An Interview with Filmmaker and Ethnobotanist Leigh Joseph (Styawat)


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The inaugural Nowness Awards celebrates ten filmmakers for their cultural breakthroughs

Its Nice That

The awards, which will be celebrated tonight in London’s Modern Media Gallery at the V&A, were given to artists and filmmakers who not only embody the best of 2019, but have the potential to truly “push culture forward in 2020 and beyond”.

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The initiative transforming young Londoners into budding filmmakers

Creative Review

In the latest of these schemes, the Mayor’s office teamed up with agencies Wavemaker UK and DCM on LDN Filmmakers, a free, fast-track film course designed to help young Londoners learn the ins and outs of filmmaking.

Solento Organic Tequila Celebrates The Sun


Solento is a boutique brand of organic tequila founded in 2019 by a surf filmmaker Taylor Steele. BRANDING alcohol packaging design typography Visual Identity

Birmingham's eclectic film bonanza launches an exclusive online shorts programme

Creative Boom

It felt really important to make a positive gesture at such an uncertain time," says Flatpack director Ian Francis, "and the filmmakers and artists we work with have been incredibly supportive about launching their work online rather than through physical screenings.".

New film shares life in lockdown for artists with Down's syndrome

Creative Boom

Artists in Lockdown has been created by filmmaker Chris Kenward (whose brother David is featured in the film) and produced by Heart & Sold. Heart & Sold is a global arts organisation that represents, promotes and supports visual artists with Down's syndrome.

Artist 373

“When you live in a place like Lebanon, you have a mission”: Meet the fearless director Jessy Moussallem

Its Nice That

Here, the poignant filmmaker discusses her deeply human films which provoke both thought and conversation. Features

10 Useful Paper Cut-Out Fonts

Designer Daily

The font was designed to look like the ones used in several Hitchcock’s movie posters, and the name is a blend of the filmmaker’s name and the word “cut” 3. Digital design is great, it opens a range of possibilities that were unheard of previously.

Fonts 343

Keith Haring, Belfast, music videos, and AC Milan combined in October’s Nicer Tuesdays

Its Nice That

Full of breadth in terms of creativity and topics, we heard from interior design duo Joana Filipe and James Mason, Irish photographer Enda Bowe, filmmaker Meji Alabi and graphic design powerhouses DixonBaxi.

Through 3D scans and animation, Agusta Yr creates a dreamlike world for Moschino and Yang Li

Its Nice That

By breaking down the traditional means of filmmaking, Agusta’s work is filled with the spectacular.

Past Lives in Kodachrome: Anonymous family photographs from the midcentury

Creative Boom

Now we can see a glimpse into that past world thanks to The Anonymous Project , something that began when filmmaker Lee Shulman innocently purchased a set of 35mm Kodachrome slides on eBay, revealing anonymous family photos.

2019 328

Naps: A Sleepy Compilation Captures an Array of Animals and Humans Mid-Slumber


?. From drowsy ducklings to kids fast asleep in the backseat, a short compilation by New York-based filmmaker Daniel Mercadante ( previously ) gathers an adorable mix of animals and humans who are too tired to keep their eyes open.

Who are the staff behind Vimeo’s Staff Picks?

Its Nice That

Not an algorithm but four film fanatics, It’s Nice That heads to New York to meet the team catapulting the careers of filmmakers large and small. Features

The Best Courses on Skillshare in 2020

Just Creative

iPhone Filmmaking. Low Budget Filmmaking — Tips and Tricks for an Indie Look. What I love about Skillshare is their short format classes, teaching you valuable skills in a short amount of time! They have thousands of classes in many different categories, as shown below.

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People of Tamba: Dignified portraits of people in Senegal aim to dispel the myths behind migration

Creative Boom

Specially commissioned by the Albers Foundation , it is accompanied by Senegal/Sicily a series of six short documentaries, created in collaboration with filmmaker Alberto Amoretti, each featuring the experiences, dreams and reflections of migrants and their relatives who remained in Senegal.

2019 277

An ASMR-inspired film by John Bentham that looks at the strangely intimate act of eating

Creative Boom

Watching and listening to people, eating food alone, without human interaction, any conversation or distractions conjures in us many emotions and reveals the many layers behind our responses and physical sensations," the London filmmaker tells Creative Boom.

The Creator Class: On Set With Photographer Tonje Thilesen


canoncreatorlab is a collaborative campaign from TCC and Canon, aimed at empowering the next generation of photographers, filmmakers, and social storytellers through online and offline programming.

Cine a la Vista

Identity Designed

I was in charge of the direction, design and animation of the branding, working along with an amazing group of designers and filmmakers.

Why creatives are jumping on TikTok

Creative Review

We speak to an illustrator, a filmmaker and a lettering artist who are making waves on TikTok about what it offers creatively that its competitors don’t already, and their advice for other creatives thinking about getting on the app.

Emmanuel Afolabi’s new film, Bio: Diaspora, explores the importance of contemporary black education

Its Nice That

In a series of vignettes, the Nigerian and New York-based filmmaker reveals a selection of unique and impactful stories.

Artists Create Elaborately Detailed Miniature Worlds For Their Snails

Design You Trust

Artists, filmmakers photographers Aleia Murawski and Samuel Copeland create elaborately detailed miniature worlds for their pet snails.

An Honest Film Language

Communication Arts

Whether it’s for a commercial or a feature, Cole Webley takes a minimalist approach to powerful filmmaking. Article

Savanah Leaf’s films explores personal growth and society’s effect on individual experience

Its Nice That

The ex-Olympian talks to us about telling the stories of communities through filmmaking, and her upcoming work The Heart Still Hums.

Girls in Film is looking to fund a female-made short film

Its Nice That

The organisation will grant £5,000 cash to a female-identifying filmmaker answering the question, “what does female strength mean to you?”.

Northstar Film Alliance by Bond


The Alliance intends to develop and promote themselves as one filmmaking region to international film and TV productions. Opinion by Richard Baird North Star Film Alliance (NSFA) is a joint venture between Estonia, Latvia and Finland.

Vincent Haycock directs a striking and otherworldly music video of Leonard Cohen’s The Hills

Its Nice That

We chat to the American filmmaker to hear about the process behind his most recent film, curated by Nowness and Adam Cohen, Leonard’s son.

New BFI campaign brings over 100 years of Japanese cinema to life

Creative Review

The season is showcasing filmmakers who helped to define over 100 years of Japanese cinema while shaking up movies on the world stage.

My Happiest Project: Anna Ginsburg

Creative Review

Here, filmmaker and animator Anna Ginsburg talks to CR about her first self-initiated film, Private Parts. Throughout October, we’re looking at the subject of happiness, and asking creatives to tell us about the projects they’ve most enjoyed working on.

Ridley Scott announces new film production fund for emerging creatives with Outernet Global

Its Nice That

The scheme, called Tomorrow Now, will assist filmmakers to develop and produce new work for soon-to-open London entertainment complex Outernet.

Edoardo Smerilli

Communication Arts

For this filmmaker’s site, designer Niccolò Miranda and developer Clément Roche created a digital framework reminiscent of watching TV.

For the Record: Paul Wyatt's documentary on Secret 7" and the people who love making art for vinyl sleeves

Creative Boom

In the long, hot summer of 2018, filmmaker Paul Wyatt met a group of talented creative people brought together by a love of music and art at the Secret 7" charity art exhibition.

Art 209

Vimeo launches new platform for documenting small businesses during the crisis

Its Nice That

Stories in Place sees eight Staff Picked filmmakers produce a film remotely in just 12 days, chronicling real people as they try to keep their ventures afloat.

A new London billboard campaign is spotlighting Black art

Creative Review

The initial campaign will run until September, and he is organising further projects set to launch later in the year, including an outdoor public gallery and an open-air film festival focusing on local Black directors and filmmakers.

Set Design for Klarna on Google and Apple Pay


For this campaign, let's take a look at their take on Apple and Google Pay on its art direction, set design and filmmaking. Set Design for Klarna on Google and Apple Pay. AoiroStudio 07.13.20 SNASK is a production design studio based in the stunning city of Stockholm, Sweden.

Bizzarri-Rodriguez on its design for Jonas Mekas’ monumental last project before his death

Its Nice That

The Paris-based design studio had the pleasure of working the legendary filmmaker on his last project before his death at the beginning of 2019. Here, they discuss the significance of his work and their design further.

A bittersweet film by Evan Bourque that shows how life has changed under lockdown

Creative Boom

As Vancouver went into lockdown to fight the spread of Covid-19, filmmaker Evan Bourque decided to document his life with his girlfriend, revealing a bittersweet story that compares life before and after the pandemic.

Flipbook Studio's special effects for a Star Wars fan movie that shows where the story began

Creative Boom

I'm not one of those filmmakers that do VFX themselves so handing over some of the most important and ambitious sequences to someone else makes me a little sick thinking about it.

Photographs that reveal how China's own film industry is now bigger than Hollywood

Creative Boom

Because so many movies and TV dramas share the same backdrops, filmmakers are able to reuse these locations, instantly recognizable to Chinese audiences, over and over.". Ever wondered how photography and movies shape our perceptions of history and truth, reality and make-believe?

2019 285

Hetain Patel’s personal takes on action movies win £10,000 Jarman Award

Its Nice That

The artist filmmaker, known for work that references Marvel, Tarantino and Bruce Lee films in exploring cultural identity and immigration, has won the prestigious prize in a landmark year marking 25 years since Derek Jarman’s death.

An Aerial Timelapse Captures One Million Begonias as They’re Woven Into an Ephemeral Tapestry


The film was shot from three buildings around the Grand Place in Brussels, but most of the shots were taken from the 90-meter-high tower of the Brussels Town Hall,” the filmmaker told PetaPixel.