What is Color Theory? — A Comprehensive Guide For Designers

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Some consider the color theory to be a science in itself while others consider it to be also a standard in all forms of design. The post What is Color Theory? —

Color Theory In Graphic Design?Brief Guide for Non-designers


There are few things in the design that are more important than color. Color can evoke reactions, emotions or even action all without using words. So how do we know which colors look good together? The answer is color theory in graphic design!

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40 Free Color Scheme and Palette Apps (Massive Guide)

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Color selection is a stage in a design process that requires both smart thinking and gut feeling. In today’s digital era, you can have as many colors and color combinations as you like. color combinations web 2.0

20 unique and memorable brand color palettes to inspire you


Color plays a huge role in how your audience perceives you. Whether you’re running a small business as a solopreneur, or working in a big corporate, your business has a brand—and so, you want to choose a unique and memorable brand color palette in order to build a lasting brand identity.

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Picking a nice color combination can be a challenge for any kind of artist. If you are a fashion designer, finding the best color combos is crucial. Not long ago, you had to sharpen your eyes with years of practice to build nice color schemes. Next, you can pick more colors.

The Color Experimentations of Aches


Using sub-pixel techniques and additive color theory, Aches creates murals and portraits that reflect today’s digital world with analogue spraypaint and acrylics. Main The Blog Aches color theory Hi-Fructose Hi-Fructose Magazine mural

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Design Deals for the Week

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Besides 35 different brushes, 25+ textures, 5 images and 2 color palettes, you’ll get a super helpful 10-part workbook that takes you through every step of the lettering process from letter anatomy to color theory to printing. $9

Design Deals for the Week

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Thanks to this collection of 1600 Infographics Templates, you can easily put together a colorful story through professional pictures and charts. Every week, we’ll give you an overview of the best deals for designers, make sure you don’t miss any by subscribing to our deals feed.

The 15 Best Brushes for Procreate 

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Comic book art can be filled with bright colors and amazing textures. The wide-ranging course covers topics such as layouts, color theory, and the Procreate interface. With 27 brushes to choose from, adding light is as easy as choosing a brush and a color.

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The book Van Wageningen published to explain and display his visual research in greater detail, his Novo Typo Color Book (2017), won another TDC certificate and another European Design Award — this time, the Gold. He engineered Ziza, like Bixa, for color.

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Illustration Art

He mastered color theory and pigments and painting technique, and for years his full color paintings were in high demand from the top magazines and advertisers in America. Austin Briggs studied hard to become a full fledged painter.

What Is the Difference Between Tints, Shades, Hues, and Tones?

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Throw hue and tone into the mix, too, and you’re left with four, distinct color terms that everyone uses, yet not everyone understands. The mix-up among tint, shade, hue, and tone is understandable since they’re all related to color theory and refer to similar concepts within design.

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100 color combinations and how to apply them to your designs


When it comes to design, finding the perfect color combination can be your winning secret to having an eye-catching creation. The truth is, color makes a design come alive. Types of color combinations . Below are some of the most popular types of color combinations used.

20 design rules you should never break


From typography to layout, right through to color and special effects, this list runs through a few basic rules, tips, tricks and guides to some common errors and how to banish them from your design. Have a logical color palette. Avoid color discord.

Exploring Infographic Design: Analysis and Interviews

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Connection Infographics by Andrew_Kras All visual content, in theory, is information. For example, color, line, shape—the elements of art and principles of design are very informational by nature. Infographic design: what is it, and how do we create awesome infographics?