Should You Use YouTube Pre-Roll Advertising?

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In the evolving world of digital marketing, video advertising is the trend for 2020. I’m hear to tell you whether businesses should shift budgets to YouTube pre-roll advertising. Like many types of advertising, pre-roll ads are interruptive.

The ‘Oddly Satisfying’ Trend Arrived in Advertising


With all the “Oddly Satisfying” and ASMR trends going around, we were sure, it wouldn’t take too long for the advertising world to embrace it. 3D / CGI ADVERTISING 3D Animated Animation asmr cgi Oddly Satisfying Serial Cut trend VIDEO

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Vibrant paintings inspired by advertising and cartoons from The New Yorker in the 1950s

Creative Boom

In his latest series of large-scale paintings, American artist David Salle combines images sourced from vintage advertising with black and white cartoons from copies of The New Yorker from the 1950s.

2020 Design & Advertising Competitions Now Open!

Communication Arts

Advertising competitions are officially accepting entries. Help us honor the power of creativity to inform and inspire. Our 2020 Design and. Submit your best work before. Friday, May 1st, for the chance to be published in Communication Arts magazine! Message

New exhibition celebrates advertising’s rich heritage

Creative Review

1930 poster for the Morris-Oxford Six Over 200 years of visual heritage is brought together in the show, which serves as a reminder of just how far advertising’s come. The Art of Advertising is on at The Bodleian Libraries from March 5 – August 31;

Witty ‘Coronavirus Tourism’ Posters Advertise the Thrilling Adventures of Staying Home


Illustration advertising COVID-19 posters and prints tourismAll images © Jennifer Baer. Global travel may have stopped almost entirely, but the “Coronavirus Tourism Bureau” is ramping up its latest campaign.

How to Advertise on Facebook Marketplace: Beginner’s Guides


In today’s post, I’m going to show you how to advertise on Facebook Marketplace. Facebook, one of the top social networking sites, is definitely the biggest platform you can get if you seek to boost engagement using the advertisement. At its most simple level, Facebook — like other social media tools — allows individuals to […]. Inspiration

Something Unique: The Superb Humorous, Creative And Advertising Photo Works Of Frank Uyttenhove

Design You Trust

Photography advertising creative humorFrank Uyttenhove is an exceptionally talented photographer and film director. He has an extensive career, which has seen many interesting projects and many awards.

Australian Studio Creates Advertising Campaign With A Landscapes Turned Upside Down

Design You Trust

For the launch of the Dreamliner line of United Airlines in Australia, the Cream Electric Art studio based in Sydney carried out an advertising campaign which turns the world upside down. Photography advertising down landscapes upside

How to Launch Your Blog or Portfolio in 2020 (3,500+ Word Start to Finish Guide)

Inspiration Feed

The graphic design industry is tough. No matter where you go, you’ll see amazing talent through the work of other designers in the field.

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Advertising About People

Communication Arts

Michael Coyne asks how purpose-led advertising can achieve better engagement and results. Article

Colourful Vintage Pepsi Advertisement – Our Idea of Pop Art, Pepsi Cool Cans

The Logo Smith

The post Colourful Vintage Pepsi Advertisement – Our Idea of Pop Art, Pepsi Cool Cans appeared first on The Logo Smith. Colourful Vintage Pepsi Advertisement – Our Idea of Pop Art, Pepsi Cool Cans I don’t often post individual images on my blog, but when I do, I like to think they are pretty cool images, such as this very colourful Vintage Pepsi Advertisement for the Pepsi Cool Cans.

4 Reasons Why Graphic Design Is So Important In Business

Graphic Design USA

Blog Colour Graphics definition of graphic design flyers GD USA GDUSA GDUSA Blog Graphic Design USA Guerilla advertising Guerrilla Advertising Guerrilla Agency printing flyers The Guerrilla Agency why is graphic design important

Tales from the Past: Santa Claus and Advertising

Purple Rose Graphics

With Thanksgiving over, Holiday Shopping Season has officially begun and with that the start of advertisements galore. One of the icons of the holiday advertising season is the jolly old man who lives in the North Pole – Santa Claus.

2018 52

30 Gorgeous Examples of Korean Graphic Design

Inspiration Feed

There’s something absolutely fascinating about the Korean culture. It has taken over the entire world, with Korean pop stars, Korean makeup, Korean fashion, and everything else Korean dominating the scene everywhere you look.

60 Years of Advertising

Communication Arts

A sampling of work and commentary by some of the creative directors and ad agencies who have been featured in Communication Arts. Article

Trends of 2019: Advertising

Creative Review

The year in advertising kicked off with some hand-wringing around brand purpose, as Gillette got out of the traps early with an advertising storm, when it released its Best A Man Can Be ad , which addressed the idea of toxic masculine behaviour. Just get on and advertise, it’s fine.”.

How to Make an Effective Business Signage in 6 Steps

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Does your business even exist if you don’t have signage? For the vast majority of people and potential clients probably not. Having signage that embodies the philosophy and ideas behind your business is nowadays a must.

Unseen Advertising & Children's Illustrations From 2016

Emmeline Illustration

So, by now you're probably used to seeing lots of my personal work, sketches, or newly released published work online.

2016 52

Advertising to Save Us

Communication Arts

Chris Daniels traces the evolution and enduring importance of public service announcements. Article

A New 5-Hour Advertisement Records a Single-Shot Walkthrough of Russia’s Hermitage Museum


As travel slows due to the global coronavirus pandemic, a new advertisement released by Apple provides an expansive view of one of St. Art History advertising art history iPhone museums Russia video

Can advertising win back our trust?

Creative Review

As trust in the industry plummets to an all-time low, we ask if there’s a way to repair our fractious relationship with advertising. The post Can advertising win back our trust? Who are you more likely to believe, an ad agency or a used car salesman?

Gold-Winning Work by Colin Corcoran and The Gate NY from the Graphis Advertising Annual 2020!


‘Independent Copywriter’, Colin Corcoran (US), won Gold in the Advertising 2020 for his “FedEx ‘Gym’ Print & Poster Campaign.”

60 Examples of Japanese Graphic Design

Inspiration Feed

Style in various forms is evident in Japan. From shockingly vibrant posters to carefully landscaped gardens, Japan is without shortage of design elements.

What to expect from the next year in. Advertising

Its Nice That

What are the big changes, trends, issues and innovations likely to sway the adverts we see on our screens this year? We ask creatives from VCCP, Engine, Strange Beast, 4Creative and BETC to offer their insights into what 2020 holds for adland. Read more

The Importance Of Vintage style In Brand Advertising

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The food we ate, the games we played down to the music we listened to! There are so many fond memories consumers wish to relive from the “the good old days.”

Advertising 2021 Competition Open! Platinum Entry from Silver Cuellar and New Entry from Cesar Rivera


The Graphis Advertising Annual 2021 Competition is underway! Every year we receive fantastic entries and award some of the best talents in advertising development.

Spanish Designer Xosé Teiga Shares His Biggest Challenge, Featured in Graphis Journal #361


Now he has a well-established branding and advertising design agency in Spain: Xosé Teiga Studio, which […]. Xosé Teiga had no idea he was a graphic designer.

Graphis Master David Chandi of Grupo daDá (EC) Strives to Make an Impact With His Campaigns


David Chandi, a founding partner of the agency Groupo daDá, has had over 15 years of experience in photography and advertising. He has done work for corporate clients such as Coca-Cola, Herbalife, and Groupo La Favorita.

CA’s 60th Advertising Annual Now Available

Communication Arts

Communication Arts is proud to announce the release of our 60th Advertising Annual! With columns, feature profiles and the winners of our 2019 Advertising competition, the issue is available in print and on our online store. Message

A rough set of rules for great advertising

Creative Review

Here our advertising correspondent Ben Kay turns to his LinkedIn companions to help construct some for marketing. The post A rough set of rules for great advertising appeared first on Creative Review

On the power of the advertising double whammy

Creative Review

Advertising often focuses on one of two things: a specific message about a product, or a wider piece of long-term branding. The post On the power of the advertising double whammy appeared first on Creative Review

DEMO Festival swaps advertising for the work of talented motion designers

Its Nice That

For a full 24 hours, DEMO Festival saw short clips from the finest studios, designers and emerging creatives from around the world shown on the digital screens throughout Amsterdam Central Station.

Demo 100

YouTube Advertising: Formats And Setup Recommendations How to Engage Even the Laziest Buyer

Design Wizard

Given the fact that video consumption is on the rise, it’s time to ensure your YouTube advertising stands out. If you’re serious about content marketing, create your promotional content and experience the full benefits of YouTube advertising. Video Advertising Formats.

2018 124

Graphis Master Zula Alpha Kilo Agency (CAN) Continues to Inspire and Impress with their Designs


Founded by Zak Mroueh, Zula Alpha Kilo is a Canadian advertising agency that has worked with clients such as Audi, Tim Hortons, and UBER among many others. Advertising Design Graphis Masters Advertising Annual 2017 Graphis Master Journal Issue #357 Poster Zolu Alpha Kilo

2016 51

The Biggest Anamorphic Illusion In The World Has Been Successfully Revealed On The Largest Outdoor Advertising Screen In South Korea

Design You Trust

The largest outdoor screen in Korea appears like a giant aquarium with a wave pool but is in fact an anamorphic illusion. According to d’strict, a company behind the installation: “We, d’strict specializes in designing, making, and delivering breathtaking visual content on Digital Out of Home.

Starbucks unveils winning ad for Channel 4’s Diversity in Advertising award

Creative Review

Earlier this year, Starbucks was announced as the winner for this year’s Diversity in Advertising award run by Channel 4, which this time aimed to delve into LGBT+ experiences and encourage more nuanced portrayals of these communities.

Will Personalized Advertising Take Online Businesses To The Next Level in 2020?

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Personalized advertising has become a priority for online businesses, but many are still struggling to implement the right strategies to achieve the intended results.

The big questions for advertising and creativity during and after coronavirus

Creative Review

The post The big questions for advertising and creativity during and after coronavirus appeared first on Creative Review The Covid-19 pandemic is throwing up an awful lot of questions for creatives. It may seem difficult to find the answers, but as Ben Kay points out in this column, maybe acknowledging all the questions is a good start in these difficult times.

#ILoveTheseGuys Creative Inspiration: Crown Creative


I Love These Guys Advertising Creative Design Blog Design StudioShillington students from around the world share the work of creatives who inspire them in the #ILoveTheseGuys series.