The Independent Filmmaker Project rebrands as The Gotham

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The Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP) is more than 40 years old and seen as a pioneer in the independent film industry. Brand strategy and design firm Love & War has rebranded the non-profit indie film organisation, relaunching it as The Gotham Film & Media Institute (The Gotham).

An Interview with Filmmaker and Ethnobotanist Leigh Joseph (Styawat)


Film Ethnobotanist filmmaker INTERVIEW Leigh Joseph storyhive Styawat


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Vimeo series Stories in Place returns, this time backed by Mailchimp and centring on Black filmmakers

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The collection of films sees the filmmakers capture the “behind-the-counter” stories of their favourite Black-owned small businesses, spanning from New Jersey to Nairobi to Peckham Rye.

Who Am I: An Interview with Filmmaker Adhel Arop


Film adhel arop INTERVIEW storyhive

20 Times Filmmakers Used Clever Tricks To Create Impressive Scenes

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Turns out that there are numerous clever tricks used by filmmakers to achieve the perfect shot that we don’t normally get to see. The Phantom Menace (1999). If you thought that filming movies is nothing more than pointing a camera and yelling “action!”

The initiative transforming young Londoners into budding filmmakers

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In the latest of these schemes, the Mayor’s office teamed up with agencies Wavemaker UK and DCM on LDN Filmmakers, a free, fast-track film course designed to help young Londoners learn the ins and outs of filmmaking.

The inaugural Nowness Awards celebrates ten filmmakers for their cultural breakthroughs

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The awards, which will be celebrated tonight in London’s Modern Media Gallery at the V&A, were given to artists and filmmakers who not only embody the best of 2019, but have the potential to truly “push culture forward in 2020 and beyond”.

A new film by Brett Novak reveals why girls are dancing their way to a new era of skateboarding

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Here's a little sun-kissed relief to the cold European winter: a short film by world-renowned filmmaker Brett Novak that transports us to tropical Brazil and introduces us to the incredible skills of four female skateboarders who dance gracefully on their longboards. The Girls of Guanabara.

Solento Organic Tequila Celebrates The Sun


Solento is a boutique brand of organic tequila founded in 2019 by a surf filmmaker Taylor Steele. BRANDING alcohol packaging design typography Visual Identity

The Eraser: Confronting childhood trauma through art and photography

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Alongside his photography, Munsya is a graphic designer and an award-winning filmmaker. All images courtesy of the artist. Growing up black, many of us can remember the time when we realised we were "different".

Choreographer creates ground-breaking lockdown film dedicated to late father

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The project began in April when, a few days after his father's death, Paul began an Instagram conversation with filmmaker William Armstrong. The role of art in dealing with loss can be a powerful one, and we've seen many inspiring examples during the Covid era.

Richard Noble on his latest film Wandaland and the similarities between animation and method acting

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The recent Royal College of London grad tells us why “animation is just filmmaking for people who don’t want to go outside.”.

From nipple tassel twirling to mammograms, Anna Ginsburg depicts women’s journeys with their breasts

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In a relatable and important animation for Breast Cancer Now, the filmmaker depicts boobs of all shapes, sizes, and appearances, and the spectrum of emotions and experiences they invoke.

Pentagram's identity for The Moholy-Nagy Foundation uses the Bauhaus leader's own processes

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The private family foundation aiming to continue the legacy of László Moholy-Nagy – the artist, photographer, filmmaker and writer who became well-known as a professor at the Bauhaus school – was formed in 2003 by his daughter Hattula Moholy-Nagyin.

WeTransfer launches arts foundation The Supporting Act, endowed with €1 million for emerging creatives

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The independent charity will uplift up-and-coming artists, designers, photographers, filmmakers and musicians through education, grants and an annual prize.

Short films highlight the reality of homelessness in the Covid era

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We'd been wanting to develop the filmmaking side of our practice for a long time and thought this would be the best way to move forward with a new personal project.". Isy and Leigh Anderson are a couple who work together in Manchester under the name 'Photography by Anderson'.

DeadHungry also known as Alex Paganelli


The chef, photographer, and filmmaker Alex Paganelli also known as DEADHUNGRY was born in the picturesque French Alps. Words Claire Granlund. During his upbringing, he was surrounded by the beauty of mountains and cultural diversity, which came natural with Italian-British parents.

Ananya Mohan on social purpose, avoiding stereotypes and her dazzling practice

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It can be no better demonstrated than Ananya's identity design for NARI; a fictional film festival that sought to exhibit South Asia's cinematic heritage and, more importantly, the women filmmakers behind it. "I Ananya Mohan, NARI, 2020.

Birmingham's eclectic film bonanza launches an exclusive online shorts programme

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It felt really important to make a positive gesture at such an uncertain time," says Flatpack director Ian Francis, "and the filmmakers and artists we work with have been incredibly supportive about launching their work online rather than through physical screenings.".

Friday Film Club celebrates black British culture, and you can join for free

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Part of an ongoing Friday Film Club for The Peninsulist Presents in partnership with Bounce Cinema, the evening will explore the topics of race, class and culture with celebrated black British artist-filmmakers. Has anyone missed going to the pictures over the last few months? Us too!

“When you live in a place like Lebanon, you have a mission”: Meet the fearless director Jessy Moussallem

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Here, the poignant filmmaker discusses her deeply human films which provoke both thought and conversation. Features

Greenspace creates branding for 'better British e-bike' company, Evari

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Evari was founded by product designer Craig McDonald, who grew up racing BMX and building bikes before embarking on a 20-year career as a filmmaker and product designer. London-based creative agency Greenspace is behind the branding for Evari Bikes, a new British e-mobility brand.

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What's it like to be a creative during a pandemic? These portraits reveal so much

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Aaron, filmmaker. While Aaron, a filmmaker, said the pause was welcome: "I feel that getting all that time during lockdown was an amazing gift. Elaine, content creator. What has it been like for creative professionals this year? How have they coped?

10 Useful Paper Cut-Out Fonts

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The font was designed to look like the ones used in several Hitchcock’s movie posters, and the name is a blend of the filmmaker’s name and the word “cut” 3. Digital design is great, it opens a range of possibilities that were unheard of previously.

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New film shares life in lockdown for artists with Down's syndrome

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Artists in Lockdown has been created by filmmaker Chris Kenward (whose brother David is featured in the film) and produced by Heart & Sold. Heart & Sold is a global arts organisation that represents, promotes and supports visual artists with Down's syndrome.

Artist 419

Stormzy’s #Merky Books pop-up features an illustrator workshop and writing clinics

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The Stormzy-curated imprint of Penguin Random House is hosting the three-day event at Shoreditch’s Beats By Dre Residency space, celebrating creativity with talks and workshops by authors, filmmakers, curators, artists and more. Read more

Akintunde Ahmad’s new fashion line takes African textiles global

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After spending half a year living and studying in Ghana, writer, filmmaker and educator Akintunde (Tunde) Ahmad returned to his native East Oakland, California in 2016 sporting unique threads, colourful compositions and eclectic patterns. © Ade Dehye. Photographer: Darrin Baldridge.

Past Lives in Kodachrome: Anonymous family photographs from the midcentury

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Now we can see a glimpse into that past world thanks to The Anonymous Project , something that began when filmmaker Lee Shulman innocently purchased a set of 35mm Kodachrome slides on eBay, revealing anonymous family photos.

Through 3D scans and animation, Agusta Yr creates a dreamlike world for Moschino and Yang Li

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By breaking down the traditional means of filmmaking, Agusta’s work is filled with the spectacular.

Nwaka Okparaeke on how the search for peace and joy is the foundation of every project

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The British Nigerian photographer and filmmaker aims to “tell authentic stories from honest perspectives”.

How to pitch, develop and make your first TV series

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Irreverently funny Scottish filmmaker Duncan Cowles recently landed his own TV series on the BBC – a pipe dream for most creatives. Duncan takes us through how he made it happen.

Get a blast of visual inspiration from these award-winning design projects

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The New York Women's Surf Film Festival celebrates the filmmakers and female wave riders who live to surf. Want to win an award for your designs or just craft better work in general?

The Mysterious and Melancholic Photo Works of Tobi Schnorpeil

Design You Trust

German filmmaker and art director Tobi Schnorpeil posts on Instagram melancholic triptychs. By scrolling through his account, we dive into a mysterious world – a theatrical stage from where anonymous silhouettes and fantastic stories emerge. More: Instagram.

Naps: A Sleepy Compilation Captures an Array of Animals and Humans Mid-Slumber


?. From drowsy ducklings to kids fast asleep in the backseat, a short compilation by New York-based filmmaker Daniel Mercadante ( previously ) gathers an adorable mix of animals and humans who are too tired to keep their eyes open.

For the Record: Paul Wyatt's documentary on Secret 7" and the people who love making art for vinyl sleeves

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In the long, hot summer of 2018, filmmaker Paul Wyatt met a group of talented creative people brought together by a love of music and art at the Secret 7" charity art exhibition.

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Keith Haring, Belfast, music videos, and AC Milan combined in October’s Nicer Tuesdays

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Full of breadth in terms of creativity and topics, we heard from interior design duo Joana Filipe and James Mason, Irish photographer Enda Bowe, filmmaker Meji Alabi and graphic design powerhouses DixonBaxi. If you were unable to make it down to Nicer Tuesdays at Oval Space last night, we’re sorry to say you missed a good’un.

A new exhibition remembers Ray Harryhausen as a titan of cinema

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Born in California, the filmmaker began experimenting with models as a teenager after discovering the work of special effects supervisor Willis O’Brien in the 1933 version of King Kong, which he ended up going to watch 33 times.

Kaia Charles on celebrating black British culture, and tackling the lack of representation in the arts

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In 2016, I devised a series of photographic exhibitions that would confront social issues through the lens of emerging photographers, writers and filmmakers. The Peninsulist Presents explores the work of black British filmmakers – tell us more.

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Photographer Vitor Schietti Captures Dream-Like Forests of Falling Light

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Brazilian photographer and filmmaker Vitor Schietti, captures enhancing illuminated foliage using light, and long-exposure techniques. Using the nature of brazil as his setting, the artist brightens treetops and branches, and creates mysterious yet charming sceneries.

Who are the staff behind Vimeo’s Staff Picks?

Its Nice That

Not an algorithm but four film fanatics, It’s Nice That heads to New York to meet the team catapulting the careers of filmmakers large and small. Features

People of Tamba: Dignified portraits of people in Senegal aim to dispel the myths behind migration

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Specially commissioned by the Albers Foundation , it is accompanied by Senegal/Sicily a series of six short documentaries, created in collaboration with filmmaker Alberto Amoretti, each featuring the experiences, dreams and reflections of migrants and their relatives who remained in Senegal.

The Best Courses on Skillshare in 2020

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iPhone Filmmaking. Low Budget Filmmaking — Tips and Tricks for an Indie Look. What I love about Skillshare is their short format classes, teaching you valuable skills in a short amount of time! They have thousands of classes in many different categories, as shown below.

A multimedia project that tells the legacy of the San Francisco Public Defender's Office

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It was founded in honour of the late San Francisco Public Defender and filmmaker, Jeff Adachi (1959 - 2019). With today's access to technology and a plethora of platforms to share your work, there seems to be an increasing amount of artists using their creative power for the greater good.