40 Free Color Scheme and Palette Apps (Massive Guide)

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Color selection is a stage in a design process that requires both smart thinking and gut feeling. In today’s digital era, you can have as many colors and color combinations as you like. color combinations web 2.0

30 Eye Catching Color Combinations

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A visually-appealing color combination goes a long way in creating a seamless, inviting, and fun output.


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30+ Purple Websites for Your Design & Color Scheme Inspiration

Vandelay Design

These purple websites are sure to provide plenty of design and color scheme inspiration that will help in creating a website with a stunning color palette. The post 30+ Purple Websites for Your Design & Color Scheme Inspiration appeared first on Vandelay Design.

33 Website Layouts with Subtle Pink Color Schemes


Many website galleries are heavily based on color. Pink is a somewhat ambiguous color often associated with girly things. However, pink can mean so many different ideas, and it combines nicely with other color schemes as well.

11 Beautiful Analogous Color Schemes

Design Roast

Similar to monochromatic style, the analogous color scheme uses neighbor colors on the wheel in any shade variation. The post 11 Beautiful Analogous Color Schemes appeared first on Design Roast.

A complementary color scheme inspired by color deficiency

UX Collective

In this writing, I discuss how color deficiency simulations can inspire fresh color schemes for your data visualizations and graphic… Continue reading on UX Collective ». data-visualization color-theory colors product-design ui

Pastel Color Scheme for a Refined Website Design

Template Monster

Pastel color scheme can win Oscar for the most "elegant role" among other palettes used in web design. Sites taking minimal approach by using washed out color scheme, call a feeling of sophistication and purity. What's a Pastel Color Scheme?

Green Websites: 30+ Sites with Beautiful Green Color Schemes

Vandelay Design

Be inspired by these green websites that showcase stunning color palettes. The post Green Websites: 30+ Sites with Beautiful Green Color Schemes appeared first on Vandelay Design. Inspiration colors Design inspiration web design



Picking a nice color combination can be a challenge for any kind of artist. If you are a fashion designer, finding the best color combos is crucial. Not long ago, you had to sharpen your eyes with years of practice to build nice color schemes. Pick your favorite color scheme generator or two to assist you with building harmonious color palettes. You can endlessly generate random color schemes. Next, you can pick more colors.

15 Color Scheme Ideas for Your Next Project

Design Roast

Choosing the perfect colors for your project isn’t easy. You have to consider those already associated with your brand, as well as the emotional impact of specific schemes. Certain color scheme ideas will work better for one [.].

Should You Choose a Dark or Light Background for a Website?

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There are many things to consider when building a website and perfecting the online face of a brand. If a website is the brand’s online persona, it needs to reflect the values and brand essence of the business. It must… The post Should You Choose a Dark or Light Background for a Website?

14 Color Combination Tools for Designers


Being able to select the right colors is key in designing an effective and intriguing design, whether for the web or for print. Color Combination Tools. Below we’ve compiled a list containing 14 Color Combination Tools for Designers. Infohound Color Schemer.

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15 Color Palette Tricks That Are Fun To Watch on TikTok


On TikTok, there are lots of color palette tricks that are enjoyable to watch. And the challenge begins with the color palette. Thankfully, there are color generators available now. COLOR PALETTE TRICK! My FAVORITE Color Palette Trick! Font color tricks.

The White Apartment Design: 5 Ideas of White Apartment Design

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One of the most prevalent colors we see inside the apartments is white. Let’s look at some design ideas to redecorate your apartment in the white color… The post The White Apartment Design: 5 Ideas of White Apartment Design appeared first on Inspirationfeed.

Color 56

Quantum Dots: Art Print color scheme test #color


Quantum Dots: Art Print color scheme test #color

color scheme, graphic details #a #of #graphic #exchange #selection #pro


color scheme, graphic details #a #of #graphic #exchange #selection #pro

Categorizing an analogous color harmony for data visualization

UX Collective

There are instances in data visualization and graphic design where there is a need for a categorical color scheme with neighboring colors… Continue reading on UX Collective ». color-theory ux data-visualization design ui

Comic-strip Identity For A Speciality Coffee Company By Jamhot

Designer Daily

It went for an identity that features bold letters, comic strips and a pastel color-scheme for backgrounds. For some reason, craft beer and specialty coffee companies tend to get better and more creative branding than the average company.

Design Inspiration: Graffiti Art Showcase

Vandelay Design

Here you'll find 30 pieces of graffiti art that display text effects, character illustrations, beautiful color schemes, and more. Design inspiration can come from just about anywhere. In this post we'll feature examples of graffiti art that can serve as inspiration.

Terrapi's Packaging Encompasses Diverse Unisex Beauty Ideals.

The Die Line

Unwind Studio has created the packaging for Terrapi that showcases the brand's philosophy and purpose through an earthy color scheme and unparalleled typography

30 Blue Websites with Beautiful Color Palettes

Vandelay Design

Be inspired by the color schemes of these sites. The post 30 Blue Websites with Beautiful Color Palettes appeared first on Vandelay Design. Inspiration colors Design inspiration web design

Brown Websites: 20 Beautiful Examples for Design Inspiration

Vandelay Design

Brown websites are not all the common, so using a brown color scheme is an ideal way to create a memorable site that stands out. Inspiration colors Design inspiration web design

30+ Yellow Websites With Beautiful Color Palettes

Vandelay Design

If you're looking for a bold color scheme that's sure to grab attention, be inspired by these beautiful sites. The post 30+ Yellow Websites With Beautiful Color Palettes appeared first on Vandelay Design. Inspiration colors Design inspiration web design

We Love The Beautiful Details For This Taiwanese Moon Festival Packaging

The Die Line

We love the linework illustrations and color scheme for this Taiwanese Moon Festival pacakging from Lung-Hao Chiang

30+ Only-Text Logos for Design Inspiration

Vandelay Design

Unlike image-based logos, a text-only logo depends solely on its font, word(s), and color scheme. What are the best text-only logos? Logos are recognizable symbols that represent businesses and services.

20+ Color Tools For Web Designers


Setting a basic color theme for your web design project might be an easy task, however, deciding upon the right combinations or coming up with a color scheme may get tricky, especially when you don’t know which color tool would work best for you. Adobe Color CC.

Play Brew Co Uses Illustrated Characters To Keep It Fun

The Die Line

We worked on a limited but bold color scheme for each release with a strong black keyline as a key recognizable brand feature to help the identity stand out across print and digital touch points

10 of the Best Free Color Palette Generators


Color is an essential tool for graphic designers. There are many ways that color impacts your work and the people who view it. Colors are important to make a design visually appealing and invoke feelings and convey messages, even if done subtly. Why Use a Color Palette Generator?


Mindsparkle Mag

Plus, it includes a beautiful color scheme and a warm art direction that feels friendly and comfy. . Arquido is an educational architecture community that aims to democratize knowledge. The idea is to openly provide information and content to those in need of these tools.

Unspoken Agreement Visualizes The Effects Of Highline Wellness’ CBD Products

The Die Line

Unspoken Agreement created a package design for Highline Wellness that uses a minimal design with a calming color scheme and fun typography to visually represent the calm and peace that Highline Wellness’ CBD products provide

A Guide To Social Media Banner Sizes In 2021

Designer Daily

For these, you will need to work with a consistent color scheme and branding, as you would for any other corporate design, but also with the right banner sizes, as they vary from platform to platform and can be a bit burdensome to find.

“Irreversible Desire to Live”: The Superb and Breathtaking Sci-Fi Artworks of Fedor Barkhatov

Design You Trust

I really like the color scheme of his works! Fedor Barkhatov is a self-taught digital artist, based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. In his work, he dreams of space and time travel. He uses Procreate. More: Instagram , Artstation , Foundation.

Simplifying Form Styles With `accent-color`

Smashing Magazine Graphics

Simplifying Form Styles With `accent-color`. Simplifying Form Styles With `accent-color`. accent-color just might be the next. Checkboxes with accent-color. Enter accent-color ! In the following demo, we’re applying two different accent colors. Color Schemes.

Heritage Rice Co. - Something Old & Something New

The Die Line

Each bag’s color scheme works on its own and when presented as a full group

8 CSS & JavaScript Snippets for Creating Modern Blog Layouts


That said, the monochromatic color scheme and complex layout are something to behold. That’s complemented further by bold headlines and a contrasting color scheme. This snippet goes all-in when it comes to color.

35 Creative Monogram Logos For Inspiration

Graphic Design Junction

Vintage style monogram logos building up the brand value is essentially best done by a graphic designer who is adept in creating images keeping the color schemes, and the artistic value of the image that represents the brand as well as the organizations.

Weekly News for Designers ? 567

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Seasonal.css – A CSS framework that displays a seasonal color scheme based on the date. 25 striking logo color schemes to inspire your branding – Learn how to thoughtfully choose logo color schemes based on your unique brand.

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Huemint – This tool uses machine learning to create unique color schemes. Markdown Badges – This collection of badges features a variety of social networks, frameworks, and libraries.

The Owl Girl and The Shawarma Man: Anime Art by Rino Park Based on References

Design You Trust

Pak takes an object, a food or an animal as a reference and builds a character based on it, trying to guess at the color scheme of the original and its basic shapes. Rino Park aka Rinotuna is an artist from South Korea who draws pictures in a very curious way.

Ueshima Coffee Company Strays From The Norm

The Die Line

The color scheme only serves to further complement this theme, drawing consumers in with an interest for traditional, Japanese distillation and brewing techniques.