Pop art-inspired designs by Thirst Craft in a juicy new identity for Brooklyn Brewery's Hazy IPA

Creative Boom

Glasgow studio Thirst Craft has just launched a new identity and packaging design for the world-famous Brooklyn Brewery 's new Hazy IPA, combining two of New York's icons: pop art and beer. When we landed on the name 'Pulp Art', we saw the opportunity to mash up two New York icons.

Afropop artist Williams Chechet creates designs for Nigeria's first craft beer brewery

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Afropop artist Williams Chechet has collaborated with Nigeria's first craft beer brewery, Bature Brewery, to create two new bespoke artworks for its Harmattan Haze and Black Gold Stout beers.


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BeerWax is a designer's dream, mixing craft beer can design with album cover artwork

Creative Boom

Paul's imaginary craft beers pay homage to some of the best music albums in history: the names derive from either the album title, a song from the album or the band's name – usually as a pun. New Order – Movement: Peter Saville.

Chicago studio Knoed goes under the microscope to create an identity for a 'craft yeast for craft brewers'

Creative Boom

The new logo and visual identity system feels progressive and resonates with the craft brewer, and has been rolled out to packaging, stationery, brochures, stickers, posters, clothing, tags, website, ads and signage as part of branding its new image.

Kim Salt reveals how athletes and dancers influenced her craft

Creative Boom

But I learned I didn't truly love it like I did illustration, so I pivoted and began cold-emailing art directors looking for work. New York-based freelancer Kim Salt makes work which "celebrates the inner magic of the mundane and the unique rhythms of living things".

Uncommon takes inspiration from Coventry's 'brutalist beauty' to craft a moving identity for the city

Creative Boom

Ahead of becoming the UK City of Culture for 2021, Coventry has this week unveiled its new identity by Uncommon , one inspired by its brutalist elements and modernist architecture of a place that has seen a huge transformation over the last century.

The Art of Linda Ring’s Crafted Bread


She is now sharing her daily crafts with thousands of people on social media. Words Camila Rigaud. Swedish photographer and stylist Linda Ring started baking her own gluten free bread for her family. What’s so special about Linda Ring’s breads? Well, she uses them as canvas.

25 Tattoo Design Elements: Brushes, Vector Art and ToolKits

Just Creative

So much so, that, although tattoos are designed to be permanent body art, brands and designers are incorporating tattoo elements into their work. If you’re a digital designer yourself, looking for tattoo design brushes, vector art & toolkits , we’ve got you covered!

The Art of Falling Apart is a stop motion short film on mental wellness

Creative Boom

Created and directed by the studio's founders Kyla Atlas and Jessica Arnold, The Art of Falling Apart is narrated by Ryder with her words moving us through an abstract world where colour and shape imagine her experiences.

The eyes are on Mario Carpe's throwback design for Collective Arts Brewing's latest IPA

Creative Boom

Prague-based Spanish designer and illustrator Mario Carpe is the mastermind behind this packaging design for IPA No.15, the latest offering from Collective Arts Brewing , a grassroots craft brewery that mixes craft beer with creativity. Based in Canada, the popular brewery features limited-edition works of art on its beer cans and labels and has subsequently built a global community , supporting artists and designers worldwide.

Art world behemoth Frieze unveils new brand identity from Pentagram London

Creative Boom

Since its founding in 1991, Frieze comprises four international art fairs in London, New York and Los Angeles and three editorial publications: Frieze, Frieze Week and Frieze Masters Magazine.

Zaddy's Is Your New Favorite Craft Cocktail That's Authentically Crafted And Boldly Packaged

The Die Line

Sustainably focused, Zaddy's craft cocktails are redefining the waste-filled beverage space by using recyclable packaging that's so full of character that it'll knock your socks off. Illustrator, Lea Carey, designed these artfully crafted cans

How art can help allay uncertainty

Creative Boom

Not knowing what's around the corner can, of course, inspire great art. and recently I've been dabbling with punch needle crafts.". Let art be cathartic and escapist.

Art 405

Mushrooms Peek Out from Whimsical Vessels Crafted by Ceramicist Abby Dawson


The ceramicist sees her fully functional vessels as both an intimate way to connect with others and as a reminder of environmental webs, describing her work as “inspired by repetitive patterns in nature and the commitment to art as a spiritual/therapeutic practice.”

Kris Sowersby of Klim Foundry explores The Art of Letters? in new book

Creative Boom

Kris Sowersby's The Art of Letters is a whopping 800-page book that examines the intersection of art, function and form in type design. Sowersby is founder of Klim Type Foundry , an independent typeface design studio based in Wellington, New Zealand.

An Otter's Tale, directed by Nina Gantz, is LOEWE's craft-led campaign for Christmas

Creative Boom

An otter, a wading bird, a dragonfly and a dodo are brought to life in a stunning new film inspired by British arts and craft ceramicist William De Morgan to launch LOEWE 's new ready-to-wear range for Christmas. Directed by Nina Gantz at Blinkink , the campaign features the Spanish fashion house's new capsule collection – also inspired by De Morgan.

Eleven new designers win a place at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

Creative Boom

Eleven of the UK's best up-and-coming creative graduates have been selected to exhibit in the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair’s Great Northern Graduates showcase this weekend. The collective will exhibit alongside over 160 of the UK’s leading designer-makers at the award-winning not-for-profit event, which is supported Arts Council England. There are three ‘homegrown’ graduates from Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University.

A guide to the UK and Ireland's best art and design conferences in 2020

Creative Boom

This three-day spectacular celebrates the best in craft, creativity and culture, hosted at The Old Truman Brewery, London every May. With keynotes, workshops and masterclasses from the world of advertising, art, design, fashion, film, and much more – this year's theme is Imagine.

Papier-Mâché Masks Crafted by Liz Sexton Bring Animals to Human Scale


Become a Colossal Member and support independent arts publishing. Join a community of like-minded readers who are passionate about contemporary art, apply for our annual grant, and get exclusive access to interviews, partner discounts, and event tickets. Craft animals masks paper

Late Works merges graphic design, conceptual art, sound and bold new modes of collaborating – and it's brilliant

Creative Boom

Over the summer, I had a socially distanced sit-down in the stunning grounds of the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow – the former home of a man who revolutionised how we think about art, design, social activism and the connection between chintzy wallpaper and revolution.

Expormim Brings New Flair to Traditional Spanish Craft

Azure Magazine

Southwest of Valencia, the town of Moixent is a hub of traditional Spanish craft. Last year, the hand-crafted rattan collection was expanded with a trio of new options. The post Expormim Brings New Flair to Traditional Spanish Craft appeared first on Azure Magazine.

Bottoms up! John Larigakis on art directing and his Guinness-like style

Creative Boom

John Larigakis is an art director, designer, animator, and illustrator based in Vancouver, BC. When asked what kind of beer his art style would be if turned into a fine ale, John remarks "probably a stout, specifically a Guinness.

The Art of Time: Bowmore Celebrates History with Art (and Whisky)

Azure Magazine

As part of a global campaign dubbed the Art of Time , Bowmore has collaborated with acclaimed French film director and artist, Thomas Vanz, paying homage to the artistic craft of whisky and whisky-making with a striking multi-media campaign — and unparalleled single malt expressions.

50 Windows of Creativity: Manchester's new art trail to celebrate the city's rich and diverse creative culture

Creative Boom

Brace yourselves for 50 Windows of Creativity , a new art trail celebrating Manchester's rich creative culture, featuring mosaics, installations, fine art, photography, craft, and murals by local artists and designers in windows, venues, businesses and spaces across the city.

Bortolotto Crafts a Sinuous New Gateway to Toronto’s OCAD University

Azure Magazine

Behind a tangle of streetcar wires, the long, swooping contour of Frank Gehry’s deft reinvention of the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) unfolds to the west, while the avant-garde modernism of Will Alsop’s Sharp Centre for Design floats like an otherworldly presence overhead.

Meticulously Crafted Steampunk Creatures by Igor Verny Feature Articulated Wings and Limbs


Art birds insects sculpture steampunkAll images © Igor Verny. If Igor Verny ’s dragonflies and birds have difficulty taking flight, they may need a few squirts of WD-40 to get their metallic wings flapping.

Arts District Craft & Kitchen

Communication Arts

Designed by Damn Good Brand and developed by Matt Lee, this site communicates the offerings of the Las Vegas–based craft beer and food venue.

Folk Beasts is a series of craft packs for those affected by the pandemic

Its Nice That

Hart Club and The Golden Thread Project have commissioned a selection of London-based artists, briefed to inspire the public to engage in the arts at home.

Daft Punk's Discovery at 20: collaborators on crafting the iconic robot look and revolution

Creative Boom

It ended with Daft Punk's Electroma, the cult art house film celebrating its 15th anniversary this year that finishes with – spoiler alert – a rather explosive ending for the robots. "We Daft Punk in their original helmets and gloves (Courtesy of Tony Gardner).

30 Creative Examples of Easter Egg Designs

Inspiration Feed

Easter is almost here and what better was to celebrate than decorating some nifty eggs! Easter is a Christian feast and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion at Calvary.

Color 60

Kingdom & Sparrow brings creativity and craftsmanship back to Falmouth’s original School of Art

Creative Boom

To celebrate its move to Falmouth's original School of Art, Kingdom & Sparrow designed a party based on the theme of the building's history. When the opportunity came up for us to move into the old School of Art building, we jumped at the chance.

How arts and crafts bring the Good Life

Creative Review

Lockdown has prompted a renewed interest in craft skills. Here, Hazel Davis talks to Charlie Gladstone, founder of the crafts and music festival the Good Life Experience, about the importance of creativity and why an interest in crafts should live beyond Covid.

Color Craft & Counterpoint: A Designer’s Life with Color Vision Deficiency

A List Apart

Also about my passion for art and design. A position had opened up in the frame shop at a big-box crafts store I’d been working at for over a year. So, what is it like to be color blind and also work in the web design and development industry?

Flying Monk Arts & Crafts Trail 2016

Chris Dunn Illustration/Fine Art

I'm excited to be taking part in the Flying Monk Art Trail , this year in Malmesbury, Sat 24th and Sun 25th September. I will be exhibiting with Claire Baker Ceramic Art and the painter Mary Ray Smith , in the Burgess's Room, next to the Tourist Information Centre in Malmesbury town centre. It's time to make plans.

Craft Your Future: A Discussion with Artist Craig Black


The aim of Creative Inverclyde is to utilise the creative sector as a nucleus for positive social change across Inverclyde and Scotland; where creativity, arts and culture meet economic regeneration through working together to create a better place to live and work.

In Switzerland, a Team Led by BIG Crafts a Showpiece Museum for a Storied Maker of Timepieces

Azure Magazine

The climax comes at the spiral’s centre, where a cluster of spherical showcases, inspired by the solar system, contain the watchmaker’s Grandes Complications, all of them orbiting 1899’s Universelle, one of the most complex watches crafted by the brand.

Intricate Paper Animals Spring from Textured Sculptures by Artist Calvin Nicholls


In Calvin Nicholls ’s sculptural forms, feathered and furry creatures are meticulously crafted from small pieces of white paper. Every work is crafted from archival cotton paper that prevents yellowing and fading. Art Craft animals birds paper sculpture

Thirst Craft Gives Brooklyn Brewery’s Hazy IPA A Juicy Pop Art Makeover

The Die Line

If you ever wanted to know what a Milton Glaser logo would look like if it went through a pop art filter, then Brooklyn Brewery's Hazy IPA is likely what you’d get.

Interview: Danielle Clough Discusses Embroidery’s Lengthy History and the Tenuous Distinction Between Art and Craft


Clough positions herself in the worlds of both fiber-based craft and art by embroidering intimate portraits of pop culture icons and vivid floral works on found objects. Art Colossal CraftAll images © Danielle Clough, shared with permission.

Von Arts and Crafts zum Bauhaus, Bröhan-Museum

Fonts in Use

The current exhibition that’s on display at this museum “for art nouveau, art deco, and functionalism” is titled “ From Arts and Crafts to the Bauhaus. Art and Design – A New Unity! With around 300 highlights—furniture, graphic design, metal art, ceramics, painting—from fifty years of design history, the exhibition will seek to explain this pan-European discourse on design. Contributed by Florian Hardwig.

Vertical Dwellings Nestle into the Floating Miniature Landscapes of Rosa de Jong


“I feel like a huge part of my work is how I frame things—let’s see if I am able to frame these inspiring natural elements,” she says, noting that the actual boxes are hand-crafted by her father. Art Craft Design architecture miniature sculpture

NFT Spotlight — Monochrome Art with Ruben Ireland


NFT Spotlight — Monochrome Art with Ruben Ireland. Ruben has been crafting his art. I am humbled to see Ruben still crafting his art and it's an honor to feature him in our NFT Spotlight Series. AoiroStudio 04.05.21 Ruben Ireland is a digital artist based in the UK.

Carry a Bouquet on Your Finger Thanks to These Tiny Paper Flowers

Brown Paper Bag

In addition to rooms, Tania creates cut-paper art featuring finger-sized bouquets. Paper Craft cut paper paper art paper craft papercraft tania lissovaThis post contains some affiliate links. If you make a purchase, Brown Paper Bag may earn an affiliate commission.