Symmetrical Typewriter Sculptures by Artist Jeremy Mayer Merge the Organic and Manufactured


Each of the six points—which evoke starfish, despite having one extra arm—often resemble trilobites, pincers, and other creatures and organic elements, merging the manufactured and natural. “Untitled II” (2020), typewriter parts and aluminum, 65 x 65 x 12 inches.

Noted: New Logo and Packaging for Printer's Ale Manufacturing Co. by CODO

Under Consideration / Brand

2017) " Printer’s Ale Manufacturing Co. The logo is a little too heavy on the vintage aesthetic for my taste but the serif part of it is indeed nice — I think it’s the high-contrast “MANUFACTURING CO.” “Everything’s A-CMY-OK”. is a 20-barrel system production brewery & taproom based in Carrollton, Georgia. We are brewing beer with the same precision and love for making things that our family has shared for generations--both as printers and as brewers.


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12 Advantages of eCommerce in the Manufacturing Industry


Manufacturers are catching on that eCommerce is a necessity. Product-focused distributors and retailers are becoming more customer-centric, and manufacturers are beginning to realize that they, too, must change the way they approach selling.

Interview with Diego Faivre’s, creator of the Minute Manufacturing project


Minute Manufacturing is a project by Diego Faivre that challenges the traditional way we fabricate and value an object. Minute Manufacturing is in fact a new production system that makes objects by the minute. EXCLUSIVITY INDUSTRIAL DESIGN color DESIGN designers Diego Faivre furniture Interview Minute Manufacturing product designIt is a response to the mass production obsession with money and time and the lack of self-expression.

Bilio Directs Their Zero-Waste, Sustainable Process Towards Manufacturing Face Masks

The Die Line

In just ten days, Bilio took a face mask from concept and prototyping to manufacturing and shipping, and they even created a sustainable suite of packaging

20 Best Free PDF and E-books on Graphic Design

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Just because you’re creative and innovative does not mean you can conquer the design industry. Thought these are among the most important ingredients, there’s a lot more to the recipe.

30 Fantastic Examples of Cookie Packaging Design

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Food is definitely one of the easiest things to market. As one of the most basic needs of humans, it is something that has the ability to sell itself.

5 Beautiful Examples Of Terracotta In Architecture

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First used in Prehistoric art, terracotta’s use in architecture is more recent – but even so, it is still centuries-old.

7 Amazing Metal Business Card Designs

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Metal business cards have made their entrance in the industry quite a while ago, and it seems like they are here to last.

5 Tips on Creating Amazing Custom Eco-Friendly Boxes

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Global warming is rapidly causing a catastrophe in the world. We see massive bushfires, forests burning, tsunamis hitting countries, and wrecking everything that comes in the way, earthquakes shaking the lands and whatnot.

Print 46

Coco Chocolatier Is Inspired by Art


Born in Scotland, raised in Colombia, the leading British ethical chocolate manufacturer COCO Chocolatier aims to inspire the consumer and industry that a different road to chocolate production is possible – uniting art and ethics. Words Francois Correia.

O-Ring Material Reference Guide for Selecting the Right Product Design

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O-rings are critically important for a wide range of applications, from aircraft and automobile components to medical devices and scuba diving equipment.

Everyday British birds captured mid-flight in the wild by photographer Mark Harvey

Creative Boom

Similar in grace to aerial acrobats, all of the British birds were captured in mid-flight using slow, medium format with a Hasselblad camera – the very camera that was first manufactured by devoted birdwatcher Victor Hasselblad in the 1960s, to optimise his bird photography endeavours.

Spotlight on: The Completist, a London-based stationery brand run by husband-and-wife duo

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The pair have always focused on sustainable manufacturing, and work mainly with small British manufacturers.

Brand 332

How to Create, Sell & Promote Private Label Products

Just Creative

Shopify describes private label products as products “manufactured by a contract or third-party manufacturer and sold under a retailer’s brand name ”. Choose The Right Manufacturer. You’ll need to choose a manufacturer to produce them for you.

Pause, Breathe and Grow with a mindfulness journal for creatives

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Designed, printed and bound in London, Pause, Breathe and Grow is a certified climate-neutral print product manufactured using 100% offshore wind-generated electricity.

Pentagram partner Yuri Suzuki helps bring Roland's iconic electronic music tools to everyone, for free

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The Roland TB-303 is a monophonic bass synthesiser and sequencer, first released in 1982 and is widely renowned as the definitive sound of house, techno and acid house from the mid-1980s onwards—despite the fact only 10,000 units were manufactured at the time of release.

Pentagram launches new brand identity for Rolls-Royce to appeal to a 'younger audience'

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What soon became apparent is that Rolls-Royce has evolved from being regarded as an automotive manufacturer into a leading light in the world of luxury," says Marina. "It This vantage point provided me with the opportunity to observe Rolls-Royce as a manufacturer of luxury products.

Brand 398

Best Printer for Design Agency? OKI LED Printers Review

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Founded in 1881, OKI Electric Industry became world-famous for manufacturing the first telephone in Japan, only a year after Alexander Graham Bell’s invention in 1876. Today, Oki Electic Industry, or OKI for short, manufactures info-telecom and printers for businesses and even graphic artists.

Agency 225

What is an EPR, and Does it Even Work?

The Die Line

What if we made brands and manufacturers responsible for the packaging waste they create

Sumuyya Khader's booming practice is all down to the maelstrom of 2020

Creative Boom

Currently working at ceramics manufacturer Granby Workshop, she's always had an interest in art and was encouraged at home to express herself creatively. "I Who said new creative spaces have been rendered pipedreams by 2020? Sumuyya Khader , that's who. The illustrator has recently set up a Risograph print studio in their home of Liverpool by the name of Granby Press. A bold move in a time of a pandemic, but it turns out the current climate helped actualise some of Sumuyya's goals.

Bacardi Unveils Their Biodegradable PHA-Based Bottles

The Die Line

Partners Bacardi and Danimer Scientific, a leading developer and manufacturer of biodegradable materials, have announced a new bottle made of Danimer’s Nodax PHA

Artist Maria Popova Makes Vintage Science Face Masks Featuring Wondrous Centuries-Old Astronomical Art And Natural History Illustrations

Design You Trust

The manufacturer (society6, over whose production, pricing, and other practical elements I have no control — mine is.

SEO for eCommerce Product Pages: Common Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

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If you’re a reseller, posting descriptions directly from the site of the manufacturer is not recommended. You will then have the opportunity to compete with the manufacturer’s pages and enhance your products’ SERP performance. This article has been contributed by Ricky Hayes.

Best Cameras & Memory Cards for Beginners in 2021

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While this may be good for someone just starting, the downside is that with kits, the manufacturer is more likely to use plastic instead of glass in their lens. Taking up photography can be a very enjoyable and maybe even lucrative hobby to start.

10 shops specialising in sustainable fashion to help lessen your impact

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Back in 2015, the founders behind HebToCo had an "idea in the pub", asking the question – was it possible to support small British manufacturers with production-sized orders, and get people wearing and using British made products again? Image courtesy of Rens Original.

Fedrigoni 366: This year's calendar is an explosion of bright colour and marks 2020's leap year

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Following on from black and white renditions of the calendar, this latest edition, designed by TM , delves into the exciting world of colour, through the paper manufacturer's environmentally-friendly range, Woodstock. It started three years ago as an unprecedented collaboration of designers, illustrators and photographers from across the UK, gathered together from an open call. Now Fedrigoni 's annual calendar is back, but this year introducing 366 to mark 2020's leap year.

“Women of The Future” According to The French Artist Albert Bergeret, 1902

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In 1902, a French manufacturer released a set of trading cards designed by artist Albert Bergeret that imagined the “women of the future” (original: Les Femmes de l’Avenir).

Designs for a long-prohibited 'magical' Mexican spirit inspired by secrecy and myth

Creative Boom

With a clean design, it still incorporates subtle details that reference Sotol’s manufacturing process; for the pattern at the bottom alludes to the rhombus shapes found in the Sereque plants when cut Design studio Shift , which is based in Monterrey, Mexico, comprises a multidisciplinary team of designers and thinkers that work across projects ranging from graphic design, packaging and visual identities to furniture, interiors, brand activations and more.

The 2021 AZ Awards: Register Now!

Azure Magazine

Now in its 11th edition, the international AZ Awards program is a unique opportunity for architects, landscape architects, designers, students, developers, clients and manufacturers to receive the global exposure and acknowledgement that their exceptional work deserves.


Communication Arts

Lavva’s site presents the quality and care of each of this Aveiro, Portugal–based boat manufacturer’s products, custom made for every client.

Brooks Cambium C67

Communication Arts

Efesto’s site presents this bicycle saddle manufacturer’s latest product in a minimal, easily digestible website. Article

Reviewed: New Logo for Nissan done In-house

Under Consideration / Brand

Established in 1933, Nissan is a Japanese, multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Japan, with operations in 112 markets globally, making it the sixth biggest automobile manufacturer in the world and, at least in 2018, it was the largest electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer with its Nissan Leaf leading the way. It signals the evolution of Nissan as not only a traditional vehicle manufacturer to a provider of mobility and services.

Mixlegno Group

Communication Arts

Leveraging multiple senses, we-go created a fully immersive digital extension of its identity for this Italian manufacturing company. Article

Portraits of young gay men by Gilbert Lewis influenced by Virginia Woolf's gender-fluid Orlando

Creative Boom

The manufactured stitch of the young man's sweater and t-shirt returns us to the 21st-century reality of sweatshops and shipping containers. "But time, unfortunately, though it makes animals and vegetables bloom and fade with amazing punctuality, has no such simple effect on the mind of man.

Nissan may be following BMW with a redesigned flat logo

Its Nice That

The car manufacturer has applied for a trademark on a new, flat circular icon with a slimmed and stretched logotype.

5 Standouts from Tacchini’s Flight-Inspired Release

Azure Magazine

To execute this aerial inspiration in a suite of adaptable furnishings that could “transform [themselves] in the quest for as yet unexplored horizons,” the leading Italian manufacturer looked to a host of local and international creatives — Studiopepe, PearsonLloyd and Jonas Wagell to name a few.

Noted: New Logo and Identity for Toyota Europe by The&Partnership

Under Consideration / Brand

Toyota Motor Europe NV/SA (TME) oversees the wholesale sales and marketing of Toyota and Lexus vehicles, parts and accessories, and Toyota's European manufacturing and engineering operations. “The Car Formerly Known as Toyota”.

Layout 105

Kia unveils new logo as it plans to revamp “nearly all facets” of business

Design Week

Korean car manufacturer Kia has unveiled a new corporate logo and slogan as it prepares to reinvent itself for the future with a heavy emphasis on electric cars. “Becoming an icon for change” The flat logo follows a trend set by several other car manufacturers.

The AZ Awards 2021 is Open for Entries!

Azure Magazine

In 2020 – the AZ Awards’ 10 th anniversary – the program received projects from over 1,200 architects, landscape architects, product designers, interior designers, students and manufacturers from 48 countries.