Children's stories brought to life in colourful new book designed by Fieldwork

Creative Boom

Manchester studio Fieldwork has created a new book based on the delightful, often "bonkers" children's stories told through storytelling platform, Fabled. The book follows a successful Kickstarter campaign last July when it attracted over 20 per cent more funding than its goal.

20 Best Free PDF and E-books on Graphic Design

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Just because you’re creative and innovative does not mean you can conquer the design industry. Thought these are among the most important ingredients, there’s a lot more to the recipe.


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Kristine Kawakubo presents ideas and information through unconventional book design

Its Nice That

When we first came across the Edinburgh-based graphic designer last year, we were wowed by her unique handmade books. One year on, she continues to challenge our preconceived notions of book design both conceptually and technically. Read more

A lesson in experimental and original book design with Ana Resende

Its Nice That

The Porto-based graphic designer explains her unexpected route into graphic design, and how a complex process can lead to a simple object.


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the-book-design : [link

Design Case Study: Book Design for Oversharing My Selves with Shillington Teacher Annette Dennis


Annette Dennis is a Shillington teacher in Melbourne, a graphic designer and art director who specialises in branding, visual identity and editorial design. I had always had a love of print and books in particular. Can you walk us through some of your process for the book design?

DUNE Hardcover Artwork of the Penguin Classics Hardback Version of Frank Herbert’s Classic Book Designed by Alex Trochut

The Logo Smith

The post DUNE Hardcover Artwork of the Penguin Classics Hardback Version of Frank Herbert’s Classic Book Designed by Alex Trochut appeared first on The Logo Smith All Content © 2020 The Logo Smith.™ |. Designer Spotlight Logo Design Typography Book Lettering Movies Type

OK-RM creates stunning book designs that celebrate one artist's fascination with sailor suits

Creative Boom

London-based studio OK-RM is behind the stunning designs for Naïvy , a book of works by Coco Capitán published alongside the artist's first solo exhibition in London earlier this year.

“Books remain stubbornly, thrillingly relevant”: the enduring value of book design

Design Week

The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) has been judging books by their covers for over 100 years. As book production expanded, so did the AIGA’s outlook. In the 1960s, it started to evaluate covers distinct from the books inside. Courtesy of the AIGA Design Archives.

Ekta: 160 Faces by Lundgren+Lindqvist


Text by Richard Baird 160 Faces is a new publication from Swedish artist Daniel Götesson working under the name Ekta, designed by Lundgren+Lindqvist and distributed under the studio’s publishing arm ll’Editions.

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Queremos Sonreír by Mucho


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David Pearson: “We can be braver with book design in the UK”

Design Week

The third year of book cover designer David Pearson’s university degree at Central Saint Martins, he admits, should have been spent focusing on his degree show. “Book design is at its most fun when you’ve got something to kick against.”

Inside Lottozero by Studio Mut


Text by Richard Baird. Inside Lottozero was an exhibition of international artists that covered a wide-range of artistic disciplines. It was conceived by Arianna and Tessa Moroder and curated by Alessandra Tempesti.

White Rabbit Collection by Toko


Text by Richard Baird. The White Rabbit Collection is a contemporary arts publication showcasing the work of 99 artists drawn from the White Rabbit, a contemporary art museum, gallery and archive in Sydney.

Wonders is a new poetry book with a modern appeal


Wonders is a poetry book by a Montreal-based Studio Monozygote featuring a collection of poems and illustrations by a local artist Karim. With 75 original texts and 69 images, the publication was imagined as an art book but suitable to be read on the go. Words Marta Knas.

Albert Oehlen Book by Zak Group


The post Albert Oehlen Book by Zak Group appeared first on BP&O - Branding, Packaging and Opinion. Opinion by Richard Baird. Albert Oehlen is a German contemporary artist.

Molly Baz: Cook this Book by Violaine & JeremyA modern guide.

The Design Blog

V&J designed Molly’s first cookbook, published by @clarksonpotter They worked on the Editorial Design, Graphic Design and Custom Typeface for the Cover logotype. Editorial design was composed with V&J’S awesome typefaces, Kobe, Voyage, and Dida, and the text was set in Gt Haptik.

Origen México by Blok


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Daniel Jensen: Current Events by Bedow


His latest book, designed by Bedow, features artworks that are figurative and abstract, unrelated and absent a narrative. Opinion by Richard Baird Daniel Jensen is a Swedish artist whose work moves between paintings, sculptures and drawings and explores themes such as society and pop-culture, film, literature and nature. With such compelling and intense imagery of colour […].

Erik Berglin: The Bird Project by Lundgren+Lindqvist


Art and Design Graphic Design Reviews Art Book Designed by Lundgren+Lindqvist From Scandinavia Swedish DesignText by Richard Baird. Erik Berglin is Stockholm-based contemporary artist.

Five Questions with Creative Director and Book Designer Linda Secondari by Copyright Alliance

Thinking Design

From Copyright Alliance, original post can be found here: This week we would like you to meet Creative Director and Book Designer Linda Secondari. What was the inspiration behind becoming a Creative Director and Book Designer? I love books; I love the combination of words and images. To me, that’s what Design is, problem-solving. Want to get your book into the hands of readers?

Exploring the gender gap through Italian history of art and book design

Its Nice That

The Milan-based communication design studio Tomo Tomo talk us through its latest book design project Respect. Stop violence against women , a documentation of artist Alessandro Scotti’s recent work. Read more

A Book on Books looks into the past, present and future of book design and publishing

Its Nice That

Featuring in-depth discussions with industry leaders, this recently published tome celebrates all things bookish for bibliophiles far and wide.

30 Gorgeous Examples of Korean Graphic Design

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There’s something absolutely fascinating about the Korean culture. It has taken over the entire world, with Korean pop stars, Korean makeup, Korean fashion, and everything else Korean dominating the scene everywhere you look.

Fashion Central Saint Martins by Praline


Art and Design Fashion Graphic Design Reviews Book & Magazine Cover Design Book & Magazine Design Book Design Review Design Blog Design For Print Design Reviews: Editorial Design Designed by Praline Designed in London Editorial Design Graphic Design Graphic Design Blog Magazine Design Open Bind Spot Colours The Very Best of 2019

Futuristic The Wild Mushroom Cookbook


With the layout designed by Sofia Pusa, the visuals are whimsical and futuristic. The aim was to reflect the character of an author and give book a color-themed structure. The Wild Mushroom Cookbook by a Finnish chef, Sami Tallberg, is a psychedelic look into the world of plants.

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8 Insightful Design Books to Read While Social Distancing

Azure Magazine

Here are eight of our top reading picks for architecture and design lovers. Thankfully, this beloved book (which was also reinterpreted as a cabaret) is redolent with vibrant vignettes by numerous writers who thoughtfully illuminate this dynamic era. This little book keeps it alive.

25 Annual Report Designs: Tips, Inspiration, & Resources

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How do you think people feel when it’s time to give that annual report again? You’ll probably hear groans and moans all around, depending on their performance.

How to Build Your Own Design Education without Going to School

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Design School. Two relatively ordinary words, but once put together take on a distinct meaning – a glorified institute subliminally pushing the notion that the combination of art and academia is the recipe for success.

How to Build Your Own Design Education without Going to School

Inspiration Feed

Design School. Two relatively ordinary words, but once put together take on a distinct meaning – a glorified institute subliminally pushing the notion that the combination of art and academia is the recipe for success.

Book designer David Pearson returns to Penguin’s bestselling series, Great Ideas

Its Nice That

Having designed the first books and even coined the name of the four-million-copy series, Pearson tells us more about some of his favourite covers for the new titles featuring authors Simone Weil and Audre Lorde.

Top 20 Best Blinkist Book Summaries for Designers & Creatives

Just Creative

The best designers develop multi-disciplinary skills, not just in the field of design but in many other areas such as marketing, sales, creativity, productivity, leadership, communication, money and do this through personal development and by always learning. Branding Books design

“Good design is always marked by great consistency”: Studio Spehr and its ardent focus on book design

Its Nice That

With a practice focused on art catalogues and photobooks, the designer talks to us about the importance of rigorous conversations in the design process.

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Forget about success or failure, learning is the key for graphic designer Sunny Li

Its Nice That

Delve into this extensive portfolio featuring book design, identities and constant experimentation from the LA-based Sunny Li.

A Crowdfunding Campaign To Support We Are Type’s Work

Designer Daily

In London, there is a place that tell the story of print by gathering information on typography, graphic design, book design, and printing. To celebrate this anniversary, designers Lucienne Roberts, Matt Willey, and David Pearson have create We Are Type artworks.

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5 Important Book Cover Design Tips to Help Your Book Stand Out

Crowd Spring

Like it or not, people judge books by their covers. In a store packed with books (or sitting at home browsing Amazon) your book cover design is the most effective way to catch people’s attention. A shoddy book cover will make prospective readers question the value of the content within. But, a strong cover design will catch a reader’s eye, capture their interest and communicate what the book is about. Design by smarikaahuja.

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Typography treasure trove St Bride enlists designers’ help in securing its future

Its Nice That

Lucienne Roberts, Matt Willey, David Pearson and more have created We Are Type artworks to mark the institution’s 125th anniversary, supporting a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to continue its work in printing, type, graphic and book design.

5 Common Self-Publishing Mistakes To Avoid and What to Do Instead

Crowd Spring

Use these tips and insights to help avoid the top 5 mistakes many authors make when self-publishing a new book. Design Graphic Design Marketing Design Print Design

“I love books!”: How Japanese graphic designer Ikuya Shigezane keeps traditional techniques alive

Its Nice That

A true devotee to craftsmanship, the Tokyo-based graphic designer is drawn to both digital and analogue techniques – whether it’s an event poster, exhibition identity or book design.

Eddie Opara uses typography to enhance the impact of Dawoud Bey's imagery

Its Nice That

In a book design for SFMoma’s retrospective on the photographer, the Pentagram partner subtly weaves emotive themes into the layout.

Witches brew comes to life with delightful fictional beer designed by Vanessa Lovegrove

Creative Boom

I also really liked to play around with the idea that beer packaging could have a more female-oriented focus, with soft colours, strong women and florals being a part of my design.

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A typography tribute to Darwin's On the Origin of Species shows the book's own evolution

Creative Boom

It must have been some feat for British graphic designer Simon Phillipson to create a new edition of Charles Darwin's classic On the Origin of Species , highlighting all the linguistic changes the famous naturalist made between the book's first and last publication.

We dive into a new archive of over 1,000 book covers from the Arab world

Its Nice That

Egyptian designer Moe Elhossieny talks us through why he launched his Design Repository and what he’s already learned about Arabic book design from the collection.