Sleepless in Soho: Neon-lit, stylish photographs of London's entertainment district at night

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His images from this period, taken from January 2017 onwards, reveal the intense atmosphere in the capital's best-known entertainment district and pick out the details that show a juxtaposition between the Soho of today and the faded character of its past.

Top Tools & Tech for 2020 – Ultimate Guide (Smartphones, Wearable Tech, Home Entertainment, Computers, Tablets & Smart Home Devices)

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We’ll look at products in five different categories: smartphones and wearable tech, home entertainment, computers, tablets, and smart home devices. Home Entertainment. Be entertained - Ask Alexa to show you movie trailers, TV shows, movies, or the news.

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The Key To Entertaining With Pets

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We’re constantly trying to make the house more entertaining-friendly, so our dinner parties that turn into late-night karaoke sessions in the living room are even more enjoyable for all. The reason my partner and I have been putting so much TLC into our home isn’t just to make it more personal, comfortable, and functional, but we also wanted it to be a place that friends and family felt warm and welcomed — basically a place everyone wanted to be!

Saskia Jenssen humorously illustrates the “things that people do to entertain themselves”

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Observational and funny, the illustrator, aka Studio Ski, looks at the ways that people interact with modern society as her muse.

Erlend Peder Kvam’s illustrations are designed to entertain

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Erlend’s recent work sees him return to an analogue, drawing-based approach.

Hex Digital creates identity and site for Wellcome Trust body that 'brings the research and entertainment sectors together'

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Hex Digital has worked with The Wellcome Trust on its new OKRE platform, a new body which aims to "bring the research and entertainment sectors together".

“The possibilities are limitless” – how designers are entertaining kids in lockdown

Design Week

The post “The possibilities are limitless” – how designers are entertaining kids in lockdown appeared first on Design Week “Having had symptoms of ‘you know what’ a couple of weeks ago we’ve been in quarantine as a family since the 16th March. So we’ve already been homeschooling for almost two weeks; and if I’m entirely honest it’s bloody hard! Hat tip to all the teachers out there – you do an amazing job.).

Spotted: New Logo for Caesars Entertainment

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Visit Link. About Spotted posts. No further images are included. No opinion is given. Not even a punny title. These are just… spotted. Best available link to learn more about the change (or the company) provided in the link above. Poll and comments are open

How to Launch Your Blog or Portfolio in 2020 (3,500+ Word Start to Finish Guide)

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The graphic design industry is tough. No matter where you go, you’ll see amazing talent through the work of other designers in the field.

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Advertising Annual 2021: Arsonal and Fox Entertainment Create New TV Series Posters, and Launch Agency Promotes New Volvo!


Advertising Design Latest Entries Poster ad agency Advertising Annual 2021 ARSONAL Fox Entertainment Launch Agency New EntriesMystery sets the tone for this entry from multi-Platinum winner, Arsonal. Their work, “Perry Mason” (above, left), is a poster for the HBO retelling of the old show from the ’60s. The poster sets up the grimy time period of the 1930s and Matthew Rhys, who plays the title character, looks up in a sea […].

Hubert Crabières on a very entertaining lockdown series made using objects from past shoots

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The French photographer is back. This time he comes baring all that he’s collected – be it objects, materials, clothing and fabrics.

How Bullet Journaling Will Change Your Life (Methods and Best Practices)

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What Is A Bullet Journal? A Bullet Journal is an analog system that was created by a New York-based designer, Ryder Carroll, to help people coordinate their lives into a streamlined system.

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How to Decorate Your Home With Inspiration

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Today there are various sites where you can find innovative ideas for the interior of your home. Undeniably, inspiration can be found for interior design projects on various online sites.

Photography series by Peter Bartlett captures the chaotic energy of a race meet

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And his photo series 'A Day at the Races', captures the chaotic energy of racing culture dramatically and entertainingly. If ever there was a group that justified the phrase 'mixed bunch', it would be horse race crowds.

Live Portrait Illustration at National Freelancers Day 2018

Emmeline Illustration

corporate entertainment emmeline pidgen event illustration Exhibitions and Events ipse. Just over a month ago, I was invited to London to appear in the IPSE Freelancer's showcase and illustrate live portraits for National Freelancers Day! IPSE's NFD event took place in the beautiful King's Place venue, and I set up in a gorgeous room overlooking the canal.

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Quarantine Loops: Funny looping animations by Clim of life under quarantine

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Barcelona studio Clim has been keeping itself entertained during lockdown by creating a series of 'Quarantine Loops', inspired by our current way of life. From cooking naked in the kitchen and getting busy between the sheets to little moments of madness, the hope is that the looping animated clips will cheer us all up during this difficult time. Being confined is something new for all of us and it is not easy. Lots of people worldwide are suffering, confused and scared," says Clim. "We

Design by Day's down-to-earth identity for Octagon after five decades of theatre in Bolton

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It called on Manchester agency, Design by Day to come up with an identity that is "as engaging and entertaining as the theatre itself". The messaging, such as 'Everyone's story matters, seriously entertaining theatre and made in Bolton', nods to the Octagon's unpretentious, bold and inclusive personality. It's over 50 years since Octagon Theatre first opened its doors in Bolton.

Gold Award-winning TV Show Promotions From FBC Design, ARSONAL, and Art Machine!


Advertising Design Winners Advertising Annual 2020 Advertising Annual 2021 ARSONAL Art Machine FBC Design Fox Entertainment Gold Gold winners Jason Schmidt USA

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Clever Tombstones By People Whose Sense Of Humor Will Live Forever

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These people didn’t miss the last opportunity to entertain those who drop by for a visit…. Source. Inspirations cemetary grave humor tomb

Greater Mancunians: An ongoing photography project by local students of some of Manchester's icons

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He and the students invite musicians, sportsmen and women, entertainers, entrepreneurs, politicians, actors, comedians, artists and community champions to be photographed in a poignant or significant location of their choosing. When Harry Yeates photographed and interviewed John Cooper Clarke as part of his final year project at The Manchester College in 2018, one of his tutors decided to turn it into an ongoing project for all of their students.

This Woman Recreates One Famous Classic Painting a Day for a Year, Brings Progress to Another Level

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Her mastery does not look like entertainment but claims to be called art. Ilya Repin “Princess Sofia Alekseyevna” (1879) Liza Yukhnyova from Saint Petersburg, Russia, perfectly gets into characters of famous masterpieces.

College Football Logos and Their Meanings

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People gather at their alma mater to get entertainment and root for their favorite teams. College football has been a mainstay of American culture for many years. What would the fall season be without the game? College football logos reflect the personality of the schools they stand for. Each has a specific look and meaning. [.]. The post College Football Logos and Their Meanings appeared first on Design Roast. Graphic Design logos

The Forgotten Cowboys: Photographs that celebrate the history of black cowboys in America

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He concludes: "With the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement, I think the importance of projects like these really help to celebrate the black community and its heritage in a positive and entertaining way.". John Ferguson's series, The Forgotten Cowboys , began in New York City when he was watching a group of African-American horseman dressed as cowboys parading through Times Square. "I I needed to find out more," the London photographer told Creative Boom. "So

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This Stunning Star Wars Livery For LATAM Boeing 777

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Galaxy’s Edge is an entertainment area inspired by Star Wars and is located at Disneyland in Anaheim and also at Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida. LATAM Brasil has unveiled its special stunning Star Wars “Galaxy’s Edge” inspired Boeing 777-300ER.

 18 Best Free Fonts for YouTube Thumbnails


For a viewer that means an endless amount of entertainment, but for a YouTube content creator, that means billions of potential competition! Billions of videos are watched on YouTube every single day. There are only so many hours in a day, and people don’t have time to click on every video they see and hope for […]. Inspiration

How Studio Feixen turned one Swiss town into a vast graphic design exhibition

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As such, he and his studio decided to bring back some colour into the empty streets of Lucerne to entertain people as they made their way to and from their homes and the government-sanctioned pop to the shops. Another creative project, another city, another small sliver of silver lining to the eternal dark cloud of the Covid-19 pandemic.

True North's playful identity for Blackpool's first-ever museum? celebrates the 'joy and whimsey' of the seaside town

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Manchester creative agency True North is behind this vibrant branding for Showtown – Blackpool's new museum of fun and entertainment, packed with all the joy and whimsey of the seaside town itself. Give the museum all the charm, appeal and entertainment value of a top-bill seaside attraction.

Personality-Packed Illustrations Make Even the Most Mundane Things Exciting

Brown Paper Bag

Who knew that an illustration of someone working a sewing machine or adding seasoning to a soup could be so entertaining? Trained as an animator and illustrator , Laura Proietti ’s two-dimensional works look like stills from cartoon television shows or films. You’ll want to pause on these illustrations and admire the finer details crafted using specialty brushes for Photoshop and Procreate.

The Poster is a visual history of one of the most powerful and memorable means of mass communication

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Even in the digital age, it retains a much-loved role in connecting with us in a way that both entertains and informs. Could there be anything more powerful or meaningful than a printed poster?

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5 Ways That Brands Can Utilize TikTok in Their Video Marketing

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Use Fun and Entertaining Content to Win Hearts. Additionally, it has managed to carve a niche for itself as a major player in providing fun and entertaining content. Showcase products and services in a fun and entertaining way to attract and engage more people.

The world's first prison-based label InHouse Records launches mag for inmates in lockdown

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The design of the zine aims to somewhat mimic that of a normal music magazine, but it's been curated specifically to increase literacy, develop new skills, and entertain. While it might seem like something of an odd statement initially; it makes sense that sadly one of the groups in the UK most adversely affected by lockdown is its prisoners.

40 best creative podcasts to liven up your day

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So below, we've selected 40 excellent podcasts for you to sample, all of which are insightful, entertaining and informative. Presenter Mark Brickey and his guests aim to keep you entertained, educated and inspired while you create a better-designed world for yourself.

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This Artist Draws Comics To Blow Off Some Steam During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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It started as a creative way to entertain myself. According to Mark Zukor: “Who says you can’t have a little fun during dark times? Certainly not me. That’s why, to blow off some steam during the pandemic, I’ve been making cartoons about my experience. I’ve always loved cartoons but never actually made my own. While they include everything from current events, to politics, to everyday life. Source. Inspirations comics coronavirus pandemic

The Superb Bizarre AR Artworks By Nikita Replyanski, A Technological Artist And Cyber Fashion Designer

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Since then he’s working in the Digital Entertainment Industry for 10 years. Technological artist and cyber fashion designer Nikita Replyanski (previously) started his career as an 3d Artist for video games in 2008.

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Artist Illustrates 7 Types Of Superheroes Of This Pandemic And We All Can Be At Least One Of Them

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From disruption to factories and logistics to massive losses in the entertainment industry, our everyday lives have already been severely challenged. The coronavirus is really testing our world. It has had far-reaching consequences beyond the spread of the disease and efforts to contain it. However, doctors, retail workers, and many, many more people are working very hard to help each and every. Source. Inspirations coronavirus society superheroes

Artist Creates Breakfast Moment Of Zen With Awesome Japanese Rock Garden Toast

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More: Instagram, Twitter h/t: grapee Sasaki recently started a series she calls “Stay at home asagohan” (Stay at home breakfast), which allows her to flex her artistic sense from home, but also provide some inspiration and entertainment for other people. Designer and artist Manami Sasaki has taken up quite the creative and delicious project in terms of dealing with stay and work from home protocol.

Mix and Match Magnetic, Wooden Animal Parts to Invent Bizarre New Creatures


As interest in analog entertainment for children grows, a new collection from ESNAF Toys prompts kids to piece together giraffes, foxes, and T-rexes from simple, wooden blocks. Helmed by architects Bistra and Anastas, ESNAF Toys was born out of the duo’s desire to provide their son with higher-quality entertainment. All images © ESNAF Toys, shared with permission.

Noted: New Logo and Identity for LoL Esports

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LoL Esports will serve as the platform and voice for the global sport and regional leagues, and as a marker of world-class competition and the best entertainment experience for fans. LoL Esports will serve as the platform and voice for world-class global competition and the biggest sports entertainment experiences for fans worldwide. “No Laughing Out Loud Matter”. "As

Artist collaborates with her daughter to recreate pivotal moments from her childhood in the 1980s

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The series, Stories, 1986-88, is now available as a new book, published by Daylight , which she describes as "a photographic reconciliation of all the things I couldn't change with all the things that never were, with a dash of adult-level cynicism and a handful of childlike innocence – a synergy as compelling as it is relatable, if not entertaining, hopefully.".

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The Mysterious Woman Who Ticking Military Men Under Their Chins While Taking Pictures in the Photo Booth in the 1940s

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entertaining soldiers about to head off to war? These were part of a huge lot of 1940s era photo booth photos that has since been dispersed into many different collections. No one knows who is this woman and why is she ticking these soldiers under their chins while taking pictures?