5 Popular Instagram Photo Editing Trends You Should Hop On


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5 Haunting Halloween Photo Editing Ideas


madewithpixlr Creative Inspiration Photography content creation creative image editing inspiration photo editing ideas photoeditingWhen you think of Spooky Season, what pops into your mind?


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5 Easy and Creative Photo Editing Ideas You Should Try Today


Creative Design Photography Pixlr E creative creative trends design trends design with pixlr effects filters photo editing pixlr eAs a creative, you never know when inspiration strikes. Sometimes it never does.

Best Budget Monitors for Photo Editing

Design with Red

You can find a budget monitor for photo editing but it can be tedious because it requires […]. The post Best Budget Monitors for Photo Editing appeared first on Design with Red.

5 Amazing Free Photo Editing Apps


The smartphone you take with you everywhere is capable of capturing outstanding photos. Although most modern smartphone cameras are more than adequate, the photo editing functionality is limited. Non-destructive editing. Edit and save your own filters.

6 Photo-Editing Apps to Fix Facial Imperfections Easily


Rather than depend on photo filters so much, why not use these handy smartphone apps that can give you a quick makeover for a flawless complexion and surgery-free enhancements. Edit your photos to your heart’s content even straight from your smartphone.

5 Creative Fall Photo Shoot & Photo Editing Ideas


Bid summer farewell and say hello to cooler weather and knitted sweaters. There’s truly no better season that can represent growth, maturity and warmth than fall. If you are looking for inspiration to get your creative juices flowing this autumn, we have just the right visuals for you.

Photoshop vs. Lightroom: Which Should Photographers Use for Photo Editing?


Photo editing or post processing is an essential aspect of digital photography. Even if you’re not making monumental changes to your photos, working with details like color, contrast, and sharpness, are everyday tasks, especially if you’re shooting in raw files.

The best photo-editing software in 2021

Creative Bloq

Our guide to the best photo-editing software available now

Photoshop Tutorials: 30 New Tutorials to Learn Retouching and Manipulation Tricks

Graphic Design Junction

These photo manipulation tutorials , photo retouching tutorials are best for beginners to expert Photoshop designers. As we know Adobe Photoshop is the one of the best tools for photo editing, manipulation and graphic design. Best Photo Retouching Photoshop Tutorials.

The best monitors for photo editing in 2021

Creative Bloq

Get super-accurate colours when editing photos with these best monitors for photo editing

The best laptops for photo editing in 2021

Creative Bloq

Create show-stopping images with our pick of the best laptops for photo editing

25+ Modern Adobe Lightroom Presets

Graphic Design Junction

New Adobe Lightroom presets create Instagram stories, surreal, HDR photos and panoramic effects. Edit your photo like a pro with best photo filters lightroom presets. Are you looking to add that extra punch of color to your photos?

Adobe 76

The Best 23 Photo Editing Software Tools to Edit Like a Pro

Graphic Mama

Photo editing has taken on new importance as everybody has a camera with them at all times. This article will take you through some of the very best photo editing software around at present and whizz you through the main features, prices, and overview without getting too technical.

10 essential tutorials for retouching portrait photos using Photoshop

Creative Nerds

This post is collection of essential photoshop tutorials perfect for improving your retouching skills for portrait photos. The perfect roundup learning ins and outs of photo retouching. Articles Tutorials photo editing photoshop tutorial

5 Ways to Improve Your Photo After the Shoot

Vandelay Design

Sometimes you’re about to post a photo when you realize it’s not quite what you wanted to convey. The post 5 Ways to Improve Your Photo After the Shoot appeared first on Vandelay Design. Photography photo editing photoshop

Top 12 Photoshop Alternatives


Even if people aren’t using Photoshop, they call editing photos as photoshopping. Affinity Photo. Affinity Photo is probably the best Photoshop alternative out there. Corel Photo-Paint. Pixlr is one of the best tools to get into photo editing.

How to Make Your Photos Black and White with Pixlr X


Why make photos black and white, you may ask? By adding a black and white filter, simple photos can then become dramatic or moody. Creative Inspiration Photography Pixlr X ai in photography B&W content creation creative photo editing photographer photography

Pros And Cons Of Photo Editing

Graphics Expert Ltd.

Photo Editing. There are several features you can change in photo editing to enhance the image creatively to suit your preferences. Graphic Expert Ltd Automobile Photo Editing Solutions. What Is Photo Editing. When editing traditional photos, one can use an airbrush. Have a look Top 5 Free Photo Editor Online. The Benefits of Photo Editing. Why do you need to edit your photos?

How to Create Outstanding Prints That Will Last a Lifetime

Graphic Design Junction

The advanced photo editing tools available today let us transform almost any smartphone photo into a gallery-worthy exhibit. Many of us spend a long time editing our digital photos to perfect the fine gradients and color saturation. A New Approach to Photo Prints.

Print 78

5 Videos That Will Improve Your Photo Editing Skills from Beginner to Advanced

Creative Live

Looking to learn quick Photoshop tips to take your photos to the next level? We’ve created a round-up of top highlights from the week — from beginner tutorials on popular tools to advanced tips for adjusting color — that are sure to help you master your photo editing skills in no time at all. Join CreativeLive for Photoshop Week 2019 to learn how to produce professional quality photos and reach your full creative potential.

This Russian Photoshop Master’s Photo Editing Skills May Blow You Away

Design You Trust

Let’s admit it—everyone wants a cool profile picture of themselves on their social media. But it’s hard to make a picture perfect. And even if the picture turns out great, it may lack a certain magic in it that makes it truly outstanding.

Photoshop Tutorials: 30 New Tutorials From 2020

Graphic Design Junction

There are 30 new tutorials to learn exciting manipulation skills and learn how to create Photoshop Actions and how to convert boring photos into dashing portraits, photo editing and much more. Learn Photo Manipulation and Digital Art Photoshop Tutorials.

Smarter, Faster & Easier with Pixlr 2021


Ranging from edgy new features to refined AI-powered background removal, the Pixlr 2021 update is tailored to all your graphic design and photo editing needs. Creative Design Photography Pixlr E Pixlr X Updates design photo editing photography photography ideas photography trends

In The Spotlight | Jay Lippman


” Jay Lippman is a freelance video editor who shares many insightful tutorials on his Youtube channel, covering topics like ‘How to get started’ and ‘Editing techniques’. “I get a chance to be creative every single day.”

Photoshop Tutorials: Learn Photo Manipulation [Tips, Tricks]

Graphic Design Junction

When it comes to finding the perfect Photo Manipulation , Photo Editing and Retouching photos software for graphic designers, Adobe Photoshop is the only name that comes to mind. How to Create Eagle Hunter Photo Manipulation in Photoshop Tutorial.

650+ Light Leaks That Will Add a Retro Feel To Your Images

Inspiration Feed

What Is A Light Leak? A light leak refers to a gap or hole in the bodywork of an optical instrument, such as a camera, which allows light to penetrate (leak through) the usually light-tight chamber.

Adobe 56

Photoshop Tutorials: 30 New Tutorials to Learn Amazing Manipulation Tricks

Graphic Design Junction

Latest Adobe Photoshop tutorials, video tutorials and amazing photo manipulation tutorials for beginners to expert Photoshop designers. There are 30 Fresh tutorials to learn tips and tricks on how to create Photoshop Actions , how to convert boring photos into dashing portraits, photo editing and much more. As we know Adobe Photoshop is the one of the best tools for photo editing, manipulation and graphic design.

5 Quick Ways to Remove Watermark from Photos

Graphic Design Junction

However, you won’t always have access to free photos or be able to create yours. However, there are other cases where you may think of how to remove a watermark from a photo. Photoshop is a robust and versatile photo editor that boasts excellent photo editing capabilities.

The viral photo editing hack that's all over TikTok

Creative Bloq

Here's how to do it

3 Photography Trends To Adopt In 2020


You can go with a single dominant color, or select contrasting colors to pair with your photo subject. Photo by Christian Sterk on Unsplash. Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash. Photo by Branden Harvey on Unsplash. Photo by Sacha Styles on Unsplash.

Color 78

Add Free Light Leak Overlays To Your Photos With Pixlr X


Take photo editing and personalization a step further with Pixlr X. So today, we’re gonna look into adding free light leak overlays on our photos, and explore more on that feature! Here’s what it is: It’s a yummy overlay that goes over your photos to enhance the appearance – like most other effects do. Digitally created light leaks mainly started out as an emulation of vintage and retro effects popularized from old photos.

The A-Z Guide on The Liquify Tool in Pixlr X


The Liquify tool is actually one of the most useful tools for editing photography. It’s basically a unique filter that allows you to distort or warp a photo without losing the original quality. Basically, you’ll be running that brush (or your mouse cursor) over the parts of the photo that you want to distort. Play around with the adjustments to suit what you’re going for when editing your photo. Pixlr X Tutorial liquify tool photo editing pixlr x tool guide

In The Spotlight | Tyler Miller


Creative Spotlight Video content creation content creator content creators creative community creative resources creative skills photo editing video youtube“Be free to be yourself.”

Pixlr’s API Guide: How to Open Third Party Images in Pixlr


We’re head over heels about the launch of our free API as it will open doors to different business partnerships and millions of new photos every month. Design Pixlr E Tutorial API API Guide Open Third Party Images in Pixlr photo editingDid you know Pixlr has an API?

30 Affinity Designer Tutorials You’ll Love

Vandelay Design

It doesn’t offer the same photo editing capabilities as Photoshop (they have Affinity Photo for that) but the design tools and capabilities are very impressive. Affinity Designer is a powerful Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop alternative.

People Ask This Artist To Edit Their Pics And He Absolutely Nails It

Design You Trust

But the graphic designer Karan Acharya is proving that photo editing can be an art form in itself. This Bangalore-based animator and photo editor has been sharing his colorful illustrations with his Instagram followers. Inspirations digital edit india paintings portraits

Apple iPad mini (6th Gen) review

Creative Bloq

The new iPad mini (6th Gen) might be the ultra-portable sketching, note-taking and photo-editing device of your dreams

Introducing Pixlr Genesis — The World’s Most Eminent Art-based Metaverse


Pixlr — the free cloud-based photo editing and graphic design platform is launching its very own virtual art museum that displays over 10,000 pieces of NFT artwork. Pixlr — the world’s best online photo editor is launching its very own decentralized art museum, a safe virtual space [.].

10 fundamental tutorials for learning Pixelmator

Creative Nerds

Photoshop has been everyone’s preference for editing photography; but a great cheaper alternative is Pixelmator. In this roundup we have compiled a list of a mixture of tutorials from photo editing to text effects.