Thu.Oct 21, 2021

Poland-based studio Uniforma designs a human-centric identity for Short Waves Festival 2021

Creative Boom

Mirroring the complexities of humankind, the studio's latest identity plays on the typical tropes of a person: "layered and extreme, bored and intrigued, narcissistic and uncertain, lonely and surrounded by people, introverted and extroverted.".

Photographer Spotlight: Tobias Nicolai


Photo aarhus denmark photographer photography tobias nicolai


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Giggs Kgole pays tribute to his African ancestors in his first London solo exhibition

Creative Boom

God Ke Mama, 2019 © Giggs Kgole. South African artist Giggs Kgole has already come a long way in a short space of time. Despite just being 24, he has racked up dozens of exhibitions and personal shows. For his first solo show at London's Signature African Art , Giggs explores his journey so far.

30+ Best Winter Mockups For Apparel Designs

Graphic Design Junction

The high quality and realistic Winter Mockups to showcase your apparel designs with ease. Winter mockups included hoodies mockups, winter sweater, jacket mockups, knitted scarf mockups, winter gloves and more useful warm winter and christmas mockups.

Holographic soundwave artworks that visualise classic dance music albums

Creative Boom

Anyone who loves electronic music will be aware of the classic albums of Aphex Twin, Massive Attack, and Chemical Brothers. But did you know what they might look like as soundwaves?

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30 Brilliant Design Quotes That Inspire Us

Vandelay Design

Working in an industry that allows us to produce new and thrilling designs everyday is something most people would be envious of. But, just like any other career, graphic and web designers still need a little inspiration every once in a while.

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The Brief, Enigmatic Career of Sylvia Abernathy

Eye on Design

So much of Sylvia Abernathy’s life and work is lost to history. An activist and graphic designer, Abernathy first appears in the annals of design history in late 1960s Chicago, only to be seen for a few years before she’s gone again, her life and career cloaked by a shroud of mystery.

'I like to catch the viewer in an uncomfortable staring game': introducing the expressive paintings of Elena Redmond

Creative Boom

Watermelon Sugar Thighs, 2020 © Elena Redmond. Lensing topics of femininity, largeness, roundness and nakedness, the Brooklyn-based artist raises a few necessary questions about the notion of the body – that of which is transformed into neon hues and buoyant postures from her painterly subjects.

Let the designers design

UX Collective

Is your design project stuck? What if you don’t know where to start solving a problem? My rule of thumb: start designing. Sketch out ideas and early solutions. In this post I will discuss why letting out your inner designer is always a good idea, and why most projects should start with some design.

Retro Bauhaus Poster & Cover Templates with Abstract Geometric Elements

We And The Color

Available on Adobe Stock as fully editable vector graphics, these retro Bauhaus poster and cover templates provide an authentic vintage look.

Your UI design polls don’t add value because they lack context? Find out 3 ways to change that.

UX Collective

Advance your vocabulary and overall design skills, build user scenarios and create context with inspiration from design thinking. Continue reading on UX Collective ». content-design algorithms ux-design ui-design ux-writer

How Much Does Rebranding Cost?


You’re here because you want us to answer “how much does rebranding cost?”. It’s a question on many business owners’ minds as they consider whether or not this process is worthwhile. Businesses rebrand for a whole host of reasons.

Frank Gehry: The man who created the Dancing Building

UX Collective

Source: Igor Ianchenko on Dribbble In the modern world, Architecture is soaked in cultural influences, history and contributes to enriching the world. It shapes the communities surrounding them, affects the people who use them, and defines the character of their places.

Graziani: Creating Symbols And Icons For Genre Fiction

Graphic Design USA

Graziani's graphic research into the fictional world results in an extensive visual encyclopedia of fictional icons inspired by novels, graphic novels, books, comics, film archives, dramas, and a host of other media.

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21 Powerful Tips For Effective Logo Design

Design Hill

Share 0. Tweet 0. Share. The logo design of a company can make or break its business prospects in the market. A perfectly created logo can establish a good rapport with the audience that a company and its business are trying to achieve.

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The PLYN Sofa by FAINA Is Inspired by the Soft Power of Water

Design Milk

Inspired by the soft yet powerful force of water, founder Victoria Yakusha of FAINA designed the PLYN sofa to bring a natural calmness to the spaces in which it sits. PLYN, which means fluidity in Ukrainian, is reminiscent of coastal stones that are formed and naturally polished by water.

Burberry's bizarre new ad campaign inspires hilarious memes

Creative Bloq

We're sure this wasn't its intention

“The main thing is love, really”: Mikey Yates paints sweet memories of his family and friends

Its Nice That

Having grown up within an itinerant military family, the Filipino American artist looks back to his past for inspiration.

Three Sisters Face an Impending Climate Disaster in an Existential Stop-Motion Short


?. What begins with a calm morning filled with stunningly bright sunlight quickly morphs into a short film of existential crises and the life-altering implications of climate disasters.

FICTU 2021 Festival Branding by Anagrama Studio

We And The Color

Festival Internacional de Cine de Tulum (FICTU) is a government initiative in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. It was created with the purpose of disseminating the best national and international film productions while activating cinematographic projections and cultural activities.

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Amazing Design & Illustration by Matt Chase | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials #j #jazz #typographic #letter #illustration #poster


Amazing Design & Illustration by Matt Chase | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials #j #jazz #typographic #letter #illustration #poster

How the Commonwealth Games 2022 baton was designed


The baton for next year’s Commonwealth Games in Birmingham aims to champion womanhood and explore how young people think about what the Commonwealth means today, according to its designer.

3-D rendering of Dixie fire smoke clouds


The New York Times used radar data to create a 3-D model of the Dixie fire smoke clouds : The raw data was collected every 10 minutes in radial sweeps around the radar stations, each at a higher altitude.

Introducing Unboxed: A festival of creativity for the UK

Creative Review

Jokingly dubbed by some as the Festival of Brexit when it was first announced that the UK would host a celebration of creativity back in 2018, the team behind the upcoming festival has finally revealed details of what the public can expect from it.

5 Haunting Halloween Photo Editing Ideas


When you think of Spooky Season, what pops into your mind? More often than not, Halloween is associated with sweet treats, carving pumpkins, horror movies and also not to forget, fun costume parties.

Typography inspiration #lettering


Typography inspiration #lettering

How Gyuri Cloe Lee creates stop-motion effects through digital animation

Its Nice That

The Seoul-based animator talks us through her original approach and how she tackled a music video for Bob Marley’s iconic One Love for Universal Music Korea.

Photography by Chris Rivera #inspiration #photography #art #fine


Photography by Chris Rivera #inspiration #photography #art #fine

District Heating Plant by MAK Architecture

This is Paper

District Heating Plant designed by MAK Architecture and located in Orbe, Switzerland is inspired by the resulting duality between technical and contextual constraints, creating a building that balances technicality and sculpturality

Websites We Love — Showcasing The Best in Web Design #design #website #minimal #webdesign #typography


Websites We Love — Showcasing The Best in Web Design #design #website #minimal #webdesign #typography

32 Wildly Different Cover Designs Interpret Dave Eggers’ New Sci-fi Novel


By Clare Rojas. All images courtesy of McSweeney’s, shared with permission. Coinciding with the rise of the vibrant book cover blob , Dave Eggers ’ new novel takes a profoundly divergent approach.

ride til you die painting helmet art illustration typography #helmet #design #illustration #motorcycle #typography


ride til you die painting helmet art illustration typography #helmet #design #illustration #motorcycle #typography

These ‘Odd Apples’ Are Delightful to Behold

Feature Shoot

Pink Pearl © 2021 William Mullan. Knobbed Russet © 2021 William Mullan. The photographer William Mullan remembers the first time he tasted an Egremont Russet.

Beginners. - Russian Carpet: Daily inspiration, trends, mood board. Architecture, art, design, fashion, photography. #inspiration #beginners #architect #russian #architecture #carpet #modernism


Beginners. Russian Carpet: Daily inspiration, trends, mood board. Architecture, art, design, fashion, photography. inspiration #beginners #architect #russian #architecture #carpet #modernism