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How designers can help brands to stand out by tearing up the rule book

Creative Boom

Since farmers started branding livestock in 2000BC, branding's primary role has been to make a product, service, organisation or cow uniquely identifiable. Why, then, is so much of modern identity design so indistinguishable? And how can we fix it? Everyone knows that standing out is good, right?

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TOP Inspiring & Most Liked YouTube Channels for Designers

Designer Daily

“Design is intelligence made visible”. This quote by Alina Wheeler is the perfect way to portray what the design concept is. Everyone can design in many ways but that doesn’t mean that we are each excellent at it. But there are a myriad of people out there who have an eye for design.


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Anna Sing Creates A Bouquet Of Typefaces

Graphic Design USA

Anna Sing, a multi-disciplinary designer based in New York City, went on a frenetic 15-week effort to create four fonts inspired by the history of houseplants. . Blog Fresh Anna Sing design magazines font GDUSA graphic design Graphic Design USA nature type design news typography UT Austin

How to Create Detailed Bitmap Effects in Photoshop

Spoon Graphics

In today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to create detailed pixel effects just using Photoshop’s Bitmap conversion tool. By configuring a few simple settings, you can easily create retro-style artwork just like old 8-Bit game screens.

&Walsh disrupts the 'stuffy' wine landscape with a 'non-snobby' identity for Stompy

Creative Boom

&Walsh is behind a new identity for Stompy , a personalised wine subscription service founded by college friends Stephen Wong and Andy Williams in 2020.

Typographic Electronics Vinicius Araújo

Designer Daily

As a graphic designer based in Rio de Janeiro, Vinicius Araújo enjoys experimenting with letters and it’s very obvious in his latest side project, titled 36 Days Electronics.

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“Dreamer” by Photographer KangHee Kim


KangHee Kim. KangHee Kim on Instagram. Photo artist kanghee kim new york photography

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Murugiah's psychedelic mural celebrates inclusivity and creativity at Saatchi & Saatchi

Creative Boom

Photography by Julia Boehm. Illustrator Murugiah is behind a giant psychedelic mural for Saatchi & Saatchi 's London office.

Cover Designs For “The Rift”

Designer Daily

Presented by Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner, The Rift tells the story of a single mother and her son whose lives change forever after witnessing a WWII fighter pilot from 1941 crash land in present-day Kansas.

Coastly Handwritten Font + Bonus 10 Vector Quotes Designs

Spoon Graphics

Access All Areas members have a great new font to download this week, courtesy of Design a Lot.

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The 3 Must-Have Files You Need For Your New Logo

Six Leaf Design

Let's get excited about file types! No really. It probably sounds pretty darn lame, but knowing which file type to use for your new logo + when can be super helpful if you want it to always looks its best.

22 fantastic tools and gadgets for video creators in 2022

Creative Boom

Image licensed via Adobe Stock. Once, video creation was something only specialised professionals engaged in, while the rest of us only dabbled or stayed well clear altogether. But those days are long gone.

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Tips for Family Photo Displays!

A Beautiful Mess

While it can be so easy to let all our photos live in our phones, actually printing them out is not just a great way to add some personal touches to your living space, but it’s also a fun decor element as well!

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Tipple Topper by Marx Design


The pandemic catalysed the at-home market for a whole host of products. Paired with social isolation, it’s no wonder that one of the markets to benefit would be alcohol.

Rap Music, Creative Storytelling, and More: Kris’s Inspirations


Inspiration for a content strategist can be found just about everywhere…. Pretentious answers aside, me ending up in the position I’m in (working at Canny) has a lot to do with how inspired I felt and continue to feel over music, and anything that involves creative storytelling.

Mollie Ray on her upcoming graphic novel, visual storytelling, and crafting effective illustrations

Creative Boom

Lancashire-based illustrator Mollie Ray specialises in crafting poignant stories with whimsical, intricate artwork. Having recently had her debut graphic novel, Giant , picked up by Faber and Faber, we caught up with her to hear what makes her illustrations tick.

10 New Branding Trends You Need to Know About Now

Inkbot Design

10 New Branding Trends You Need to Know About Now. According to a recent study by the branding agency KRC Research, millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) are more likely to identify with the word “brand” than any other generation before them.

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“Facing Life” by Brandon Tauszik & Pendarvis Harshaw


A powerful project by writer Pendarvis Harshaw and photographer/filmmaker Brandon Tauszik (previously featured here ). Funded by the Pulitzer Center, Facing Life profiles 8 people who were serving life sentences in California prisons but were released due to changing laws in the state.

Architecture, Pop Art, and More: Dom’s Inspirations


My interest for Design has grown throughout my life. I have been able to turn what was once a hobby, into a career path which is something I’m very proud of. Design can be powerful in so many ways, from illustration styles, to the layout of a website. Resources. The Design Brief Template.

Paintings by Andreas Claussen of a lonely astronaut wandering a flooded Earth

Creative Boom

Be Prepared © Andreas Claussen. In looking at Andreas Claussen 's latest series, Flood, we see an astronaut trying to survive a flooded Earth.

Fine Art Self-Portrait Photography Online Course by Danny Bittencourt

We And The Color

With this online course by Danny Bittencourt, you can learn how to use self-portraits as a form of artistic expression and create experimental photographs.

The forgotten benefits of “low tech” user interfaces

UX Collective

Seemingly outmoded technologies sometimes hold the key to better user experiences. I started my career as a user interface designer and human factors engineer 20 years ago.

Meet the Shops Behind the Drop

Creative Market

Our inaugural Drop, The Content Artist , is a collection of design assets to get your social media posts looking fresh. Behind each of these time-saving tools is a creator with a unique set of talents.

Hopscotch helps small businesses skip the BS with a fun and approachable brand system

Creative Boom

Branding agency Motto has collaborated with B2B payment platform Hopscotch to create a new bright and friendly identity that communicates how it can help users hop, skip and jump over the various obstacles of running a small business.

Top 10 Tips for Branding Products

Inkbot Design

Top 10 Tips for Branding Products. Whether you’re an entrepreneur who has just launched a product or are looking to improve upon an existing brand, this short guide will help you understand what makes products memorable and how to communicate that value.

TRIT HOUSE Branding by SPGD Studio

We And The Color

Check out this beautiful brand identity created by SPGD Studio for TRIT HOUSE. The creative people at SPGD studio have been asked to work on a suitable brand identity for TRIT, a brand that offers boutique designer furniture in its five stores across Australia.

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Web3 has a user experience problem

UX Collective

We can’t change the world if nobody understands what we’re talking about “Welcome to Web3.

We Know Our Place: BBC Creative's new short film celebrates women in sport

Creative Boom

The BBC's BAFTA award-winning creative agency is behind a new film celebrating women in sport. Directed by Stink's Judith Veenendaal , it sets us up nicely for an incredible summer of games to enjoy on the BBC.

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Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends for Your Small Business

Inkbot Design

Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends for Your Small Business. We are in the second quarter of 2022, where keeping up with dynamic digital marketing trends may seem challenging, but business owners need to do so. More of us are working from home now, and our usage of social channels has intensely increased.

Meet Lucas Garcia, Shillington Graduate and Designer/Illustrator at Winkreative


Shillington London graduate Lucas Garcia was balancing life as a father and a fine artist, but always wanted to take his creativity further.

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How can your UI designs stand out through typography?

UX Collective

Would you be able to design a successful user interface using only typography? The purpose of this blog post is to share 10 important principles concerning typography usage in interface design.

Amy Pastre and Courtney Rowson on 13 years of running a studio and where they believe design is heading next

Creative Boom

Courtney Rowson and Amy Pastre of SDCO Partners. Photography by Julia Lynn.

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9 Social Video Branding Tips That Will Make Your Content Go Viral

Inkbot Design

9 Social Video Branding Tips That Will Make Your Content Go Viral. The world is moving quickly. We're all bombarded by content at such an unprecedented rate that we've got to keep up! We need to learn how to break through the noise.

25 School Websites for Your Design Inspiration

Vandelay Design

University and school websites need to be attractive, user-friendly, and informative. Here are some excellent examples of education institution websites for your inspiration. The post 25 School Websites for Your Design Inspiration appeared first on Vandelay Design.