Poignant photographs by Sara Lopes that document Portugal's ageing population

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Photographer Sara Lopes was inspired by her grandparents for this poignant series that documents the ageing population of Portugal. According to the Portuguese National Institute of Statistics, one in five was aged 65 or older in 2016. It's predicted that in 50 years, Portugal will lose 23% of the population and that in 2070, 44% of the eight million inhabitants will be over 80 years old. This series of portraits shows some of the elderly of Sa?o o Joa?o

Whereabouts: Alice Pasquini's line drawings on the back of postcards document her travels

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Over the last three years, Italian artist Alice Pasquini has travelled the world, sketching street scenes or landscapes on the back of postcards which she then posts to herself back home.

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Photographs by Samar Baiomy that document the impact of rising seas on Alexandria's 'Little Venice'

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Visual artist Samar Baiomy has spent the last two years documenting the demolishment of houses in Alexandria's 'Little Venice' in Egypt, picking out details of internal walls and discarded items to pay homage to the people who once lived there. So I wanted to document this place because it is historical and will be a forgotten over time.".

Photographer Ryan Koopmans spent 10 years documenting the world's megacities from above

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Finding the geometry, repetition and patterns – the chaos and the symmetry – his aerial shots are not only beautiful compositions; they document the buildings and structures that have sprung up to accommodate a growing population. For the last decade, Dutch Canadian photographer Ryan Koopmans has travelled all over to capture the world's megacities from above.

Documenting the now

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The post Documenting the now appeared first on Creative Review. A lack of commissioners and outlets for documentary photography has meant that our habit of recording everyday life has diminished.

Meticulous Illustrations Document the Flora and Fauna Observed throughout the Devon Countryside


For years, the United Kingdom-based illustrator documented the wildlife and plant species she encountered in her Nature Journal , a black Moleskine that now has been reproduced exactly in a forthcoming book, Secrets of a Devon Wood. All images © Jo Brown, shared with permission.

Techniques for Documenting Your Web Projects

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That’s why writing some basic project documentation can prove to be beneficial. Whether you’re working on a new project or looking through some past ones , here are some tips for documenting what you’ve done. In this case, we’re talking about a document that serves as a future resource. Open up a word processing document or go all out and create a Wiki on your local install. You could just copy and paste useful pieces into a document and retrieve them as needed.

No Photos on the Dance Floor! documents the history of Berlin's club scene since the fall of the Wall

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That's the question posed by an exhibition in Berlin this month that documents and brings to life the history of the city's club scene since the fall of the Wall. Is the party finally coming to an end? What makes this showcase of photographs and film so special is that it's unexpected. Because while photography is a central part of nightlife in other cities, in Berlin, most clubs have strict rules against taking pictures.

Perfect Imperfection: Photographer Documents The Beauty Of Animals With Disabilities

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Beau Was Taken In As A Stray And Had The Tips Of His Ears Resected When He Developed Skin Cancer From dogs with three legs to cats without eyes, the Perfect Imperfection photo series celebrates the intrinsic beauty of animals who have overcome adversity and adapted to a physical impairment.

COVID LATAM: Latin American Photographers Document The Pandemic

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Covid Latam is a collective project documenting the coronavirus pandemic as it unfolds across Latin America. Photographers – 9 men and 9 women – are working in 13 countries: Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Cuba and Mexico to document the unfolding story of the pandemic. matildecampodonico One virus; 18 ways of seeing the world.

Café Royal Books: 15 years of documenting the UK

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This box set contains Janine’s important work documenting the jewellery quarter, the Black Country chainmaking, potteries, coal mining, iron and steel works and the drop forge. The post Café Royal Books: 15 years of documenting the UK appeared first on Creative Review Café Royal Books is an independent publishing house that specialises in limited edition photographic books that focus on British documentary photography.

Photographs that document the changing prairies of the Canadian West as people move to cities

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In the space of four years, Kyler Zeleny travelled the prairie lands of North America, driving over 15,000km to photograph and document its landscapes, towns and the people that call it home. The 'Canadian Prairies' is a vast region on the border of the United States that has suffered a loss of heritage and now faces uncertainty about its future, as society continues to move in the direction of mass urbanisation.

Paper Wildlife Sculptures by Artist Diana Beltrán Herrera Document Nature’s Most Striking Details


Now focusing on the structural elements of fungi, fruit, and florals, Beltrán Herrera shares with Colossal: Paper as a medium for documentation allows me to register and create notions and ideas of subjects that I have not experienced in real life but that I can experience when a sculpture is completed. All images © Diana Beltrán Herrera, shared with permission.

In a Celebratory Series, Photographer Toby Coulson Documents the Eccentric Fashions of Designer Oumou Sy


The result is a captivating series of photographs, which were originally published in Document Journal , that capture the myriad textures and patterns of Sy’s unorthodox designs: A woven accessory envelops a model, lining her arms, head, and torso in circular sculptural forms.

Things You Know is a zine documenting the NYC neighbourhood of Crown Heights

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Created by friends Max Friedman and Jamil McGinnis, 100 per cent of the profits from the zine will go back into the constantly evolving community that inspired it.

Dutch Photographer Documents Eccentric Costumed Motorbike Taxi Drivers In Nairobi

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Ghost Rider Imagine calling for a ride on a busy day and a furious bike emerges leaving a veil of dust behind as if you are in a real-life scene from Mad Max. Sounds like a dream? Well, not if you order an African-style uber boda boda.

Nan Goldin’s Extraordinary Document of Life on “The Other Side”

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Her photographs are not simply documents of fact, but poetry of written by the spirit upon the flesh. The post Nan Goldin’s Extraordinary Document of Life on “The Other Side” appeared first on Feature Shoot.

Photographer Matthew Abbott Documents Australia’s Bushfire Crisis In Terrifying Pictures

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Matthew documents Australia’s devastating fires. Terrifying pictures of Australia’s bushfires by Matthew Abbott, a gifted documentary photographer, and photojournalist from Sydney. Australia’s deadly wildfires fueled by record-breaking temperatures, drought, and wind.

Powerful Photos Document Poor Housing Conditions And The Lives Of People Living In Slums In Glasgow In The Early 1970s

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Nick Hedges/Shelter In 1968, Shelter employed photographer Nick Hedges to document the oppressive and abject living conditions being experienced in poor quality housing in the UK over a period of three years. Shelter commissioned the work in an effort to raise consciousness about the extent of unfit living conditions and to illustrate, in human terms, what the real cost of bad housing was. h/t: Source. Photography 1970s glasgow scotland slums

Spectacular Mushrooms and Fungi Documented by Photographer Alison Pollack


Cookeina sulcipes, Tropical Goblet. Location: Colombia. Photographer Alison Pollack ’s subject of choice is usually hiding in plain sight. To find the minuscule but magnificent fungi and Myxomycetes that she shares on @marin_mushrooms , Pollack drops down to hands and knees with a magnifying glass. “The smaller they are, the more challenging they are to photograph, but I absolutely love the challenge,” Pollack tells Colossal.

A new photo book is documenting African surf culture

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African surf brand Mami Wata is looking to change the narrative around the sport with its new project, a Kickstarter for the first book to comprehensively document and celebrate surfing and surf culture in Africa.

Documenting the Gorillaz

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The post Documenting the Gorillaz appeared first on Creative Review. Directed by Denholm Hewlett (son of Gorillaz's Jamie Hewlett), a new documentary about the world’s most famous ‘virtual band’ is a brilliant mishmash of the real and the imagined.

Documenting Life Now

Communication Arts

Photojournalist Yalonda M. James discusses the challenges of covering stories during the COVID-19 pandemic. Article

Through Monochromatic Photographs, Aleksey Myakishev Documents Rural Life in Russia


All images © Aleksey Myakishev, shared with permission. Born in Kirov and now based in Moscow, photographer Aleksey Myakishev is adept at capturing the simple moments of life and transforming them into alluring black-and-white images.

How to Launch Your Blog or Portfolio in 2020 (3,500+ Word Start to Finish Guide)

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The graphic design industry is tough. No matter where you go, you’ll see amazing talent through the work of other designers in the field.

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Overview Timelapse: A New Book Documents Vast Changes to the Earth’s Surface by Human Hands


Construction of the Beijing Daxing International Airport 2012-Present.

2013 42

Introducing: Everyday Photography—52 Weeks of Documenting Life!

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We are beyond excited to introduce to you all today our latest e-Course— Everyday Photography: 52 Weeks of Documenting Life. And it’s even more important to make some time to document them so you can preserve and share these memories for years to come. We are constantly amazed by how BUSY life can get sometimes! Before you realize it, a whole year can pass by, just like that. It’s important to slow down, to notice and appreciate the everyday little things.

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Amazing Vintage Photographs Documented Inca Culture And Life In Peruvian Andes, Captured By Martin Chambi In The Early 20th Century

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But, being a native Quechua, he considered it his duty to document the lives of Indians and the legacy of the Inca culture, traveled through the Andes, shooting landscapes, the ruins of Machu Picchu and traditions of the local inhabitants.

Charlie Clift documents how vital food banks have been during the pandemic

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The post Charlie Clift documents how vital food banks have been during the pandemic appeared first on Creative Review. When coronavirus hit the UK, and we finally went into lockdown, photographer Charlie Clift found his regular work stalled to a halt. “I couldn’t just sit around doing nothing. I started to think how I could use my photography for good,” says Clift. “I started volunteering at the food bank near my home, the South London Food Bank Warehouse.”

An Astronaut and Photographer Collaboratively Document the Vast International Space Station in a New Book


The two have been working together during the last few years to document the current technologies and sights of modern space travel. Cupola with Clouds and Ocean, International Space Station – ISS, Low Earth Orbit, Space. By Roland Miller and Paolo Nespoli. All images © Roland Miller and Paolo Nespoli, ISS interior images courtesy of NASA and ASI, shared with permission.

Philip-Daniel Ducasse’s Afrocentric work documents people, culture and the talents they possess

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Born in Quebec and raised in Haiti, the now New York-based photographer is heavily inspired by his culture.

Mandy Barker on documenting an ocean of plastic

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The post Mandy Barker on documenting an ocean of plastic appeared first on Creative Review Through her beautiful images of manmade waste, photographer Mandy Barker has highlighted the ugly truth about plastic pollution. Rachael Steven talks to her about her creative process.

Journalist Rachel Lopez Documents the Delightfully Diverse Patterns on the Ceilings of Mumbai Taxis


Lopez documents the vast array of eccentric plastic patterns covering the ceilings of her hailed rides, many of them taken in her frequent trips around the city as a journalist with the Hindustan Times. Rachel Lopez has a thing with… taxi ceilings. Instead of joining the 200,000+ Instagram posts hashtagged #ihavethisthingwithfloors, the lifelong Mumbai resident flips her phone’s camera into selfie mode.

Photographs by Vincent Desailly that document the birthplace of 'Trap', a sub-genre of hip hop

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In his first monograph, the documentary and portrait photographer Vincent Desailly captures the world that gave birth to one of the past decade's most successful musical genres, 'Trap'. A 'trap' is a snare, but it is also a slang word for places where dealers sell drugs. In the early 2000s a unique form of hip-hop, which quickly became known as 'trap', arose in some quarters of Atlanta, Georgia.

Documenting London’s street signs through the ages

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As with most books that document a collection of any given object or material through the ages, London Street Signs is as much about tracing history as it is about the signage itself. The post Documenting London’s street signs through the ages appeared first on Creative Review

The Plague Of Overweight: Photographer Martha Holmes Documented The Struggle Of Obesity People In 1950s America

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Bulging at beach in 1949, 197-pound Dorothy Bradley self-consciously leaves locker room for swim. She covered up embarrassment by being jolly and gregarious”. Martha Holmes/Time & Life Pictures “The most serious health problem in the U.S. today is obesity.” Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Wonderful Vintage Photos Documented Everyday Life In London In The 1930s

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Londoners in bathing suits taking advantage of a heat wave at Hyde Park lido, 3rd June 1933. Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images) Children playing cricket in a street in Millwall, east London, UK 15th August 1938. A liner on the Thames is in the background.

The Ever-Present Glow of LED Greenhouses Documented by Aerial Photographer Tom Hegen


German photographer Tom Hegen , who specializes in aerial photography, recently traveled to the Netherlands to document the country’s LED greenhouses. The greenhouses were developed as a response to the small country’s growing need for food both within its own borders and to the international market. Dutch exporters are second only to the U.S. industry for global food exports as measured by value.

Fascinating Vintage Photographs Documented A “Spirit Of Christmas” In The 1895–1930s

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A woman returns home from the market with a Christmas tree. Photo by Otto Haeckel/Getty Images). 1895 A Christmas tree in an Edwardian parlour. Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images). Circa 1905 At Christmas toy hawkers, like this one on Ludgate Hill and Holborn, thronged the streets of London. Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images). 1913 New York’s Christmas tree for the homeless. Source. Photography christmas retro

10 Effortless User Interface Design Tools

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There was a time when you would have to hire a designer to create your website, and that could get quite costly.