect way to get a fresh perspective and a shot of pure inspiration, whether it contains beautiful reproductions of stunning art or words of wisdom from ground-breaking creative thinkers. This 1971 essay is widely considered to be the first real attempt at a feminist history of art.

Piedmont Art Walk by Mucho


This includes the Piedmont Arts Fund, a nonprofit group that promotes and supports visual and performing. The post Piedmont Art Walk by Mucho appeared first on BP&O - Branding, Packaging and Opinion.

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Where to buy the best affordable art and design prints online

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Instead, certain online stores enable you to find much more unique, quirky and interesting art prints for your home. For this article, we've gathered together the best place to buy affordable art and design prints today. Rise Art. Anniversary by Haley Tippmann via Creative Boom.

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Katie Griffin loves making that homey art

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Katie Griffin lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where they work as a graphic designer at a branding agency. The artist practices illustration outside of the day job as their creative outlet, and we think they've already carved out a distinctive style, somehow both homey and effervescent in feel.

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Chetan Singh Kunwar captures cosy moments in art that begs to be touched

Creative Boom

A graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design with an M.A Through it all, I believe in making art that is inspired by a moment in my life, but one which will also bring back a memory through the viewer's interpretation of it.".

Sonia Alins's surreal art unleashes her inner world of dreams, nightmares, and feminine energy

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These life experiences include starting as a freelance illustrator after obtaining a Fine Arts degree, before reinforcing her background with an illustration postgraduate in Barcelona. "It I decided that I needed to give more importance to my inner world, to give it a voice through my art.

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The art of collecting

UX Collective

Kiara Timpano, professor of psychology in the University of Miami College of Arts and Sciences. The art of collecting was originally published in UX Collective on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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