Among Equals creates satirical 'female empowerment marketplace' for The Girls' Network

Creative Boom

Newly formed creative agency Among Equals has created a satirical seasonal campaign for charity The Girls' Network promoting equal gender opportunities. She adds, "We hope that by bringing these issues to light in a funny new way, we might help The Girls' Network engage new audiences.

Neural Networks Create a Disturbing Record of Natural History in AI-Generated Illustrations by Sofia Crespo


” The Berlin-based artist uses artificial neural networks to generate illustrations that at first glance, resemble Louis Renard’s 18th Century renderings or the exotic specimens of Albertus Seba’s compendium. All images © Sofia Crespo, shared with permission.


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Japanese Illustrator’s ‘Real Museum Girls’ Series Reinterprets Classic Paintings In Social Networking Age

Design You Trust

Inspirations anime art classic networking paintings selfie social

Eight Tricks for Virtual Networking During COVID

Guild News Blog

Guest writer Crisy Meschieri shares her top tips and best practices for making the most out of virtual networking events. The post Eight Tricks for Virtual Networking During COVID appeared first on The Graphic Artist Guild.

Networks and connections

Viktorija Illustration

The other day I went to a panel talk themed Networks. In the beginning all the support network was more unorganised and sporradic. If you live in a remote place with no like minded people around you or don't have the opportunity to join your local network because of accessibility or meeting times don't feel that the only way to build support system is to meet people face to face. One person and you is already a network/team :) ??Reach

NFL Network - Brand Concent


NFL Network - Brand Concent. Harrison Vincent shared a 3D and motion design project for a pitch work for the NFL Network with the question, “What will the league be in 50 years?” - Harrison worked with Mirada to create a futuristic treatment for the NFL Network.

How local networks are supporting creatives

Creative Review

For creatives this might be no bad thing – here we explore a number of regional and community networks are helping creatives survive and thrive. The post How local networks are supporting creatives appeared first on Creative Review The pandemic has forced many of us to think locally.

The Billion Seconds Institute: A Collective Learning Network


Culture barcelona iam internet

How 5G Network can Change Your Life and the Future


The 5G Network takes things one step further with its super-fast internet connectivity, transfer of data to globally connected devices, and more. The current networks 2G, 3G, or 4G, are not sufficient with their speed and create a lag between responses.

Fringed Paper Networks Peek Out From Vintage Encyclopedias, Textbooks, and Classics by Artist Barbara Wildenboer


“Kennis.” ” All images © Barbara Wildenboer, shared with permission. From the covers of René Descartes’s Cogito Ergo Sum and Homer’s The Odyssey emerge vast webs of spliced pages.

#FleshEmoji: Enthusiasts Fed Emojis Into a Neural Net and Made Them Human, Creepy Results Will Be Sold as NFTs

Design You Trust

Each artwork is based on the Unicode emoji faces, with each one being fed through a neural network trained on human faces. Inspirations blockchain creepy emoji faces network neural nft#FleshEmoji is the inaugural NFT project from the art collective ArtEveryDay.

Design Council and Network Rail team up to design train station of the future

Design Week

Design Council and Network Rail have revealed research on the design of future train stations. The design organisation has provided design advice to Network Rail since 2017. And of Network Rail’s 2,500 stations, around 80% of them are categorised as small to medium.

The Business In Social Media: Building Networks And Generating Wealth

A Graphic Design Blog

The Roundtable Lagos is a free business development and networking forum aimed at supporting businesses in Lagos to attain revenue growth & expansion. . This edition focuses on “The Business in Social Media: building Networks and generating wealth” to be held at The Real Place, lkeja Lagos on the 12th of June 2019 from 9am to I pm. The post The Business In Social Media: Building Networks And Generating Wealth appeared first on A Graphic Design Blog.

Spotted: New Logo for Palo Alto Networks

Under Consideration / Brand

Visit Link. About Spotted posts. No further images are included. No opinion is given. Not even a punny title. These are just… spotted. Best available link to learn more about the change (or the company) provided in the link above. Poll and comments are open

Only’s rebrand for studio space network Pirate stretches Arial to its limits

Its Nice That

Intentionally stripped back and in-your-face, the identity was designed to be easily deployed to keep up with the rapidly growing company.

Tangent’s identity for social enterprise Remade Network competes with “the thick veneer of consumer culture”

Its Nice That

Remade Network was established to build a repair economy tackling climate change while creating jobs and reducing inequality.

Face Depixelizer Neural Network “Brings Back The Sharpness” Of Photos In Low Resolution, And The Results Are Very Unexpected

Design You Trust

Technology depixelizes network neuralA new digital tool built to depixelize photos sounds scary and bad. Another way to remove privacy from the world. But this tool is also being used for a sillier and not terrible purpose: Depixelizng old game characters.

Margaret Calvert designs new typeface for Network Rail wayfinding system

Design Week

Margaret Calvert has designed a new customised typeface in collaboration with Network Rail, which is set to roll out across wayfinding systems at its stations. The choice for Network Rail was between “evolution and revolution”, Dewar says.

Why is women-only networking still a thing?

Creative Review

The post Why is women-only networking still a thing? There’s been a surge in female-focused clubs, co-working spaces and events, but what do women in the creative industry actually get out of it, and is it fixing anything? appeared first on Creative Review. Gender Report

Network Rail launches competition for in-station exhibition concept

Design Week

The London Festival of Architecture (LFA) and Network Rail have launched an open call competition for a reusable exhibition design concept. The post Network Rail launches competition for in-station exhibition concept appeared first on Design Week

The Robin Hood approach: creatives who use their money, intel and network to help others

Its Nice That

“Corporate work has taught me that design can be transformative” – we speak to four designers changing the system from the inside. Features

Spotted: New Logo for Hit Network done In-house

Under Consideration / Brand

Visit Link. About Spotted posts. No further images are included. No opinion is given. Not even a punny title. These are just… spotted. Best available link to learn more about the change (or the company) provided in the link above. Poll and comments are open

A list of creative schemes, opportunities and networks for the BIPOC community

Its Nice That

Here you’ll find dozens of initiatives dedicated to combating the lack of diversity in the creative industries.

Digital Artist Reimagines Famous Paintings In Today’s Context Of Technology And Social Media

Design You Trust

” “I would like people who look at my artworks to think about how our lives have changed with social networks. Social Network Like a Drug. network paintings reimagined social technologyNarcissus 2.0.

Media 56

Person Uses Artificial Intelligence To Make Anime And Cartoon Characters Look More Realistic

Design You Trust

” Inspirations ai anime cartoons characters network neuralCartoons and anime have been and are a big part of a lot of people’s lives. They offer us grand adventures, fun, and exciting plotlines and storylines, unique, driven, and lovable characters.

Famous Paintings And Historical Figures Recreated Using Artificial Intelligence

Design You Trust

This is a space to explore how artificial neural networks interpret the world in a way that can be similar to our own minds. From here, I moved into working with GANs and realized how powerful neural networks can be for image processing and generation! Marie Antoinette.

Someone Fed Facebook Emojis Into A Neural Net And Made Them in Style of Zdzisław Beksiński

Design You Trust

A Reddit user ran a Facebook emoji through a neural network trained on the Beksi?ski’s Inspirations ai emoji facebook network neural Zdzis?aw Zdzis?aw aw Beksi?ski

Stunning Photos Of The Installation Process For 5G Network Equipment On The Mount Everest

Design You Trust

Built at an altitude of 6,500 meters, the highest 5G antenna installation in the world will enable China Mobile to run its dual Gigabit network. AsiaWire China Mobile Hong Kong and Huawei have jointly taken 5G connectivity to the highest-altitude base station to the north of Mount Everest.

Creative network Fuse is pushing for inclusivity in the creative industries

Creative Review

The post Creative network Fuse is pushing for inclusivity in the creative industries appeared first on Creative Review

A New Angle: the founder of Black London Creatives on the power of a network

Its Nice That

Adam Terrelonge created the BLC to showcase and connect Black voices in his city’s creative community, to act as a resource and hub for individuals and businesses alike.

Fantastic Fungi: A New Film Explores Earth’s Vast Network of Mycelium and Mushrooms


A new film considers how mycelium and mushrooms have created an often-unseen network, similar to an underground internet, that has connected all living beings for the last 3.5

The Importance of Design in Social and PPC Advertising

Black Bear Design

Blog Blog: Graphic Design Blog: Social NetworkingBlack Bear Design - Atlanta Web Design, Web Development, SEO, Internet Marketing, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Social media. How do you take an idea, a brand, an offer, or any other notion and turn it into an effective piece of marketing?

10 Ways To Juice Up Your Creativity

Inspiration Feed

I strongly believe that every one has the ability to create; if you feel you lack in the area of creativity in this blog post I cover 10 ways that can dramatically boost your creativity.

Poster: Competition is Now Open! See Plat., Gld, and Silv-Winning Work by Stephan Bundi, FX Networks, and Ovidiu Hrin. Plus New Entry by Naayuki Fukumoto


Design Latest Entries Poster Winners FX Networks Gold Winner Naayuki Fukumoto New entry Ovidiu Hrin Platinum Winner Poster Annual 2020 Poster Annual 2021 Silver winners Stephan BundiWe’re excited to announce the opening of the Poster Annual 2021 Competition! Brilliant posters come from small designers and well-established designers. Now is the time to see how your work stands among the rest, and get your work acknowledged by some of the best in the industry.

Spotted: New Logo for News 12 Networks by Thornberg and Forester

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Visit Link. About Spotted posts. No further images are included. No opinion is given. Not even a punny title. These are just… spotted. Best available link to learn more about the change (or the company) provided in the link above. Poll and comments are open

The New Wave of Networking Online: How to Forge Better Connections


The new wave of digital networking is full of unique opportunities without geographic limitations. It’s a chance to bolster your current professional relationships online while expanding your network far beyond your usual circle of contacts.

10 Types of Social Media and How Each Can Benefit Your Business


Blogging Networks. Blogging networks can be the best places to write and express all outstanding facts about your business. E-shopping networks. The E-shopping network is the place where you can expect to find several individuals who are frequent shoppers. Social Networks.

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Studio Skulptur crafts brand identity for Mello, an app that helps parents build community

Creative Boom

That's why Berlin-based startup Mello has launched a newly designed app that aims to help parents build strong local support networks online and in the real world. We wanted to help families who were struggling without a proper social support network.

Brand 395

New Comma is a new creative platform connecting native and diaspora African creatives

Its Nice That

It will allow creatives to showcase their work while also being a global network, jobs board, mentoring scheme and place of inspiration. Launching in Spring 2021, the waitlist to join the platform is now open.

David Milan's organic, imperfect 3D calligraphy will make you see letters differently

Creative Boom

Though he is currently working on personal projects – learning new skills, mastering his craft and sharing within his social networks – his clients include Facebook, Adobe, Pepsi, Washington Post, NBC and Crocs. © David Milan.

Adobe 323

Uncoiled Rope Sprawls Across Canvases and Open Spaces in Organic Forms by Artist Janaina Mello Landini


All of her projects, though, explore tension and space as they spread into arboreal forms or perfectly round networks. “The social cartography of individual networks shows the infinite interconnectedness of personal trajectories throughout a system, society, and the world as a whole.

Repeat After Me: Four New Poster Annual 2022 Entries!


Design Latest Entries Poster Attic Child Press Canada Derwyn Goodall FX Networks Goodall Integrated Design Icon Arts Creatives João Machado João Machado Design Portugal poster annual 2022 Poster Design US Viktor Koen

Mental Health and A Method of Processing: Four New Poster 2022 Entries


Design Graphis Masters Latest Entries Poster Beethoven competition Designer FX Networks Joao Machado mental health Mrs. America Music Portugal poster annual 2022 process Sanja Planinic Taber Calderon The Refinery TVOur Poster Annual 2022 competition is almost over!