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50 essential books every graphic designer should read

Creative Boom

Image courtesy of Chris Wilson , featuring some of his own top picks. Whatever stage you've reached in your career as a graphic designer, one thing's for sure: you never stop learning.

Top 9 Best Graphic Design Software of 2022

Designer Daily

Any graphic designer, as well as an artist, would tell you that the right tools are the key to successful work. And as for graphic designers , it’s not about a canvas and brushes but powerful software.


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10 design principles every designer should know

UX Collective

Simple rules guide you towards appropriate design decisions and help you make a more compelling case for decision-makers. Design Principles are an assortment of considerations that form the foundation of any good product design.

How to Create a Watercolor Painting Effect in Photoshop

Spoon Graphics

In today’s Photoshop tutorial I’m going to show you a clever combination of Photoshop filters that converts an image into a realistic looking watercolour painting effect.

Illustrations by An Chen draw inspiration from old matchboxes and typography

Creative Boom

Taiwanese illustrator An Chen has created editorial art for The Wall Street Journal and The Boston Globe and self-published her own zines and pop-up books. But what unites all of her work is an art style that's influenced by old matchboxes, shapes, and even typography.

My Favorite Fonts of 2021

I Love Typography

Read the book, Typographic Firsts. The year 2021 was mostly memorable for all the wrong reasons. And it feels like I published last year’s favorite fonts list about ten years ago! However, 2021 wasn’t a bad year for type design.

Fonts 223

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21 Textured Illustration Brushes for Procreate

Spoon Graphics

Access All Areas members have a fantastic new set of Procreate brushes to download this week, courtesy of These illustration brushes are designed for creating authentic-looking drawings with a natural textured appearance.

The Graphic Designer Salary Guide for 2022

Creative Boom

Image licensed via Adobe Stock. Are you earning the right salary as a graphic designer? In this article, we'll explain how to go about calculating whether your salary is fair. And if it turns out your pay is falling short, share advice on how to negotiate it upwards.

LogoArchive’s Logo Histories: Eye, Bee & M


LogoArchive launched in 2015, however, it dates further back as an attempt to discover and file some of the best modernist logos of the past.

Brand 126

Artist Spotlight: Toma Vagner


Art Illustration art artist illustration new york city toma vagner

Artist 124

Why introverts make exceptional designers & how leaders can support them

UX Collective

Adobe Stock | 369425293 | Sonulkaster It may surprise some who know me professionally to learn that I identify as an introvert.

Freelance illustration rates: The complete guide to pricing your work

Creative Boom

Image licensed via Adobe Stock. Worried you're not charging the right rates for illustration work? Well, you're not alone. It's no exaggeration to say there is an awful lot of confusion on this issue within the artist and illustrator community.

50 Best Brand Guidelines Templates For 2022

Graphic Design Junction

Professionally designed Brand guideline templates is an Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft PowerPoint compatible templates. The set of visual identity brand guidelines will look as good on screen as printed.

“Head of the Lion” by Photographer Claudio Majorana


Photo catania claudio majorana head of the lion italy photographer photography

Typefaces, Humanism, and Rhythm: Introducing Matteson Typographics

Creative Market

If you’ve ever created or read text set in Open Sans, you’re already familiar with Steve Matteson’s work. Over the last 30 years, Matteson has designed or revived over 90 typeface families, crafting well-known typefaces like Segoe, Droid, and Andalé Mono.

Aardman director Gavin Strange on rebranding the beloved animation studio for 2022

Creative Boom

World-renowned animation studio Aardman has launched a new identity this week which celebrates its culture, value and people. Complete with a new website, logo, and fingerprint-studded aesthetic, it's a model example of how to create a brand for audiences and businesses alike.

The Laws of Simplicity applied to VR

UX Collective

Tips to defy UX complexity in the metaverse. Illustrated by Arthur Petrillo I first read The Laws of Simplicity by Dr. John Maeda 15 years ago. It came as a breath of fresh air at a time when the user experience of most online services was overly complicated and frustrating.

The ultimate cheat sheet for photographers

Creative Bloq

Up your photography game

Folklore, fiestas and loud grandmas: enter the wonderful world of Lydia Ortiz

Its Nice That

The illustration artist talks us through some of her most recent projects and shares some interesting tips on how to get creatively inspired.

Mikhail Lychkovskiy on channelling Swiss design elements with experimental forms and flair

Creative Boom

© Mikhail Lychkovskiy. Combining traditional Swiss design with his own artistic flair, the graphic designer's work spans digital interfaces and posters.

Artist 342

The state of creative AI: will designers get superpowers?

UX Collective

Aside from stunning demos, generative AI is gradually entering creative production and simplifying time-consuming tasks. Over time, creatives and designers will gain superpowers, changing their jobs forever.

Shocking Disney animation secret leaves the internet reeling

Creative Bloq

The animation hack we never expected

Smartphone Screen (iPhone) Photoshop Mockups

We And The Color

Available for download on Adobe Stock, this smartphone screen mockup comes with two fully customizable iPhone-inspired layouts that can be customized with every design in no time. Adobe Stock contributor @Patrick specializes in a wide range of templates and mockups for creatives.

What designers are doing to help save the planet, and how to help

Creative Boom

With all the bad news flying around right now, it's easy to feel there's no hope for the environment, and everything is futile. But an organisation called What Design Can Do (WDCD) is on a mission to persuade you otherwise.

Print 360

Carolina Moscoso hopes you’ll find the “weirdness” in her architecturally inspired drawings

Its Nice That

Inspired by her past life as an architect, the New York-based illustrator draws everyday objects and interiors – only everything’s a little off.

14 Color Combination Tools for Designers


Being able to select the right colors is key in designing an effective and intriguing design, whether for the web or for print.

Color 100

The Toneoptic rpm Takes Vinyl Storage Out for an Innovative Spin

Design Milk

Graphic designer and Toneoptic founder Fabian Geyrhalter’s massive record collection (he’s up to 1,666 records!)

Undo Motherhood: Photographs by Diana Karlin of women who regret becoming a parent

Creative Boom

Fear, Spain © Diana Karklin / Schilt Publishing. It's something rarely anyone talks about: what if you have a child and regret it?

Minimal Social Media / Instagram Post Templates with Photo Placeholders

We And The Color

Available on Adobe Stock, these minimalist social media/Instagram post templates with photo placeholders are available as fully customizable vector graphics. Phillip is a graphic designer and Adobe Stock contributor who focuses on modern and clean lines.

Media 80

Most amazing fonts you shouldn’t miss in 2022

UX Collective

Discover great free and paid fonts from independent foundries Continue reading on UX Collective ». ui-design fonts typography visual-design ui

Fonts 105

Video Packages Suck, Here’s Why!


Corporate video packages are something we get asked about a lot. And we understand why. As a business owner or someone working in the marketing department , you want to know exactly what you’re getting and how much budget you’ll be forking out right from the start.

Agency 103

Introducing the T Line: Brompton launches its lightest folding bike ever

Creative Boom

The T Line by Brompton. All photography courtesy of Brompton. Brompton has reinvented every millimetre of its iconic design to create its lightest folding bike since its launch in 1975, weighing in at just 7.45kg.

An Introduction to WordPress Block Themes


The components that make up a typical WordPress theme haven’t changed much over the years. So much so that project co-founder Matt Mullenweg quipped that the old school Kubrick theme (released in 2005) still works with modern versions of the content management system.

Theme 103

Sound design and the perception of time

UX Collective

The image was generated by ruDALL- E with a text query “Game audio and perception of time” We often say that humans are visual creatures. The Colavita visual dominance effect demonstrates that visually abled people are strongly biased towards visual information.