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Manufacturing and Sustainability Branding that Empowers Consumers to Act


Manufacturing and sustainability branding. Manufacturing and Sustainability Branding that Empowers Consumers to Act. Branding in the manufacturing and sustainability market is an opportunity for creativity and innovation. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about this? Are you thinking of big wind turbines?

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The Complete List of Manufacturing Events for You to Attend


If you’re looking for the complete list of manufacturing events to attend, then this is the blog for you. For this blog, we’ll mainly be focussing on the manufacturing sector but with a particular emphasis on sustainability as this area continues to be a huge driver in a buyer’s decision-making. download now. download now.


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In India, a Manufacturing Plant Centred on Wellness

Azure Magazine

In the industrial hub of Sanand, Studio Saar has embraced this challenge in their design for local electronics manufacturer Secure Meters. Secure Meters wanted the architects to take a human-centred approach and create a space that would democratize the typical rigid hierarchy that governs most manufacturing work environments.

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Top 5 Use Cases of AI in Manufacturing


AI in manufacturing has created various opportunities for businesses to grow, such as optimizing production processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs, facilitating personalized product customization to meet customers’ evolving needs and preferences, and enhancing quality control processes to ensure consistent products.

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Russian Industrial Crane Manufacturer Presented Its Sensual Calendar for 2021

Design You Trust

The industrial crane manufacturer from Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia, made a sensual calendar 2021 featuring a real plant employees. The calendar is being distributed free to the clients of the plant in Naberezhnye Chelny in the central Russian Republic of Tatarstan. Cranes are going to sell well. More: NCHKZ.

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Layer creates a fabulous e-bike concept that manufacturers need to take note of

Creative Boom

Overall, Pendler offers a brand-new vision for e-bikes that we'd love manufacturers to take note of. Given the number of accidents between cyclists and other road users, especially in busy inner-city areas, this is a great idea we'd love to see put into practice.

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DMTV Milkshake: On the Magic of Glass With “Artisan Manufacturer” John Pomp

Design Milk

John Pomp identifies himself as an “artisan manufacturer,” and for Pomp, the seemingly oxymoronic description just makes sense. It was both of those things, rolled up in one. It was just magic.”