How to negotiate a better freelance rate, without negotiating

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If you're a freelancer, the chances are that the prospect of negotiation fills you with dread. As a creative freelancer, quite often, you'll be in a situation where a potential client dramatically undervalues your work in a monetary sense.

Eight unexpected ways to get freelance design work

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The life of a freelance designer is a great one in many respects. When you're short of freelance work, you often feel pulled in two directions. And it had a huge ripple effect for my freelance career.".

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10 recommended podcasts for creative freelancers and businesses in 2020

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Aside from finding out why someone's dad has written a porno, or what makes a guilty feminist, you'll probably be looking for insight on freelancing. For all you creative freelancers out there, illustrator Andy J Miller has a podcast for you. Being Freelance. Freelance As F.

Lessons of Lockdown: What creative freelancers will be doing differently when things return to normal

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Although we're happy to do our bit, it's especially tricky for freelancers and small businesses in the creative industries, as often the first thing to be cut is marketing. We've always said it at Creative Boom: have a healthy reserve of cash before you go freelance.

The Best-Ever Freelancing Course for Designers & Creatives – Master Pricing, Proposals & Sales

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So when my friend, Michael Janda , announced the launch of his suite of comprehensive courses for creatives, aptly named “ Freelance with Janda “, I knew it was going to be good. Perhaps, it’s the best-ever freelancing course for creatives ?

How Freelance Designers Can Work Safely


Couple this with the still-rising acceptance of freelancing as a staple of modern business, and you have a recipe for great opportunity in the design world for anyone who wants to build a career without getting tied to any given company for very long.

The Types of Freelance Design Clients You Should Avoid

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The post The Types of Freelance Design Clients You Should Avoid appeared first on Speckyboy Design Magazine. Freelance Design Design Clients Freelance Career Freelance Clients

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How to Build Your Personal Brand as a Freelancer

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Have you checked the latest figures on the freelance workforce? Now, the number of freelancers is projected to reach more than 90 million in less than a decade. On top of that, the annual increase in the global freelance workforce keeps getting higher and higher.

Dealing with the Low or No-Profit Areas of Your Freelance Web Design Business

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Starting a freelance design business is something of an experiment. The longer your freelance web design business goes on, the more likely it is that you’ll experience some big changes. Freelance Design Design Clients Freelance Business Freelance Career Freelance Clients

What Will the Freelance Web Design Business Look Like Post-Pandemic?

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How will things change for freelancers once social distancing ends and we slowly try to get back to normal? Therefore, take them with a grain of salt and (as the kids say) “ don’t @ me ” 😁 The Freelance Designer Toolbox.

Must-Do’s When Ending a Freelance Design Project

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There are some important things that most designers never do when ending a freelance project, and today we’re going to go over what they are and why you should always do them, no matter what. Freelance Design Freelance CareerIt sounds so simple, right?

Being a Freelance Web Designer Isn’t for Everyone

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So often, I write about the details and observations I’ve had while running a freelance web design business. The truth is that being a freelancer isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. Freelancing can seem like an ideal career and a sign that you’ve made it.

Freelance Graphic Design Rates: Tips For Pricing Yourself


Establishing the right freelance graphic design rates is a very important process that you need to take seriously. Modern technology makes it possible to be your own boss and cultivate a career as a freelance designer. Graphic design, like any freelancing gig, has its unique quirks.

The Future of Freelancing with WordPress

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But today, I’m going to focus on a group near and dear to my own heart: Freelancers whose primary business is working with WordPress. There are questions about what all of this means to freelancers and the community at large. For a busy freelancer, this can be a challenge.

The 5 Forgivable ‘Sins’ of a Freelance Designer

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The web is full of advice for freelance web designers. Let’s take a look: The Freelance Designer Toolbox. The post The 5 Forgivable ‘Sins’ of a Freelance Designer appeared first on Speckyboy Design Magazine. Certainly, I’ve offered up my share.

Petra Eriksson on lessons learnt as a freelance illustrator, the power of personal projects and why she goes 'offline'

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It was about three years ago, a few months into freelancing full-time. It definitely helped me a lot at the beginning of my freelance career, as most of my initial client projects came through the platform. Is there anything that bugs you about freelancing that you wish could change?

8 Unexpected Ways to Get Freelance Work


The life of a freelance designer is a great one in many respects. At Shillington , we know all about preparing designers for the rough and tumble of the freelance world. Ask for testimonials for your freelance work. Wear your freelance work.

Claire Prouvost on the joy of social media, turning a hobby into a career and going freelance

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I have been inspired by so many people that are working freelance and just killing it, and I want to give it a try. After being part-time for the past year, I am finally taking the leap to be a full-time freelancer. What advice would you give to those thinking of becoming a freelancer?

10 Tips You Should Read Before Hiring a Freelancer

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Working with freelancers is not always a flawless experience. A smooth working process with a freelancer starts way before the actual first contact with them. Tip 4: Screen freelancers wisely. Tip 8: Understand that the freelancer is not your employee rather than your partner.

Zoë Barker on her success as an illustrator, facing up to 'freelance anxiety' and finding a happier balance

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Some of which are related to being a freelancer and coping with the modern world. On a wintry Thursday in November, I chatted to Zoë about how she built her reputation as a freelance illustrator and how she's been able to make a living out of her passion.

Hire Freelancer or Full-time Employee: What’s Best for Your Business?

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Wondering if a freelancer or a full-time employee would be a better fit for your brand new job opening? With the increasing opportunities for hiring freelancers, the factors that entice employers are many. However, not all work needs can be met by a freelance worker.

Iancu Barb?ras? on expanding his creative focus and how freelancing has changed his life

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is a graphic designer and illustrator based in London who has been freelancing since he moved to the UK over nine years ago. We thought we'd ask Iancu about his experiences so far and what advice he can share as a freelancer. How are you finding freelancing? Iancu Barb?ras?

Matt Saunders on freelancing, growing up in Northern England and why chaos is a friend of his

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Matt Saunders is a freelance illustrator based in London, whose work is fantastical, atmospheric and full of drama and intrigue. We caught up with Matt to talk about his career so far, his life in London and the highs and lows of freelancing.



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Are You a Freelancer? There’s a New ‘Illustrators for Hire’ Directory to Join

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It’s a “global list of freelance illustrators” whose mission is to promote and advance the careers of freelance illustrators with their directory. The post Are You a Freelancer? Illustration freelance illustration illustration promotion illustrators for hire

The Best Websites to Hire Freelance Designers

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Searching for some good platforms to hire freelance designers? The benefits of hiring freelance designers for your creative project are many. while others list all kinds of freelance creatives. Top Platforms to Hire Freelance Designers in 2019. Freelancer.

How to go freelance, your step-by-step guide

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There are many reasons why you might want to go freelance. So on National Freelancers Day , here's an update to an article I wrote nearly 10 years ago. It might be that you're sick of working for someone else and you'd love to be your own boss.

2 Years Since Shillington New York: Wyatt Welles, Freelance Graphic Designer


Since then, Wyatt has worked on the creative direction for print and digital at the plant company, The Sill , and is now freelancing in Los Angeles. It’s been so much fun going freelance because it allows a lot of varied work. How do you go about finding freelance work?

5 Tips to Grow Your Graphic Design Start-Up

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So, you’ve worked as a graphic designer for several years already, and now you’ve decided to become your own boss. You’re now ready to use your creativity to start a business. It’s an excellent idea.

5 Clever Ways to Avoid a Creative Burnout as a Freelancer

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Most freelancers go through those dreadful days when nothing seems to work. Many freelancers write a gratitude journal to keep them away from feeling low because of a short-term failure or an obstacle. Many freelancers hit a low when they’re not enjoying working on a project.

Zoë Barker on her success as an illustrator, facing up to 'freelance anxiety' and finding a happier balance

Creative Boom

Some of which are related to being a freelancer and coping with the modern world. On a wintry Thursday in November, I chatted to Zoë about how she built her reputation as a freelance illustrator and how she's been able to make a living out of her passion.

How to Increase Pinterest Followers: A Freelancer’s Guide

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As a freelance graphics designer here are a few things you can get started with to build up your Pinterest Audience. When it comes to business marketing, both freelance graphics and web designers often need to step up their creative efforts.

four financial tips for new freelancers and creatives

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With money being at the forethought for a lot of us right now, I wanted to share a few good tips about money for new freelancers and independent creatives. However, as a freelancer, income is not always steady, especially in the beginning, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save!

Meet Ayesha Mansour, Shillington Graduate and Freelance Designer


After graduating, she packed it all in and started designing freelance, working under the pseudonym Aah Yes Studio. We chatted with Ayesha about her first year as a graduate and freelancer, how she found the Shillington course, creating The Aahchive and loads more.

Five Foolproof Steps to Score More Freelance Graphic Design Jobs

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When you’re working as a freelance designer, your next job is always on your mind. It’s one of the worst parts of freelancing and it’s an unavoidable reality of relying on contract work to pay your bills. Creating Freelance Design Work from Your Past Work.

London Design Festival 2020 reveals first installations and freelancer focus

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Support for freelancers. The co-founders announced a “spotlight” on freelancers this year. “We recognise that freelancers in particular have been impacted by the pandemic,” they say.

Should a Web Designer Ever Provide Discounts?

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Among the first things you learn as a freelance web designer is that everybody wants a deal. Freelance Design Design Clients Freelance Business Freelance Career Freelance Clients Freelance Pricing

Getting Started Freelancing

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Every once in a while an email floats into my inbox asking me about how to get started freelancing. So, I thought I’d put together some of my thoughts and give you my (possibly unsolicited) advice on getting started as a freelancer.

2018 180

Advice for Freelancers From Andrew and Aaron of Mt. Freelance



James Tupper embraces the ups and downs of being a freelancer in his charming animation

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Creatives who work on a freelance basis might be familiar with the world that the Raleigh-based creative depicts in his short animation, Freelance.