20 Best Free PDF and E-books on Graphic Design

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Just because you’re creative and innovative does not mean you can conquer the design industry. Thought these are among the most important ingredients, there’s a lot more to the recipe.

Kristine Kawakubo presents ideas and information through unconventional book design

Its Nice That

When we first came across the Edinburgh-based graphic designer last year, we were wowed by her unique handmade books. One year on, she continues to challenge our preconceived notions of book design both conceptually and technically.

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“Books remain stubbornly, thrillingly relevant”: the enduring value of book design

Design Week

The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) has been judging books by their covers for over 100 years. As book production expanded, so did the AIGA’s outlook. In the 1960s, it started to evaluate covers distinct from the books inside. Courtesy of the AIGA Design Archives.

Book 64

Queremos Sonreír by Mucho


2020 83

Five Questions with Creative Director and Book Designer Linda Secondari by Copyright Alliance

Thinking Design

From Copyright Alliance, original post can be found here: copyrightalliance.org/ca_post/book-designer-secondari/ This week we would like you to meet Creative Director and Book Designer Linda Secondari. I love books; I love the combination of words and images.

2018 52

Exploring the gender gap through Italian history of art and book design

Its Nice That

The Milan-based communication design studio Tomo Tomo talk us through its latest book design project Respect. Stop violence against women , a documentation of artist Alessandro Scotti’s recent work. Read more

How to Build Your Own Design Education without Going to School

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Design School. Two relatively ordinary words, but once put together take on a distinct meaning – a glorified institute subliminally pushing the notion that the combination of art and academia is the recipe for success.

Futuristic The Wild Mushroom Cookbook


With the layout designed by Sofia Pusa, the visuals are whimsical and futuristic. The aim was to reflect the character of an author and give book a color-themed structure. The Wild Mushroom Cookbook by a Finnish chef, Sami Tallberg, is a psychedelic look into the world of plants.

Theme 77

Daniel Jensen: Current Events by Bedow


His latest book, designed by Bedow, features artworks that are figurative and abstract, unrelated and absent a narrative.

Albert Oehlen Book by Zak Group


The post Albert Oehlen Book by Zak Group appeared first on BP&O - Branding, Packaging and Opinion. Opinion by Richard Baird. Albert Oehlen is a German contemporary artist.

Book 70

25 Annual Report Designs: Tips, Inspiration, & Resources

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How do you think people feel when it’s time to give that annual report again? You’ll probably hear groans and moans all around, depending on their performance.

8 Insightful Design Books to Read While Social Distancing

Azure Magazine

Here are eight of our top reading picks for architecture and design lovers. Thankfully, this beloved book (which was also reinterpreted as a cabaret) is redolent with vibrant vignettes by numerous writers who thoughtfully illuminate this dynamic era. This little book keeps it alive.

Book 59

Fashion Central Saint Martins by Praline


Opinion by Richard Baird Fashion Central Saint Martins documents and celebrates what has become one of the most influential fashion courses in the world.

“I love books!”: How Japanese graphic designer Ikuya Shigezane keeps traditional techniques alive

Its Nice That

A true devotee to craftsmanship, the Tokyo-based graphic designer is drawn to both digital and analogue techniques – whether it’s an event poster, exhibition identity or book design.

Paintings on wood by 50 celebrated artists, including Nathalie du Pasquier and Jean Jullien, to support the World Land Trust

Creative Boom

Born out of a love of nature, Thomas Danthony and Clare Mabin came up with the idea for Touch Wood , asking 50 celebrated international artists, designers and illustrators to express what nature means to them by contributing an original piece of art, created on a wooden board.

2015 182

28 Best InDesign Book Templates (Layout & Cover Templates)

Tuts Plus

You could be the next greatest author of our time with our book design templates. Find your perfect cover with this list of exquisite InDesign book templates which have the best book layouts and cover designs. How to Create a Book Template in InDesign. Books.

Only on Saturday: A new book celebrates the wood type prints of type legend, Jack Stauffacher

Creative Boom

Jack Stauffacher was one of the world’s most celebrated book designers and fine printers. A fixture of San Francisco’s creative community, he was a celebrated teacher and the brilliant craftsman behind many publication designs and renowned editions put out by his own Greenwood Press.

Print 207

A book chronicling tiny, bizarre treasures curated by Wes Anderson and Juman Malouf

Its Nice That

After covering their exhibition a few months back, the delights of Wes Anderson and Juman Malouf return, in an artist book designed by New York design agency 2×4. It’s finally here!

2019 Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Gifts for Designers Under $100

Creative Live

Got a designer or artist on your list? Help the designer on your list set a professional course and market themselves for success. In the wildly-popular class, A Brand Called You, Debbie Millman helps designers develop an action plan for pursuing their dreams.

2019 63

7 Best Creatives from Belgium


At Shillington, we love to celebrate great design from around the world. Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent are filled with contemporary galleries, innovative design and a great culinary scene. Tim Bisschop has been working as a graphic designer in Bruges since 2011.

2011 56

Chapman & Wilder Create Cross-Continental Design Studio

Spine Magazine

Book cover designers Cherie Chapman and Eric Wilder have joined forces to create Chapman & Wilder, a new studio that spans specialties and, well, the Atlantic. For years, I've followed Eric's dedication to Spine Magazine and his passion for book covers.

Never-before-seen works by Barnett Freedman, one of the UK's most influential illustrators and designers

Creative Boom

A peer of Eric Ravilious and Edward Burra, Barnett Freedman was a pioneering artist at the interface of modern art and design in 20th century Britain. Freedman was an outstanding commercial designer, considered a world expert in colour auto-lithography for machine production.

Luke Bird on Designing Diana Athill's Don't Look At Me Like That

Spine Magazine

Luke Bird is a graphic designer specialising in book design, branding, food packaging and limited edition packaging for music and books. Since 2018, I’ve been designing a sort of ‘standalone series’ for Granta in the UK, called Granta Editions.

Soirée Fantastique

Fonts in Use

Conceived and designed by Pierre Pané-Farré , the book won the Gold Medal in the competition Best Book Design from all over the World and also was awarded at the Walter Tiemann Prize 2018. 1838–41), made by the book designer himself.

Tree Abraham on Designing From the Shadows

Spine Magazine

Tree Abraham is a book designer, illustrator, writer, & maker of things. Here she takes us through her process for designing Juan José Millás’ From the Shadows. I designed the cover of Juan José Millás’ From the Shadows knowing little of what the novel contained.

University Press Cover Round-Up

Spine Magazine

We welcome you to another in our ongoing feature in which notable book cover designer Jordan Wannemacher periodically highlights a selection of recent university press cover designs. Baylor University Press Designer/Art Director: Savanah N.

Book 67

“She Designs Books” Online Exhibition


For all the book lovers out there, The Type Directors Club is currently showing their She Designs Books exhibition online. To see more amazing book design work by women creatives, follow She Designs Books on social media @shedesignsbooks.

Book 52

Jinhee Han has a love for Risograph and complex layouts

Creative Review

Currently living in Brussels, Korean book designer and illustrator Jinhee Han’s love of design was first sparked when working for an independent bookshop in Seoul called The Book Society. I hope that I can feel this for every book that we publish.”

Embracing Danger and Weirdness with Designer James Victore

High on Design by Wix

I want to help give hope and freedom to the weird ones,” he tells High on Design. With this as his mission statement, James’ design work and teachings are a celebration of self-expression, risk-taking, and autonomy of thought. Design by James Victore for the NYC Department of Probation.

2000 58

“Animal Farm” & the Evolution of the Dust Jacket

Thinking Design

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE BOOK COVER? Once book jackets were intended simply to protect the valuable binding. Actually, before 1820, books were sold as unbound gathered pages. It was a paper wrapper for a gift book, bound in silk, entitled Friendship’s Offering (1829).

What obsolete computer punch cards reveal about the history of information design in today's era of unseen data

Creative Boom

As designer and publisher Patrick Fry puts it, "Data used to be physical". His new book, Print Punch: Artefacts From The Punch Card Era , drives this point home in beautiful imagery and striking, considered editorial design by exploring the time of the computer punch card. "In

Tree Abraham on Designing Giles Paley-Phillips' One Hundred and Fifty-Two Days

Spine Magazine

Tree Abraham is a book designer, illustrator, writer, & maker of things. Here she takes us through her process for designing One Hundred and Fifty-Two Days by Giles Paley-Phillips. Stanzaic and terse, syncopated and euphonic, a narrative told in verse entrances the reader with every line and silence; hence why I was thrilled when Unbound’s creative director Isobel Kieran briefed me Giles Paley-Phillips’ first adult book One Hundred and Fifty-Two Days.

Book 40

It's Pancake Day and 'Flipping Good' book launch

Ohn Mar Win

Soon after I worked on the Healthy Hedonist cover ( see my last post) I was again approached by Kyle Books to illustrate another front cover. This time it was for a book about pancakes written by Sudi Pigott , and illustrations would also be needed for chapter openers.

2017 52

Design studio Pa-i-ka searches for the value in every project

Creative Review

Graphic design studio Pa-i-ka is made up of just two people, Lee su-hyang and Ha Ji-hoon. Royal Cubit Master poster Jeongdong Theater poster Detail driven and thoughtful in their design work, key for Pa-i-ka is finding the value in the projects they work on.

2015 52

University Press Cover Round-Up

Spine Magazine

We welcome you to another in our ongoing feature in which notable book cover designer Jordan Wannemacher periodically highlights a selection of recent university press cover designs. This is a book that you proudly keep and display on your shelves!

Book 83

Barnett Freedman “saw no difference between commercial work and fine art”

Design Week

Thinking of mid-century British designers, names that come to the mind might include Eric Ravilious and Edward Bawden. That might change with a new exhibition, Barnett Freeman: Designs for Modern Britain, held at Pallant House Gallery this March.

A new photo book pays homage to the art of the swimming pool

Creative Review

If Covid-19 won’t let you go to the pool, then you can let the pool come to you, thanks to curator, writer, and avid swimmer Lou Stoppard’s new photo book, which explores its longstanding role as a muse to writers, artists, photographers, and filmmakers.

2014 56

Propaganda Art & the Book Cover

Thinking Design

Because it was published at the end of WWII, Animal Farm manufacturing and design benefited from advances and changes in industry standards for book production, and you can trace the modern evolution of the approach to the book cover as a marketing tool through its many covers.

Book 52

Good Services: creating a common knowledge for service designers

Design Week

Whether its ordering lunch, accessing healthcare or simply finding a way home, the average person is more acquainted with service design than they might think. But despite the vast majority of us encountering services on a daily, even hourly basis, many are not designed to meet our needs.

Book 64

Aldus Manutius & the Paperback

Thinking Design

The Aldine Press premiered an immensely popular new format well-designed editions of the secular classics Manutius called libelli portatiles, or portable little books because they easily fit in the hand of the reader, the first paperbacks.

2018 52

Design Wattpad Book Covers (With Downloadable Freebies!)


Books need covers to appeal to a reader’s eyeballs, so let’s jump into how you can go about designing your own. The best part about all this is that you get to put your designing skills into practice and publish it later. Consider it a design accomplishment.

100+ Best MockUps PSD Templates

Graphic Design Junction

Download realistic free mockups, designed by artistic graphic designers for commercial and personal use. All mock-ups are 100% free and easy to use, just put your photos, design into a smart object and choose shadow style for better presentation. Book Cover Mockups.

10 Fresh Font Pairings for Editorial Design in 2020


Whether you’re creating a poster, a brochure, a website or any other kind of design that includes text, the importance of typography cannot be underestimated. Elena is a lovely font designed specifically for digital text. ARS Maquette and Copernicus Book. Designed by Angus R.

Fonts 63