“Self-Portraits 2050”: Stunning 3D Series by Omar Aqil

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With this new series titled: ‘Self-Portraits 2050’, we follow Omar through this experimental journey and I totally dig them. Omar Aqil is an illustrator & art director based in Lahore, Pakistan.

Self-Portraits 2050 — 3D series by Omar Aqil


Self-Portraits 2050 — 3D series by Omar Aqil. With this new series titled: 'Self-Portraits 2050', we follow Omar through this experimental journey and I totally dig them. AoiroStudio 05.07.21


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Where wind and solar needs to grow by 2050


Based on estimates from Princeton University’s Net-Zero America Project , Veronica Penney for The New York Times mapped where wind and solar energy need to expand to to reach the United States’ 2050 goals.


China 2050: The Future Of China According To A Photographer Benoit Cezard

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power in the world in 2050. Benoit Cezard said his inspiration came from a viewpoint that China would surpass the U.S. to be the NO.1 He believed that with China’s rapid development, Chinese migrant workers will be replaced by western people, so they have to adapt to that in advance. More: Behance Benoit Cezard is a French teacher, and photography is his favorite hobby. He came to China in 2006. Source. Photography china future society

Whoopi Goldberg calls for 'The Gigantic Change' in a beautiful new animation

Creative Boom

Directed by George Lewis and Nicola Jane Francis, The Gigantic Change looks back from 2050 to show people came together to save the world from the climate crisis. "As

Photographer Tom Hegen Captures Breathtaking Futuristic Photos Of Dutch Greenhouses At Night

Design You Trust

billion people to 10 billion in 2050. German photographer Tom Hegen, who specializes in aerial photography, recently traveled to the Netherlands to document the country’s LED greenhouses. According to the United Nations, the world’s population will grow from today’s 7.5

Six of the best reasons to learn visual design in the 2020s

Creative Boom

By 2050, the move to a digital world is likely to put a lot of people out of work. While many professions have been struggling in 2020, the need for visual designers has not disappeared.

Beautiful yet disturbing aerial photographs of LED-lit greenhouses in The Netherlands

Creative Boom

In his latest aerial series, German photographer Tom Hegen takes to the skies above the Netherlands and contemplates how we're going to feed the world when it reaches 10 billion people in 2050.


AZ Awards 2021: Meet the Finalists!

Azure Magazine

Mingyang Sun and Fangyuan Sheng (University of Pennsylvania): Water Miner – Johannesburg 2050. In a challenging year, design has continued to lift our spirits. Case in point: the 1,209 submissions from 57 countries to the 2021 AZ Awards.

This flag project uses data to highlight danger of “glacier extinction”

Design Week

glacier retreat projected in the country from 1995 to 2050. When applied to the French Tricolore, the central white stripe goes from its traditional size in 1995, to just a fraction of the flag in 2050. On each redesigned flag and graphic, the key dates are 1995, 2020 and 2050.

Digital Renderings Collage 3D Objects into Futuristic Self-Portraits by Artist Omar Aqil


Lahore, Pakistan-based artist Omar Aqil ( previously ) digitally assembles technology, 3D objects, and textured masses into figurative collages for his series Self-Portraits 2050. All images © Omar Aqil, shared with permission.

How will pineapple leaves, algae and mushroom cement save the future of our cities?

Its Nice That

Overconsumption – and the way we as humans have chosen to live our lives in recent decades – has left us in an unprecedented state of emergency.


Whimsical Tableaux Set in the World’s Most Beautiful Landscapes

Feature Shoot

Meanwhile, the Dead Sea is dying, with some experts predicting it will dry out by 2050, and the Salton Sea is shrinking. Superheroes, Wadi Rum. Play together, Iceland 2017.

Meltdown Flags Visualize the Climate Crisis’s Toll on Glaciers Worldwide


Canada’s middle section begins at full width in 1995 before condensing in both 2020 and 2050. degrees Celcius by 2050. All images © Meltdown Flags. A new digital project called Meltdown Flags envisions the disastrous effects of the ongoing climate crisis.

A Bond-inspired identity for the world’s first AI-powered insect mini-farm

Design Week

By 2050, it is estimated that global food supply will need to increase 70 per cent to meet demands. Ascend Studio has created the branding for Better Origin, the world’s first AI-powered insect mini-farm, which hopes to revolutionise the food industry.

The ultimate 2020 Christmas gift guide for artists and designers

Creative Boom

Its goal is to eliminate emissions by 2050, to anchor the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement in the Swiss Constitution and to promote climate protection in Switzerland.

Artist 371

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Selects Winning Proposal for its New Waterfront Home

Azure Magazine

“We do this by building on Indigenous knowledge and current science,” says Transsolar’s Tommaso Bitossi of the building’s projected goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

Extinction Rebellion’s new film paints a hopeful picture of a “gigantic change”

Creative Review

As we start to plan how to rebuild our world post-coronavirus, Extinction Rebellion has been asking us to reassess what we want that world to look like in a series of campaign films. Following on from recent short How Normal was Normal? ,

Can “visceral” graphic design bring the plastic crisis to life?

Design Week

Around 8bn metric tonnes of plastic has been created worldwide – with a projected figure of 34bn by 2050 – and much of the material is single-use. The plastic crisis is well-documented.

Fragmented Garments and Body Parts Drift Away From Steel Sculptures by Regardt Van Der Meulen


Dematerialising” (2020), steel, 2050 milimeters. “Untitled” (2018), mild steel, 1900 x 1850 x 900 millimeters. All images © Regardt Van Der Meulen, shared with permission.

Noted: New Logo and Identity for Breast Cancer Now by Wolff Olins

Under Consideration / Brand

Steered by research and powered by care, Breast Cancer Now's ambition is that, by 2050, everyone who develops breast cancer will live and be supported to live well. “Deep Embrace”. 2015) " Breast Cancer Now is the UK's first comprehensive breast cancer charity, combining world-class research and life-changing care to build a complete view of breast cancer and make faster progress for everyone affected.

A typeface has been designed for the Welsh language

Design Week

It is part of a wider ambition for the Welsh Government’s plans to have 1m Welsh speakers by 2050. A typeface has been created for the Welsh language which celebrate the country’s heritage.

An Artist Makes a Giant Sculpture of G-7 Leaders Out of Electronic Waste

Design You Trust

According to a UN report around 53 million tonnes of e-waste was generated globally in 2019, and is set to more than than double by 2050. joerushlondon. A giant Mount Rushmore-style sculpture made out of electronic waste depicting G7 leaders has been erected in Cornwall.

Six student projects that tackle “real-world issues”

Design Week

Motivated by the growing number of disabled people projected to live in India by 2050, and the lack of accessible buildings, National Insititute of Design student Athul Dinesh has developed Four Walls.

Sennep develops app to understand how cities affect mental wellbeing

Design Week

With the United Nations predicting more than 68% of the world’s population will be living in cities by 2050, the app will gather data inputted by users living in urban and rural areas to see how such lifestyles affect people.

Climate Change, Drought, and Water Contamination: The Untold Story of California’s San Joaquin Valley

Feature Shoot

By 2050, climate change is predicted to cause 250,000 deaths annually, making it one of the most critical health issues of our time. Photo by @mettelampcov.

This AI task-based app hopes to improve dementia care

Design Week

By 2050, the number of people who suffer from the condition is expected to triple, mostly because of an aging population.

The Greenhouse Series by Tom Hegen

This is Paper

billion people to 10 billion in 2050.

MAD Reimagines Beijing’s Urban Heritage with Hutong Bubble 218

Azure Magazine

At 2006 Venice Biennale, the firm exhibited the project Beijing 2050, which presented “alternative scenarios” for the city in the wake of social and economic forces influencing its architectural form.

Government seeks expressions of interest for design of £5m obesity app


billion by 2050. The government has launched a £5m scheme to design and test incentivised apps with the aim of reducing obesity levels and improving the dietary habits among UK adults.

The Office As We Knew It No Longer Exists

Azure Magazine

In Wellness Room 2050, synthetic projections of the 1995 Windows desktop (with its signature “Startup” chime slowed down by 200 per cent) and wall-to-wall acoustic felt allowed the worker to unplug in the digital pastoral. It’s official: The office has migrated online.

Design inspiration: the best projects from January

Design Week

The letters’ weight varies according to information collected from the National Snow and Ice Data Centre from 1979-2019 and continues in alignment with that trend until 2050. Climate crisis typeface, by Helsingin Sanomat.

Why age is often the “least relevant thing” when co-designing with the elderly

Design Week

“I think from a society standpoint, we’ve been taught to be afraid of ageing,” John Zapolski tells Design Week. “Our imagination is burdened with the idea that life just gets worse as we get older and this affects the way we design.”

The designer who built a drone to save lives

Design Week

The wider context points to childbirth as an increasingly important focus for Zipline as the population of youth in sub-Saharan Africa will be the fastest growing in the world and could account for more than 400 million people by 2050 , which among other things, means a lot of people are about to be born.