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A panel from Drucker's "Patton" Mort Drucker is the genius caricaturist who was a centerpiece of MAD magazine for decades. His ability to capture a likeness from many different angles and with a variety of expressions bordered on the supernatural.

2005 58

42 YouTube Video Ideas for Beginners to Get You Started


Starting from the year 2005, when the first video was uploaded on the 23rd of April 2005 till now when 5 billion videos by 1.3 On YouTube, one minute is equal to 300 hours. A bit twisted? Right, because it is. Every minute 300 hours worth of content is uploaded on YouTube.

2005 78

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Paintings by Jérôme Lagarrigue inspired by an impassioned plea to 'end the racial nightmare'

Creative Boom

Inspired by the 2005 riots in Clichy-sous-Bois, a suburb of Paris, and the media coverage of those events, as well as televised images, Jerome uses off-centred subjects and blurred effects suggesting still images, with some of his compositions strongly evoking movie-making sequences.

A closer look at photographer Alec Soth's vivid portraits of people and places across America

Creative Boom

Alec Soth, Misty, 2005, from the series: Niagara, 2006 © Alec Soth / Magnum Photos. Alec Soth, Melissa, 2005, from the series: Niagara © Alec Soth / Magnum Photos.

2004 305

What happens when an acclaimed artist loses his sight? The extraordinary story of British painter, Sargy Mann

Creative Boom

Affected by failing vision from the age of 36, Mann was compelled to find new ways of seeing and working – this creative liberation produced a celebrated body of work that continued after his total loss of sight in 2005. The Point Morning, 2005 50 x 40 inches, Oil on canvas © Sargy Mann.

2019 311

Meet Emma Talbot, this year's winner of the Max Mara Art Prize for Women

Creative Boom

Awarded in alternate years since 2005, it is the only visual art prize of its kind in the UK. Emma Talbot has won this year's Max Mara Art Prize for Women, a prestigious award that supports UK-based female artists who have not previously had a major solo exhibition.

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Shortlist announced for the Max Mara Art Prize for Women 2020

Creative Boom

Established by the Whitechapel Gallery in collaboration with Max Mara in 2005, the annual competition aims to promote emerging female artists based in the UK, enabling them to develop their potential; and to inspire new artistic perspectives on 21st century Italy.

2020 205

Creative Futures Revisited: David Pearson

Creative Review

Here, we chat with designer David Pearson, an alumnus featured on Creative Futures back in 2005. As part of our 40th birthday celebrations, CR is revisiting the alumni from our Creative Futures scheme, which ran for nearly 30 years.

2005 55

40 best creative podcasts to liven up your day

Creative Boom

In 2005, Debbie Millman started a radio show, Design Matters, which became the first-ever podcast about design and creative culture. The creative industries are ever-changing, and it can be challenging to keep up which developments demand your attention and which can be safely ignored.

2020 371

Creative Futures Revisited: Creature’s Ben & Stu

Creative Review

Here, we chat with creative duo Ben Middleton and Stu Outhwaite-Noel, who were featured in 2005. As part of our 40th birthday celebrations, CR is revisiting the alumni from our Creative Futures scheme, which ran for nearly 30 years. The post Creative Futures Revisited: Creature’s Ben & Stu appeared first on Creative Review. CR 40th Birthday

2005 44

Noted: New Logo and Identity for TrueCar by Pentagram

Under Consideration / Brand

2005) " TrueCar, Inc. “Show One’s True Colors”. exists to create a world where shopping for a car is uplifting. Our digital automotive marketplace helps car shoppers consider choices from every angle--all with a clear view of what's a great deal.

2005 88

Noted: New Logo and Identity for 26th UN Climate Change Conference by Johnson Banks

Under Consideration / Brand

From 2005 the Conferences have also served as the "Conference of the Parties Serving as the Meeting of Parties to the Kyoto Protocol" (CMP); also parties to the Convention that are not parties to the Protocol can participate in Protocol-related meetings as observers. “A Marble to Behold”.

2005 93

Noted: New Logo and Packaging for Meridian by Bulletproof

Under Consideration / Brand

2005) "The natural choice for those looking to keep healthy, Meridian is the UK's leading producer of nut butters. “Under the Rainbow”. Made in their own factory in North Wales, Meridian's nut butters are naturally delicious and provide an excellent source of protein and energy.

2005 78



Then Puzzler (2005) came along with mostly simplified shapes and base elements that can be used to create fantastic optical illusions. Zuzana Licko is definitely one of my biggest inspirations.

2005 52

The Reflective Level of Emotional Design

Interaction Design Foundation

Robert Reimann (2005) Personas, Goals and Emotional Design In their work titled “Few products become iconic in people's lives in the way that, say, the Sony® Walkman® did. The iPod is quickly ascending to that status.

2005 72

Transcend: A retrospective exhibition and memorial to Tom French, the brilliant young painter

Creative Boom

After school he began studying at the Newcastle School of Art and Design and went on to the Sheffield Institute of Art and Design, achieving a first-class BA Honours in 2005.

Café Royal Books: 15 years of documenting the UK

Creative Review

Started in 2005 by Craig Atkinson, it began as an antidote to the work he’d been creating himself as an artist. Café Royal Books is an independent publishing house that specialises in limited edition photographic books that focus on British documentary photography.

Roly Grant of Without on why being honest and confronting your mistakes is crucial when running a design studio

Creative Boom

The year was 2005. You launched in 2005, just as Facebook began. It was around 15 years ago when Roly Grant teamed up with university pal Phil Koh to set up London brand design studio, Without.

2005 215

Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for Reebok done In-house with Darrin Crescenzi

Under Consideration / Brand

“’Bok to the Future”. Established in 1895 in the small England village of Holcombe as J.W. Foster and Sons, Reebok , as it was renamed in 1958 (after "rhebok", a type of African gazelle) is a "worldwide designer, marketer and distributor of fitness and lifestyle footwear, apparel and equipment."

Practical Action rebrands to show “how small actions can change the big picture”

Design Week

The charity was originally called Intermediate Technology Development Group but was changed to Practical Action in 2005. NB Studio has created a new identity for Practical Action, a UK development organisation.

2005 57

10 Best Creatives from South Korea


They returned to Korea in 2005 and founded their own studio. At Shillington, we love to celebrate great design and share projects from creatives around the world. We’ve covered the work of many studios in many different countries so far. Next up: South Korea!

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4-Step Formula to Perfect Your Brand Storytelling

Just Creative

Chobani – “In 2005, Hamdi took a loan from the Small Business Administration, bought an old yogurt plant, and brought a small group of passionate individuals together to make the real, wholesome yogurt that he remembered from his childhood.”.

Brand 207

Best XP-Pen Tablets for Graphic Designers

Just Creative

Founded in Japan, XP-Pen started in 2005 developing tablets for graphic designers. Throughout the company’s history, they have maintained a dedication to research, design, production, and the marketing of digital tablets.

Noted: New Logo for Sears (Again)

Under Consideration / Brand

In 2005, the company was bought by the management of the American big box chain Kmart, which formed Sears Holdings upon completion of the merger. “From Bad to Worse to Sears”.

2005 114

The business of dreaming big. How to stop fearing imperfection and start living

Creative Live

After her mother’s cancer relapsed in 2005, she finally admitted law school wasn’t the right fit — and then dared to start dreaming out loud.

2019 87

The Art of Street Photography Through the Lens of Magnum Photos

Feature Shoot

2005. © Daytona Beach, Florida. 1997. © © Constantine Manos/Magnum Photos. New York City. 42nd Street and Seventh Avenue. © © Bruce Gilden / Magnum Photos. The street is common ground for the society writ large, perhaps the most free and open space in the world.

40 Best Creative Podcasts To Liven Up Your Day


In 2005, Debbie Millman started a radio show, Design Matters, which became the first-ever of the design and creative podcasts. The creative industries are ever-changing, and it can be challenging to keep up which developments demand your attention and which can be safely ignored.

2015 82

The Bright Side of an Increasingly Homogeneous Web

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Suppose it’s the year 2005 and a client has asked you to build them an eCommerce site. Each day, it seems like the web becomes a little less varied. At least, when it comes to the tools we use to build and view it. Just think – WordPress powers about a third of all websites.

2019 87

Solo travelling to the Peak District

Marloes De Vries

And of course as a bit Jane Austen fan, I had to see Chatsworth House , where the 2005 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice was filmed. In June of last year I travelled to the Peak District in the UK for three weeks, by myself. It was the best gift I could have given myself.

Launch your portfolio this weekend with Carbonmade


You might be familiar with Carbonmade from years ago (it’s helped more than 2 million creatives put their work online since 2005). Launch your portfolio this weekend with Carbonmade.

10 Streamable Titles for Design Lovers in the Age of Social Distancing

Azure Magazine

In 2005, Ryue Nishizawa (one half of the Pritzker Prize-winning studio SANAA) completed the Moriyama House — a sprawling Tokyo complex of 10 white volumes interspersed with courtyards. “Stay Home.” It’s the message from countless healthcare professionals and political leaders the world over, and our best strategy to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Disaster Capitalism: The Provocative Public Art of Prague’s David ?erný

Azure Magazine

In 2005, for example, ?erný It will be the Czech Republic’s tallest building. It will also feature a 135-metre sculpture of a wrecked ship leaning against its side. What gives? The audacious design is the work of sculptor David ?erný,

Egg yolk, pancake batter, tomato and Marmite: behind The Breakfast Club’s rebrand

Design Week

Since 2005 The Breakfast Club has opened and operated in 12 locations across the capital and is well-known for its 80s-themed décor and charitable endeavours. London-based restaurant chain The Breakfast Club has been rebranded in a bid to unify its look and messaging.

2005 39

New Library of Norway exhibition tracks knowledge like “light out of darkness”

Design Week

The National Library of Norway was opened in 1989, and refurbished in 2005. The National Library of Norway’s new permanent exhibition, Opplyst, has been designed by Nissen Richards Studio.

10 Fresh Font Pairings for Editorial Design in 2020


Freight Text is a serif typeface designed by Joshua Darden and published through GarageFonts in 2005. Whether you’re creating a poster, a brochure, a website or any other kind of design that includes text, the importance of typography cannot be underestimated.

Fonts 63

Matt Willey: “A lot of rules about how a magazine looks and behaves are up for grabs”

Design Week

Willey set up Studio8 with Zoe Bather in 2005, eventually closing it in 2013. “I sometimes wonder if ‘magazine’ is an unhelpful word,” Matt Willey says. “People have a slightly inflexible idea of what that is.” ” Willey knows magazines.

2013 51

Patrick Thomas & his PULP silkscreen prints respond to the era of "truth decay"

Type room

In 2005 he published Black & White, a compilation of his work for the International Press. Tags. A-Z presents , exhibition , Patrick Thomas , talk , Berlin , fake news , truth , artivism , silkscreen , silkscreening prints , newspaper , printing.

2011 52

35 Examples of Vintage and Retro Typography You Need to See


Innovation Lab logo (USA, 2005). A good designer knows that you’ve got to look beyond the now to produce the best designs. This means looking toward the future to predict what is coming, but just as importantly looking back to the past for reference and for inspiration.

10+ Web Design Tips From Experts for 2020


Since opening his studio in 2005 he has created logos and visual identities for brands in more than 30 countries. In the world of web design, starting out is the hardest part of the journey. You might need some help along the way.

Sing It From the Mountain Tops: The Women Reclaiming Cholita Identity in Bolivia

Feature Shoot

While they have been organizing and advocating for their rights since at least the 1960s, their movement was further invigorated by the 2005 election of Evo Morales, Bolivia’s first Amerindian president. Zongo glacier with the Cholitas . Huayana Potosi Mountain 6088m/19,974ft.

2005 60