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Free Pack of Wood Grain Textures with PNG Transparency

Spoon Graphics

Download my new pack of textures to add detailed wood grain effects to your designs. After processing each photograph of wooden paneling to straighten and equalize the texture, the wood grain pattern was then extracted and exported as PNG files with transparent backgrounds.

15 Procreate Watercolor Brushes (Free & Premium)

Just Creative

Procreate is an amazing program that helps you create amazing works of art, regardless of whether you’re a professional or an amateur. Watercolor for Procreate is an addon for the program that lets you paint using watercolor just as if you had an easel and paint in the room.

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Fun with Fonts

I Love Typography

Today I launched two short multiple choice quizzes. The first starts at the beginning with Gutenberg, with questions about his life and his famous Bible. Some of the questions are pretty easy; others you might find rather difficult.

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“The In-Between” by Jacob Howard


Jacob Howard. Jacob Howard’s Website. Jacob Howard on Instagram. Photo editor pick Jacob Howard member photographer photography submission

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3 Things to Know about DIY Graphic Design

Purple Rose Graphics

I’m on social media a lot. I’m in several entrepreneur groups and groups for graphic designers. At least once a day I see a post like “Ladies!! Who does your graphic design? Drop the deets below” and inevitably, without fail I see a chain of comments that boil down to “I do it myself!”.

Incredible Hyperrealistic Pencil Drawings By Jésus Moròn

Design You Trust

Jésus Porras Morón born in Málaga (Spain) in 1984. He has exhibited in galleries over Spain and selected internationally. Won some awards in some art contests and online Competitions. Starting with oil painting and finally, trying the hyperrealism drawing with pencil graphite.

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“The World Unravels” by Christopher Beitz


Christopher Beitz. Christopher Beitz’s Website. Christopher Beitz on Instagram. Photo Christopher Beitz editor pick member new york photographer photography submission

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[Podcast] Brand Positioning & Naming with Rob Meyerson

Just Creative

Tune in to episode 6 of the JUST Branding Podcast and listen to positioning and naming expert, Rob Meyerson, join Jacob Cass & Matt Davies in exploring positioning statements & the best naming practices from the lens of the company, client and consumer, sharing actionable tips and real world examples that will help you build a better brand.

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Seal Pup From Russia Becomes A Popular Meme

Design You Trust

Seal pup from St. Petersburg who tried to escape the Marine Mammals rescue Center became a popular meme. The animal didn’t manage to go far away, he was found in the corridor between water houses. But its cute image has been photoshopped thousands of times.

Spirited Narratives Drive Whimsical, Patterned Paintings by Monica Rohan


“Kate, awkward” (2015), oil on board, 31 1/2 × 23 3/5 inches. All images © Monica Rohan, shared with permission. Whether unwrapping themselves from textile folds or balancing atop spindly stools, Monica Rohan ’s figures are perpetually in motion.

“The Build-Up” by Photographer Abigail Varney


Photo Abigail Varney melbourne photographer photography the build-up

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3 Steps to Building a Top Notch Remote Marketing Team

Just Creative

This article has been contributed by Matt Shealy. You won’t find anyone disputing the benefits of remote work right now. All over the world, businesses have had to ask employees to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Book Of Bunny Suicides”: Hilariously Dark Cartoon Series By Andy Riley

Design You Trust

Featured below are some of the best examples from Andy Riley’s hilariously dark and twisted cartoon series about bunnies that are tirelessly trying to kill themselves. In case you’re easily offended, you probably shouldn’t scroll down. Everyone else – enjoy!

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Hermes Mazali’s take at 36 Days of Type


Hermes Mazali’s take at 36 Days of Type. AoiroStudio 05.24.20 Hermes Mazali has shared his take of the series 36 Days of Type and thought it would totally deserve its own feature on abdz.

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Simplicity in Design: 4 Ways to Achieve Simplicity in Your Designs

Interaction Design Foundation

Learn ways to achieve simplicity in your designs and recognize why certain designs are overly complex. Simplicity is evident in many of the widely-used products created by some of the most successful companies.

Lively Beerworks identity

Communication Arts

Pastel colors mix with crisp layouts in the identity for this Oklahoma-based brewery. Article

When Renaissance Artists Were Really Bad At Drawing Babies

Design You Trust

The Renaissance artists repeatedly did something that we balk at today – they painted children like miniaturized old men.

While Stuck In Quarantine, This Artist Started An Art Project On Her Windows

Design You Trust

28th of March According to Krnács Ágota, a Visual Artist from Budapest, Hungary: ” The project’s real title is K_R_N_ – K_R_NT_N /. In English, it translates to C_R_N_ – Q__R_NT_N_. I think everyone knows what that means.

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Backstage Reality Of Russia: Atmospheric Photography Through A Skater’s Eyes

Design You Trust

Petr Barabaka found his first camera in a Moscow dump. He described the battered Kiev-19 that he hauled out of the trash as a “Soviet Nikon, of sorts.”

Incredible Futuristic-Looking 1939 Duesenberg Coupe Simone Midnight Ghost

Design You Trust

Duesenberg ceased production in 1937 after Cord’s financial empire collapsed. However, between 1937 and 1940, one automobile put the final touch to this historical marque. It it took three years to complete both the tailor-made interior and futuristic body. h/t:

Design iteration brings powerful results. So, do it again designer!

Interaction Design Foundation

The iterative design process is a simple concept. Once, through user research, you have identified a user need and have generated ideas to meet that need, you develop a prototype. Then you test the prototype to see whether it meets the need in the best possible way.

How to Visualize Your Qualitative User Research Results for Maximum Impact

Interaction Design Foundation

When thinking about visualization of research results, many people will automatically have an image of a graph in mind. Do you have that image, too? You would be right in thinking that many research results benefit from a graph-like visualization, showing trends and anomalies.

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Creepy Post-Soviet Textile Dolls By Irina Sayfiydinova

Design You Trust

Irina Sayfiydinova is a textile artist, based in Tver, Russia. “I I found myself in sewing toys – it is something without which I cannot live one day :) My toys are different emotions, without which our lives would be devoid of meaning. Choose your friend’s heart,” she says.

Customer Touchpoints - The Point of Interaction Between Brands, Businesses, Products and Customers

Interaction Design Foundation

There are as many different definitions for the word “touchpoint” in customer experience design and marketing as there are flavors on the average restaurant menu. Because these disciplines have been evolving rapidly over the last decades and terminology has become fluid rather than static.

Colorado-Based Artist Stefanie Hook Makes Harry Potter Face Masks That Reveal The Marauder’s Map When You Breathe

Design You Trust

Colorado-based artist Stefanie Hook sells hand-sewn creations online through her company CPEX. She became a TikTok sensation after posting a video of herself wearing a black mask that changed color and revealed the Marauder’s Map from “Harry Potter” as she breathed.

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Your Bubble Is Ready: French Designer Proposes Suspended Plex’eat Hoods For Safer Dining In Restaurants

Design You Trust

Benoit Tessier/Reuters A romantic dinner for two. The wine is excellent, the food delicious. It’s almost like the good old days. Except for the giant, see-through lampshades on your heads.

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Joshua Fuller

Communication Arts

This London-based photographer gives precedence to atmosphere to communicate stories in his landscape and product shots. Article

Brooklyn Brewery

Communication Arts

Traina Design refreshed this beloved brewery’s website to offer a contemporary digital experience to beer fans. Article

Professor And Microminiaturist Anatoly Konenko Creates A Tiny Protective Mask For Grasshopper

Design You Trust

Yevgeny Sofiychuk/TASS Mini-masks about the size of a rice grain are made of a special high-density medical fabric with a built-in air filter. Anatoly Konenko since 1981 first in Siberia began to pursue art of microminiature.

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