The product management of a design system

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Autodesk Shotgun UI, circa 2018 One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had during my time as a Product Manager at Autodesk has been in building out and deploying a design system. ui product-management product-design design-systems practice

Product metrics that matter

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The power of metrics entered Product Management to change it forever. Before product metrics, we were shooting blindfolded. As a result, product metrics quickly got established. If we don’t use product metrics, we’re at a disadvantage.


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To build in public or not… that’s the question, eh?

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Insights to help evaluate if you should jump onto the #buildinpublic train Illustration by Harini Kanan The interwebs are buzzing with chatter about the aptly titled #buildinpublic approach to product building. Does your product have direct competition already? product is an island.

Are designers idealists, path makers, or fortune tellers?

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You can take a pretty good guess at which approach is going to be more productive, more cost-effective and likely to have a bigger impact. As such a vision or North Star serves as a guiding light for product teams, illustrating?—?from

Don’t ever skip the post-mortem

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This story contributed to World-Class Designer School : a college-level, tuition-free design school focused on preparing young and talented African designers for the local and international digital product market. We’ve all been there, buddy.

Machine Centred Design: Part 1?—?Core skills

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Machine Centred Design’ where I will be sharing my experience as a product designer working exclusively on machine learning driven features and products for the last couple of years. You may wonder why to have a product designer involved in a machine learning project in the first place.

Help! My manager is leaving me

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My manager is leaving me How to navigate the change of managers, especially as a junior. Having good managers can be one very strong reason you love your job. Good managers can be your coach, your therapist, your safety net, and your cheerleader rolled into one.

Dragon thinking and product strategy

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I’ve been thinking about how to make move from a backlog to a strategy, and to make product strategies more strategic. I ended up in a strange place… Marty Cagan has observed that that many companies don’t just have a bad product strategy, it’s that they don’t have a product strategy at all.

Ditch your roadmap for a product landscape

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product-design roadmaps product-management software-development uxContinue reading on UX Collective ».

Moving from pixel pushing to more strategic design

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productivity product-management product-design ux-research uxContinue reading on UX Collective ».

Do mental models thwart innovation?

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innovation design psychology ux product-managementContinue reading on UX Collective ».

Is Youtube following a grid system? Then why is Google Images breaking it?

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product-management prototyping visual-design ui uxHistory of Grid systems and their applications in UX. Continue reading on UX Collective ».

The software architect fallacy

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Let’s work through a scenario where business stakeholders (or a product team) are describing a new product they would like built, in this case a boat. What specific decisions are we making now that would severely limit the flexibility to change or extend the product at a later stage?

Should we design a new feature? How about… Stories?

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According to the product team, fleets’ purpose is to increase content creation and engagement on the platform. I’ve just started writing on topics I love and products I want to explore. I am still fresh blood in the product space and super open to feedback and opinions.

Pentagram's identity for The Stauffer Center for Strings plays on four-stringed instruments

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The Center is the world’s first international music centre entirely dedicated to the higher education of strings, encompassing research, composition, production, management and innovation, with a recording studio and visiting guests from the contemporary as well as classical music worlds.

Heath Kane creates cover art for Penguin's final printed versions of George Orwell classics

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If we look at Animal Farm, for instance, its original Penguin 'triband' design in 1951 was created in 1935 by Edward Young, the publisher's first production manager, and refined in 1948 by the typographer Jan Tschichold. All images courtesy of Penguin Vintage.

Print 402

The Creator Class: On Set With Creative Director Josef Adamu


Production Manager: Josiah Joseph. Production Assistant: Lucas Espinola. Josef Adamu is a creative director and producer based in Toronto. Fuelled by his love of formal wear, his camera tells the story of a young man who finds strength in fashion and personal expression.

Monthly Portfolio Inspiration - May 2020


Here we’ll curate the best online portfolios from graphic designers, photographers, product managers, design studios, visual artists and more – all created from scratch using Semplice. Monthly Portfolio Inspiration - May 2020. tobias May 05, 2020 Hi! I’m Tobias van Schneider.

If we build this, would you use it? How UX can elevate product-led discovery

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Product discovery at its best develops a deep connection to the customer, by engaging them directly and interviewing them expertly. A Tale of Two Product-led Discoveries Marty Cagan, the leader of the Silicon Valley Product Group , preaches to product owners everywhere.

12 Best Branding Courses to Learn Online

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For starters, branding isn’t only how entrepreneurs make their business out to be; it includes everything an enterprise does and all they claim to achieve as an organization — even if it means only one person manages the entire venture. Brand and Product Management – Free.

Brand 208

Tony Spaeth, corporate identity pioneer, 1934–2021

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Tony lectured for Harvard Business School , American Institute of Graphic Arts , Design Management Institute , and other professional audiences, and wrote on identity matters for Adweek, Design Management Journal, and the Conference Board’s Across The Board.

10 Challenges UX Designers Face & How To Overcome Them

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Others are related to low access to data and poor internal communication, which leads to a lack of vision around the products and services they are working on. This type of research can also be done at work by asking feedback from colleagues who aren’t designers, engineers or product people.

Designing the 'unfinished business' of the fight for women's rights

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These products were designed to be worn, and worn with pride," says Nikki Stuart, production manager at Here Design. Here, Unfinished Business product designs for the British Library. Here, Unfinished Business product designs for the British Library.

Taylor Alarcón on growing up in Chicago, discovering a love of photography, and why he's hopeful for the future

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After a slightly rocky start (more on this later), he graduated from Brown University in 2017 and spent three years rotating between Adobe's customer success and user experience design organisations, focused primarily on copywriting, UX writing, customer success and programme management.

Liggo Branding and Visual Identity


byHAUS studio shared a branding and visual identity project for Liggo, a production management platform that orchestrates the success of small and medium-sized manufacturers. Liggo Branding and Visual Identity. abduzeedo 03.24.21

Team Tumult’s animation tackles loneliness and our reliance on technology

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” In pre-production it was just Siegel and Morard developing the story together as the initial idea was just an image and the broad topic of loneliness. In The Lonely Orbit, a man leaves home for his dream job as a satellite technician.

Top 6 Tools For Creating an MVP (Designers’ Choice)

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Whether you’re a mature product designer, or only starting your design career, regardless of your knowledge in web design, UI/UX, development, you can build and design a working prototype , or a minimum viable product (MVP) on your own.

25 exciting female graphic designers and illustrators to follow this International Women's Day

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Since then, she has been the co-founder and strategic designer at Facético; a design studio focused on helping companies launch products and services. Work for Cô Cò Pavilion by Carolyn Hawkins.

Who is the user in the enterprise world?

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I found myself in uncharted waters, as I have never been a part of an enterprise product. With little to no experience in enterprise research, I embarked on this journey to understand how enterprise products work, position kick-start research in the new team.

Pete Adlington on Designing Kazuo Ishiguro's Klara and The Sun

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It also created a nightmare in terms of the book’s production, (thanks to Senior Production Manager Jack Murphy for meeting me in Brockwell Park with colour proofs over lockdown.). Pete Adlington is a Senior Designer for Faber & Faber.

Design At Scale: One Year With Figma

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The intended audience is experienced designers working in larger teams with design systems, developers or product managers looking to improve the way cross-functional teams work in their organization. From scripting and actions in Photoshop, to widget libraries in Axure, to Sketch plugins, and now with Figma — I’ve helped design teams stay on the cutting edge without leaving developers or product managers behind. Design At Scale: One Year With Figma.

Why & How To Manage Your Digital Assets: Digital Asset Management For Marketers

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That’s great, but you’re still waiting for input from the web-dev team and your ad campaign manager. Trying to manage marketing projects often feels like herding cats. What Is A Digital Asset Management System? An Essential Productivity Tool.

30 Books For Web Designers and Developers


How to Build Habit-Forming Products. Written by Nir Eyal, Hooked is a practical guide to help you create the kind of products that people would want to use. Designers, developers, and team managers can take it as their guide book for taking their work to new heights of originality.

So you want to be a design manager?

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DESIGN MANAGER JOURNEY So you wanna be a design manager? Motivations & realities on the journey from lead to manager photo by Tegan Mierle I’ve been managing designers, design managers, and design teams for more than 10 years now.

11 Creative Ways to Make Money Online in 2020

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The internet paves the way for individuals to build the right connections, provide products and services and keep earning money. By becoming an affiliate, you can recommend products in your niche and get a commission when people buy those products. Sell Products Online.

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Figma introducing new features to boost your workflow: Links and Search


It does bring tremendous value to the product and how we collaborate between us. With over 50% of Figma users identifying as non-designers, designers have embraced working with collaborators across teams—developers, product managers, researchers, marketers, and beyond.

Django Django’s Spirals video is a fantascopic trip

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Production company: Caviar. Production manager: Daphne Do. The director returned to an animation technique that’s well over a hundred years old to create the video, which uses fantascopes – discs that spin on a turntable to create gif-like moving images.

Teknion and PearsonLloyd’s Essa Reimagines the Task Chair

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” “Essa combines elegance with ergonomics,” says Dannion Smith, Director, Product Management, Seating & Ergonomic Products at Teknion. Design Office furniture Product DesignWe’re all feeling it.

Making sense of complex problems with Mixed Methods Research

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I want to know what makes a cohort of individuals behave the way they do and then apply that knowledge to bring the product alive. Many user experience designers typically focus their research on the user and how that experience will affect the product.

How to survive a design career and avoid burnout

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Hi, all you UX Designers, UI Designers, UX/UI Designers, Product Designers, Product Managers, Interaction Designers and Design Engineers out there. Then you’ll also recognise the joy of collaboration and recognition of every team member’s contribution to the end product.

Connecting the Dots

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Beyond functioning in this manner because “it’s the right thing to do,” quality of work, loyalty internally (team) and externally (users), and product innovation are all benefits to reap. Operations folks, or our community manager, etc. Two plans: one for design, one for culture.

Design Conferences 2020: The Ultimate List

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JAM Product Leaders Weekend 2020. events/jam-product-leaders-weekend-2020. Mind the Product Engage Hamburg. Product Camp. Product Design Summit. Product Management Festival. Product Management Festival. World Product Summit.

Creatives: don’t leave your financial future to chance

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” “The last year has taught us that life is impossible to predict,” points out Gary Morris, Principal at Morris Powell Financial Management, and a member of the Design Business Association’s Expert Panel. ” Maura Fernandes is a production manager at Luttrell Productions, and another Morris Powell client. Morris Powell Financial Management is an Appointed Representative of and represents only St. products.