Expert tips for creating on-brand logos that inform and captivate


It’s the face of the company, and graphic designers are tasked with creating logos that are both captivating to potential customers, as well as informative of the business. You need a logo that gives as much information as possible through a visual aid.

UN turns to graphic designers to spread information on coronavirus

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For more information and details on how to enter, head to the website. The post UN turns to graphic designers to spread information on coronavirus appeared first on Design Week.

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Kristine Kawakubo presents ideas and information through unconventional book design

Its Nice That

When we first came across the Edinburgh-based graphic designer last year, we were wowed by her unique handmade books. One year on, she continues to challenge our preconceived notions of book design both conceptually and technically. Read more

These Viral Visual Explanations Are Spreading Information About COVID-19 Extremely Effectively

Design You Trust

This animation shows how the exponential spread of the virus can be slowed by simple measures such as working at home and not attending barbecues.

What obsolete computer punch cards reveal about the history of information design in today's era of unseen data

Creative Boom

While we now see data as something almost metaphysical – based in unseen clouds or faraway, seen-but-not discussed servers, it used to be far more obvious to the naked eye. As designer and publisher Patrick Fry puts it, "Data used to be physical".

Bedow celebrates awkward teenage-hood in smart type designs informed by its 'refined design process'

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Both typefaces are "informed by its refined design process", according to the studio. While many of us turned 15 years-old by necking illicitly procured Blue WKD and being sick on yourself etc.,

30 Gorgeous Examples of Korean Graphic Design

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There’s something absolutely fascinating about the Korean culture. It has taken over the entire world, with Korean pop stars, Korean makeup, Korean fashion, and everything else Korean dominating the scene everywhere you look.

Top 15 Brochure Designs for your Business Inspiration

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When starting a business, meeting clients is an important part of the job. The impression we create on their minds about our business is crucial in gaining their trust. Once trust is built a relationship is formed.

4 Visual Ways to Attract New Customers to a Trade Show

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Whether you’re a keynote speaker, an exhibitor, or an attendee, conferences, and trade shows are great places to make new connections and meet potential customers. But standing out in a sea of companies isn’t easy.

Off the Grid explores how a mixture of cultures informed historical Belgian design

Its Nice That

Sara De Bondt’s exhibition examines an often overlooked design community.

A Collection of Inspiring Sitemaps and User Flow Maps

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Information Architecture by Kellyn Loehr. Inspiration Information Architecture UX Deliverables Web Design InspirationAll websites should start with a good plan. Focussing on the design process first may be common for smaller sites.

How to Launch Your Blog or Portfolio in 2020 (3,500+ Word Start to Finish Guide)

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The graphic design industry is tough. No matter where you go, you’ll see amazing talent through the work of other designers in the field.

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How to Make an Effective Business Signage in 6 Steps

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Does your business even exist if you don’t have signage? For the vast majority of people and potential clients probably not. Having signage that embodies the philosophy and ideas behind your business is nowadays a must.

How To Manage Inspiration Overload


In fact, the internet is uniting us like never before: it’s giving us all information overload. There are a lot of methods to manage this information and I may have tried them all, so in this post we’ll walk through the options I’ve explored. The information is constant.

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14 Photographer Presentation Folders for Your Design Inspiration

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Photographers have a lot of information to share outside of their photos. Whether it’s examples of their work, service menus, or the final images of an event, they should present it in an organized way that best represents their brand.…

30 Fantastic Examples of Cookie Packaging Design

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Food is definitely one of the easiest things to market. As one of the most basic needs of humans, it is something that has the ability to sell itself.

Interior Design: What Makes it So Important?

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The interior design relates not just to the physical appearance of the house but also to how it played a decisive role in its functionality.

What are The Best Vintage Party Dresses to Buy Online?

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Vintage Party collection is available at a reasonable price range for the interested ladies who are searching for the best stuff and to meet with their expectations through proper resources.

What is Creativity?

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When talking about creativity, it has become common to associate it with art, creative writing, and music. Although this idea is partly correct, limiting it to only these three areas is certainly erroneous.

Observing the Overlooked with Joost Stokhof

Ape on the Moon

Information Graphics Linear Illustration Pens and Markers Sketchbooks drawing Joost Stokhof notebooks Observational drawing reportageFor Joost Stokhof , the process for creating his intricate, finely detailed illustrations starts with a keen eye and considered observation.

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5 Kinds of Image File Formats (And Their Use)

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An image is an image, right? Wrong. Your image can have more letters after its file name than someone who’s spent years in higher education.

Understanding Different Image Formats and Their Proper Use

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An image is an image, right? Wrong. Your image can have more letters after its file name than someone who’s spent years in higher education.

Old Bulgarian Lottery Tickets Were Winning at Design

Designer Daily

I couldn’t find much information about these lottery tickets from communist Bulgaria, but the design alone makes it worth sharing here. Heavily inspired by Russian constructivism, these tickets are an amazing display of great layouts produced with abstract shapes only.

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The Chinese Type Archive

Communication Arts

Synoptic Office’s site informs visitors on its research into Chinese typography, characteristics and resources. Article

Surrealism, Bjork and alcohol felts collide in Jimy De Haese’s dreamy illustrations

Its Nice That

The Strasbourg-based illustrator thinks back to an unsettling recurring dream he had as a child to inform his illusory illustrations. Read more

Myth Busters: A design project by Barcelona's Velkro to beat misinformation on Covid-19

Creative Boom

It's no wonder people are feeling confused, but it's important that we don't spread rumours and get our information from a credible source.". With this campaign, Eva and Patricia want to help people navigate the flood of information and distinguish facts from myths.

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Explore Muge’s unique approach to large format photography based on ancient Chinese philosophy

Its Nice That

The acclaimed Chinese photographer talks us through his ongoing series informed by the philosopher and writer Lao Tze’s “theory of nature" Work

Laugh out loud with Xavier Lalanne-Tauzia’s colourful, character-filled illustrations

Its Nice That

The Brooklyn-based illustrator takes visual cues from what’s around him to inform his colourful practice. Then, he adds a fun twist.

2020 Design & Advertising Competitions Now Open!

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Help us honor the power of creativity to inform and inspire. Our 2020 Design and. Advertising competitions are officially accepting entries. Submit your best work before. Friday, May 1st, for the chance to be published in Communication Arts magazine! Message

Children's stories brought to life in colourful new book designed by Fieldwork

Creative Boom

To find out more about Fabled's The Future is Make Believe, visit or check out the Kickstarter campaign for information on the book's release

Pentagram’s Giorgia Lupi on her data-driven designs for & Other Stories

Its Nice That

The information designer worked with the fashion brand to create a collection adorned with data visualisation inspired by the lives of three pioneering women in science, and we want it all.

2020 Illustration Annual Now Available

Communication Arts

Alongside the winners of our competition, this issue showcases a selection of feature profiles and informative columns on the industry. We’re pleased to announce our 2020 Illustration Annual is now available in print and online!

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Artists and designers unite globally to create 'colouring posters' and help UNICEF fight Covid-19

Creative Boom

For more information, visit group of creatives from the Very Polite Agency in Vancouver, Canada have embarked on a worldwide mission with a simple goal – to unite global artists and designers to support UNICEF in the fight against Covid-19.

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Alphabet's new identity for one of the leading cryptocurrency marketplaces in the world

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They coined (ouch, no pun intended) the strapline 'Cryptocurrency For Humans' and created a relatable, conversational tone of voice with a "unique graphic device that informs the whole brand" from image treatment to illustration. "It

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&Walsh's identity for Zooba is inspired by the colourful streets of Cairo

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This inspiration informs much of the identity. &Walsh, the agency set up earlier this year by designer Jessica Walsh , has revealed its identity for Zooba , an Egyptian street food restaurant based in Cairo.

People of Tamba: Dignified portraits of people in Senegal aim to dispel the myths behind migration

Creative Boom

Amoretti said: "The project aims to offer information about the journey, the risks entailed, the conditions and the opportunities available in Europe today.

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10 Popular Logo Fonts for Your Branding Design 2020


And here we are to throw some light on the front side of this union, with information on the popular logo fonts 2020, tips, and […]. Logos are somewhat a marriage of graphics and letters, solemnized by a skillful designer.

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To break the rules, first you have to learn them: investigating the golden ratio

Its Nice That

Steven Heller, George Bokhua and Paula Scher wade in on perhaps the most divisive theory in design history, and how it can inform your own creative process.

Lights, sparkles and colour: Photographer Riccardo Apostolic draws from the plush era of the 80s

Its Nice That

Having adored the 80s since he was a teenager and its fashion, music and film, Riccardo tells us more about his key influences that inform his photography practice today.

Fake Science 101: A Less-Than-Factual Guide To Our Amazing World

Design You Trust

Though the scientific community may sneer at its lack of data, experimentation, or actual information, it remains a handy tool to understand the phenomena we encounter every day. Fake Science 101 is the definitive, less-than-factual reference book for our modern times.