40 Free Color Scheme and Palette Apps (Massive Guide)

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Color selection is a stage in a design process that requires both smart thinking and gut feeling. In today’s digital era, you can have as many colors and color combinations as you like. color combinations web 2.0

30 Eye Catching Color Combinations

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A visually-appealing color combination goes a long way in creating a seamless, inviting, and fun output.

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Picking a nice color combination can be a challenge for any kind of artist. If you are a fashion designer, finding the best color combos is crucial. Not long ago, you had to sharpen your eyes with years of practice to build nice color schemes.

15 Color Scheme Ideas for Your Next Project

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Choosing the perfect colors for your project isn’t easy. You have to consider those already associated with your brand, as well as the emotional impact of specific schemes. Certain color scheme ideas will work better for one [.].

We Love The Beautiful Details For This Taiwanese Moon Festival Packaging

The Die Line

We love the linework illustrations and color scheme for this Taiwanese Moon Festival pacakging from Lung-Hao Chiang

Unspoken Agreement Visualizes The Effects Of Highline Wellness’ CBD Products

The Die Line

Unspoken Agreement created a package design for Highline Wellness that uses a minimal design with a calming color scheme and fun typography to visually represent the calm and peace that Highline Wellness’ CBD products provide

20 Amazing Websites with Illustrations that Will Steal Your Heart

Graphic Mama

A very cool illustrated website of Domino’s made in a monochromatic blue color scheme with colorful simplified illustrations in the same theme and style. The futuristic color scheme of purple, pink, and blue matches the space theme of the web design.

How to Make Your Office Space an Integral Part of the Brand

Just Creative

But, your brand is more than just a logo and color-scheme, it’s your company’s personality. Do your logo and color-scheme fit your business? Think About Color. This perfectly blends the brand colors with a sense of prestige and reliability.

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How to use the new LogoMyWay Online Logo Maker

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By providing an incredibly wide range of fonts, templates, and colors to choose from, the LogoMyWay Online Logo Maker lets you design your own logo with just a few quick clicks of the mouse. Step #2: Choose a Color Scheme. Different colors convey different ideas and emotions.

Samsonite Rebranding Campaign


This visual identity relied heavily on bold animated typography and color contrast, together with a refresh of the brand color scheme and photographic material. Samsonite Rebranding Campaign.

20 Beautiful Minimalist Website Design Examples for Your Inspiration

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The common thing among these web design is the lack of unnecessary elements, lots of blank space which helps the compositions breathe, and limited color palettes. A modern minimalist website design which bets on a strictly black and white color scheme and basic geometric shapes.

The Best Color Combinations to Try in 2020

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Are you looking for cool color combinations to try in your upcoming design projects? In this article, we’ve gathered and reviewed some of the trendiest color combinations in 2020 for web design, graphic design, and digital illustrations. Amazing color combinations, right?

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21 Free Banner Templates for Photoshop and Illustrator

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We’ve used topical colors, shapes, and illustrations to make the banners attractive and useful. Typical for this type of design are bright and neon colors and simple geometric shapes which create dynamics. 3 Free Colorful Liquid Banner Templates.

Amazing Black-and-White Illustrations that Don’t Need Color to Impress

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Less is more and when it comes to such amazingly creative black-and-white artwork, the lack of color only means a bigger field for creativity and imagination. When they are limited to a black-and-white color scheme, they are even more impressive!

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25 Free Keynote Templates for Creatives

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It has over 40 colors and 100 unique slides with thousands of custom icons. You will find 100 animated slides, bonus icon packs, and 40 color themes that you can use as a starting point. It has 5 premade color variations and over 150 unique slides.

LEGO Note Bricks For Your Note-Taking Needs

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These colorful LEGO note sheets, which looks like a LEGO baseplate on one side, and a blank writing surface on the other, might be just for you. Tired of plain and boring note sheets?

Weekly News for Designers ? 514

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A Touch of Neon in Web Design – You may have noticed numerous millennial-targeted sites using neon gradients and colors, it has become fairly popular. WordPress Admin Colors Generator – A new web-based tool for creating your own WordPress Admin color scheme.

Logo Design Trends 2020: A Blast of Colors and Shapes

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In most cases, designers create color and a black-and-white version of the same logo. But sometimes, the black-and-white version speaks so loudly that a color version isn’t even necessary. When one color isn’t enough.

2020 97

Exclusive: Free Drinks Icons

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This set includes all kinds of drinks, designed with a line-based icon style and a subtle color-scheme. We are happy to release this great set of FREE vector icons of drinks.

60+ Incredible Isometric Illustration Examples That Praise This Style

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Moreover, designers love to combine it with mystic color combinations such as purple, turquoise, blue in order to achieve a futuristic effect. A cool tendency in isometric illustrations is the monochrome color scheme or limited color scheme which makes the composition feel minimalist.

12 Free Invoice Templates for Designers

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You can also add job codes, include a pay by date and change the color scheme to match your company’s branding. You can edit the logo, contact information, and the color scheme all within Photoshop. Add your logo and contact info and change the color scheme.

100 color combinations and how to apply them to your designs


When it comes to design, finding the perfect color combination can be your winning secret to having an eye-catching creation. The truth is, color makes a design come alive. Types of color combinations . Below are some of the most popular types of color combinations used.

Graphis Poster Annual 2021 Entries! Noriyuki Kasai (JP), Kelly Salchow MacArthur (US), Elex Zhang (AU) and Rene V. Steiner (CA).


Previously winning Gold in the Graphis Poster Annual 2020, Kasai uses a stark black and white color scheme to boldly remind us of this devastation of war.

2021 67

10 trending color combinations for 2020


When it comes to crafting a visual identity for a brand, the color scheme is often the first decision a designer makes. But making that first decision on color helps build the momentum needed to avoid designer’s block and just get started! Peachy keen on this color combo?

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Beautiful Branding for Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC)


Each element of the crest has strong ties to Los Angeles from its shape to the color palette to the unique typeface. The black and gold color scheme embodies the success, urban texture, and glamour of Los Angeles. Beautiful Branding for Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC).

45 Simple Line Art Minimal Logo Designs for Inspiration

Graphic Design Junction

Simple and clean minimal logo designs created with abstract line art. Logos with Line art are very popular and so attractive. This collection consists of different designs that use thin line techniques to create minimal and clean logos that many will appreciate.

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A Collection of Mountain Graphics for Outdoor Inspired Designs

Creative Market

Her outdoor graphics are available in black and white or in a simple color scheme, and one set features a textured background. Hand-drawn by artist Alyona in colored pencil, these intrepid climbers in retro costumes bravely fight the elements.

Incredible Poster Design Ideas that Impress with Creativity and Style

Graphic Mama

Less color doesn’t mean less impressive. Either fully black and white or with a pop of a supportive color such as red, these poster designs truly stand out and can give you lots of ideas when you have to work with a limited color scheme.

2020 79

How to create a moodboard and get your creative juices flowing


It can include just about anything — photography, designs or illustrations, color palettes, textures, descriptive words — anything that helps you define the direction of your project. He experiments with different colors and contexts for both the full logo and an abbreviated monogram version.

10 Best Free Fitness & Gym Flyer Templates

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Easily swap out the photos used and change the color scheme to match your brand, too. It offers plenty of space to feature a large image front and center and offsets this with a colorful backdrop.

150+ Free Pattern Designs: Seamless & Fully Editable

Graphic Mama

Colorful Free Pattern Designs. Cute and colorful free pattern designs that can raise the mood of every project. Beautiful and free floral pattern designs made in various illustrational styles and astonishing color palettes. The Best Color Combinations to Try in 2020.

A Long Time Ago: Code Snippets Inspired by Star Wars

Speckyboy Design Magazine

When the switch is to the left, a Death Star is displayed – complete with an unnerving red color scheme. Perhaps no movie franchise has more fans than Star Wars. For over 40 years, each new episode has generated great anticipation – not to mention monster profits.

Chapman & Wilder Create Cross-Continental Design Studio

Spine Magazine

Chapman’s covers feature vibrant color and bold illustrations, while Wilder’s covers lean more toward neutral tones, often muted color schemes, and gorgeous sans-serif fonts.

2020 73

“Animal Farm” & the Evolution of the Dust Jacket

Thinking Design

Like the UK cover, it is two color, with white of the paper providing the third color for the composition. The use of bold color enforces the fiery image. The cover design signals to the Penguin reader that this is a fiction title (denoted by the orange colored bands).

31 Best New Event Flyers for 2020

Tuts Plus

Amara Spring Flyer This flyer has so many fun pops of color! This trifold design is fun, colorful, and easy to use. Add your logo and customize the colors to suit your professional brand. This brilliant minimalist flyer template has just the right balance of design and color.

2020 66

32 green logo designs that will inspire you


Not only does green pair beautifully with many other colors, it’s extremely versatile—taking on different personalities depending on the shade and depth. What is the color psychology behind green? You may be wondering why color is so important when it comes to designing a logo.

Flyer Templates: 27 Modern Business Flyer Templates

Graphic Design Junction

Changing the color style, pictures and the typo is no problem. The main folders that will require most customization are highlighted in different colors. All flyers are print ready and available in CMYK colors with 300 DPI high resolution.

Web Design Mistakes You Want to Avoid in 2020


Black and white is actually the ultimate classic, which means if you want to create a truly classy and elegant website, you have to consider such a color scheme. Don’t clutter your site with a whole bunch of images, animations, or bright colors and just keep it neat and clean.

40 of the Coolest Web Designs with Pattern Backgrounds + Freebies

Graphic Mama

Plus, the orange color adds up to the optimistic mood of the game. A pattern of icons in a doodle line art style on a raspberry background color. A cool Mexico-themed pattern with colorful hand-drawn illustrations. A classical pattern of stripes in a beige color resembling.

Creative Modern Menu Designs that Boost the Appetite

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These menus are typically very colorful and tend to raise the customer’s interest in trying more dishes from the menu. Cute cartoon menu design with bright colors and great illustrations that bring up the mood of the viewer. The Best Color Combinations to Try in 2020.

An In-Depth Look At The Brand Colors Of 100 Top Companies

Design Wizard

A guide to picking the right brand colors. Brand colors are an essential part of any company’s image. A company’s logo is often a customer’s first point of contact and this logo will be designed using brand colors. Why brands choose their brand colors. Color Branding Fact.

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Cover Reveal! Alban Fischer Discusses his Design for Sara Mesa’s Four by Four

Spine Magazine

From this early stage, Fischer knew he wanted a drab, dispiriting color scheme for Four by Four. “Every project feels like the first time,” says designer Alban Fischer, despite having designed over 300 covers in his career.

2009 82

Best Logo Creator Tools & Generators: Fast, Easy, Cost-Effective

Graphic Mama

Moreover, you can edit the logo’s fonts and colors in the editor panel according to your liking. When you find a logo you like, the tool takes you to the editor where you can keep playing with the colors, images, fonts, and layouts.

2020 62