Digital Renderings Collage 3D Objects into Futuristic Self-Portraits by Artist Omar Aqil


Lahore, Pakistan-based artist Omar Aqil ( previously ) digitally assembles technology, 3D objects, and textured masses into figurative collages for his series Self-Portraits 2050. Art collage digital sculpture self-portrait technology

Six of the best reasons to learn visual design in the 2020s

Creative Boom

This need for a digital presence is most urgent in the retail sector. More fundamentally, people who previously won't have gone near digital shopping have now got the habit, and it's likely to stick. By 2050, the move to a digital world is likely to put a lot of people out of work.


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This flag project uses data to highlight danger of “glacier extinction”

Design Week

German design studio Moby Digg has unveiled a series of redrawn country flags as part of a “digital protest” to highlight the danger of melting glaciers around the world. glacier retreat projected in the country from 1995 to 2050.

Meltdown Flags Visualize the Climate Crisis’s Toll on Glaciers Worldwide


A new digital project called Meltdown Flags envisions the disastrous effects of the ongoing climate crisis. Canada’s middle section begins at full width in 1995 before condensing in both 2020 and 2050. degrees Celcius by 2050. All images © Meltdown Flags.

Six student projects that tackle “real-world issues”


Today’s youth and the generations that will follow are digital natives. The students say it can be used to supplement existing curriculums on digital literacy, coming with a teacher learning guide and classroom tools, or used as a standalone activity.

A typeface has been designed for the Welsh language

Design Week

This is the first time that the Welsh alphabet has been translated into a digital typeface. It is part of a wider ambition for the Welsh Government’s plans to have 1m Welsh speakers by 2050.

Sennep develops app to understand how cities affect mental wellbeing

Design Week

London-based digital product design studio Sennep has developed and branded a survey app called Urban Mind, which will examine how living in cities affects our mental state.

The Office As We Knew It No Longer Exists

Azure Magazine

The Office of Today is Material and Digital. We seek to confront the discrepancy between the physical and virtual worlds, balancing our reliance on the digital with the needs of our physical bodies in space and our needs as social creatures.