Top Tools & Tech for 2020 – Ultimate Guide (Smartphones, Wearable Tech, Home Entertainment, Computers, Tablets & Smart Home Devices)

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We’ll look at products in five different categories: smartphones and wearable tech, home entertainment, computers, tablets, and smart home devices. Home Entertainment. Be entertained - Ask Alexa to show you movie trailers, TV shows, movies, or the news.

Erlend Peder Kvam’s illustrations are designed to entertain

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Erlend’s recent work sees him return to an analogue, drawing-based approach.

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Hex Digital creates identity and site for Wellcome Trust body that 'brings the research and entertainment sectors together'

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Hex Digital has worked with The Wellcome Trust on its new OKRE platform, a new body which aims to "bring the research and entertainment sectors together".

How to Launch Your Blog or Portfolio in 2020 (3,500+ Word Start to Finish Guide)

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The graphic design industry is tough. No matter where you go, you’ll see amazing talent through the work of other designers in the field.

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How to Decorate Your Home With Inspiration

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Today there are various sites where you can find innovative ideas for the interior of your home. Undeniably, inspiration can be found for interior design projects on various online sites.

Live Portrait Illustration at National Freelancers Day 2018

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corporate entertainment emmeline pidgen event illustration Exhibitions and Events ipse. Just over a month ago, I was invited to London to appear in the IPSE Freelancer's showcase and illustrate live portraits for National Freelancers Day! IPSE's NFD event took place in the beautiful King's Place venue, and I set up in a gorgeous room overlooking the canal.

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Clever Tombstones By People Whose Sense Of Humor Will Live Forever

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These people didn’t miss the last opportunity to entertain those who drop by for a visit…. Source. Inspirations cemetary grave humor tomb

True North's playful identity for Blackpool's first-ever museum? celebrates the 'joy and whimsey' of the seaside town

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Manchester creative agency True North is behind this vibrant branding for Showtown – Blackpool's new museum of fun and entertainment, packed with all the joy and whimsey of the seaside town itself. Give the museum all the charm, appeal and entertainment value of a top-bill seaside attraction.

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 18 Best Free Fonts for YouTube Thumbnails


For a viewer that means an endless amount of entertainment, but for a YouTube content creator, that means billions of potential competition! Billions of videos are watched on YouTube every single day.

Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for Warner Bros. by Pentagram

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is one of the most well-known entertainment companies with the creation, production, distribution, licensing, and marketing of content across feature films, television, home entertainment production, animation, comic books, video games, product and brand licensing, and broadcasting.

Six Kinetic Characters: Light-Hearted Interpretations of Universal Emotions by Animator Lucas Zanotto


The multi-talented designer shares his work on Vimeo and Instagram , the latter of which he enjoys to be able to “speak straight to people and create entertainment without any barriers in between.”

Fox’s rebrand features a chunky new animated logo

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It’s been interesting times for the entertainment company this year, with Disney acquiring 20th Century Fox in March – a move to reclaim the missing Marvel characters – and Fox Broadcasting spinning off, becoming independent, and renaming itself Fox Entertainment.

Nights Out in London: Rediscovering an Old City with a Modern Twist


Steeped in history yet pulsing with life, this vibrant city offers up a smorgasbord of contemporary entertainment experiences that the modern traveler would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. London has inspired novels, movies, and stunning works of art.

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Graphis Master Michael Gericke Is a Master of Graphics and Three-Dimensional Design


He has worked with design firm Pentagram since 1985, designing for architecture, media and entertainment, and many more. Michael Gericke has been a long-time graphic designer and has helped in constructing long-lasting brand identities within various industries.

The Ultimate Blog SEO Guide

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For people to stay on your site for long periods, they need to find something on your site that ideally solves their problem or keeps them entertained. Entertain. This is why news sites have droves of people coming back for more entertainment or information. Inform and entertain.

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Step into the Future at ‘This is Molly’ Club [China]


Architecture, the new highly cinematographic restaurant, bar and club is full of colorful lights, geometric shapes and a festive and subdued atmosphere unfold through the club for some fun entertainment.

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Heineken’s new ad is a light-hearted swipe at gender stereotypes

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“Breaking down these stereotypes involves acknowledging them and we wanted to do this in an entertaining way.”

Noted: New Name and Logo for ViacomCBS

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2019) " ViacomCBS is a leading global media and entertainment company that creates premium content and experiences for audiences worldwide. “Vaya Com Dios”.

Noted: New Logo and Identity for Laithwaites by I&CO

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Relevant quote Laithwaites is not just in the wine business, they are in the entertaining business.The new brand celebrates the sense of adventure, fun, and passion that has and continues to be part of Laithwaites’ DNA. “Hints of Watercolor with a Smooth Finish”.

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Pentagram revamps Warner Bros’ historic shield emblem

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Founded in 1923 by brothers Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack Warner, Warner Bros is one of the biggest entertainment studios in the world.

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Reviewed: New Logo, Identity, and On-Air Look for FOX by Trollbäck + Company

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with Children , and Beverly Hills 90210 , among many others, FOX gained in viewership and ultimately caught up and surpassed the Big Three by the mid 2000s, ranking among the top two networks in primetime entertainment for the past 23 years among 18- to 34-year-olds. “What does the FOX Say?”.

Pentagram’s Emily Oberman designs new Warner Bros. identity

Design Week

The design was led by Pentagram partner Emily Oberman and looks to position the entertainment company for the future. Warner Bros. has unveiled a new brand identity, which gives a new look to the famed “WB” shield, last updated in 1993.

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Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for WarnerMedia by Wolff Olins

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Established in 2018, WarnerMedia is a multinational media an entertainment conglomerate that consists of a portfolio of iconic entertainment, news, and sports brands that include flagship properties like HBO, CNN, TNT, and Warner Brothers (movies). “Scene 1 Take 2”.

Noted: New Logo for Federación Ecuatoriana de Fútbol

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The video made to present the logo is quite something — it’s as if a traditional brand video and a-ha’s Take On Me music video had a baby, which is to say it’s kind of entertaining to watch. “Flight of the Condor”.

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Fantastic Digital Art by Juhani Jokinen


He specializes in producing conceptual ideas and high-end artwork for clients within the entertainment industry. Fantastic Digital Art by Juhani Jokinen. abduzeedo Oct 24, 2019 Juhani Jokinen is an Associate Lead Concept Artist for Ubisoft. He is based in Helsink, Finland. Juhani is a concept designer, art director, and illustrator. As you can see from the digital art collection below, his work is simply awesome with subjects ranging from epic Nile battles to awesome Sci-fi concepts.

This Island For Sale, Built As A Radio Broadcast Station In The 1940s

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The great room is ideal for entertaining with views from every angle. Columbia and Pea Islands. Accessed via boat this unique innovative residence on Columbia Island offers 4 bedrooms and 2 baths.

Predictions for a new decade: Anna Higgs

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Here, Facebook Head of Entertainment Anna Higgs looks to cinema history to help foretell the future. To mark the start of the 2020s, we’ve asked a selection of our regular columnists to offer up predictions of what lies ahead for the creative industries.

Noted: New Logo for DK by Pentagram

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1974) " DK Publishing is world renowned for its distinctive, highly visual books that inform, inspire, and entertain readers of all ages. “One for the Books”.

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2020 Graphic Design Trends

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Give away value & entertainment for free. When looking back at 2019, there were a few trends to get exciting about. From 3D design and typography, Art Deco, and Isometric design to minimalism and open compositions, trends in this industry are rather unpredictable.

MVRDV Has a Meme-Worthy WOW Moment in Munich

Azure Magazine

At the heart of the former industrial area turned entertainment hub, the new 7,700-square-metre building plays host to a number of hospitality and retail programs as well as office spaces.

12 Steps to Make Awesome Video Content

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Whether it’s entertainment, news, advertisements or reality shows- videos are an integral part of the global media landscape. For one, short videos deliver information easily, they’re entertaining, catchy and quick to digest. This article was contibuted by Roman Daneghyan.

Build a Brand Like a Pro – 7 Steps to Follow

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Proving usefulness and/or entertainment value. It’s important to keep the content fresh, interesting, and entertaining in order to reinforce to your viewers why they’re visiting your site to begin with. This article has been contributed by Janil Jean.

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The Complicated Role of Animals in the History of Photography

Feature Shoot

The perspectives are wholly Western, wherein the animal is other, existing as object upon which we act, whether are voracious observers or relentless consumers of food or entertainment. Peter NISSEN (German), Circus animals from Carl Hagenbeck’s Zoological Circus, circa 1891.

Is gaming the most undervalued creative influence of them all?

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Gaming’s creeping influence is being felt across the creative industry, particularly in immersive entertainment. We find out why there’s so much to learn from it, and how a generation that’s grown up playing games is now rethinking the way narrative works.

Showtown: Blackpool’s first ever museum unveils branding inspired by “joy and whimsy” of city

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Dedicated to the city’s historic and continued contribution to the UK’s entertainment landscape, next year will see the opening of Blackpool’s first ever museum.

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Reviewed: Friday Likes 307: From Alizée Freudenthal, Studio Lowrie, and Studio L'Ami

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The yellow and red color palette is, like the project above, completely unexpected but very entertaining. “From Alizée Freudenthal, Studio Lowrie, and Studio L'Ami”.

?? Live Illustration London Collective ??

Viktorija Illustration

and our skillsets are different but what we have in common is that we are making things entertaining and memorable (be it a PR event, customised product or a portrait).

CR’s pick of the 2020 Super Bowl ads

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We saw Audi and Hummer both emphasising electric vehicles, while Hyundai provided an entertaining spot to show off its smart parking features. Porsche gives us a fun and entertaining romp through the history of its vehicles in this spot themed around a heist. It’s hard to make an entertaining ad about money.

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Design Deals for the Week

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Easily change up the text and any other details you’d like and you’ll quickly reach your audience in an entertaining and informative manner. $24 Every week, we’ll give you an overview of the best deals for designers, make sure you don’t miss any by subscribing to our deals feed.

Noted: New Logo and Identity for So Satisfying by Vault49

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Their channel content is viral, entertaining and brain tingling. “(I Can Get Some) Satisfaction”. So Satisfying is an ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) content provider that creates original content and curates videos from an exclusive group of content partners.

Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for Zooba by &Walsh

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Overall, I find this highly entertaining and I think it's quite appropriate for an ethnic restaurant in New York trying to break through the massive restaurant noise. “From Egypt with Love”.

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Classic video games celebrated in the Royal Mail's first stamp collection of 2020

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Royal Mail worked with the industry body, the Association for UK Interactive Entertainment (Ukie), and video game experts, Julian 'Jaz' Rignall and Sam Dyer on the stamp issue.

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Reviewed: New Logo, Identity, and On-Air Look for IFC by Gretel

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to [new] "classic" movies like Scarface and Napoleon Dynamite Taken and The Big Lebowski , IFC is one of the most entertaining and least pandering channels available. “Still Remarkably On and Off”.