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Weekly curated resources for designers?—?thinkers What design principles should we prioritize more? How to make smarter design tradeoffs ? Moving from brand strategy to visual identity. By Daniel Berryhill The UX of design happiness ?

Dear designer: Strategy doesn’t have to be stressful

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product-management product-design strategy ux-research uxUseful ways you can manage (and master) the user experience journey Continue reading on UX Collective ».


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The commoditization of UX and the rise of Design Strategy

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The real value comes from the design strategy Continue reading on UX Collective ». ux product-design design ux-design design-strategy

11 Strong Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Completely New Design

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With time, your online business is declining, and old website design can be one of the non-skippable reasons behind it. The change in technology and advancement in the Website Designing trends demand complete revamp of your website.

The Importance of Visual Context in Design Strategy


Read on to hear her insights on how visual context is an essential part of communication design , along with the importance of telling a story, knowing your users and using visuals in design strategy to establish a relationship with your audience.

Design Systems: How to create a scalable typography stack

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How my design system team created an accessible, flexible, and robust typographic hierarchy. design-systems design-thinking design-strategy ux typographyContinue reading on UX Collective ».

Alternative Solutions & Owning Ecosystems

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Who could be better at giving you what you need to be successful than the people who designed it? Wizards of the Coast can only do so much to cluster and design products at the 30,000ft view they have, especially since there isn’t a unified view of every player and every card they own and why.

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Developers making you miserable? Try these time-saving tips

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Advice from one (frustrated) designer to another Continue reading on UX Collective ». ux development design strategy collaboration

About risk in product development

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product-development design-strategy entrepreneurship design product-strategyThe further you’re into the product development cycle, the less you can affect its outcome Continue reading on UX Collective ».

How Big Tech threaten the very ecosystem that spawned them

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technology ux design strategy innovationConsolidation can stifle systemic disruption and disincentivize bold new ideas Continue reading on UX Collective ».

Mobile-first vs. mobile-must: where to start

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When designing digital experiences, how can we free the design process from arbitrary constraints and improve outcome? digital-experience ui-design ux user-experience design-strategy

16 Design Symbols Your Business Can Use to Improve Its Brand Identity


Why use symbols in design? It’s in your best interest to make sure that every logo design choice is intentional and communicates the message you want to convey. Thoughtless design choices lead to misleading or confusing logos. Roses have experienced a resurgence in popularity ; the symbol has emerged at the forefront of many modern designs. Businesses with a focus on stamina, eternity, and prosperity are quick to incorporate the sun in their logo designs.

Lens International Design Conference 2022 Keynote: Redesigning Design

Design Sojourn

I am honoured to be invited by Shih Chien University College of Design to give a keynote speech during their Lens International Design Conference 2022 on January 7th 2022. . In this way, design attempts to bring the world together.

Wagamama “strips out the unnecessary” with new “sustainable” takeaway packaging


The studio drew inspiration from “circular design strategies” and used knowledge from material, recycling and packaging experts to find “the best possible sustainable.

Great Content Planning Results In A Great Website

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Many articles have been written explaining how you must design interfaces, graphics and how to deal with clients.

Stress-free OKR creation: how to connect strategic drivers with objectives

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When we run into this situation it is because we are filling the gap created by lack of a previous alignment of strategy and opportunities. This is a signal in companies that don’t have a strategy or fail to connect it to OKRs and team execution.

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Product lessons from the history of HBO

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there are a few strategy lessons you can draw from Tinderbox that will feel less stale than Blockbuster’s downfall. I had a lot of fun reading about their strategy to attract recognizable talent to work on these productions?—?they

Regrets Only’s identity work is the antithesis of big corporate branding

Its Nice That

Combining design strategy with a personable approach, Regrets Only finds the truth in a brand to communicate visually.

A’ Design Awards 2022 Winners AnnouncedA’ Design Award &.

The Design Blog

A’ Design Awards 2022 Winners Announced A’ Design Award & Competition , one of the World’s largest and most diffused international design awards announced results of the 2021 - 2022 design competition: 2022 Winners from 114 countries in 110 different design disciplines.

VC Swipe Branding and Web Design


VC Swipe Branding and Web Design. User Experience Design & Strategy Lukas Kmoth . abduzeedo 10.21.20 Marvin Schwaibold shared an awesome branding and UI/UX project for VC Swipe, a platform that matches and connects outstanding investors with future startups.

UNI Brand Identity

Mindsparkle Mag

UNI is the name of this design studio, and Eunice Su hopes to create a “sustainable” design. ” The design strategy revolves around the four core values of the brand: unit, balance, aesthetics, and exploration. The logo design is based on the UNI unit.

Brand 52


Mindsparkle Mag

The creative team provided a full branding design and strategy service from A to Z, from naming to logo design, strategy to branding guidelines, pattern to packagings, labels to stickers, branded illustrations to animations, uniforms to product tags. .

London Shuffle Club?s identity is all about the Miami pinks and blues

Creative Review

London studio A New Kind of Kick designed the club’s graphic language, having been briefed to create something “more grown up” as the club moved from a seasonal pop-up to a permanent venue. “The design strategy grew from the proposition of ‘For Fun.

Sports 102

Discovery in Action. Which Came First Spaghetti Carbonara or the Egg?

Thinking Design

What do origin stories, Spaghetti Carbonara, and design strategy have in common? The origin, and related stories, inspire design strategy. Strategy Discovery ProcessSometimes the best place to start is the origin.

Design inspiration: our favourite projects from July


As its name suggests, newcomer magazine FLIP aims to “change the conversation” around design, strategy and innovation. Boom Saloon underpins the content with an editorial design strategy not usually seen from a B2B magazine. FLIP Magazine, by Boom Saloon.

A Small Footprint Made Spacious

Azure Magazine

But it is inside the cottage where Prodesi/Domesi , the Czech architects responsible for the project, make their most evocative design gestures. The second level was designed to be more sculptural, while still maximizing the available square-footage.

Why Your Website Needs a Mobile-First Design

Inkbot Design

Why Your Website Needs a Mobile-First Design. This is why a mobile-first design should be a key consideration when developing your next website or amending your old one. The Difference Between Mobile-First Design and Traditional Web Design.

Zaha Hadid Architects: Vertical Urbanism, the Exhibition

Design Milk

The newly opened Zaha Hadid Architects: Vertical Urbanism exhibition showcases the bold, explorative urbanism they’re known for through a variety of design strategies used to create vibrant and sustainable community-orientated spaces within densely populated urban spaces.

Metaverse architects, how to dark mode, a study of micro-aesthetics

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Weekly curated resources for designers?—?thinkers There are plenty of tools and frameworks to consider the environmental impact during a design process. But they, too, are mostly targeting the industrial design profession. How to create dark mode for your designs in Figma.

A Passive House Concealed in the Czech Countryside

Azure Magazine

Once a magnet for modernist designers — from local luminary František Lýdie Gahura to international icons like Peter Behrens and Le Corbusier — the former industrial powerhouse remains a hub of design ambition.

Bala’s New York Store Is an Exercise in Bold Geometry

Azure Magazine

Enter Bala — a stylish exercise brand that recently opened its first retail store, a pastel-hued New York City pop-up designed by Ringo Studio. By highlighting the visual appeal of Bala’s products, Ringo underscores the clever logic behind Bala’s overall design strategy.

Tips for Designing an Effective Billboard

Design Roast

The design strategy [.]. The post Tips for Designing an Effective Billboard appeared first on Design Roast. Print DesignAmericans are spending more time than ever in traffic, and more time in traffic means that billboards remain an effective method of communicating to your target audience. Billboards are a unique form of advertising: gigantic in scale and seen for just a few seconds by commuters who are focused on the road.

20 Must-Read Books for Product Designers at Any Stage

Creative Market

Product design is a complex discipline, requiring careful study and understanding of your user. These outstanding product design books simplify essential design concepts like web form design, typography, research, UX, communication, data skills, and problem-solving among many others. Web Form Design. This product design book stands out as a top resource to help you create the most effective forms and encourage positive user interaction. Meeting Design.

5 More Common Graphic Design Terms and What they Mean!

Purple Rose Graphics

The words specific to their profession that someone outside the industry would scratch their heads at and graphic design is no different. Five more common design terms, and their definitions! I hope this helps you with your future design work! Every industry has its jargon. I covered a few of the most common ones last time. This time I thought I’d cover a few more people might know about, but maybe be curious about the meaning! Kerning.

The Importance of Design in Business Success

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The Importance of Design in Business Success. Design in business is the most crucial thing because it's what people see first and shapes their perceptions and expectations. Most of us understand the importance of design in our lives. What Is Design in a Business Context?