New Entries to the Graphis Design Annual 2021 from Jan Šabach (US), and Ken-Tsai Lee (TW)!


Graphic designer, Jan Šabach, submits his work, “Book Covers for Petr Šabach’s Novels” (above), to the Design Annual 2021. Design Latest Entries Winners Design Annual 2016 Design Annual 2021 Jan Sabach ken-tsai lee New entry Taiwan USA

2021 53

Graphis Poster Annual 2021 Entries! Noriyuki Kasai (JP), Kelly Salchow MacArthur (US), Elex Zhang (AU) and Rene V. Steiner (CA).


Latest Entries Poster Australia Canada Design Annual 2020 elevate design studio Elex Zhang Hoyne Japan Kelly Salchow MacArthur Noriyuki Kasai Poster Annual 2018 Poster Annual 2020 Poster Annual 2021 Rene V.

2021 62

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Poster: João Machado Calls for Tolerance in New Entry for Poster Annual 2021. And Silver-Winning Work from Portugal!


He submits two new entries to the Poster Annual 2021. Design Graphis Masters Latest Entries Poster Winners Ana Alves da Silva Graphis Master João Machado New Entries Portugal Poster Annual 2018 Poster Annual 2020 Poster Annual 2021 Sergio Alves Silver winners

2021 80

Poster: New Entry from Howard Schatz and Winning Work by EGGRA and Cold Open


The latest entry for the Poster Annual 2021 competition comes from designer Howard Schatz from the U.S. Design Latest Entries Poster Winners Cold Open EGGRA Gold Winner Howard Schatz Macedonia New entry Poster Annual 2020 Poster Annual 2021 Silver Winner USA

Poster: New Entries from Lynda Decker and John Madere, A2/SW/HK, and Stephan Bundi


For the Poster Annual 2021 competition, U.S. Design Graphis Masters Latest Entries Poster A2/SW/HK John Madere Lynda Dekker New Entries Poster Annual 2021 Stephan Bundi Switzerland UK USAdesigner Lynda Decker designs a poster for a photography exhibition dedicated to winter surfers.

Exciting New Entries to our Poster Annual 2021! Hoon-Dong Chung (SK), Mikhail Puzakov (RU), and Erman Y?lmaz (TR)


Design Graphis Masters Latest Entries Poster Erman Yilmaz Graphis Master Hoon-Dong Chung Mikhail Puzakov New Entries Poster Annual 2020 Poster Annual 2021 Russia South Korea Turkey

2021 56

Photo: Platinum-Winning Photos by J. Saraceno, V. Junier, N. Duers, and Silver-Winning Work by S. Rodriguez


Photography Winners Canada France Joseph Saraceno Nicholas Duers Oldbaby Photography Annual 2020 Photography Annual 2021 Platinum winners Santi Rodriguez Silver winners Spain USA Vincent Junier

Design: Gold-Winning Work by Strømme Throndsen Design, and New Entry from Coal Creative Consultants


Design Latest Entries Winners Coal Creative Consultants Design Annual 2020 Design Annual 2021 Gold Winner New entry Norway Singapore Stromme Throndsen DesignNorwegian design firm, Strømme Throndsen Design, wins Gold for their entry to the Design Annual 2020 competition.

Graphis Poster Annual 2021 Entries! Marcos Minini (BR), Sarin Markarian (US), Nicole Elsnbach (DE), and Rasic + Vrabec (HR)


Brazil-based designer, Marcos Minini’s “Shakespeare Series” (above, left), is a 3-part series of promotions for famous Shakespeare plays such as King Lear. As a Graphis Master, he has been a consistent winner in our Design and Poster Annuals, winning Platinum in our Poster Annual 2020.

2021 52

Poster: New Entry from Stephan Bundi and Winning Work by Superunion, CAO Design, and SJI Associates


For the Poster Annual 2021, Stephan Bundi from Switzerland submits a new entry entitled, “Les Liaisons Dangereuses” (above, right). The poster advertises a production of the opera by Antonio Vivaldi. The poster image was also used for the program and the flyers.

Design: These New and Silver-Winning Entries From Cut Once and Column Five are Full of Client Appreciation


Design firm, Cut Once, submits their entry titled, “Notes of Gratitude” (above), to the Design Annual 2021. Design Latest Entries Winners Andrew Effendy Column Five Cut Once Design Annual 2020 Design Annual 2021 New entry Silver Winner USA

Design: New Entries from Ken Tsai Lee and Journey Group


For the Design Annual 2021 Competition, Ken Tsai Lee from Taiwan submits his entry titled, “Type Directors Club Annual Exhibition in Taiwan” (above). Design Latest Entries Design Annual 2021 Greg Breeding Journey Group ken-tsai lee New Entries Taiwan USA

Poster: Skolos-Wedell and Marlena Buczek Submit New Political Posters, Plus Andrew Sloan and Hoon-Dong Chung Win Silver!


Graphis Masters, Skolos-Wedell, submit their social and political poster to the Poster Annual 2021. Entitled, “Let’s Get Our S**t Together” (above, left), the poster is chaotic with various elements that fight for attention.

2020 65

Poster: Competition is Now Open! See Plat., Gld, and Silv-Winning Work by Stephan Bundi, FX Networks, and Ovidiu Hrin. Plus New Entry by Naayuki Fukumoto


We’re excited to announce the opening of the Poster Annual 2021 Competition! Design Latest Entries Poster Winners FX Networks Gold Winner Naayuki Fukumoto New entry Ovidiu Hrin Platinum Winner Poster Annual 2020 Poster Annual 2021 Silver winners Stephan Bundi

Design: Platinum-Winning Work by Michael Pantuso and New Entry from Anne M. Giangiulio


Gianguilio Design Annual 2020 Design Annual 2021 Graphis Master Michael Pantuso New entry Platinum Platinum Award Platinum WinnerFor the Design Annual 2020 competition, Graphis Master Michael Pantuso wins Platinum for his entry titled, “Gulf of Mexico Series” (above).

Color 79

Poster: Award-Winning Entries from D. Kashiwa, Ariane Spanier, and K. Kitz. Plus New Entry from Meaghan Dee


Dee New entry Poster Annual 2020 Poster Annual 2021 Silver winners USAFor the Poster Annual 2020, Daisuke Kashiwa from Japan wins Gold for his entry titled, “The True Story of Ah Q” (above, left). The design is a book cover for Lu Xan’s novella of the same name.

Book 81

Poster: Gold and Silver-Winning work by ARSONAL and Ted Wright, Plus New Entry from Stark Designs


Design Latest Entries Poster Winners ARSONAL Gold Winner New entry Poster Annual 2020 Poster Annual 2021 Silver winners Stark Designs Ted WrightARSONAL wins Gold for their entry to the Poster Annual 2020 competition.

2021 70

Poster: New Entry From Youhei Ogawa, and Winning Work by ARSONAL, Daeki & Jun, and Chemi Montes


The latest entry for the Poster Annual 2021 comes from Japan. Design Latest Entries Poster Winners ARSONAL Chemi Montes Daeki & Jun Gold Winner Japan New Entries Poster Annual 2020 Poster Annual 2021 Silver winners South Korea USAYouhei Ogawa submits their entry titled, “Hitokuzu (Kanemasa)” (above, left). The poster is for a Japanese movie of the same name. The font of the poster expresses the dark elements of the film through the red type.

Fonts 47

Andrzej P?gowski Brings Attention to Australia Wildfires, Plus Award-Winning Works from Onur A?k?n and João Machado.


n Platinum Winner Poster Annual 2020 Poster Annual 2021 Silver WinnerFor the Poster Annual 2020, designer Onur A?k?n n (TU) won Silver for his entry “Temperature Increase” (above, left).

2020 60

Linked: UAE Nation Brand Voting

Under Consideration / Brand

As part of its 50th anniversary of independence in 2021, the United Arab Emirates will be creating a new nation brand. Visit Link. Three designs have been made available for voting

2021 80

A Floating Hotel with Aurora Views Just Opened on a Frozen River in Sweden


dollars), and dates available between February 2020 and February 2021. Arctic Bath. Photographer: Anders Blomqvist. After 16 months of construction, a spa hotel built on the Lule River in the northern province of Lapland Sweden is now open to travelers.

2021 107

Take a mind-bending trip down the rabbit hole at the V&A, as it celebrates Alice in Wonderland

Creative Boom

It launches on 27 June 2020 and runs until 10 January 2021. Fans of Alice in Wonderland are in for a royal treat next year, as the V&A 's landmark exhibition for 2020 will celebrate one of the most iconic, imaginative and inspiring stories of all time.

2021 198

Joana Vasconcelos is set to stage her biggest UK exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Creative Boom

The exhibition launches on 7 March 2020 and runs through until 25 January 2021. One of the most prominent visual artists in the world, Joana Vasconcelos is coming to Yorkshire Sculpture Park this March with her biggest UK exhibition to date.

Shortlist announced for the Max Mara Art Prize for Women 2020

Creative Boom

The resulting work will then premiered at the Whitechapel Gallery before travelling to the Collezione Maramotti in Reggio Emilia, Italy, in 2021.

2020 141

Heineken UK To Replace Plastic Rings With New Cardboard Topper

The Die Line

As part of an ongoing effort to reduce their environmental impact, Heineken UK announced they are eliminating plastic rings and shrink wrap from all their products beginning in April 2020, will a full rollout across their entire range by the end of 2021

2021 84

‘I am Lewisham’ says the borough’s bright new identity

Creative Review

Studio Raw and Jamie Paton’s efforts clearly made an impact as well, with Lewisham just named London Borough of Culture for 2021 – which will see the area awarded over £1m in funding for cultural events for the local community. According to the pair, the branding was designed to create a sense of pride in the area, as well as reflect the individual voices of Lewisham’s community.

2021 43

Showtown: Blackpool’s first ever museum unveils branding inspired by “joy and whimsy” of city

Design Week

The Showtime museum is projected to open in 2021. Dedicated to the city’s historic and continued contribution to the UK’s entertainment landscape, next year will see the opening of Blackpool’s first ever museum.

2021 79

Noted: New Logo for Sears (Again)

Under Consideration / Brand

Overall, thank you Sears for providing great content to Brand New, I look forward to another update in 2021 “From Bad to Worse to Sears”.

2021 102

11 Creative Ways to Make Money Online in 2020

Just Creative

trillion by 2021. This article has been contributed by Abhishek Talreja. Hardworking and smart business owners seldom have to worry about making money. Several platforms offer online entrepreneurs a way to explore their skills to the fullest.

2020 190

10 Must-See Exhibitions of 2020

Azure Magazine

October 31, 2020, to February 14, 2021, V&A Dundee, Dundee, UK. Biennials, triennials, quinquennials! There’s a dizzying array of exhibitions each year that delve into the issues – and possibilities – of design, architecture, interiors and more.

10 Striking Projects That Will Shape Architecture in 2020

Azure Magazine

In both form and function, M+ should provide one when it’s completed in March; the museum itself will open its doors later in 2020 or in 2021. New York. Hong Kong. Paris. Winnipeg.

Southend Borough Council unveils designs for new pier trains

Design Week

The trains, which are projected to be in operation by 2021, will also boast a number of modern comforts for passengers. Southend-on-Sea Borough Council has unveiled the proposed replacement designs for the town’s iconic pier trains. Extending 1.34

2030 72

A Pritzker-Level Prize in Honour of Cornelia Hahn Oberlander

Azure Magazine

In 2021, on the centenary of Cornelia Hahn Oberlander’s birth, a new prize named after the Vancouver landscape architect will be awarded to its first recipient. We will be thrilled to learn who is crowned winner of the inaugural Oberlander Prize in 2021.

2021 73

Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for 305 Fitness by ?thos

Under Consideration / Brand

With plans to expand to 20 locations by 2021, 305 Fitness introduced a new identity last year designed by Montréal, Québec-based ?thos. “Dance Dance Revolution”.

2021 65

CES 2020: companies scramble to integrate big ideas

Design Week

Development is planned for 2021. Returning for its 53rd year, the annual Consumer Electronics Show took place in Las Vegas, US this week — and with it, new launches from digital, tech and product sectors from over 4,500 tech companies.

2020 71

Design Museum reports a £1.2 million “operating deficit”

Design Week

This loan facility will be in place until 30 June 2023 and the first repayment of the loan is due 30 June 2021. The Design Museum in Kensington, photo courtesy of Gareth Gardner The Design Museum reported an “operating deficit” of £1.2

2023 65

Porsche and Boeing team up to develop a flying car

Design Week

While it was originally planned to be on the roads by 2018, the estimated date for customers to drive a vehicle is now 2021.

2025 97

The Gutenberg WordPress Block Editor: The First Year

Speckyboy Design Magazine

The plugin will be around until at least the end of 2021. It may be hard to believe, but the WordPress block editor (a.k.a. Gutenberg”) has been in core for nearly a year.

2021 84

£9.4 million offered by Department for Transport competition to support railway innovation

Design Week

It will also not award projects more than a year off completion, with 31 March 2021 acting as a fixed and non-negotiable final date. The Department for Transport (DfT) and Innovate UK have launched a competition to accelerate innovation on the UK’s railways.

2021 67