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Top 10 Futur Courses to Learn Design & Business

Just Creative

If you run own graphic design firm, improving your skills can not only make you a better graphic designer but also more attractive to potential clients. The business side of your firm may not be your strong suit and that’s ok.

2020 226

All the Vintage Design Resources You Could Wish for in One Bundle

Spoon Graphics

Of all the different design styles, the vintage look is the most difficult to pull off, unless you have the right materials. Authenticity is the key when it comes to creating realistic vintage artwork, otherwise you end up with a fake-looking digital knock-off.

2020 186

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10 recommended podcasts for creative freelancers and businesses in 2020

Creative Boom

If you're looking to focus on your creative business this year and you're after some decent inspiration, you can't go far wrong with a podcast. One that gives you that reassuring hug to tell you everything is going to be ok.

2020 151

30 Free Logo Mockup PSD Templates for Creatives

Speckyboy Design Magazine

A logo is an important part of every brand identity which is why the presentation of logo design matters. After all, the logo could be used not only on stationery items and a website but also on packaging, billboard ads, product tags, and more.

Photographs by David Gleave that capture the bands, musicians and gigs of Northern England in the 2010s

Creative Boom

Manchester photographer David Gleave is having his first retrospective this February, featuring portraits of local musicians and bands such as Noel Gallagher, Johnny Marr, and the Happy Mondays.

2020 130

Beautiful Liquify Logo Animation in After Effects


Beautiful Liquify Logo Animation in After Effects. abduzeedo Jan 24, 2020 I have been going back through old tutorials to fix some of the images that might be broken or with old formatting. The blog has changed quite a lot since we started 12 years ago.

From three to 70 people: Five things Uniform's Nick Howe has learnt in two decades of running an agency

Creative Boom

Back in 1998, graduating from Liverpool JMU as a product designer, along with a bit of marketing knowledge (that's the beauty of a joint honours degree for you!), I came out of university with a certain attitude. I knew I wanted to be creative, a designer to be precise.

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The Mixed-Media Work of Jay Torres


The illustrations and personal work of artist Jay Torres have a dark surrealist edge. The El Paso-raised artist, now based in Pasadena, moves between analogue and digital tools to craft his creations. Main The Blog Hi-Fructose Hi-Fructose Magazine illustration Jay Torres mixed-media

Media 86

Noted: New Logo, Identity, and Livery for Eastern by Mechanica

Under Consideration / Brand

“All Over the Map”. (Re-est. Re-est. 2019) " Eastern Airlines, LLC ('Eastern') is a US Part 121 Flag Air Carrier with Scheduled Domestic and International, Passenger and Cargo authority from the US Department of Transportation ("DOT") operating wide-body, long-range aircraft.

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The Oscar Nominees 2020 Noir Poster Series By Nuno Sarnadas

Design You Trust

Nuno Sarnadas is a digital artist based in Portugal. “Very early I revealed myself as being a very creative child who took advantage of all surfaces to draw, forcing my parents to watch closely all the time.

2020 68

Nan Goldin’s Extraordinary Document of Life on “The Other Side”

Feature Shoot

Back in 1972, Nan Goldin was walking through downtown Boston when she came upon three trans women that would become her entrée into another world.

How to Add Text and Fonts in Photoshop


Party flyers and invitations, book and CD covers, and even social media posts like Instagram stories all have one key thing in common: they all use typography! Typography is the art of arranging letters and text in a way that makes the copy legible, clear, and visually appealing.

50 insanely creative and stunning packaging designs


Think about your most recent purchase. Why did you purchase that specific brand? Was it an impulse buy, or something you genuinely needed? Now that you’re thinking about it, odds are, you bought it because the packaging design interested you.

45 Simple Line Art Minimal Logo Designs for Inspiration

Graphic Design Junction

Simple and clean minimal logo designs created with abstract line art. Logos with Line art are very popular and so attractive. This collection consists of different designs that use thin line techniques to create minimal and clean logos that many will appreciate.

Art 75

60 free calligraphy fonts download and bring charm to your designs


Finding the right calligraphy font for your needs can be a hard and arduous task. They are either too decorative and flashy for your simple designs or too simple and modern for your formal designs. Calligraphy fonts have many uses and are best paired with a simple body font for balanc e.

Exploring the Liminal Spaces of Joshua Flint’s Surreal Paintings


“Synchrony,” oil on linen, 40 x 30 inches. All images © Joshua Flint, shared with permission. Through hazy lines and obscured faces, Joshua Flint ( previously ) reflects on the blurriness of in-between states in his most recent paintings.

2019 66

Oscars 2020: Oscars in Illustrations


Get ready movie buffs and cinephiles because the 92nd Academy Awards are just around the corner. There is now less than a month left for the short, buff and golden guy to find himself in somebody’s hands.

2020 80

John Drossos’s ‘Urban Mist’ Series


Greek photographer, John Drossos contacted us via our Submit page to introduce us to his misty and wonderful photographic world. We definitely enjoy a lot his “After Dark” and “Urban Mist” series. Checkout his Behance below for more of his work.

28 Droste Effect Examples


The Droste Effect is used to classify images or photos that are recurring within themselves. On paper, this goes on forever but in reality, it only goes as far as the resolution allows. The term stems from the Dutch Cacao brand with the same name.

Pop Weaver

Communication Arts

With many kernels popped in their office, eDesign’s team crafted every image and animation on this site for an authentically delicious experience. Article

Reviewed: New Logo and Packaging for Byte Bars by Cast Iron Design

Under Consideration / Brand

“Byte your Tongue”. Launched in 2019, Byte Bars is a new brand of snack bars loaded with simple, whole, vegan ingredients and made with MCT oil, the healthy fat derived from coconuts, that helps burn fat for energy and boost your metabolism.

2020 58

Hotpants, Cigarettes, Harp Lager And Guinness – A Belfast Student Party In 1970

Design You Trust

It’s a student party in Wolseley Street in Belfast – what would be called the University Quarter these days. It’s Christmas time in 1970 and students from Queen’s University live it up on Harp lager and tins of Guinness. These wonderful photos are courtesy of Norman Craig. More: Flickr h/t: Source.

2020 60

The Bodysuits of Daisy Collingridge


Daisy Collingridge crafts wearable, stitched suits inspired by what's contained beneath our skin. The artist's background is in fashion, but "her practice has continued to revolve around textiles and fabric manipulation but has developed into the realms of sculpture and performance," her site says.

Become a Piano Savant with This Clever Guide to Classic Tunes by Christoph Niemann


“How to Please Elise” (2020), 16.5 inches, letterpress print on Gmund Colors Matt 21, 200g/m2. All images © Christoph Niemann. Your days of expensive piano lessons are over.

2020 57

Illustration and Motion Design for ANAGRAM MUSIC VIDEO


Illustration and Motion Design for ANAGRAM MUSIC VIDEO. abduzeedo Jan 22, 2020 Pavel Fuksa and Barbora Idesová shared a really cool illustration and motion design post on their Behance page.

Eckmannpsych & Cheee


James Edmonson’s Eckmannpsych and Cheee may look different, but they share a similar spirit. Eckmannpsych is a revival of Otto Eckmann’s eponymous Eckmann-Schrift , originally released in 1900 at Rudhard’sche Gießerei in Offenbach. Eckmann’s training as a fine artist is evident in this typeface, which is expressive rather than utilitarian. Eckmann-Schrift is an embodiment of the art nouveau style, fashionable at the time of its release.

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“The City is a Choreography” by Photographer Melissa Schriek


Photo Melissa Schriek photographer photography

2020 50

PriestmanGoode creates branding and interiors for co-living colossus

Design Week

PriestmanGoode has designed the identity — including logo and brand strategy — and interiors for an India-based co-living community, Olive. Olive’s communities will open in Bangalore, Chennai and Pune in 2020; these three locations will provide 20,000 beds in total.

2020 65

Feed: Erik Östensson the circle of line

This is Paper

23.01.2020 — Research, Photography Erik Östensson encourages to expand the interpretation of familiar objects

There’s a ‘World Famous Crochet Museum’ You Can Visit in Joshua Tree, California

Brown Paper Bag

View this post on Instagram. A post shared by Jessica Zollman (@jayzombie) on May 12, 2017 at 9:22am PDT. The next time you find yourself in Joshua Tree, California, hold off on going to the National Park (for a little while).

2019 82

Artsy Branding for Bar Céleste


Bar Céleste is a bistro & a wine bar located Auckland, New Zealand. Specializing in sharing plates and natural wines, the visual identity was designed to bring an organic, natural feel. It was commissioned to Nicole Miller-Wong and an illustrator – Hikalu Clarke.

Brand 66

Linked: All in the Family

Under Consideration / Brand

Visit Link. Target's new athletic apparel brand, All in Motion, has adopted the three-arrow motif previously used in the late 1960s and early '70s by Dayton's, a department store that was the precursor (and parent company) to Target

2020 77

In India, a Mid-Rise Complex Embraces Eclectic Urbanism

Azure Magazine

Can a building that’s 110 metres long contribute to urban vitality and pedestrian life?

2020 70

Inside Daniel Arsham’s Long Island Retreat With AD


No need to introduce our readers to architect, sculptor, director and scenographer, Daniel Arsham – One of the most original artists (with a lot of hype) of the current Art scene. See his latest “Paris 3020” exhibition we recently covered.

2007 69

Artist Spotlight: Liz Hernández


Painting Sculpture art artist liz hernandez oakland

Lexus Vision of the Future with their Moon Vehicles


After the amazing and ultra futuristic Mercedes AVTR prototype, we are going one step further with Lexus and all their future visions for their Space conquest. Document Journal invited selected creatives to envisioned what Lexus would potentially creates for the future of human life on the Moon.

2020 67

Industrial Design and Brand Identity for Unicorn Scooters


Industrial Design and Brand Identity for Unicorn Scooters. abduzeedo Jan 24, 2020 The amazing people over at Unicorn scooters reached out to us to share a bit more about their vision and of course, their design process. They create a scooter totally focused on the idea of sharing.