Best Project Management Software for Remote Teams


Working with a remote team is all the rage now, not only for established companies, but also for small startups, as well as individuals who are working on their own projects. 10 Best Project Managing and Planning Tools For Freelancers.

8 Project Management Tips for Your Next Web Development Project


Here’s the thing: No matter how great your web development idea is, you are likely to fail without the right management system. To become a successful web developer, you need to be effective in managing your web development projects. Come up with a risk management plan.


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Project management for UX researchers

UX Collective

5 key skills for successful and impactful research Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash “It’s crucial to wear a project management hat regardless of what roles you’re in.” Project management skills are key in my day-to-day responsibilities to ensure impactful research and success.

From Project Manager to Freelance Designer: Karina Aslikyan, Shillington Sydney Graduate


She shares some of the incredible passion projects and client work she has been creating. You have a background in project management and web development. I eventually moved into a more project management-focus role, but two years in I realised that role was draining my energy.

T’was The Month Before Christmas

Graphic Design USA

FunctionFox Systems offers a free demo of its industry leading time tracking and project management software for creative professionals.

How to Manage Clients? Tips From An Experienced Project Manager


I’m Daria Kozlenko , a project manager at NIX United. This article will be helpful to project managers, business analysts, technical analysts, and other professionals taking a PM role. “ You should have stopped the project! Freelance project management

Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for Project Management Institute by Superunion

Under Consideration / Brand

“Expectation Management”. Established in 1969, Project Management Institute (PMI) is a nonprofit professional organization for "those who consider project, program, or portfolio management their profession". Through advocacy, collaboration, education, and research PMI works to prepare more than three million professionals around the world -- with chapters in more than 80 countries -- to work as project managers.

swissmiss | Solo – bringing beauty to Project Management #solo #project #website #app #management


swissmiss | Solo – bringing beauty to Project Management #solo #project #website #app #management

Project Management is a Lot Like Cooking

Thinking Design

I also love managing the process: culinary project management. My culinary project management process begins with planning the meal to ensure each stage of the meal is delivered in the optimal way for the most enjoyment. I love to cook.

swissmiss | Solo – bringing beauty to Project Management #solo #project #website #app #management


swissmiss | Solo – bringing beauty to Project Management #solo #project #website #app #management

11 Strong Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Completely New Design

Inspiration Feed

With time, your online business is declining, and old website design can be one of the non-skippable reasons behind it. The change in technology and advancement in the Website Designing trends demand complete revamp of your website.

5 of the Best Free Project Management Tools


Project management is an essential aspect of working as a designer. You’re probably juggling several different projects and clients simultaneously, and efficiency is a major challenge. The Best Free Project Management Tools. Unlimited projects.

Join our team! It’s Nice That is hiring three roles in creative, editorial and project management

Its Nice That

We’re looking for a junior writer, a junior graphic and motion designer, and a senior project manager.

How to use guerrilla research to guide your project discovery phase

UX Collective

project-management ux-strategy business ux-research user-researchHow to validate your value proposition with your users Continue reading on UX Collective ».

How Bullet Journaling Will Change Your Life (Methods and Best Practices)

Inspiration Feed

What Is A Bullet Journal? A Bullet Journal is an analog system that was created by a New York-based designer, Ryder Carroll, to help people coordinate their lives into a streamlined system.

Managing corporate innovation

UX Collective

innovation innovation-portfolio project-management creativity design-thinkingBalancing structure and flexibility to build a successful corporate innovation portfolio Continue reading on UX Collective ».

Strategies to convince stakeholders who are hostile to design

UX Collective

project-management ux user-experience design product-managementAs a designer, you’ve probably met an anti-design crusader. What do you do if they are an important stakeholder? Continue reading on UX Collective ».

Migrating to Webflow: why your company’s website should be owned by marketing

UX Collective

creativity no-code project-management design startupLearnings and highlights of our journey rebuilding our own website for better scalability and maintenance with the help of No-Code tools Continue reading on UX Collective ».

Artist and designer Geoffroy Pithon shows us how mixing disciplines works in his favour

Its Nice That

The French painter, graphic designer, accountant and project manager talks us through his varied (and colourful) portfolio.

How Project Administration Can Make Your Creative Projects Run More Smoothly

Creative Boom

Getting organised with creative projects. When a creative project comes together, it can be the best feeling in the world. Whether you're working in a large organisation or a small team, we've all seen projects fall prey to bottlenecks, holdups and failure to meet deadlines.

Doing Efficient Risk Management in 5 Steps


The five steps below are professional risk management techniques to apply to your projects, proven to be effective. Right at the beginning of your project, after planning the activities to be carried out, you and your team must identify as many risks as you can imagine.

Why only learning code sets you up to fail

Creative Boom

With SuperHi, you can make over 125 creative, interactive projects to add to your portfolio. SuperHi offers a new Unlimited membership that gives you access to all their coding, design and project management courses.

Coding 376

Want to Make Every New Project a Success In 2020? Try These 20 Tools


The success of every project is ensured by a collective effort of teams. Here is a list of 20 tools that can ensure the success of all your projects. Tools For Project Management And Collaboration. Teams need to interact and discuss ideas and issues many times during a project course. Here is a list of software solutions that facilitate seamless collaboration and management of projects. Tools For Customer Relation Management.

Hey's bold and quirky packaging design for a Barcelona craft beer brand

Creative Boom

They asked us to expand the original design system with a range of four new craft beers," says Colet Castaño, senior project manager at the Barcelona studio.

Clifton Terraces Apartments by SAOTA

We And The Color

Below you can enjoy a few images of the project. Do not hesitate to browse through our Architecture and Interior Design categories for more inspiring projects. Take a look at the Clifton Terraces apartments on Victoria Road, Cape Town, designed by SAOTA.

Thomas Burden's experiments with inflatable type to teach creatives about Cinema 4D

Creative Boom

While Kelly provides art direction and concept generation, as well as being in charge of project management and the day to day running of everything.

Yurie Takashima pays tribute to Ukiyo-e and woodblock prints in her 36 Days of Type

Creative Boom

In a recent personal project that follows the popular '36 Days of Type', Japanese graphic designer Yurie Takashima turned to the ancient art Ukiyo-e as inspiration. In the years that followed, she moved to Sydney and worked in project management, amongst many other things.

Print 427

Five-week free retreat to help emerging designers improve their portfolios

Creative Boom

Content management: learn how to create content-rich websites. Mockups and Animation: learn different tools and skills to have an optimal project presentation. Project management: Learn how to create timelines for projects, scopes and deadlines. Wix Playground.

25 of the best apps to run an efficient business

Creative Boom

Productivity and task management. We use it for task and project management, job sheets, accounts, procedure documents and sharing quick web pages," they say. I use it for everything from content ideas to creation to management: everything. Image licensed via Adobe Stock.

Best Remote Working Tools for Marketing Teams

Just Creative

Managing a remote team isn’t easy and the transition can take a while. Separating trivia from the all-project talk is important. Discuss the latest show you binged on an instant messaging app and use a “proofing and review management tool” for keeping tabs on the tasks at hand.

The Best-Ever Freelancing Course for Designers & Creatives – Master Pricing, Proposals & Sales

Just Creative

With all this experience, he truly knows the pain-points of creatives… selling, pricing, proposals, contracts, and project management – just to name a few. Course 05: Project Management for Creatives. Course 06: Managing a Creative Business.

5 Essential Ways To Stay Creative

Graphic Design USA

FunctionFox is offering a free online demo of its leading timesheet and project management software for creative professionals. The goal: stay creative, transparent, accountable, focused.

Why ‘Grumpy Designer’ Is the Only Title I Want


One could spend hours attempting to figure out the difference between a “People Operations Coordinator” and a “Project Manager”. Real-life project experience means something. You can still demonstrate results through personal projects or educational achievements.

Kaia Charles on celebrating black British culture, and tackling the lack of representation in the arts

Creative Boom

Kaia Charles is cultural projects manager at Greenwich Penisula and a curator for NOW Gallery in London. I project managed exhibitions such as Hats: an Anthology by Stephen Jones as well as satellite interventions by architect CJ Lim and digital artist Julius Popp.

Small Fry founder Maisy Summer on how the collective empowers emerging creatives

Creative Boom

Assisted by creative project managers Isobel Platt and Sarah Wilson , along with a small team of workshop facilitators, Small Fry originally started as a year-end print, music and interactive drawing event for graduates. Side projects are a good thing, then?


Mindsparkle Mag

Project Manager: Mónica Olvera. Tradeer® is an upcoming Point of Sales software provider, using the latest technology available; to help business owners grow and nurture their customer base.

How to raise your freelance rates, get paid on time and make more money

Creative Boom

We've teamed up with online accounting software Xero , which helps freelancers automate and manage their finances, to bring you ten practical tips. I also add a 'project lead' name so they can approach the person who hired me directly if there's a query.".

Clever Ep. 150: Design Milk Founder Jaime Derringer

Design Milk

After college, she worked in project management, having a natural skill for coordinating and love for new challenges. To celebrate Design Milk’s 15th anniversary (which is officially today!),

Manchester comes together to remember Jo Cox in a new exhibition that celebrates her life

Creative Boom

The show is the result of a comprehensive community-led project and explores her life, work and values. Jo's story appears alongside the exploration of four narratives told by the More in Common project group. Our Yorkshire Rose banner, 2016. Courtesy of Jo Cox's family.

Oxio Branding and Visual Identity


Scofy and Saul &Co shared an elegant branding and visual identity project for Oxio. Scofy (project management and creative direction Oxio Branding and Visual Identity. abduzeedo 12.29.20 Samuel T.