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Top 30 Logo & Branding Design Kits for Designers

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Sometimes, having the right tools can help make the process of designing a logo or even a brand much easier and with this list of the top Logo & Branding Kits for designers, you can have the tools you need to produce high-quality work every time.

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25 Top Tools Used by Jacob Cass

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Peek behind the curtain of Jacob Cass’s set up and see the tools and other items he uses daily when working with clients all over the world. If you’re a beginner or watching your spending, you may want to consider our post on the top gear for all career levels & budgets.

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The Best Courses on Skillshare in 2020

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What I love about Skillshare is their short format classes, teaching you valuable skills in a short amount of time! They have thousands of classes in many different categories, as shown below.

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Self-Isolating? How To Start A Business While Quarantined

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This article has been contributed by Evan Fraser. This is a stressful and uncertain time for all of us.

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30 Bulletproof Marketing Strategies for a Thriving Business

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This article has been contributed by Abhishek Talreja. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting out, an essential way to grow your business is to be consistent with your marketing efforts.

Top 10 Futur Courses to Learn Design & Business

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If you run own graphic design firm, improving your skills can not only make you a better graphic designer but also more attractive to potential clients. The business side of your firm may not be your strong suit and that’s ok.

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The Best Laptops for Graphic Designers in 2020

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Technology changes every day and what was the best option out there even six months ago can suddenly be yesterday’s news. With 2020 in full swing, we wanted to make sure that we provide you with the best tech available so you can be successful all year long.

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Best Computers for Graphic Designers in 2020

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The right technology can not only help you work faster but can also make the images that you create look amazing from start to finish. When we looked at the list of computers for graphic designers we recommended back in 2018 , we knew that as time went on, the technology would get better.

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6 Valuable Branding Lessons from Millionaire Entrepreneurs

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This article has been contributed by Harsh Nankani. Whether you’re developing a business brand, personal brand or both, it’s important to learn from those who have gone before you.

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Best Graphic Design Tablets in 2020

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Way back in 2018, which these days can be considered ancient history, we shared with you what we considered to be the best Graphics Tablets for Graphic Design. While our picks certainly great, technology is a lot like cars where the newest tech becomes dated quickly.

2020 164

10 Best Smartphone Lenses for Incredible Photography

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These days, it’s more common to see people taking pictures or shooting video using their phones instead of having a full-size camera. The problem is that the cameras on your average smartphone aren’t made to handle all of the different types of photos you might want to take.

Digital Marketing in 2020: Ultimate Guide

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This article has been contributed by Tim Backes. Whether or not you believe that 2020 has marked the start of a new decade, we can all agree that most businesses (and individuals) are treating it as a pivotal year, especially as COVID-19 makes its way around the world.

15 Best Affinity Designer Brushes

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Developed by Serif, the Affinity Designer program is a vector graphics editor that is one of the strongest competitors to the crown held by the industry-preferred Adobe Illustrator.

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How To Build An Online Presence With Sustainability At Its Core

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This article has been contributed by Rodney Laws. In 2020, sustainability permeates everything we do. It’s in the news every day, climate change marches occur around the world, and environmentalism is being taught in schools everywhere. In short, sustainability matters.

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Best Budget Laptops for Graphic Designers & Creatives in 2020

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If you’re on a budget, you know that splurging on a piece of technology for your business can affect your long term goals. We thought that it would be time to take another look at our choices for the best budget laptops so you get the best options out there for your needs in 2020! Before we take a look at our choices, let’s start with why a budget laptop can be helpful. Ready? Let’s get started! More Top Gear for Designers. Best printers for designers. Best monitors for designers.

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25 Best Procreate Brushes for Illustration

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While there are many illustration apps available for the iPad, the Procreate App stands alone as one of the most popular for professional and hobbyist illustrators. Companies such as Pixar and Disney use Procreate.

Best Monitors for Graphic Design in 2020

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Back in 2018, we provided you with the best monitors you could use as a designer to do your best work. And today, we circle back and update our selections so that this year if you’re looking to upgrade your tools you can choose from the best of the best.

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What Employers Really Want – Readying Designers for the World of Work

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This article was contributed by Nancy Miller, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Texas A&M University. As an academic teaching graphic design, keeping up with the ever-evolving shifts in technology and forecasting occupational trends in professional practice can be overwhelming.

How to Start A Business With No Money + Plus Crowdfunding Tips

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This article has been contributed by Lidia Staron. Every successful business started with just a spark, an idea. It might have come in the middle of the night sending jolts and sweat throughout the body, or a quiet moment of inspiration while on the train home.

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What Million-Dollar Business Can You Start for Under $500?

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This is a guest article contributed by Bilal Uddin. If someone gives you $500, what would you do? . Buy a new phone. A domestic flight. Start a business. Start a business, seriously. Well, it may sound absurd, and it should be. According to research, it takes around $3000 to start a small business.

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Best Apple Pencil Alternatives for Procreate

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With recent articles on JUST Creative about the Procreate app for the Apple iPad and the best brushes for the app , we started to think that even though the Procreate app is an amazing tool for artists and graphic designers, not everyone likes to use the Apple Pencil on their iPad.

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Best Office Chairs for Designers & Creatives in 2020

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For centuries, a chair has been seen as a place of power that battles and even wars have been fought over them. While things today aren’t that dire, having the right chair can help you be more productive and in turn, successful.

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The 9 Best Courses on Coursera for Designers & Creatives

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People are curious by nature and thanks to the internet, anyone curious about a topic or looking to expand their skills or even learn a new skill can take classes online on their time. One of the best options for taking classes online is through Coursera.

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8 Creative Ways To Improve Your SEO (Search Rankings)

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This article has been contributed by Adam Petty. It’s 2020. The online world is bigger than ever. With so much information out there it can be hard for your customers to find you, let alone spend their precious time engaging with your content.

2020 179

The 15 Best Brushes for Procreate 

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The Procreate app is quickly becoming one of the most popular programs for creating art that the iPad offers. By turning the iPad into a drawing table, it opens up the possibilities for any artists who might not consider the iPad a viable design option.

How to Make Your Office Space an Integral Part of the Brand

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This article was contributed by Ashley Wilson. Does your office space relay the same message as your branding? It should! The most successful brands bring their branding message, values and goals to life right in their offices, and here’s why you should do it too.

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The Best Laptops for Graphic Designers 2019

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Graphic design is a challenging job that requires serious hardware and software. In the current digital nomad haze, laptop characteristics such as mobility and weight have also become extremely important.

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Best 17-inch Laptops for Designers & Creatives

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Laptops come in many different screen sizes and choosing the right one can help you get your work done without struggling to see everything on the screen.

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The Best Lenovo Laptops for Graphic Designers

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While many people might be familiar with the Lenovo brand from the laptops that they might use in their office, those who think that Lenovo is nothing more than a standard laptop manufacturer should take another look at the company.

Web Design Trends and Predictions for 2020

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This article has been contributed by Aaron Chichioco. As of January 2020, there were about 1.74 billion websites worldwide and active internet users numbered almost 4.43 billion. This year, you can expect more businesses and institutions to strengthen their online presence.

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Revealed: Top Upcoming Tech for Designers & Creatives in 2020

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With 2019 now behind us, people are starting to look forward to 2020 and all of the tech the new year will bring. There is no better place to get a preview of what’s the come than at the Consumer Electronics Show that takes place in January in Las Vegas.

2020 185

Which Leadership Traits Are Valued the Most by Creatives?

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This article has been contributed by Divyang Metaliya. Leadership turns into a technical job once you learn it’s dynamics – unless you are dealing with creatives. Creative professionals just don’t fit into your typical norms.

2020 145

Best Podcast Microphones in 2020

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Since the first podcast was recorded in 2003, podcasting has become a staple of our everyday lives. From news to sports or entertainment, there is a podcast out for just about every topic and there has never been a better time to start your podcast and put your name and content out there.

2020 175

The Best Printers for Graphic Designers in 2019 & How To Choose What’s Right For You

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Graphic designers work with print more than most other creatives today.

2019 177

Best HP Laptops for Graphic Designers in 2019

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The Hewlett-Packard Company, more commonly known as HP has been making computers for consumers and businesses for decades and these computers have become a trusted brand among many different industries. Here we have a list of the best HP laptops available.

2019 195

38 of My Favourite Fonts for Design

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Choosing the right font for your design is arguably as important as creating the design itself. It’s about selecting the one that complements your design and conveys the tone of your message. When I am choosing a font, there are a certain handful that are always top of mind.

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20 Common Branding Mistakes that Small to Mid Sized Businesses Make

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This is a guest article contributed by Claire Newton. Branding is chronically misunderstood.

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Top 10 Best All-in-One Computers for Creatives

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If you work in a small office or design studio, you know pretty well that the real estate on your desk can come at a premium and using a bulky desktop computer can take up a lot of room. This is why the all-in-one computer is such a great idea.

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Best Cameras for Designers & Creatives in 2020

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Taking a trip in our Wayback machine, we came across our post for the best cameras for designers and believed it was time for an update. We wanted to present you with the best camera for creatives in 2020 in case you were looking to upgrade or even start a new side business.

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Island Smiles Dental Care Branding Process & Interview

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Just Creative was interviewed on the Logo Inspirations Instagram channel, discussing the logo design & branding process for Island Smiles, a dentist in Maui, Hawaii. Project Overview. Island Smiles (formally Hyland Dental Care) came to JUST Creative in need of rebrand.

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Craft Your Brand Story in 8 Simple Steps

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This article has been contributed by Jeff Blaylock. Communication and interaction with customers have always played a key role in a brand’s success. People like feeling that companies approach them individually, try to meet their needs, and pay special attention to their enquiries.

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Top 10 Fastest & Most Powerful Laptops for Graphic Designers

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At their core, laptops are built to be your PC on the go. Not every laptop is created equal though and some options out there are designed to provide the user as much processing power & speed that money can buy.

Logo File Formats Guide with FREE Cheat Sheet

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There’s often a lot of confusion about which files formats you need to give a client when delivering a final logo or branding package. You probably know that you have to give your client a variety of file formats, but which ones? Clients may frequently contact you asking for strange file formats or ad-hoc logo file requests. Print vendors sometimes use outdated technologies that require old and obscure files. You may wonder what all these file formats are used for and if they are even necessary.